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Interview - Kyle Spicka

Jun 04, 2021
Edmonton Impact, but you know that's cool, like Rob Velez, it came about the hard way, Matt Jackson didn't. come out of the womb cool, I use this, you know, I constantly try to explain to people that they say, oh, we have to play Ryan Greenspan or how are we? Will we ever be pros if we hit them? You think Kyle is thicker and Ryan Greenspan came out of the womb being amazing at paintball? No, they worked hard, yes, there is surely some innate talent there, they had to have some kind of skill for you. knowing how to read the game a little better than the others, maybe from the beginning that's the talent, but at the same time, at the same time, a very difficult job was done to forge the game that everyone has.
interview   kyle spicka
Currently at the professional level and it's a constant thing where you know having


ed Ryan Greenspan is about his World Cup performance, one of the ugliest performances I've seen in recent memory, probably the best performance Ryan have had in your career. years of having incredible performances and he was still like a friend too, I left a lot of things on the table, there are a lot of kills that I could have gotten that I didn't get, that's the mentality that it takes, so I look at Matt Jackson and how good he was. is. He came into a tough team like Ac Dallas and carved out a niche for himself until you guys finally picked him, I think it's cool, but you know, looking at the world cup, I mean, you guys were in some interesting games and the guys got beat by a infamous eight to two and then you beat the power elite and then you cleared the damage, but then you got a one point win, a tough win, and kind of a must win situation against the damage in the last game of the prelims. for one and then you're going to play against Iron Man, um, who was a storybook team in 2020 even though they had lost two of their big killers to the cup, uh, but it was a close game, you barely beat them three to one, um and then you know.
interview   kyle spicka

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I had another eight-to-two game this time against Dynasty, but you guys had to come back in that one, so yeah, no, it's not exactly a situation where you know maybe, besides the two blocks you had in the middle of the prelims, no In a lot of cases, you're going to be benched a lot, it's like it's do or die time, we need to bring out our best five constantly, um in that situation, but tell me a little bit about Matt Jackson, so I met Matt Jackson. He was a stellar player as I've been watching these last few years, he's funny, he actually tried out for the Ironman some of the first years I was on the team and didn't really make it, so it's great to see you.
interview   kyle spicka
You know what he became after that, you know, it's kind of like, what's it like, you know, Tom Brady was drafted late or, you know, Jordan, you know, getting cut from the basketball team, it's kind of like that, but on high. . school, so Matt came, yeah, Matt came to um, I actually went to that high school, it's a really fun fact, but uh, matt, matt jackson, um, you know, he showed up for practice a few weeks ago and he's a completely new equipment for him and me. I think the transition is not that difficult, I think for any elite professional because they know how things work, but he had been in that camp for so long, those guys were literally like family, so I have to know that it could have been like a little bit of a hard transition to swallow, maybe swallow a little bit, a little bit of pride and you know, okay, I mean, you know we were so close that we were on the cusp that we didn't uh and Now I'm going to go to a powerful team.
interview   kyle spicka
I think overall he's happy with that decision, but I know it would probably be pretty difficult for anyone, as you know, when I left Dinasty Man, it was extremely heartbreaking for me. um but you know he was the one who showed up and literally went crazy like me and brandon cornell were talking about why we flew home together and I'm like man yeah this is like an nba 2k game like he's 98s 99s. like on all the boards three points doing dunks as a center everything uh he was playing he played the phenomenal on both sides of the field he played the three phenomenal on both sides of the field he played the two phenomenal he was shooting at people from the fast break like in motion like the two both sides shooting at people from the break like the three uh following amazing like two playing the one I probably saw him shoot a ball like six people uh all weekend like uh really just fundamentally strong uh survivability consistency everything, I was more than impressed to say the least, yeah, no, I completely agree with you, um, it's one of those where and you, I mean, you've been at a high level in this game for a long time. time, but changing teams is a difficult thing and it must have been a little, I don't want to say frustrating for you, but I mean the two teams that won the only two events last year were the Iron Man team that you played for and then the Dynasty team.
I played and helped them win before and then and Ironman hadn't won an event in 10 years and I remember texting you after the first event in Vegas and you said they did it and then you, I mean, no I'm not mad. , you were just impressed like everyone, you were just impressed like, damn, I can't believe it, yeah, they did it with the rebuild team. I can't just be awesome, but it worked and I've been saying it ever since. so it has to give a huge confidence boost to anyone who plays this game because you know, yeah, Dynasty won the world cup on their 20th anniversary with the team that they have, I mean, that's a lot less miraculous and it's not that big.
