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Interview With Bruce Dickinson ( The Book of Souls - iron maiden)

Jun 06, 2021
surreal, you know, a place to see all these little fossilized things, frozen in time, you know, that was one of my favorite moments in South America and the other one was, you know, Brazil, um. You know, rock and Rio, obviously, a big rock and roll moment, but the other one was the current capital of Brazil, Brasilia, which looks like, there's all this. I don't remember the name of the architect, a really famous architect who put all these futuristic buildings in the middle of Brasilia and you'll imagine that you're actually on the set of um Star Trek H it's so cool um and uh yeah, South America is a place really interesting, it's incredible, you get to go around the world and see all these things and also the global Iron Maiden fan base is incredible.
interview with bruce dickinson the book of souls   iron maiden
We talked before about how the band is bigger now than ever. What is it about Iron Maiden that attracts so many people around the world? Well, first, I think one of the things is that we are properly unique mhm um, the other is that not only are we unique but I also think that we are quite authentic, you know, we haven't sold out or done shocking commercial things and, you know, and whatever we do. We've done it like you know, you know the beer soldier and stuff like that, we've done it with some style and we've done it, we've done it well, you know, and we've done things that are appropriate to our, you know, identity, you already know.
interview with bruce dickinson the book of souls   iron maiden

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interview with bruce dickinson the book of souls iron maiden...

