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iOS 18 Hands On (Customization and BEST FEATURES!)

Jun 11, 2024
Apple just announced iOS 18 and it offers a lot more


on the home screen since you can move apps anywhere. A redesigned control center with even more


. The ability to change the color of applications. New functions in email. New functions in messages. Support RCS and list. and it goes on and on, there's even a new passwords app, there are a lot of


in iOS 18 and I want to give you my first


-on impressions. I'm actually very excited to start using this and yes, iOS is a feature. packaged and I know all these cool ads, you rush to download this developer beta, but a word of warning, the beta versions are very poorly optimized and buggy, and hey, if you download it you will probably get much worse battery life on your iPhone and me.
ios 18 hands on customization and best features
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ios 18 hands on customization and best features

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ios 18 hands on customization and best features...

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ios 18 hands on customization and best features
First of all, I think the biggest announcement was that you can now place apps anywhere so you can view them. I have it pretty much in the standard iOS view, where the apps are neatly arranged in this grid system, as they still are, but now when I press and hold on the home screen, you'll see something you've never seen before. seen on an iPhone before I took this app and uh, I'm just going to move it here and see that the apps don't automatically rearrange themselves like they used to, so you can keep doing that. that I can take YouTube Studio, I can move it here and you know, if you move it here, obviously they'll automatically rearrange themselves like before, but I can take the podcast and move it over there, right down here at the bottom. pull out a bunch of apps from this screen, let's move them to this row here and you can see that you can basically take these apps and place them wherever you want now, as long as they're still in that iOS grid system, you can type You can organize them however you like, so maybe if you want some of your midsection exposed you know if you have a photo here you can move them here let's move this here here and there now you have a home screen where you can just put these apps on any place.
ios 18 hands on customization and best features
Another interesting thing with the iPhone home screen is that when I was playing with this, I noticed that they added a way to resize the widgets more easily, so you'll see that as I hold down here there's this new little group. uh tab at the bottom of the widget and instead of just going and you know, delete this widget and add a bigger widget, now you can just press here and we can turn this into a really big weather widget or we can even do something like that. shrink it down to the medium sized weather widget to give you more customization capability, quicker access to changing widgets on the fly, but here's something really cool about iOS 18 home screen customization, so once plus we're going to hold down and it'll be If you're going to hit edit at the top left, now you're going to be able to add a widget or customize, hit customize and look at this so you have all these different things now, so now you can make the icons bigger and when you zoom those icons, it actually removes the name under each app icon, so I hope you know what app icons are, and I'm pretty good at that right now, but if you go back to small, it will add the text. below it and then another thing you can do is change the color of these, so right now it's in light mode.
I can switch to dark mode. You'll see that each app now has its own dark mode appearance. and I think this looks really cool, look at the photos app in this dark mode, it just pops up so much. You can also set this to auto, so I guess during the day it will be the light mode, when you switch to night it will change. go back to dark mode, but another thing you can do is tint them and you can basically customize this to tint the color of the app however you want so you can see right now it's like this bluish color, but I can change it. to more green and then I can change the intensity of that tint with the saturation and you can still do that right.
I can go to Red. I can go to Yellow, blue, purple, pink, all the colors of the rainbow and then I can increase or decrease. the saturation that I can give myself like a nice wall display with black and white app icons if I wanted and then I can switch to dark mode or light mode or auto, whatever you want, you know, personalize your apps, it's really cool, so now If you want a kind of grayscale aesthetic on your home screen, you can do that with iOS 18. Another thing we need to check out is the control center, so let's go from the top right, scroll down and this is the new control center page.
You can see that it looks pretty similar to the old control center, but it's slightly redesigned. The biggest new thing here is on the side, you'll actually have different areas for the control centers, so you can see these are our favorites, but if I tap here, you'll see You'll see our music selection if I tap here on the home screen , you'll see the kind of home setup I have with the homepod in the studio. If you tap on this, you'll see all your cellular and wireless connections, like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth VPN, satellite connection, all that good and then we go back to favorites, let's go ahead and add some things here, so we'll hit More at the top left, we're going to add a control and There's a lot to add here, so before to access a setting, you actually had to go into settings and it was like this very generic page, but now we can see more of what we can add here in terms of control . center