I mean, it's amazing, it's a great story, don't get me wrong, it's a great, amazing story, but when you start with five rosters, it's the roster that Dynasty brought to the world cup, I'm not surprised they were able to win that. It was cool that they won it, you know, in 2020, on their 20th anniversary, that's a dynasty thing, very dramatic and the way it was done was fascinating and you know, because they didn't have the best push on the snake side even though I I mean, some of their guys are on the snake side, it's tough out there, man, you know, I'm serious, it's like sometimes your number four hitters in baseball are, you know, it's an opening day for baseball and big baseball fans, sometimes your number three and four hitters are going to go o4, they're going to hit four or five times and they're not going to get hits and sometimes it's your seven and eight hitters and sometimes it's The first one, you never really know that's one of the complexities of baseball, but with paintball.
Also, it won't always be the snake type that gets triggered. Yes, that's typically the most powerful position on any field and you're putting your most athletic, fastest, most aggressive guys in that position, but they're not always going to get it. Sometimes it's done, it's the plucky veteran in midfield pushing 40, who's just bench pressing cars for his team, like Ryan Greenspan was doing, just slaughtering passing opponents, you know, just sharpening his bayonet and stabbing people or Rainy Stanzak for San. Antonio and you're very intimate with yourself, you know how that all happens there, and it must have been interesting for you to see how it played out, yeah, I mean, definitely, even I know that I've been out of the dynasty for, you know, about three years, so one wasn't as bittersweet as the Iron one because it was literally the event after Trevor and I left, so obviously, you know, I got a little shit for that, but I don't know, I've been playing for so long.
Like that doesn't bother me. I'm very excited about a place I'm in now and I can't value it enough. Overall, I'm happy, happy for those guys and happy for Todd. It was a great story and I'm glad they were able to win and then, you know, even the dynasty, the dynasty left, which it was. I'm really impressive just from a strategy point of view in tactics because they didn't have the strongest snake side and you could see that they didn't know it and this is something you know, I've been training a lot lately. And this is something that I always tell a lot of the guys that I coach in practice and then a lot of times we'll coach them the next weekend at the tournament.
I think this is your boy's opportunity and practice. to work on your weaknesses, but when you get to tournament time you have to be honest with yourself and say, hey, you know, maybe I'm not the best shooter or maybe I'm not the fastest guy, so I need to look. making those desperate runs, jumping two bunkers if I'm a slow guy or participating in these shootouts if a lot of times I'm 40 winning them in a tournament, then that's even more intense, so it was a good demonstration of knowing that, hey, maybe We don't have the most elite snake guys, so maybe we use one, we have Ryan playing phenomenal in the middle and we have, you know, possibly two or three of the best snake guys in the league.
Come on, yeah, let's try it. to address that and change the game plan around that and they executed it extremely well and you know one thing I have to say about that, just one last thing about that was like, dude Ryan, I have to give in to him because obviously he's my roommate and Ryan, y'all know Ryan can be a little mean sometimes, but he means well, like if Ryan came home, they beat us, they beat us, uh, and they beat us to go to the finals, they beat the tournament and Ryan is like he doesn't rub. anything to my face, he's not like friend, look at all these medals I got, like he didn't even talk about it and we carry on, we do that live show every week and I think a lot, especially the professional one.
The guys in our league have egos as big as that. I was impressed overall because you know his ability to defend and be humble and not be like, hey Kyle, guess what you know, we won the tournament, blah blah, what's it like? I feel like you know he's overall, he just handled it in a really respectable way and, yeah, I was impressed with everything overall, from on and off the field, in the way that you know he carried himself, yeah, Ryan definitely gets it. . a rap like and rightly so in many ways, but having lived with Ryan, I think I lived with Ryan for, I won't say five years, um, when we were in Costa Rica, in northern Pennsylvania, but he's, he never I've done.
I've had to bury a body in the desert before, but if I had to, Ryan is definitely a guy who could say it's four in the morning and say, "Oh man, really bad things happened and I need you to come pick it up." . Me here in San Ysidro and he would say he's fine, man, I'll be there, no questions asked, like he's him. He's that guy, you know, so yeah, he definitely keeps his friends close to him. There's a reason Ryan's been to a lot of weddings and knows a million people um even though he can be a little loudmouthed though he's mellowing a little in his old age even though he's become a little more like two complete strangers yeah I think it's the kid maybe his daughter is making him a little soft definitely doesn't take anything away from his paintball game but yeah it was incredibly impressive but also motivating because the guy Ryan Greenspan is 40 years old already you know, so it's like the fact that he's still having his best performances if you're a pro and I because I talked to some of these guys and they were like, oh Maddie, I don't know how much time I have left.
