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Investing Earned Me Over $6,500,000,000,000 Per Second in Holyday City

Jun 06, 2021
we have a tier one


two dollars and a boutique and so begins our journey to a billion dollars there are five boutiques i almost envy you you make money so easily it's hard to sit here clicking things all day coffee for 35 bucks is good have an assistant and all, but do you have to be here all the time with those stupid judicious eyes? Let's see if we can get our cafe up to level five because that should bring it up to 2.5 extra profit and if you want to upgrade a boutique. it's going to cost q345 as i could offer them 700 but they probably won't take it and it seems like they don't have access to almost everything so far so we'll unlock them later and probably buy them too. coffee plus 10 burgers plus 10 so we made two grand as i was looking at the options let's spend it all on whatever this we already hit level 50 so that's a 25.5 percent increase now our money is going up there's 2500 and my the name is jame If I have big eyes, the whole town talks about your entrepreneurial skills.
investing earned me over 6 500 000 000 000 per second in holyday city


your money. Thanks James. and faster and faster james we've been talking about this i really don't need your help i get it i click things until i have too much money but there are also times to make a profit or even an extra 25 from the cafeteria what i do 3100 every 5


s sort of which means we need a burger joint and then we need a lot of upgrades for the burger joint oh a happiness bonus increase profits for service sector companies no one in my job would be happy i will exploit every ounce of your energy to making a profit and i don't care how many people die along the way i closed my eyes for two


s and all of a sudden i have 206 thousand dollars so we need to upgrade our burger joint because i need to reach level 50. kind of a hoax Every time i upgrade a business though , the happiness factor increases, but if I wait long enough, the annoying people eventually disappear.
investing earned me over 6 500 000 000 000 per second in holyday city

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investing earned me over 6 500 000 000 000 per second in holyday city...

So far, we've only made $430,000. write more or he's like me and this faking at work anyway burgers are now making us eighty one grand each whatever so that's a lot of money time to buy the nightclub for only twelve grand is starting to take some time probably 45 seconds to land for 23,000 we'll give you some updates and do some more. in it just because i can we're almost at level 150 now and that was worth it because it's giving us three thousand dollars every few seconds which is almost as much as the next update now it's getting additional pr for what is twelve thousand dollars twelve a thousand bucks every two seconds some idiot wants me to buy a hotel but I don't think he's seen the profit from the boutique yet so maybe we should also get the coffee shop to level 100 as long as it doesn't get too expensive now we're making some progress we're going to make a million bucks before you know it and we can see we're doing 28,000 a second and I really like the fact that we can see that when we hit a million bucks we buy more happiness bonuses from shit basically make people happy or something i really dont know im just here to make money so lets go ahead and update our disco ball as of 19 00 0 and there are several million dollars spent at level 33 our burger places up to forty seven thousand dollars every six seconds so whatever we invest right now we are making our money back very quickly our first million dollar business it's hit the factory for 4.5 million and we maybe not so much At the end of the road through the tier one


once we upgrade I'm sure everything makes money a lot faster which feels weird because normally i do the opposite of upgraded city there's level 50 gains multiplied by two we get 3.6 million dollars every 12 seconds aka 153 thousand dollars per second and that really shows that this idiot wants me to buy a factory but i have almost 10 million dollars to spend on this and also every time i update something in this row it affects the profit of everything so the more i buy the more i earn something just happened er and got 20 million bucks I don't know if I had a little stroke and lost some time or they awarded me something he really wants me to buy the factory and I really don't want to buy it yet we're already 29 with this and that got us up at 479,000 per second.
investing earned me over 6 500 000 000 000 per second in holyday city
I want millions of dollars a second, trillion trillion, but I guess while we wait to save like a billion dollars, I might as well buy the factory because it probably takes three and a half minutes three and a half minutes to produce five million dollars next will be the plant energy for 112 million things are getting expensive fast it's 10.9 for each level so eventually that's going to be more but we've got eight levels to go basically what I'm trying to say is I need around 100 million to update this and we're going to run out of time before it arrives but at least we get 46 million of the deal which will pay for itself still not enough to hit level 50 but it's close and finally for 19.9 million we're going to update that one time and double your profit so that it gives us 101 million per minute or so known as 1.4 million per second we're getting pretty far e fast so let's quickly sync our 54 million with this guy who was good for nine awesome levels but he also does parts so he should be working on updating this because parts are probably so important and before the timer is up we're going to buy as many upgrades as we can.
investing earned me over 6 500 000 000 000 per second in holyday city
I got to level 25, that's good enough for me. 246 million every three and a half minutes or 2.5 million per second, then we're going to increase. the burger bar at level 100 for double profit there's 1.2 million every six seconds and you know let's do the same with the party venue i mean 100 million dollars got me to level 81 you know how cool that he likes tom tom on the road once you have the money to buy the power plant he won't let you buy anything else you can't click these things anymore because the jerk stick is right in the road so i guess that we will buy a nuclear power plant. which is also going to produce power for me next we can buy a farm that for some reason costs 1.9 billion dollars eight times the amount of a power plant and this only gives me 271 million every seven minutes but finally I can start using some of my parts to upgrade some things i think i want to upgrade more like the hotel because getting another 10 hotel levels would be very expensive the first one starts at 21 million so i'm very lucky with the 500 million to get them and yes i currently have almost 500 million but i'm also about to spend it and that will actually take us all the way to level 100 but just now it gives us 28 million each whatever now we're up to four million dollars a second i think since these parts are so valuable i'm going to start updating things down here because while I'm going to enjoy this 265 million dollars, I'm also going to enjoy the parts, so if I get two guys of valuable currency, I'm way further along, though basically I can use all the money I'm earning to buy things like farms and use all the parts to upgrade things like hotels, so with a second left, let's go and together with 38 parts, I'll which means we now have 81 of them so we can upgrade the hotels ok i probably should have realized they are going to be more expensive every time i buy them so i should have waited until the hotel was upgraded because 20 levels for 800 is expensive but if this was at level 600 or something it would really be worth it but I'm not here to think I'm just here to click until I have too much money talking about which one can we get this up to the level 48 there is level 49 and level 50 to double the gains now in a minute and a half i get 1.5 billion dollars and that update puts us over 10 million dollars a year second but i also realize that even ac upgrading this to only 58,000 increases earnings for other things every time i click this i get 200,000 more each time it lands i'm not going to spend all my money here which got me up to level 222 and that didn't really increase the money much here but it made a difference and I also l