and it looks like there are a lot of them, so you have utilities, you can do low power mode, flashlight calculator, you can do that before, there's the print center, uh, there's all these Vision accessibility features , voice note, you have a wallet, you have the new faucet. to capture the feature let's go ahead and add something so let's go ahead and add recognition music and you'll see it will be added to the control center now and of course if you want to move them you can do that too.
Place them in a grid or you can place them anywhere, like iOS home icons. Another thing you'll see is that they all have that dropdown tab, like widgets, so if you want to make it bigger, you can. that's bigger and I just realized there's an area to add even more control center pages, so if you want to jump in here, we'll do it real quick. We'll add voice memos, uh, we'll add low power mode, just get out of that. You can see I have a brand new control center customization page, so just add it on top.
You can create a lot of these pages. I'm going to go ahead and press the plus button again and look, another area of ​​the control center appears. Here and then you can also add controls to this one, so we hit text size output real quick and look, you've got all these control center pages, the default ones, but then you can keep adding control center pages on top of that, you can go very deep. dive in, customize them to like really specific control center p pages, so there's a lot of new things with control center here, check this out, there's a power button on the top right in iOS 18.
I think it's the first time I've seen a power button on the iPhone without you having to do some kind of button combination, like pressing this. This is kind of interesting, right, let's press it, yeah, it's, I mean, you still have to swipe to turn off, but it actually just takes you to the iPhone, uh, turns off the page and I guess that will actually reset the passcode. access very quickly to yes, so you'll have to enter your passcode when you do, although that's not even the end of the customization because, of course, you also have your lock screen right now.
Previously you always had a lock screen where you only knew the camera and flashlight controls, oh that's a new animation that's cool. You have the camera and flashlight controls here, but now with iOS 18, you can change this, so we'll long press here to get my face ID and press customize. We already have our wallpaper right, but look, you can change them now, so I'll delete them. Also, you again appear with all those same controls that you saw in the control center, so instead of the flashlight, may I want to access my remote control? Where is the remote control?
Let's find the remote control. I want to easily access my Apple TV and instead of the camera, uh. I need to solve some quick math problems so let's do the calculator so now when I go to the lock screen I can press and hold the calculator there goes the calculator oh my god a scientific math calculator oh math notes It's also on the iPhone. I guess we'll talk about that in a second, uh, let's go 9,000 * 2 18,000 uh, if we go back to the lock screen, I have my serial remote, I hold it and then the Seri remote appears, the messages app appears, ya You know, it also has more.
It includes features now, so one of them is the ability to schedule messages so you can see here that I'm writing this message to say hello. I'm going to press the plus sign and if you go to plus, you can see that there is an option now to send later, so press send later and then you can schedule this correctly so that we can schedule it how far in advance we can arrive. I guess not too far in advance, it looks like June 24th is the maximum time I can set this up. at 17:07 Yeah, so it's not like I can, you know?
I was hoping that when I could schedule a message I hoped I could schedule it years in advance so I could still message people after I passed out, let's not talk about that, okay? Anyway, let's send this by Monday, June 24 at 50:07 p.m. Let's say hello, I hope you're having a fantastic day, and then we'll hit send so you can see we've sent it out to ship on Monday, June 24 at: 7 p.m. m. and then you can go here and edit this and you can edit the time that you want to send the message or you can delete that message in case you don't want to wish that person a good day, but let's move on. that on Monday 507 will be welcomed with a fantastic day.
Now another cool thing in the messages is the new tapback capabilities so my friend just sent me that Sever season 2 had its first look on Apple TV and I'm excited about it so I'm going to go here and I just want to again say okay, it also opened a preview, but look at this, you can see there are new tapapack options just before you only had some generic ones, but now you can keep them. scrolling and now I have access to emojis so now I canpress the plus button here to get access to emojis and stickers and I can basically, you know, what am I going to send him.
I'm going to send it to you. I like Severance, so let's have a party, so now I can show you that I'm celebrating the release of season 2. Another thing you can do in iMessages now is you can get message effects, so I'm going to type, no I can. wait and then I'm going to select this. I'm going to press this little text icon here and look at this. I can make it bigger. I can shake it. We can explode. We can make a bloom. Jitter Ripple. A small nod of the head. I think We're going to make a bang, we're going to ship it right, so one of the big announcements today was that the iPad was getting the calculator app for the first time and I thought, "Okay, they're bringing a calculator app to the iPad." true, but they actually made the iPhone calculator app more powerful and made it feature a parody with that really cool iPad calculator app, so check this out, you can see this is the standard calculator, so you can enter .
You know it, but look at the top. on the left, now you have a history of your calculations so you can see 55 plus 55 110 the calculation we did before 18,000 now look at thisI'm going to tap here and you can see there's a basic calculator, there's a scientific calculator and we click on that and there are also math notes so I should be able to see if I can do this right so I can draw. 2 + 2 forgive me for my horrible writing here and that's going to say that's equal to four uh 10 * 10 is equal to if you're going to choose that, okay, it's got 100 W, that's pretty good considering I'm scribbling so badly. this, but yes, you can do math equations live in the calculator app, type them in, put in the equation and it will calculate it for you, that's cool, so all those cool things that they brought to the iPad calculator app are also now In the Calculator App for iPhone Apple went further with the calculator updates this year, in fact, look at this, there are so many things they have in the calculator app now, so you can pin this, you can put a line in the grid, look, you can put a whole grid on the calculator. app uh you can use the light background oh wait wait wait a minute oh that just carries over there.