I'm like you're 27, what the hell are you talking about? About buddy, you haven't even broken a knee yet, you know, there you go. He was at the gas station the other day and this guy was getting something, uh, and then the clerk said, hey, be careful, he's wet back there and then. The guy comes up and he looks like an older guy, uh, but he says, yeah, you know, when I'm 25 I can't fall, I can't afford to fall back there, it'll take me a long time to recover and I'm like I'm 30 years old you're like you're fine 25 as a friend you can afford to fall as a brother you're still young who's raising these soft ass kids these days I just don't get it buddy yeah I don't get it I don't know buddy I get it People have this quarter-life crisis, you get to 25 and you're like, "Oh my God, what am I going to do this?" and that it is ridiculous that you are in the prime of your life, between 25 and 35, don't do it. let someone tell you otherwise you just can't be a little weak about using your body uh you know, go and use your body I promise it will still respond when you're 25 to 35 unless something is seriously wrong not to say that It's if you have something very wrong, I'm sorry that happened to you, it's a big bummer, but if something's not very wrong with you, it's your lazy ass that gets up and you know it while your knees are still working because once your knees Come on, you're going to miss those things when they're over, trust me, but yeah, no, I just think it's inspiring again that Ironman wins the first event and then Ryan Greenspan swept all the MVPs, which I completely believe is true.
I deserved all of those. at 40years and helping Dynasty win on their 20th anniversary, those are motivating wins, um, so it's interesting, uh, because I want to know your opinion on these brackets, because the brackets just dropped, so that's new, we haven't really spoken. About that, I don't know if you guys talked about this on the show, probably um, but it's interesting because you guys are on the desk stand, okay, so let's talk about it. because let's jump in and talk about the group of death because it was me. who played the draw this time, so I'm pulling these names out of the black box that Trojan brought in the split. event in texas, so you know, we introduced dynasty impact, russian legion, iron man and we started bringing out all these other names and support b is just nice, it's super nasty because the heat ended up down, you know, no had the best year. last year in the two events they played and I want to know your opinion on the Houston Heat.
I think it's amazing that they had Todd as their coach. I think it was something they needed, but since they were down in that third place. level, that's what made this group so nasty, so you know it's an elite power lift, x factor and houston heat impact, so the fact that x factor and houston heat impact, In different variations of this in an alternate universe, those three names are distributed in level A. above, you already know the top four teams, but this time they all ended up in the same preliminary group, so it's a nasty preliminary group, because from talking to the Uprising guys a little bit, you know that Uprising loves to play spoilers man and that and them.
We're bringing in at least pretty much the same starting five that we've seen this year, like they've done in the past and they've beaten the best teams before, so you know that kind of group of guys that have proven themselves. against high level guys. I want to have a rogue guy on the show before I'm texting with Arm Rod a little bit about his squad, so we'll see, but then the energy elite I've been watching. They play in these uh in these uh invitationals in exhibitions and they definitely have a lot of aggressive guys. It all looks like a team full of linebackers.
They're definitely not a team I'd probably want to be a part of. They fight because they're pretty big guys, but they can move for bigger guys. Some of those guys are like, you know, Lackey's not very big, but he's very fast, but they like to push the pace, so it'll be interesting to see. and then you know the heat x factor and the impact, those are legends in the game, so it's going to be a really fun group to see what happens, but what are your, I mean, that's your racket sitting at the top of the rankings , what do you think about the debt group uh, well, there is definitely uh, the best talent, I think, in that group, not to take anything away from some of the other guys, you know, I think uh ac diesel will also be very strong and damage , but you know, Just to start with our group one, I'm not worried about any team in the league right now just knowing what we're capable of now that we're essentially at full strength, yeah, we may be missing out on Canadians, but what?
We have even if the Canadian guys can't attend um I'm not worried just with our minds and abilities in general, none of these teams make me worry even the slightest. and with all due respect to those teams, I know the mentality that everyone has after last year and where everyone is focused on work ethic and drive and everything that I think, you know, we're willing to show. something at this point, so I think it's going to be a routine and Todd coaching the Houston Heat I think is going to be a big improvement for his team, I think his coaching style really fits their dynamic very, very well, so I think they will be, they will be strong too and honestly, X Factor is an extremely solid team and they have been, you know, even before they started their winning streak in 2019.
