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Is Inter Miami's Lionel Messi CHANGING MLS standards? | SOTU

Aug 08, 2023
in continuation of the league fight talking about round of 16, this is about a 16 game and this was a Nutty Nutty game in the best possible sense, incredible drama, incredible entertainment, obviously the place was packed because of Messi, the ticket prices were ridiculous, um, but that's what Messi does and the other thing Messi does is he doesn't disappoint, he came straight from the shot, scored a couple of minutes into the game, a little pass wonderful backwards and then, to tie the game at 4-4, he scored an incredible goal. The free kick brings the team back after you thought this was Dallas because Miami scored with Messi and they started to get ahead and then Dallas said no, not so fast, they came back, scored a lot of goals and then Inter comes back and finishes. with this incredible goal from Messi, another one.
is inter miami s lionel messi changing mls standards sotu
I guess it's amazing, you say that constantly, but he does it with ease and it's so consistent that he blows you away and then they go to penalties because that's what they do. in this tournament they immediately go to penalties, they receive the penalties, he steps forward and takes the first one, you know it perfectly, he endures it and, finally, in Miami, he goes on and beats Dallas to advance to the round of 16 in the penalties after Messi's first great performance with In the



there were some stumbles about the level of defense, you launched this rant in this module about how you don't care about defending, you want goals.
is inter miami s lionel messi changing mls standards sotu

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is inter miami s lionel messi changing mls standards sotu...

I saw that clip resurfaced today, everyone from the tactical manager to Keith's costume was having a go at you. finished, would you like to duplicate it or would you? I mean, well, I don't need to duplicate it, not that I'm not saying anything crazy, I like to see the goals scored, okay, but keep the context in mind. "I don't know why I started ranting because there were people who were somehow taking away the joy of watching Messi score goals by dismissing the fact that they believed it was due to poor defending in Major League Soccer, my point is not that I can".
is inter miami s lionel messi changing mls standards sotu
I don't appreciate respect for a good defender or a good defense or a good defense. My point is why are you such a heartless, loveless, joyless kind of person that you can't just appreciate football? at the level that people think he is and that this is Messi who for years and years and years has been doing exactly the same thing showing up in these places and having exactly the same magic and Zach goes oohs and Oz and nobody screams and screams and bl and uh and poop and suck the joy of those moments in relation to the defense or what they perceive as a bad defense, so that's where the context was of uh, when that was happening and again, I'll reiterate that no one left.
is inter miami s lionel messi changing mls standards sotu
You know this game today was just a beautiful form of entertainment and if you can't be entertained by what you saw today in Dallas, whether you're lucky enough to be there or whether you're watching. on TV, so I don't have time for you, I can't help you, but you know what was missing from this game, quote, better defenders or a good defense, nobody left that game, you know, saying oh, I really wish that we would have had better defenders out there, oh I really wish we would have seen a better defense, no normal people, human people, people with your heart and soul, they left that game with an incredible amount of joy because they just saw one of the best players that has never played. what he does so well and they don't blame the defense and I hate to tell you, but the money that is spent will be spent on people who bring people, bring fans and sell tickets that make people care and be good. defending or good defenders that doesn't make people care.
I know he wins games. I don't know if a competitive perspective is necessary and I know we can appreciate it, but not in relation to scoring a goal anyway, that's what we were talking about. and some of the people you mentioned are idiots okay so I mean you know they have no joy, they have no romance, they have no love, they have no heart. They have no soul here we go, yeah, I mean, I don't have much else to say about Messi, it seems like this is going to be the norm, so you know, wait a second because despite all this incredible, uh.
You know, he plays and seven goals in his four games, he still hasn't scored in the MLS, his team is in last place. I don't think they will be there for long. You don't think so, no, you think you think that once MLS comes back. at the end of this tournament they will just start and everything will be fine, absolutely fine, well I hope so. I mean, it'll be wonderful to see if he, I mean, listen, if anyone can do it, can provide us with the resurrection that you're talking about for this that is now a last place team and maybe in the back you know he's holding a trophy in their first few months there if they end up going all the way to the finals of this, uh, you.
Meet this League cup that's going on right now, but it's wonderful to watch and again, if you can't find the joy in it, then I don't have time for you.

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