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Interview: Paul Walker

May 31, 2021
one of me what made you go from marine biology to active biology. Well, it wasn't a conscious decision, the decision was more or less made for me. Was it a situation where I had basically run out of funds for school and was looking for an outlet? to potentially earn more income and the idea was to come back and you know, our good luck came. I was very lucky early on with the audition for Pleasantville, I was in my early 20s at the time and I thought it would make a movie pay. pay off my loans and go back and finish school and this hasn't stopped so the passion for me in biology is still there and you know it's my first passion so I still find other ways to fulfill it by the way how much do you manage ?
interview paul walker
To clarify, you know, with diving, I like white quite a bit, I mean, it depends on the location a lot of times, but luckily where I reside and I live here in California, I have a, you know, I have access and I go diving and now you know, lobster dye, I dive a lot and I spend a lot of time in and around the water, so whenever I have time I do, oh yeah, I can see the sea, but what for me is that you know as much as I appreciate the ocean. , you know, Earth Sciences and voice in general fascinate me, so the older I get, it's not just specific to say things that cater to the ocean, like, I really like the way everything comes together to For me, I think it's more about symbiotic relationships and more and more I think earth sciences as a whole, botany is really catching on to me lately and even bird watching, which sounds funny because I always thought That when I was younger that was for old people, but I really enjoyed it and with it a lot more photography, so photographing nature.
interview paul walker

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I used to be a big hunter and what I discovered is that I have gotten older. I enjoy taking wildlife photographs more because I can pull the trigger 100 200 300 times and I can come back and see that animal the next day, so I realize I'm mad because he actually has a sword and the older I get, the more I appreciate that yes, Withrow's stuff reaches everyone. They've been moving along very well, I mean, their start was last year, last year alone we had three or four outings, we had one this year, we had the tornado in Tuscaloosa and Alabama, but this year for the most part it's been relatively sleepy, which has been nice, but What happened is there was a little bit of movement and organically what happened is different brands expressed interest in potentially sponsoring us or helping us with our cause, so the nice thing is that we posted something where we believed and others have gotten to work, for example, with their gem, you know their donation and since then, they still make chainsaws and many power tools and we use a lot of their equipment in mining, especially in Tuscaloosa, we can cut trees to you know, removing debris and how people get access to their houses and it's exciting, it's exciting to see what's happening, so what I like is that you know, while I'm alive and well and I'm making money and things.
interview paul walker
It's going well, you know Rowe can continue, but there will come a time when I won't necessarily be able to fund it, so you know there are outside interests that are coming in now and you know there's a good chance that This is something they could potentially be with. present long after I leave this planet, it's a good feeling and like-minded people, I think people who believe in it, because for me it was really just an idea and as a single person, what is an idea, really It doesn't mean anything, what makes it living and breathing, the people who subscribe to the philosophy and the idea and the people who are involved, I've just taken it to a completely different level, so I'm really lucky and the people who are involved are really good people, no, no one really within the entertainment industry because it really requires field experience.
interview paul walker
You know as a first responder, whether you're an EMT paramedic doctor, an ER doctor, very few of us, you know me, included in the few. You know, on the first few trips, I was actually one of the only ones who didn't have any professional experience and I realized that my skills were limited, so I didn't like that feeling as much as what I learned while we were there. There and on the field I realized there was more to learn and that's a big part of it that really keeps me going. I think the draw is like you know we're only here once and I love the countryside.
I love learning about first aid. and you know anything related to medicine, it's just fascinating to me, so one thing is that I keep working on it and working to advance and hopefully, within not too long I will feel qualified, super qualified, but you know, I have some really talented people, doctors who have had, you know, 25 or 30 years of experience, who have volunteered their time for weeks of their lives every year for the cause, so it's nice to have that group that you know to to have people who are so qualified. They are willing to accompany you on these journeys and they are also willing to give you the time and attention;
When they see your willingness to learn and your enthusiasm for it, they give you much more attention and are willing to really walk. you through things so you know, from EMT certification to potentially now, I'm considered, you know, maybe even going to school to become a paramedic, which would be the next step for me, so we'll see now. , can you describe the perfect weekend away from work or from work from work a perfect weekend from work away from work okay, um, I think for me it will be something outdoors. I mean, I don't know if it would maybe maybe it would be a cool hike, it's like we need a waterfall that's like a nice swimming hole.
I know a lot of landscapes with a lot of natural animals or maybe a weekend of diving off the islands somewhere tropical would be nice, but definitely something to do with the nature of the water. Good friends. To be honest, I'm pretty carefree. for the most part I like all the work and binge eating, you know, now that I'm getting a little older, you know, people tell me I need lotion or lotion because I get a lot of sunlight exposure, but I've been told I have a little bit of Cherokee Indian in me, so I guess I like to think that maybe it makes me a little tougher, but I don't.
I don't take care of my skin like I should, to be honest with you, I just don't want to. To do things like this, I have people who take care of me, they ask me, it will be a little lazier, but yeah, it's pretty low maintenance, so I get up in the morning, throw my clothes in and be out the door usually in 10 minutes Yes, I think more and more, but there are also discussions, now a lot of people say that we don't get enough vitamin D and the problem is that now people spend too much time indoors and then when people spend time outdoors, They put on 50 sunscreen and their body doesn't absorb or create the vitamin D it needs, so there are two philosophies.
I tend to subscribe to the one that maybe some people block. It's not necessarily as good as people want to believe this give and take with anything, so I think in moderation if I'm going to spend an extended period of time in the ocean or in the water on the boat, I'll make sure to cover my face with sunscreen, but you know, for outings like if I'm going on a hike, even if it's a half-day or full-day hike, I rarely will. I'll just wear a hat. and go get it, but you know, as I get older, I'm sure you know I'll probably see more effects and then I'll probably try to catch up and reverse the process, no, God, I really love Big Sur Monterey.
Carmel is a big fan of that area and you know I loved the redwood forests, the Channel Islands are amazing. Most of my time is spent, you know, Santa Barbara North, in my free time. You know I was born and raised in Southern California when I was younger. I spent a lot more time in San Diego and Baja Mexico, but as I've gotten older I appreciate more words where it's lusher and greener, especially in the Pacific Northwest, so even when you leave Northern California for Oregon and Washington Vancouver in Canada Vancouver Island the San Juans I just love it up there, it rains too much to live there full time, but as far as a place to visit, for me it's heaven on earth.
I love it. area is simply magical and there is no other place like this on earth it is unique - just ask how it smells like it was done to me what I like about this fragrance is that it doesn't smell designed I mean it obviously is and I think the design behind it is not to smell the design, so to me it's more of a kind of natural embodiment of a different sense and I don't know if I can necessarily say that I smell this. or I smell I just know what I like when I smell it, you know, and I've liked it since I was a little kid, so it's been the fragrance of choice when I want to wear fragrance.

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