I think they were and correct me if I do. I'm wrong, they were the best, they were at the top of the most consistent team, like the top four, for five years or something, so you talk about the x factor or yes, yes, well, the most important thing about the x factor was that it was a outlier of how For a long time they didn't win, it was like I had to go back to my notes at this particular time to get x factor out of my head, it was something like four years, I think they had gone without winning. but to have every Sunday they hadn't missed a Sunday was crazy uh how consistently they not only made it to Sunday but they made it to those deeper rounds but then you know they made it to a series championship with two wins in a row and I .
I mean the x factor and I'm talking to those guys, I mean, they seem very, very motivated, but it's going to be interesting to watch because look, I'm not taking anything away from the uprising of the energy elite, but it's up to them to prove it. Everyone is wrong when you have the x-factor of the Houston Heat and the impact on your group, it's going to be very difficult to put yourself in a situation to try to sneak into that wild card round, so for me, either you are the x-factor or the Houston Heat. I'll be in ninth or tenth place, uh, I think, and then I want to talk about these and we'll talk about these stands with all the guests, the high-level professionals that we know and who know these stands or these. teams very well, uh, but yeah, I just don't expect the way that impact and how close you guys were with the two three-pace finishes and how it's been, I think since 2017 was the last time that the impact of the victory maybe 18.
I have to double check, but it was good, let me check real quick, yeah, Edmonton hit two third place finishes last year and that's very consistent, and then the 2019 world cup and the eighth place finish there was frustrating. a first place in Prague in 2019, so yeah, not 17. So Vegas, the very beginning of Las Vegas, very, the beginning of the 2019 season was the last time the impact that one won x factor has been on a roll , the Houston Heat, in addition to last year, two World Cup finals. for them with first place two years in a row, so it's kind of a fascinating break, a situation in the preliminaries before we can get to Sunday, so it's just, yeah, Marcelo actually just texted me with the 2019 victory, yes, so yes, I am the most convincing for me.
The impact of history, the X factor and the heat on the B bracket is absolutely disgusting. I feel bad for the energy elite and the uprising, although of course they will say yes, go ahead. You have to beat the best to be the best and that is the right attitude. have, but as far as the winds of fate putting them in a really difficult position for the first event, that's a really difficult position, give me your opinion on the support to um since we just got a text from our friend marcelo morgan uh dynasty revo level thunder and then it's also going to be an interesting group, Thunder is doing a little rebuild, but I like the guys, we're going to have one of the Thunder guys come in and talk about their roster, I hope to get him .
Corey I've been trying to get Corey on the show for a while, um, but they always have a team that's pretty competitive, they've gone two and two a lot, but constantly in that rebuilding situation, the level is very, very rough and hungry, uh. Definitely guys that like to attack and then you know Mike came in as a fallout from the rebuild, which I think is interesting because Uprising didn't show up for the world cup and they're going to have a group of guys that can beat the guys. top. The teams that are the outlaws have brought in a lot of new blood.
I have no idea what their starting five will be like because they have like 12 guys to choose from. Dmg will also have to be in a rebuild and then situation, and he in rebuild as well, so you know, it's a fascinating level five, but with the consequences, if you are a dynasty, this is the reason why I watch your thoughts about. We know Revo will probably be pretty good this year, but the intangibles are how good he is. the consequences will be early and then what the level is going to do and then how the thunder bounce will go.
We know what we're getting from revo, but what do you think about support? I've been watching because Mouse Sprint and Cornell and I go to the field almost every Sunday right now for drills and then they've been working hard, they've been playing almost every weekend and they travel to that Texas practice. Well, I know a lot of the guys on that team and obviously when you have Hinman coaching some of them, you know there are some veterans on that team and also some relatively new pros, maybe two or three years of experience. I think he still will be. able to do very well with what he has, obviously, you know, the first event and the first tournament, um, like seeing where they are, as far as you know, playing there, there's all these different levels, there's that practice game, there's a The preliminary games are the Saturday quarterfinals in their semifinals and then there are the finals in sellers over time, finals like there are all these different levels of pressure in dealing with the adrenaline in an experience that obviously relates to all of those and how you are capable. to act in that area, um, I would say you know, I'm going to guess here and, um, my opinion, I think maybe we'll see what Revo does, but honestly, I think Aftermath and Dynasty come out of that group.
Sorry, go ahead, I definitely want to talk to you about this because I think because I've been talking, you know, I've talked to Mike and I know the guys that he picked, so I definitely believe in that team, but I've seen Revel recently and I just think that Revo, I don't know anyway, finish your thought and then we can discuss their last discussion about it if you want, but definitely finish your thought. I mean, I may be biased on that too because so you've been watching the Revo game and I've been watching the Aftermath game, so I think it's obviously going to come down to those two guys that I haven't seen play Revo honestly and I know they're throwing some pressure on us too.
