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iPhone 8 Review: I Was Wrong

May 30, 2021
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er bias is something we always try to fight against, we have preconceived notions when performing any type of testing, but our job is to put them aside and


a product objectively. I'm going to open the curtain a little. A little bit when the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were announced, I wasn't excited about it. I didn't think it was anything revolutionary or hugely new and I expected to be overwhelmingly disappointed with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus, but in my five days. From testing, I've actually been pleasantly surprised by what Apple has done here, so I'm going to talk about the iPhone 8 plus its review for both devices and I'll try not to talk about the iPhone X and focus on these devices. as they exist on their own, let's begin.
iphone 8 review i was wrong
For me, one of the most attractive things about Apple products in the past has always been the design, the look and feel, and this is a very familiar design for an iPhone, it's the fourth. The iteration of the same design we saw with the iPhone 6 when you flip the devices over, although it's a completely different story, these things look very different than the press photos or even the hands-on videos, led you to believe that Apple doesn't have a uniform color for Space. The gray overall, this version is almost dark gray and I love the way these colors look.
iphone 8 review i was wrong

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iphone 8 review i was wrong...

The silver is a kind of eggshell white. The gold is now a duller gold. The three colors of the tree looked drastically different and I think they were a big improvement over their last generation namesake, the glass back also makes the phone feel quite different. If you've held a modern Samsung device, if you've held an s8 or Note 8, you'll be very familiar with what that glass back feels like. Many people like it. I'm one of those, if you get the darker color, it will be a magnet for fingerprints and can't make it a little slippery, so if you want to protect it, you can put a Dbrand skin on it. on the back, link to them below, finally wireless charging is here and maybe you don't care about wireless charging but to me it's a great deal and I'm very happy it's here and I give Apple credit for using the Qi standard doesn't go with some weird wireless charging patented only by Apple.
iphone 8 review i was wrong
I have the Samsung fast charger that I use with my Note 8, I put this in and it worked straight away, which is very nice to have I will say, although the charging speed was definitely slower. than most modern Android devices with wireless charging capability I've tested, but in my case I turn it on at night, turn off the phone, wake up in the morning and it's charged, so for that use case why that charge works and works as advertised, so I mentioned the At first I was surprised by the iPhone 8 and 8 plus. I've been mainly using the plus for my testing and the battery life has been much better than I thought I could have, not only on a mobile device but also on an iPhone in particular in the end. of the day, I usually have between fifty-five and sixty percent battery life left and that's an amazing number for me and about twenty percent higher than when I'm on almost any other phone, even when I had the iPhone 7 plus, but If you travel, have a day trip, you hardly have to bring your chargers, you put the battery saving mode and turn off some application to turn on the screen brightness, so you may be able to increase it to two and a half hours.
iphone 8 review i was wrong
Three days, kudos to Apple for making a phone with pretty good battery life, something I don't get the chance to say very often about performance here. really fast now with performance and could be a bit psychosomatic. I know we've seen the Geekbench scores and it's incredibly fast, so it seemed fast to me, but the things I notice that I can quantify on boot are stupid fast now. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus apps open and are definitely faster on iPhone 8 and 8 plus compared to previous generation phones. Everything else seemed faster to me. I've never felt like iPhones were slow by any means, but it handles iOS 11 with no issues.
I can multitask without any problem or at least how Apple allows you to multitask without any problem. The games ran very fast. The phone is simply fast and will probably be very fast over the 12, 18, and maybe 24 months that you own this phone. display There are two schools of thought when it comes to Apple's Apple display, you say: I don't care about 1080p for battery life and why can't I get a high resolution display on the iPhone 8 plus. I think maybe it's somewhere in the middle. I don't want to be hypocritical and say the battery life is amazing, but it should have a higher resolution screen.
I know there would be a trade-off there, but as far as 1080p displays go, it looks good, it doesn't. You don't look better in class anymore. I think by any stretch of the imagination it's above average, albeit in direct sunlight, which is strange because it's not the brightest screen in the world, but you can definitely see it when you go out and if that trade-off for screen length Battery is important to you, you will be fine with the screen If you have been looking longingly at Android phones with 2k screens and higher resolution, you may be disappointed, but know that using the screens well is helpful. works fine, it's just not the best in the business anymore, so True Tone is a new addition to the 8 and the 8 plus, for me it mattered like between 0 and next to 0.
I guess you'll just notice that we have another phone on the side that doesn't It doesn't have any real tone, but it didn't really affect my impressions on the screen at all. Here the cameras are perhaps the main reason why people choose phones generation after generation if we just look at a spec sheet between the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus versus the last generation and in fact we made a video versus comparing the two , you might think they're identical, same megapixels, same apertures, but that's not the whole story at all, especially when it comes to the 8 Plus. This is a case where the processor makes all the difference These cameras are amazing in direct sunlight The photos look beautiful They are not as saturated as those on Samsung phones The color reproduction is more true to life in real-life conditions low light were great shutter speed is incredibly fast video capture looks great I like to still have a 2x optical zoom.
I rarely use a 10x digital, but it's there if you need it. The portrait mode that we had with the last generation with the iPhone 7 plus is also here, but it now processes that portrait mode much faster than the 7 Plus, so portrait lighting is also here on the 8 Plus and that was great, almost like a cool party trick. I liked trying it. I got inconsistent results, but when it worked it worked great. We've done some portrait lighting for our headshots here. in the office and they looked quite close. I will forgive the inconsistency as it is definitely still in beta but it is very close to working exactly as every time I get a lot of questions I check the speakers on the phones so we will review them very quickly, the speakers are pretty good approx. 25 percent louder than what we have for the last generation, they don't sound as small as the iPhone 7 plus, they sound loud, they sound good, they're on the upper end of average.
When it comes to the speakers on the phone, another case where I was surprised was when it came to storage, so these phones come with 64 or 256, which are big discrepancies in size and you probably, like me, think that you need the biggest size I set. iPhone 8 Plus from scratch and I probably haven't done that in the last five generations of phones and I was surprised when I set up the phone from scratch and had all my photos backed up in the cloud. I was using less than 18 gigs. Apple storage has a new file system with iOS 11.
I'm sure that plays a big role. You might want to consider even 64 gigs for $699 or $799, depending on whether you go for the 8 or 8 plus, you might not need as much as you think, but you're obviously used to I think you'd be completely fine on the 64. I never thought I would say that, so if you can't tell, I was impressed with the iPhone8 and 8 Plus and I didn't think I was going to do it. There are a lot of little things that make up a really nice package when it comes to the phone. I like how it feels.
I like to accelerate. The speakers are amazing. Getting back to iOS has been nice. experience, it was a kind of welcome home. I still wish a lot of things could change, but the OS is still what it is, it's still the icon grid and if you like that or if you're okay with that, this is the best implementation. It's pretty obvious that there's now a spectrum of what's coming next from Apple, which will be the iPhone 10, but this phone as it exists on the market is still a very good option, bringing it closer to parity with those features. and specifications. that has Android and that's what many Apple fans and many Apple fans have been asking for.
You have things like wireless charging. You have water resistance here and it just works out of the box and for a lot of people. that's the ideal mobile experience and I might be one of those people again, so that's my take on the 8 and the 8 plus, what matters is what you do and what you do with your wallet. Are you spending your hard-earned money on an 8? or 8 Plus, are you waiting for the iPhone 10? Do you want to switch to Android? Let us know why below

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