I was wondering if you can get a calculator in clear mode, but I guess it's just for the handwritten stuff you can attach, you can record audio. in the calculator app it's like a full blown Notes app this is interesting look at this the math of uh 2+ 2 is 4 and it has the transcription there too interesting so there are a lot of things that make the app Calator is basically a full-fledged Notes app which is really interesting, another interesting thing with iOS 18 is finally a dedicated password app. I automatically save a lot of my passwords with Apple's default Face ID unlock and before you always had to go to settings, go to keychain to find those passwords if I needed to edit them now they have a much more streamlined app to do that so let's see what it looks like, let's press continue, let's allow notifications and then here it is, here are all my passwords, my pass, keys, WiFi security, I guess it's deleted here probably security oh Verification codes can enter here, so we'll just enter this password here.
I'm going to block it, but you can see my password. You can set a verification code. You can change your password. I'll let you know if the password is secure, everything you'd expect from a standard password manager is now enabled by default with your iPhone passwords. Another feature I wanted to check out was in the Notes app because apparently you can now make live transcriptions of your recorded audio, so let's get to the notes. I think you press this attachment and press record audio. Okay, let's try this. And this appears to be the transcript, so I hit this.
Oh, look at that, so now whatever. I am saying that it is automatically typed in the notes app through this voice recording, so it will actually be very useful if you have to record like a meeting or something and then at the end you can send the written notes, you know what was said instead of just sending the voice recording and I don't remember exactly what I said, but it seems to be pretty accurate, so that's good, so let's click Done and there's the audio recording. I can play that, uh, and this looks like the transcript, so I press this, okay, so it plays, but then you can come back here and you can see everything that was said during the audio recording, that's cool, another thing What you're supposed to be able to do in iOS 18 is the ability to lock specific apps with Face ID, so I'm guessing the scenario is that you hand your phone to someone to use and maybe you don't want them to access it. your messages or, uh, Safari or your music. or something like that, your photos, uh, you can lock them behind Face ID, so I think the way to do it would be to hold it down.
I guess I wouldn't want to, what do I want? Not accessing, let's do Twitter. I don't want to. people to see my Twitter, which is mine, so I'm going to put "require face ID" right at the top here. Now you can just ask for Face ID, which will tell you I'm going to scan my face and now when I'm going to open Twitter and it's going to ask me for my Face ID to open it or I guess it's called X so it's going to ask me for Face ID for X. Open that and then it opens.
Let's try it with Robin Hood, so there we are. If we hold this down, we'll hit Require Face ID. Now we are going to hide and request Face ID, so it says that this app will no longer be visible on your iPhone except in a few places, such as settings. Face ID. it will be necessary to reveal or open or use Siri with the app to hide the app icon and name; there will also be a hidden folder for hidden apps in your app library and you won't be able to receive notifications or calls from this app, so again, this is if you really want to hide this app, make sure no one can see it, and you know, this It's even too safe for me, although I suppose you know I don't want anyone accessing my Robin.
Hood, so I'm going to get out of that and I'm just going to set this to only require Face ID, so if you really want to hide apps behind that, now you can do that, there's actually a lot more features in iOS 18 that I haven't even reviewed yet and I think the biggest features I haven't reviewed yet are Apple's new AI features. This was the end of their presentation where they announce all of this, like you know, writing features, photo features, um, this really cool Generative Emoji feature where you can create your own custom emoji with AI and I thought they all looked really cool. .
Unfortunately, they are not available in this beta version of iOS 18 and it even says on Apple's website that these intelligence features will be available in beta. the fall, so I don't think we'll see any Apple intelligence features implemented in beta form until September, which is a while, you know, it probably won't be in any of these developer betas, from now on, but yeah , No. You know, even if you access Seri right now, it's still just regular Siri, it doesn't even appear the new animation where it lights up the edges of the screen, so unfortunately there are no Apple intelligence features to try in this beta version of iOS 18. but overall, I'm really enjoying the iOS 18 beta.
I like all the new customization features. The control center looks really powerful. I really want to go deeper and personalize. I like being able to lock apps. I like the new messaging features. I like being able to lock apps. Play with Emoji again, there's a lot of interesting stuff here and I have to say I don't want to jinx it, but so far testing this now it's been pretty stable. I haven't noticed too many errors or any major progress. bugs, the only thing I will say is that right after updating it, the phone was extremely hot and slow, but since I let the phone cool down after that update, it seems to be working fine, so so far we will see pretty stable developer data .
You probably shouldn't download it because you know I don't want your phone to be ruined, so live vicariously through me and others, but if you want to download the iOS developer beta, you should go to Apple's website and then make sure to sign up as a developer account and I think it's free and then they'll push that developer beta into your settings and then you just have to click on a box and it will download successfully, but yeah, I hope you found this video helpful. and check out some of the first looks at the iOS 18 beta.
I really hope you liked it. If you liked it, leave me a like if you want to see more. Make sure you're subscribed and as always, I'll see you next time. Take care of everyone

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