So obviously I'm going to take the fallout from this um uh those guys uh you know dynasties solid dynasty are going to be solid um so, you know, if I want to expand a little bit, I would say those three um no disrespect to the level and to thunder, I just don't think they ultimately have the firepower or diversity like some of those other teams, so you know, and obviously revo has been getting better and better and they've performed well, I just feel like they haven't really overcome that dominance of the game like a dagger, so that's something that you know we're going to have to count on and then if the consequences just come out swinging and just being too dominant against these teams, which you've seen through him and training , uh, he's had the ability to perform that way, so it'll be interesting, but I guess I don't know, I think the consequences might surprise some people.
We'll see, I think they definitely have that ability, um, yeah, I mean, I look, I think Aftermath could definitely come up again and I love it, I love the pickups because the pickups you know, some of those DMG guys and I just feel . like he was getting guys that were hungry to get to the next level and then, you know, talking to Mike is easy when he talks about um, now he's pretty brutally honest about it, he says, you know, these are going to be the guys that I end up winning, You know, winning a world cup and winning a tournament, that's probably never going to happen, it almost never is, but this is where I'm starting now and I love the guys we have and we'll see who shows up. and who is willing to be there and you know, put in the effort and do the things necessary to be good at this game and create an elite franchise, that's what I need, you know, that's what I'm looking for and we'll see. who makes it through the fire and I definitely don't know how fast they can get there.
I know they are working very hard to have a good performance here in this first event. We have one a month ago again, you can see it at the bottom of your screen, from April 30 to May 2, this will be the first professional event. I've been impressed with what I've seen on revo um and it seems like they are too. Tired of being in the position they've been in, which is a mid-level team. You know, they made it to the semi-finals four times. They have been among the four best, but they have not been able to overcome it.
It's interesting. You know they have Dynasty in their group because they went one and one with Dynasty last year, Revo beat Dynasty uh in Las Vegas in the quarterfinals and then Dynasty beat him on the way to victory in the world cup, so Which I think is something interesting. The paintball gods will have them playing each other in the bracket a, but I agree with you and it's not like you said. I mean, we're giving Thunder due respect. I love Cory Field. I love what he has done. the Thunder franchise, you know, I love Dave Pando and Robert Gold, I have Goldsmith and all the guys at the level, but they're not at that level yet, soyou can prove us wrong, um and uh, and yeah, I don't think that.
We're going to have a question, someone knows, but I do, so, you know? No, I should know this by now, but it would be Dynasty playing after the consequences first, uh, I don't know, I don't know, after hours. Off the top of my head, um, yeah, I don't have that calendar, so I'm not sure if I would be. I think after that that will depend a lot on the outcome of, you know, a couple of those games, not so much against Dynasty. or revo, but if they struggle to beat the thunder or level or even end up losing, I could see that causing some problems in the rest of their performance in the prelims, so it will be interesting to see because if, for example, a thunder or something surprises later and they end up going out and winning, I think that might, hopefully, you know, I mean, no, hopefully, no, it doesn't.
I care, but you, uh, if you don't want to see them implode because of a tough game and I think that's something that you know a lot of good teams can struggle with when they get beat up by a team. that they shouldn't have lost, especially in the tournament, they may feel like, oh man, maybe everything we think about this course is wrong, we have to like it, let's start from scratch and then everything is in ruins and you're like Recovering and watching to other teams, you think, well, they're doing well and, like me, that might cause a bit of a hurdle I think in the game, so it'll be interesting to see, yeah, I just think that's a mental crutch that needs to be eliminated as much as possible, obviously, it's going to affect your perception, how you perceive your performances against someone who in your mind is better than you or in your mind worse. what you're going to affect what happens next, even though I don't want it just in sports in general, I mean, this is a sports cliché, no matter what you know, whatever sport you're participating in, no I don't want to let the last round affect the next if you're in boxing or mma you don't want to you're playing golf if you have a terrible shot you know the announcers and the players talk constantly.
Oh my goodness, this guy is a great iron player and he just hit one in the woods that will affect him now for three or four holes. You know, same thing in paintball, obviously, same thing if you're on a losing streak. baseball, you know if you've dropped three passes and you're a tough catcher, I mean, that's the kind of thing, but that's sports psychology, that's why people who have millions of dollars in the bank and you know institutions that are worth thousands of Millions of dollars spend so much money trying to get in and get into the minds of their players because that's how crucial sports psychology is to future success, so yeah, I definitely agree with you that that's a problem, but you really want to try. let that not be a problem. problem as much as possible, maybe we could talk about that Kyle real quick because you know, you know we only have about 10 more minutes, but I think that's something as huge and crucial to peak performance as getting it right.
