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Is Jimmy Bullard the BEST SCRATCH GOLFER on YouTube? (BGoYT #7)

Apr 19, 2023
ok you have to show me how to do it right 50 degree i got one in 30 so that pen thanks for me i think it's a little big here and stop and after the last green I'm a little I don't know I'm feeling a little now a little left to right yeah yeah what shot great shot Pete great shot Pete touch Pete yeah there's a great shot I'll aim it right inside here. I don't have quick damage. I just took off that firm right right lip. Oh, he's on his way back. Alright. mate never doubt a chip okay what looks good i think not oh yeah honestly that's the class it's like the proper jordan speaker yeah it has a very nice shape smooth curves one Up, foreigner, I don't want to inflate it. on the yes a little seven just trust that look at that a beautiful night no awards for being short what do you think daddy well they had a little debate make a fair point no prizes cuz you know you're coming up short so yeah I don't think it's a full seven for you no just a control one oh I'm back Edge yeah just in the back just keep it down and it should get there by wednesday trip wow we both have to be excited so surely not atlas yes they are dry they are dry they don't threaten the flag they just ripped it off the bolts hey ok you on the downhill again things he's doing Caddy I love it I love how this match up tight intense yeah just like the last one Pete just like the last one I love it nice flowing motion straight through it I love it roll it into hit hit oh what a lovely shot nice shot dude go for Pace just bounce to the left I thought it was going to move from left to right this is a great shot for Jim yes a little please so that's lovely that's lovely very good that's lovely sure dude excellent what a game what a game Shay giving it to him this is unreal a little right to left you think smidging smidging yeah wow no wow oats loads back in the game oh the game yeah it's another turn or the turn this is what you call


gold f400 they ain't catching them left you're right no you ok yeah i heard that ok i'm right i'm straight down eight this is a good game here we go y'all.
is jimmy bullard the best scratch golfer on youtube bgoyt 7
Five windows to the left we can get up Pete yeah it's 5:18 in the middle yeah you can walk out like we can both get up there get up together eye in the face okay they're starting to turn yeah Yeah, okay, it's almost on. short staff yep i wasn't lying when i said yea yea thank you for each other. it's a par five left to right 240 240 been behind downhill not including float there I think it's I think it's a Firebird just to the left left hand side of that through bring it all right 240 yards downwind I got five wood come on try it for real boys and girls should stay tuned and link it up there oh wow a lot oh 220 of the game just hit a nice solid okay come on sorry for a shot, where am I aiming?
is jimmy bullard the best scratch golfer on youtube bgoyt 7

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is jimmy bullard the best scratch golfer on youtube bgoyt 7...

They're my favorites. i think it just came off the bottom of Club s yeah that's a big drink Pinot big drink finish we're on four come on okay give me that five though come on I was going to use four and then yours just flew as soon as it went over that tree just went on oh okay like i was literally the buggies on that first shot so i said let's step proud of myself actually i never normally don't do that. I can't believe how far he's come. 270 yards gone, yeah, it's in the it's in the moody, it's in the woods, boy, that's why he threw that thing. it's pretty straightforward, how did you make the racket?
is jimmy bullard the best scratch golfer on youtube bgoyt 7
I'm thinking of aiming here ago this patch yeah I love that love that's cool that's it hit it hard


ed it out completely Great, a little lower, that's brilliant, absolutely brilliant, I saw you did it again, that's absolutely brilliant. yeah nothing but middle finch baby i love it good little birdie mate i almost got a little birdie dance on that one oh come on boy what do we do for an eagle Just run a little, how do you think the tubes I'm not? I'm going to take the shot without you telling me okay let me think about it for a bit so you're one up yeah you definitely have the power I mean easily to get past that bunker so if you could just aim for the middle of The clubhouse, yeah look where that light is, yeah I'm just going down that line, I'm gonna land in that light for you, oh this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine, this little light of mine, it wasn't far .
is jimmy bullard the best scratch golfer on youtube bgoyt 7
Turn that light off, though that's what I said, that's what it did. This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine. yeah yeah yeah it seems alright yeah let's get ready alright yeah what a game the intensity here you would feel it in your ass sure where you want to play it oh yeah yeah it's bad but it's a


video even though it's just pictures it's a little heart of mine what do you have to do to get it back? He has to do one less take with Peter. Although I don't know what a great game, although you know a great game, I'm sorry, I just want to give myself a little birdie party. 146 yards downwind.
I have a wedge coming up. i dont want to be there long a bit of a heartbeat its pretty good thats good thats good drifting yeah oh nice shot nice shot yeah i dont have to win the wind has been a killer today yeah i am amazed at how well you played With this win, it's been brutal, oh, and as we walk, we've got a chance, baby finch, and I hope, there's always a chance, a good game, hey, I've seen them all and a much tougher shot than that today, Well, I have my 50th degree. Please dude he's only 50 50.
It's been so long, honestly, has anyone ever driven it in my entire life, goes to a parking lot, says, should I park now? I got 101 spaces, man, what's up with that? the conversation but i know what he's saying i bet he's leaving it's taking so long you're saying why are you taking so long how did it go for a day with oh my god you must be having breakfast at lunch we've had this conversation about golf life well you can't talk about punctuality when you're late for his shot anyway, so he's going to take a half swing. it's on the planet the same thing again pushed it that way it's a pat very good come on let's try and the front be nice grand finale here no don't forget I'll move faster I'm not sure I've ever seen me move so fast before today.
I didn't even know I could run. You bought me, you screamed yourself right now. Seek help. What we're thinking, oh, partly thinking. falls left uh yeah on the window does things like this oh great effort yeah two putts to win on it yeah mate yeah float there i think its closing on the front screen . golf has been absolutely brilliant. go ahead yeah right right yeah whole team for the win thank you guys i enjoyed it thank you so much for having me on your channel thanks for coming fantastic great day great day all i say thank you everyone for watching.
Thank you so much. to the london club cabinets below if you haven't subscribed to these guys yet be sure to subscribe here now here are the rankings all the



s matches on youtube cant wait to show you who we have coming too like thanks so much my pleasure work i love cool guys

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