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iPhone 8 Plus vs 7 Plus DROP Test!

Jun 04, 2021
What's up guys? Here we are again new Apple products, new


s. I've been waiting for this for a long time and we have the new iPhone 8 plus in the iPhone 8 in the new gold color, so today you guys already know. I'm very excited to


the durability. Let's go ahead and


test the iPhone 8 plus and compare it to the existing iPhone 7 plus. As we know these went through a drastic change in materials, there is no more aluminum back now it is a new glass material that Apple says is the strongest glass in the world. I want to put that to the test today.
iphone 8 plus vs 7 plus drop test
Is it really apparently that the front and back are made of it? It was custom blended in collaboration with Corning, so it's supposedly uniform. better than Gorilla Glass 5 and we will have to test it in the future, but let's go ahead and see if the iPhone 8 plus is more durable than the existing iPhone 7 plus on the back, front and side in multiple scenarios overall. How durable is it? Let's do it guys, so here you are very excited to go ahead and open them up. This is the gold color. Now it's a little misleading. This color is not how it actually looks in person.
iphone 8 plus vs 7 plus drop test

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iphone 8 plus vs 7 plus drop test...

I mean, look at the differences. This is a lot. The darker shade looks almost like a chestnut golden brown but the phone itself feels amazing and I love how it feels, isn't it much more premium feeling than this one and yes that difference in materials is twice as capable to break the screen, so we'll see. The camera still sticks out, so that will be a problem since the camera lens will break, but overall, let's go ahead and try it now. I'll be recording in slow motion with all eight, so the slow motion you see is the new one called 1080p 240. -This should be a little better guys, here it is in hand, they feel pretty similar.
iphone 8 plus vs 7 plus drop test
This one I maybe noticed a difference of 14 grams. It's a little heavier. This one is a little lighter. A little thicker. But don't do it. I really notice that it feels a little more premium but it feels dangerous like it's going to break. It has glass, although it has grip here, it's not as likely to slip out of your hand, but if it does at about 3 feet about waist height here. let's start with a 7 Plus on the back perfectly pointed at 3 2 1 I'm not really expecting anything but it's red so it could scratch well on the glass let's try that and three two one oh that sounds like a crack to me please oh thank God For Please, I hope this lives up to the reputation Apple gave it.
iphone 8 plus vs 7 plus drop test
Those are some pretty high standards, but it looks good. The glass seems to hold up very well on both. Let's try side impact here, so. Same thing, oh well, so that didn't go very well, the seven or so added up here after literally a rear-end impact with the ground. At this point, I'm baffled as to how the hell I'm going to grab another one just so we can. Continued this test for different angles but wow, I didn't expect this, very disappointed with the 7 plus. I guess it could happen to you randomly and you get that perfect impact from the perfect angle, but let's try again here with the iPhone a plus or now. 7 plus the first three two one, I can see that it has survived and aside for a second all the rights and the 8 plus here at 3 2 1 I had a little bit of twist action there, so the iPhone 10 will have a stainless steel edge , but this one has a dent in the aluminum one and this one also has a dent here and overall it looks good, no cracks, but technically these seven or so are already lost, but I just want to see in these different scenarios how it works, okay, face down.
Stronger glass versus iPhone 7 plus glass in a three to one ratio, okay, and in fact, let's take a look here. Oh that's good. This one did better than the first face down one. I guess the shock wave just traveled from back to front on the other one. one, but this one is good, okay, I'm nervous, but let's do this three, two, one that's not good when you get the perfect snack. Wow, I'm doing it right, no scratches or cracks, the back is fine, well made, so that's the downfall for most people. You're going to be experiencing it from your waist and you're taking it out of your pocket you jump out of the car you have it in your lap that's the fall I hear about most from my fans telling me they broke their phone so how about it? head height it's unusual for you to