The mental landscape has been cleared so that you can thrive and you are in the most press situations that exist for all paintball players, so when you go to a tournament and there are 150 teams there, you know we just take the Overall, no I want to put even more pressure on you than you're going to put on yourself, but to be realistic, you know there are a handful of guys who can make money playing this game on top teams that have tough owners who are willing to pay guys or equipment that is factory equipment, like I said before, if you are a professional paintball player and you are making money doing this, you are a hired gun for a rich guy or you are a cartel for a company, that's it or you are a Master of the game, you know that those are your options to make money in this game, so when you go to a paintball tournament and as we well know, the pressure falls a lot on those who are on the side of the snake. at all levels in almost all designs because that is usually the most dominant structure on the field, so you know at any moment which is the best team in the world and you are the tip of the spear. first attacker on the snake, so how do you deal with that?
Because I think a lot of guys that are in that situation could maybe learn something from you because you have to constantly deal with that pressure because you know and you know because I've seen you go out and play ball for a couple of games and then absolutely dominate, ya you know, in the exact same tournament and just run the table and put two or three packs, you know, to get your team and move them forward, so I've seen you do that I've seen you go play ball and then switch turns the tables on the same event maybe sometimes the same day you know depending on what event we're talking about so how do you do it?
What is the secret? I know there are a couple of things that go into this and I don't want to give away too many of my secrets, but I'm going to know when every time I go on the field. My goal is to get at least two people off the field with me and that's maybe shoot one or two guys and then I won't get off the field until someone has to come get me or I go get me. that person, so that's my goal every time I get on the field, as far as dealing with pressure or getting shot on the brakes, and I was also coaching a younger kid this weekend.
A 16 year old kid dominated the preliminaries and we I'm talking d5 this was his first event um and six out of 40 40 teams finished and he shot I'm not kidding he probably shot three people per point on average every match and I said , hey, just so you I know you dominated, but what tends to happen is you're now on everyone's radar and this is going to happen to you, whether or not it happens in this tournament or whether it happens, uh, your name It's Chris, I don't know, I don't know his last name and what team, what team he plays on, upload it right here, uh, criminals, uh, it's a d5 team, um, you see, I think I have his name here, uh, so you're saying he should play at least d3, is what you're saying I mean he's uh quintero alex quintero um but he, you know, and then came the quarterfinal game, the other teams were pointing two guns at him in the break, even if it went into the sink, just turn it off and then move on. the doritos side, so obviously you know that's going to happen, you have to do it.
I thought, man, you have to like if people are really trying to get you off the field, you have to express that to your team so that it seems dynamic enough. to exploit some other areas of attack and understand, take it as a compliment, so you know, I have had tournaments, especially guessing with ml kings abroad, where I completely dominated. There was an event where Dalton and I got to um. the finals game against the Houston Heat and then they just took me off the field after halftime five points in a row, it's like you have to understand that's going to come with um if you're completely dominating out there.
Being the people you are, people want to take you off the field, so getting shot on the counterattack isn't really a big deal, you know, obviously it's frustrating, but I know that's part of what comes with being a forward player, especially a forward player. an elite forward player is changing the mentality of the routes, it's huge to come back to the pits and just be able to erase that point and start again and I take every point that I'm going to play on. Everything every time I walk on the course from practice to the tournament is to pretend that it's like the last point you're ever going to play in your life and how would you play that point, how would you think about that point and what kind of different moves or, you know?
Would you take care of your body and your ability to survive? If that were the case, that would be the last point you would play and you know, until now. Like getting to the hole doesn't feel like, oh man, when you're common it's like people feel gassed or in and out of the counter point, they say I'm not going to be able to play the next point and you've got that, yeah you have that mentality a lot of times when we play this split deck, you have 30 seconds before that team goes and then maybe that team plays two or three minute points, enough time to You have to restart at least 85 percent, but that kind of mentality where you're already hitting the pit and then you go right to your coach and I see him all the time coaching these younger divisional guys, it's like they're like I need to sit down and you're like, dude, you don't even know what's next. point could last 10 minutes, you're dominating and you already want to tell me to sit down and yes, and I say I did. writing like okay jimmy like you're in though I want you to play you're crushing it but we're just gonna do it even knowing the time so wait wait pause pause pause pause pause like a coach wire I mean , if that was me, I guess it depends on if it's like I had a coach in Little League who was the nicest guy in the world and then he was also our coach in high school and He was like a raging giant in high school and I remember asking him like Coach John, you were the nicest guy when you were coaching us when we were nine and now you were 15 and you were the biggest guy you could be and he says, well. because you know that you are on the verge of becoming grown men, you know that you want me to treat you like a child or you want me to treat you like a grown man.