that it's probably not worth spending all my money on boutiques but this would be a good payday we're going to get $271 million right now and a modest $1.5 billion platform ht now which means we can buy the farm and we're going to have to make it so idiot can it get out of the way food for the people i want food for pure profit and nothing else i don't care if they buy it and dump it in the ocean i just want my money ah the iron mine is 50 billion dollars but we will get there even unlocking this which will give us 13.6 billion dollars every 20 minutes it has increased up to 21 million dollars per second est e unlock has doubled my money per second well all you have to do is get our hotels to level 100 so let's spend all our money there which got us to level 69 and as fun as it is it's still 31 levels from where we need to be and with each upgrade costing a cool 50 million bucks which will get expensive fast but I should be upgrading these other things too because since my plant gives me power I can use that for profit. production speeds, though as soon as I have got two billion dollars to spare.
I may get an extra apple, but don't worry, we're about to make some headway five seconds until we get 1.5 billion dollars and that sounds like a lot, but it's not even enough to buy a single upgrade. my farm but since the plant is only three minutes away let's spend all that money there that way we get 12 lightning bolts and all I need is 25 of those because I'm going to have a super hotel there we go there's another 1,500 million which I'll quickly give this guy so we can get as many lightning bolts as possible and that will get us back with 5.2 billion anyway, I've used some of that money to power up. i plan on getting to level 25 now it gives me 13.6 billion plus 25 lightning bolts and after all that we are now getting 52 million dollars a second while we wait for more lightning bolts might as well finish this see if i can get it all the way to level 100 we couldn't but we get it up to level 91 another nine levels and that will be pretty profitable especially once we speed it up but we are about to get another 1.5 billion dollars in the factory so it should be part of the path to level 96 , we're so close that we're about to get another 1.5 billion which should help us get to level 100 with this guy which is going to be great because that's 1.1 billion by itself and thanks to the 25 lightning we're going to increase the our hotel profits seven times so now this hotel gives us 7.8 billion dollars every minute and a half or something like that, so this is going to make us mega-rich.
We hit $146 million per second now, so with my $23 billion that I have, I'm going to do quite a bit. Reinvest all of that for more lightning because that will increase the profit everywhere and I have five minutes to get to level 50. Not that I'm sure it's going to matter at that point, but it will double the profit. of this that is already enormous well h This is what I am going to do. I have another 10 billion dollars, so I'm going to hit level 50. No, that will give me 81.5 billion dollars and then I'll spend what I can on the farm in the next few minutes. because it's only a minute away and it'll get me more apples plus billions this is a good time 25 seconds will get me eight billion dollars but I should get a few more upgrades there which should mean more billions here I don't know Worry if that's hard to follow I hardly know what I'm doing as it's to cut things short and keep things simple I'm just here to click click click click and now our modest little farm is about to give us 95k million dollars and not sure whether or not to buy the iron mine or upgrade this again for more profit because i have almost 100 billion dollars i could get it to level 25. to be close to 25 we did now we it is giving 679 billion dollars every 20 minutes and so we are up to 854 million dollars per second almost a billion dollars per second and since we have 125 billion dollars let's try the iron mine to see what we get It's going to do that.
Your decision to invest in mine was exquisite. It gives us iron that can be used in the port that we don't unlock until we have a tier three city. I only got halfway through level one so it's going to take a while so maybe it was a bad investment, next thing in our little bag of tricks though. let's try to improve the farm as much as we can 80 billion dollars up there but that gives us almost a trilliondollars every 20 minutes and then we have 70 lightning bolts to spend if we had 800 we could double the hotel profit again but since we don't let's start with the nightclub which is now worth 261 million every 40 seconds but if we get that to the next level it will give us considerably more being a billion dollars very soon as soon as I get another 10 billion or so to spend hold on there we go to level 150 which gives us 830 million dollars per tick which gives us pushed up to 1.3 billion dollars a second but I know we can still do better than that so with the last 45 seconds I'm going to make every billion I can from this guy once I land we got 90 billion dollars from the deal so I'm going to update the farm, the updates are starting. at 10.1 billion and it's getting more expensive fast but it will give me over a trillion dollars when it lands while we wait let's ramp the burger up to level 150 for extra profit it won't make a huge difference but it will make a difference and it won't even it's so expensive because 13 million once in a while isn't bad it's pretty fast 13 million every 12 seconds it's about a million dollars a second until we do this now it's about 9 million dollars a second oops! and that's going to accidentally add i hit mac so now we're making extra profit from everything.