it from this height but you know it could happen so starting with the seven or so on the back in three two one ahaha damn that makes me feel pain inside like this That looks good, surprisingly I don't.
I don't know how in the world that first drop broke the other one here we go and I in three two one Oh yeah, that did it unfortunately the H+ is smashed and not just a little bit it's everywhere Wow, so similar to Gorilla Glass 5 it's completely smooth although you can continue using your phone so I like the fact that it doesn't start chipping right away but this could be an issue, the durability aspect of the aluminum versus this glass, it really wasn't that sturdy. As I thought, I had a fall from height. Let's continue to see how long until the front screen breaks and, in general, how long until it dies completely?
Unfortunately, the iPhone 8 plus did not withstand the test of a drop from head height, which is for me. about five and a half feet, something Corning Gorilla Glass says Gorilla Glass five will survive 80% of the time, this one didn't so I'll continue this test regardless just to see the front and overall chassis with this glass on the other . side, so let's go ahead and do the same thing for the head height here in three, two, one, that's for the side, it's good, even the chassis doesn't look too bad, there are some dents, but it's definitely not terrible.
Aluminum loves to scratch, but the phone. it still works and I'll put it aside, do this boy, oh boy, there we go to the front, facing the destruction here, let's see three, two, one. Oh, surprisingly, I didn't do a good jig first, although oh, oh, look you're starting to see the internal parts here. The chassis separation comes here because of the dents and the glass rises above it, very interesting, it's like a crash test physics for phones and alas, that's not good, but the screen is still alive, surprisingly, such Maybe the glass is made of something different.
I know, but this one is doing well, this is the one with the face down test, the one that matters: iPhone 7 plus head height and three, two, one, ouch. Oh what the hell! I've never seen this before. Doesn't respond at all when touching the glass, it didn't break. Apple has gotten to a point where the glass is so strong that it's the panel, the LCD panel underneath, that goes out first, that's very funny, but the glass didn't break, that's funny, I've never seen this before, very interesting, okay, so that one. It's certainly something for the books.
I've never seen that on an iPhone before. This one has its flaws, but I'd rather have the broken back, which can probably be replaced much more easily than that. It is a new screen, regardless of whether the screen has not been broken. so we'll continue here with the iPhone h plus head height in three two, she'll back up a little bit, you two, one, uh, five dollars, that's broken, mr. cameraman here we go three two wait that's not a good bet three two one oh my god Wow we both owe each other five dollars so that's crazy how did it not break?
Look at the bottom of the phone, you could literally see it bubbling out there. a curve at the bottom, that's really funny, there's a space here that I could stick my nail in. I can feel the waterproof seal. The chassis has been deformed too much but has still survived. I mean, they both have, so we'll have to go. taller at ten feet now Wow, what is that phone looking so brutal and still surviving? Look at that look, that ghost effect, it's crazy. It seems that the graphics driver was affected somehow. This is very funny. Okay, we're ready.
We have ten feet here. in three two one that's upside down I don't know why I faced the city that wasn't supposed to be part of this test but it's okay I think it broke there's no way it wouldn't do it yeah that's it toasted, so the iPhone 7 plus the screen is still a little bit there, there is a ghost image of Instagram lines that appear. This thing can't be repaired, horrible, all rights and iPhone 8 plus, anyway, let's get straight to the front test here. 3, there, this is it, man, it's going to break 3 2 1 yeah, I saw pieces flying up, but that's from the back Wow, exposed internals there, that's a cool look.
I'm sure a sticker like this would look great, here we go 3 2 1 ah yeah, at that point I don't. I think any screen will work except this one which doesn't turn on at all. Oh, it's still working or just a second ago it had those lines there, so this is totaled and honestly, I think the overall frame of the chassis. it's not that durable because it's deforming it has this bubble at the bottom that sticks out the phone is bent overall it has sunken words like a banana it's definitely the chassis what i can say it's not that durable the screen at this point doesn't work at all , I think the phone could continue working in the background, no, it doesn't, it literally completely died on me.
This one at least still works, so overall what can I say? It seems that the A+ glass is more durable, but you. By sacrificing that for the frame it's getting a little weaker because you don't have all this backing made of aluminum, the glass held up very well on the cameras on both so props to Apple for that sapphire glass but definitely not It is so durable. Like I thought guys, there it is, if you were worried about durability, other than most day to day drops, this thing will be able to survive as well as the seven or more unless you drop it face up in 3 feet of anyway, thanks for watching guys, stay tuned for more tests, we will have more peace soon.

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