I expect certain things from you, the world will expect certain things. things about you and this is how well you all need to play if we don't want to suck, do you want to suck? He was just leaving it to me, so I'm wondering where this is. like everyone else, but it's because I almost feel like you have to challenge these guys and say, what do you mean you can't go to another one? You don't know how long this point is going to last. of water take some huge breasts from your diaphragm and I'm going to need you to go in 45 seconds, can you go or can't you go?
You know, and then if he can't, if he says I just can't do it. I'm done, so you have to look at the next guy and say, "Hey, this is your chance to shine." This guy hasn't been doing his cardio here. I don't know how he can't score more than five points on the road. playing paintball we're not climbing hills like that it's ridiculous you should be able to go more than this you're a stud i need you to be a stud okay kid it's your chance to shine you know like i'm just wondering while you're training if that's something you mean or maybe not, because like you want to be brought back to the next event, they're like Kyle is such, I don't know if we want to.
No, you know my training style. I guess it depends a little on me. Sometimes I can be tougher than guys, but a lot of times I don't know, especially if I don't know that player before. Like me, I don't know what they can fully handle as far as, especially some of these, you know, young divisions d5 d4, obviously, I'm trying to push them, but my training style I've felt works very well. and I'm not going to name any names here as far as other guys that train that are pretty harsh on guys like me, I get angry and passionate about certain things that I have to say or it's kind of cheeky, like yeah, it's kind of cheeky, It's like I've seen you train before, uh, yeah, it's like, I mean, sometimes I watch a team play before I play against them and I'm like, okay, this guy is let's go here the first point this is what what's going to happen the second point if we shoot this player this player is going to fill here okay it's like they break if this is the leak then this player will feel here all three of you shoot this guy and then the guy is going to do it exactly and I'm going to miss him and I'm like guys, I literally have it all in, I watch the team play and then that's when I get excited. but I get angry when because and I and I'm selective when I do it because I think it means more um versus me being kind of a matter of fact and um you know, speaking from a more sensible position so that when I get angry or irritated a little more, it goes further and then you can see like, oh, and that actually yes, I'm too much of a good guy and in this even you know with the teams that I played on and I'm even a new guy in Impact and there was a moment at the World Cup where I was pretty passionate in our meetings where I thought we should be doing something that maybe we were doing and I'm like the only guy in the media and I literally went from sitting on the couch to being in the middle on the floor looking at everyone like, listen to me, please stop talking, listen to me for a second and, uh, you know, I feel hot. when I really feel like you know something is not done and I really like to play devil's advocate, I like to question everything that has been done, it's like, you want to avoid it, I think a lot of times it's like a group.
I think you want to have an outlier that's going to be okay, well, yeah, everything looks great here, but what if this happened and I even want to say there have been even when I was in the iron last year, there would be meetings or that? It would last two hours and I was like, "No, I'm sorry, we're not done and I have to go on for like another hour. But I like it, I like the whole mental aspect of the game and I think there's a lot of it." behind this undiscovered thing you still know us and that's essentially, I feel like it all comes down to when you look at these, you know, theseven eight best teams, it's all like quadruple reverse psychology, how to outsmart the other guys like me, you know, what I talk about when I coach guys, I'm like, yeah, if you get it, if you shoot.
The guy coming off the break goes toward the snake, maybe change lanes and then focus on shooting the god because these guys might back off, but they're like, oh, and I'm like, but you know it's different in every layer because in our division. like I was playing against one of these other teams, if I could show the break going to the snake again, I could run it again because they don't think I'm going to go there, it's like there's a lot of different, you know, different thinking, like reverse psychology and it's like physical chess we always say, which I think is a really amazing part of the game, and that's something I'm always thinking about and trying to motivate myself. and understanding everything as a whole and honestly that's a big part of it for attackers, it's like you really have to understand the whole game plan and not just see who comes out on the other side of the pitch like you need to. so you can look at your team and see which of your guys comes off the field and how it's going to affect the dynamics of that point, like if I see my dorito ii player come off the field and I know he's anchoring those doritos.