I would really like to get the farm to level 50 by the time I'm done in eight minutes but I don't know if we'll have the money for that it's going to cost us probably two hundred and three hundred billion dollars I hope once my power plan pays off I'll have enough of the next six updates 123 billion dollars should probably do it otherwise I don't think I'm going to make it but there's barely but now we're going to get 2.7 billion dollars in two and a half minutes. So, I think I'll focus my money on my beautiful hotel because I can double the profits with lightning. and make a lot more money with it because 2.8 billion dollars a second is not enough and there we go 2.7 trillion dollars that could pay me for the lab but why would I buy one of those?
I can't even use the iron mine. i won't be able to use but i want to see if i can get a power plant to level 1 00. five billion dollars for each upgrade is going to be expensive but when you have billions of dollars you have billions of dollars upgrades now cost 50 billion dollars each but there's a level 100 so this is going to give me 650 billion dollars each which is plus a hundred lightning bolts and I wish I hadn't spent that much sooner I need 800 to double my hotel profits and just because we're going to need so much lightning I'm going to spend the rest of my 1.8 billion here maybe upgrade the ironman too because it will pay me pretty good especially for each upgrade it will give me many billions more only 4.6 billion dollars per second, wait, this is the problem, the only level of our factory. 50.
Let's bump that up a bit since the mine is only seven and a half minutes away from giving me some money. I'm going to spend some money upgrading it now because look how much it will reward me in seven and a half minutes. It's going to give me 4.7 billion at least I almost lost my factory I could boost it to level 100 just before it's about to land it's going to give me 4.4 billion which isn't a ton but that's going to add up and that's funny because it's a lot more expensive than a hotel but it's making a lot less money but speaking of which if we bump this up to level 130 right now which we can barely afford then we can spend 200 parts to bump that up to the level 150 which can mean more profit so now you make 21.6 billion every few minutes and there's the iron mine paying up to 5.6 trillion dollars that she wants you to spend on a single lab instead of doing that, lets get our iron mine up to level 25 so it can give me double the amount of money i need or i might need to go to level 50 which is a bit more expensive than i thought but as we are right now we might as well go for level 38. that's totally b ok because in 29 minutes we will get 15 billion dollars ars which is 50 more than everything we have done so far with two and a half minutes left in our iron farm obviously we are going to raise that to level 50 because we have 8.8 billion dollars to do it and it's going to be pretty expensive but it's worth it we're down to 2.5 trillion but now we're going to get 194 trillion dollars in about two minutes and look our nuclear reactor is only 13 seconds away so let's spend all the money we have left on that but that's where they took away the option to buy the lab for some reason maybe because we are broke and they will never believe it we have 800 lightning so we can increase our hotel profit another two times so now it makes 43 billion dollars every minute and a half and our profits are now 113 billion dollars a second the annoying lady is here asking me to buy stuff that must mean I won Some money, I guess at this point, since we have 200 trillion dollars. we could also buy the lab and that's going to make us 1.3 trillion dollars every 16 seconds apparently I didn't expect the lab to pay that much but 1.3 trillion dollars every 15 seconds or so brings us to 175 billion dollars per second so what happens if we keep going like this? and we spend 200 billion dollars on upgrades now we get 39 billion dollars every 20 seconds so now we make 2.1 billion dollars per second and if we work up to level 50 we will make 94 billion dollars every 19 seconds so in total 5 trillion dollars per second and with that countdown we got to 1.1 trillion and I always like numbers bigger than trillions so let's reinvest all that money in the chemistry lab conveniently which is level 69 and now we are earning 6.6 trillions of dollars a second that was good we could do better

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