I didn't just do things just to be, yeah, rude and you know, make a ton of money and be a jerk, you know, it's, it's real, like you said, it's unique and it's real, some final questions, uh, it's funny, around 2008, I used to have a lot of time. I cut it off and people were so outraged that you let your hair grow, how can you be Chris Jericho without long hair? And I was always thinking, well, Bruce Dickinson cut his hair. Did you have the same reaction when you first cut it from the Rockers? Like, how can you be a Bruce Dickson?
interview with bruce dickinson the book of souls   iron maiden
Yes, they get over it, you know, and in fact, what I did discover is that the store detectives no longer followed me around the supermarkets, they no longer searched you at security at the airport because you had the classic long hair of the years. 80, super long bangs oh yeah, no, absolutely, I mean, I have, um, I used to have, I used to have, I remember I tried to leave Canada once niik had blood poisoning in his uh, in his arm from the listeners that they had gotten, you know, uh, dumb, you know, playing drums and we had to take a whole week away from Montreal in the winter and we thought Florida sounds good, so we were going to move on and I passed and I thought I'd pass, I would go through security and everything, as you know, very early and this isn't the early '80s somewhere.
interview with bruce dickinson the book of souls   iron maiden
I have this great coat. I have this fur coat. I have long hair. I am like. I'm 26 or something, you know, and I have a business class ticket and a huge carry-on bag and this guy just takes it all apart, takes it all apart and I'm just sitting there thinking no. I take drugs so I have nothing to hide so bang you know and he has talcum powder and he's smelling it I'm thinking I'm going to give you a headache you know, I mean, you know and he says and uh and finally true the bottom of the bag, this kid a kid had given me like a bracelet with studs and I said thank you everyone, but in the bag, forgetting about it, he took it out and it's very small and it has completely flat studs, they're not even flat.
They're not pointy in any way, they're flattened, they're flat studs, yeah, and he says, look at this, I said, stud, a bracelet, he says, this is an offensive weapon, I said, you're kidding, right? Yeah. I said no you're not kidding are you, I said okay, I said fine, I said I can't argue with you, I said because if you say it is then it must be so I didn't even know I had it in my bag to be. Honestly, I said, throw it in the trash. I don't care, he said I can't do that, so it's a very serious offense.
I said, "Oh, he's fine, so who's going to be fine?" What happens now? I can't tell you that he's out of my jurisdiction, okay? So someone doesn't like my face today, so anyway the right mou comes up, you know, yeah, red coat, hat, awkwardly, do everything right, you know, and I'm like, Okay, so I said, please. , look, you know, it looks like blah, blah, blah, and he goes up, yeah, so, he, he, he's inspecting it, like, yeah, yeah, look at the poles, yeah, he sees the problem, yeah, so they take me away , so I sit down, they take me away. a little side room, you know, and uh, I fell off the prisoner charging form, you know, wow, so I'm there and I'm looking, I think my flight leaves in about half an hour, okay, I said, okay, I I said um Okay, so you got The Bracelet and you probably know you know you can buy these things on Y Street with 6 inch spikes coming out of them and everything else, you know that, I said it, but regardless of that, he said, empty your pockets, okay and me.
I just got my pdms uhhuh so I had two $100 bills and he said where did you get these? I told him I got them from my tour manager, who gives them to me every week, he's my P DMS, and he goes right and calls. the serial numbers on the bills and they come back and he says "guess that's good, so you know I went well" I said so here I am, I filled out your form, you have the bracelet, now what's up, he says this I said, this is a matter for the local police, they said it's out of my jurisdiction.
I went, huh, I'm getting the idea. Said. I said have you ever gambled? and he said, I don't know what you mean, sir. I said: Are you a gambler? because I'm willing to bet that in a minute and a half, when my flight has departed, the local police will walk through that door and a minute later, the local police came in dressed a little more drab, they were wearing what you know. like a couple of grow bags, you know, and those things didn't have the red, the red robe and the hat and everything, and they came in and they were very sweet and they and they also inspected The Bracelet and they looked at it and they felt and They talked about the flattened nature of the poles and how it didn't seem like much damage could be done with it and they said well maybe we should confiscate it and uh and and I said thank you very much, I said um and he said yes.
You are free to go. I went, thank you very much. Can I have another one? So I left and thought the next flight is in 4 hours and I sat there with a water cooler for 4 hours. All because I decided to. go through security early and this was a long time ago, you know, yeah, and I think I'm trying to get out of Canada, you know, I mean, I'm trying to leave, you know, I would have thought, I would have thought, and I would have done it right. I would want to get rid of me, you know, like that, so I do it, but interestingly, years later, I get stopped not by TSA, but by us, M Customs, whatever it is, and they stop me for this.
The guy looks very serious and stops me and I had my fencing equipment with me and I was coming to America with my fencing bag and I was writing a novel about the Lord Ify boat race at the time and I had the part of the manuscript in the bag and then I had other stuff and I was working on some solo stuff, I think with Royal, whatever, so I showed up and they put me, do you know why you're here? I said no. I just come here to work on a record in Los Angeles. What is this?
This is my fencing equipment. What fencing kit? What do you mean? What do they look like? What is this? I said it's a novel. I'm writing what you know and and after a while he said they went well, why did we stop you? I said I have no idea why you stopped me. Said. Said. Can you tell me what's going well? He said: "You're obviously not a criminal, you're obviously not a drug smuggler," he said. so I don't know why we stopped you. I said, "How can you find out what's going on? Yeah, wait a minute, so you call the supervisor and the supervisor comes in and says, oh, let's take a look, he says, he said, did you do it?" I had a problem years ago in Montreal with a bracelet that stuttered last question uh, we're in Winnipeg 1988 we heard Bruce Dickinson on the radio Seven Son tour and we thought we'd put two and two together, if he's on the radio we can go to the radio station and we'll probably see it my cousin and I go, you come out, we're standing there like two idiots who don't know what to say and you say: would you like a photo?
Yes, Mr. Dickinson, take a photo. My cousin was in a high school band right, he, uh, F's name was Cletus and oh, I remember them, I remember them, he says Miss, he says Bruce, would you like a Saskatchewan rock band t-shirt for Cletus? and you said yes? I took the shirt, what did you do with Cletus' shirt? I think I actually used it somewhere. I used it. You know he's going to go crazy. I remember that band really remembering this. I remember it wasn't like that. Wasn't it in Winnipeg in winter? Was it Winnipeg? uh, seven Sundays, probably bit four CU.
I remember we played in Winnipeg one time in the depths of winter and that would probably be Power Slave To God. I left and went. to take a walk in the square in front of the hotel, the stupidest thing I think I've ever done in my life, you know, donkey's ear, I came back, my eyes were like frozen and I like that everything was frozen, the hair on your nose It's hard, oh man, he thought. I thought he wasn't coming back. I thought you know Captain Scott has nothing on this. Know. Strange. In a strange land you will find your buried corpse.
What is your favorite song to sing live? Well, it varies from T to tour, but obviously I'm talking about the last tour, I love it, I always have a lot of fun singing Seventh Son, uh, I love it and I'll get you ready, wrap your guts up, you know, let yourself go, you know, new Bruce Dickinson




. It's great talking to you man, my cousin is going to wear the Cletus t-shirt, yeah, thanks to Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden's new album The Book of Souls is out today, in fact, and what an honor to talk to Bruce . on the day of the album release my

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