Lateral push like maybe I should turn around and put a Band-Aid on it instead of sitting there waiting for the center back to stop shooting at me so I can go to the next bunker. You know, there are many elements to it. and I think that's why you see forwards in general not just snakes really flourish because you know he's got six gears, he's pushing, he's putting a Band-Aid on, it's you becoming the quarterback that you're doing. It changes you by firing your gun non-stop or you just stay alive, there's a lot to do man, and you have to immerse yourself in understanding the big picture so you can make your game much more dynamic, I mean there are a limited number of matches . and a tournament where you can just go for the kill, shoot four guys at one point and still do that and be naive enough to think that no one is going to stop you from doing it and that some feedback is huge, you know, if the mouse or I are.
When we play, we go back, we tell them exactly where we're doing, who's shooting at us, like knowing what we're taking and remembering all those variables, like if you get a rebound shot versus a random shot, like all of that goes into effect and that's it. The important things for me and I have one last thing to say is that I see a lot of teams coming back to the pits and they are talking as if a referee gave them a certain penalty and then killed as if he did. I don't know how the silliest of things, I tell them, hey, where did you come out of the break and then they tell me that there was a shootout that they got into about two minutes into the game and all of that is if you?
You're going to argue with a player about him for fighting for 30 seconds to two minutes while you set up and then you've completely forgotten about the entire game plan for the next point. It's like you just lost two points. because you are so absorbed in the point that you already lost as if that were something huge, all of that can wait until after the game because there are so many fundamental mistakes that have already been made, no, there is no point in doing it it's like, yes, you have to play with four , okay, let's figure out how we're going to win with four, let's not dwell on the fact that we can't play with five because a referee made a stupid call, it's not going to change, it's like mark it, figure out what you want to do with the game with four and then try to argue the decision and see if you can get them to overturn something that has about a one point two percent chance, so it's like yeah, I'm not doing it.
I don't know, yeah, I feel better, you would have been excited about it, no, sure, hey, and I appreciate that try because I'm with you on everything that you would have loved, though in the last, the last divisional event, the first divisional event. of the year if in the nxl there were three or I'm sorry, two three against five they achieved uh, where the teams had received major penalties and were in a really bad situation, but they achieved the three against five, so no, it was incredible, um, It's okay, Kyle, thank you very much. So much for sitting with me, I really appreciate it, any requests, do you have any clinics coming up or anyone you want to thank before I sign off, thank you so much, you know one of our sponsors as well as Barry yakimak, a ninja and eclipse planetarium gi virtue paintball carbon, especially any team, I'm one of your team's sponsorship reps, so if you're looking to put on some of that gear, you're doing phenomenal things, reach out to me, you should be.
I can help you with that um and just bki too we have a summer camp coming up. I don't even know if there are any spots left, but it's probably my favorite um clinic to go to and I think a lot. of the kids can say that too, I mean, you're seeing that there are six or seven kids that have come out of that and they're now professionals or they're about to become professionals um and uh, on top of that, oh, I wanted to do it so away like those other two supports uh I thought I think AC Diesel and Infamous are going to come out of that one.
I think AC Diesel will play very strong and then what was that other one, uh, and the damage and the Russian legion of the other support. The picture looked very good, yes, the World Cup and I think they will continue with that as well. Yeah, I was going to ask you about those other groups, but then we probably talked for two hours about those other groups and your computer is going to die. of batteries but um yeah yeah and we got it we got it yeah well anyway


thank you so much I really appreciate you sitting on um yeah bki is huge you guys pay this man .
There's a reason these guys get paid to play. There's a reason they're training tons of teams. um, seeking out mentors, it's one of the most important things you can do in life, no matter what it is, you're trying to be elite and great in Kyle, one of those guys here is one of the leading lights of the game, Kyle, Thank you very much for your experience, I can't wait for the battle that will take place at the end of this month, beginning of next month, the first pro event of the nxl season is approaching. And I thank God that this copic world we've been living in is starting to fade a little.
We're getting there, so, yeah, man, I'm looking forward to it too if you haven't been watching it on Monday afternoons every night. We do the chat show with Ryan and I, and also Matty was there two weeks ago, we plan to have him back, it's a good time and you know, we go over it's literally a live question and so on. If you have any questions feel free to ask and plus a lot of these other ryan and I know marcelo and a lot of these guys from bk we're right now because of everything that's going on in Doing zoom meetings about the design of the field or just coaching individual players is something he's taken up, he's got some speed and it's becoming quite popular so that's anything you guys are interested in too let us know yeah sure it was a great time.
We'll also have you back on the show here and we'll have a lot of pro players here on the show as we head into this first event. I can't wait until we get into it. I'll see you next week. Thank you very much, Kyle, okay later, so this.

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