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Interchange Map Guide - Escape from Tarkov

Jun 07, 2021
Hey guys, this is pastel and welcome to the Escape from Tarkov video. In this video, I'm going to cover the exchange map if you're new to exchange. I hope it is very helpful and covers all the spawn extracts. Keys of interest. um scav boss. All those good things. I'm doing this for all maps so you can have the most up to date information and I hope it's really useful so guys without further ado let's get right into it so the first thing I want to point out is if you are new to


and want learn all these maps.
interchange map guide   escape from tarkov
I have a playlist of maps so after watching this one you can check out others if you're interested make sure to check them out after this video but when it comes to the swap map. It's probably the most profitable map in the game where you don't need any keys to earn that money. Now there are many keys that will make the map more beneficial for you and I will put a screenshot. screenshot of the keys i can carry with me but that's pretty much all the keys so i highly suggest you try to get them early if possible but they can be a little pricey it's the ultra medical key um this one will have a latex spawn in there and it's a really high value um so getting in there is really important but the power has to be on so it's a little bit knowing if you can get one early in a while you'll actually win a lot of money because not many people will have that early, it's one of the highest priority keys for the map, so you have the guardian key one and two, one of the first keys of the armorer part. 11.
interchange map guide   escape from tarkov

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interchange map guide escape from tarkov...

You have to get that from the quest um and then you will get the second key which you can get from a bar to exchange it with the therapist or you can find it inside the exchange map. There are two locations, but I think one of them might have changed, so I'll show you the royal god keys and the other keys on the map, the disorder key or the emmacom key. That key is a really good key to earn money or get medicine from the medicine store, but it is also needed for a task, as well as the only logistics keys needed for a task, as well as for the rest of the keys, I like the pharmacy key because it is just another way to get medications if you are running out of medications. when you're on the ideas side of the map and then for the rest of the keys, it's all like a little extra money or the cash registers and, um, nothing too crazy with that with the two new key cards that have been added. added that they are uh 11 sr and 21ws, the 11sr key is another extract and the early clear is not really the highest value for how expensive it is, but once you drop the price a little bit, this one can really make you, can make you The game is much safer to mine considerably, so if you pick it up, let's say for 15, sorry, 1.5 million rubles and that means you get 15 extracts, which means you are paying 100,000 rubles to mine it, but it's like a guaranteed safe extract. and on top of that, there are some spawns in there that will really give you some good money regarding the 21ws key.
interchange map guide   escape from tarkov
There was a really good video made by concert, so I talked about it during the actual map run and, uh, it does. make profits overall, but you have to have the power on, go there and loot it, so it depends on how you want to play the game as far as the map itself, 14 players and it can be quite chaotic to get in there, but once. If you come in, it's much better. Personally, I think it's one of the hardest maps in the game due to the fact that there are so many angles and so many levels.
interchange map guide   escape from tarkov
So it's more squad oriented. You will find many more squads. there, but if you can get over the pain of being on the side and and, you can actually make a lot of money on this map, as for the scav boss that appears in the middle of the map, um and there's a little bit of a patrol path. , you may actually find that you will be able to kill him constantly if he is there on the map. A lot of people get into farming because of the ammunition they have, the equipment they have including their body armor is really high value and then you also need to kill them 100 times for a task in the game.
It's one of those things where there will be a lot of different types of people with different goals on this map, but overall it's a really good map. to learn and if you're about to see this for the first time and you're new to map sharing, I suggest you load this on another monitor or on your phone and then follow me around the map so you can get your bearings and let's learn all the ins and outs of the map so let's get into it guys welcome to the exchange so for this map there are two main corners you need to worry about this is the emicon extraction corner and then the other corner. which is the railway excerpt so the opposite corners of the map are the two main excerpts and just to orient yourself from emicon if you turn right and go down there that's the power station and if you go on the left side that's gentle.
It's like an open road and there's a tower there. I'll be focusing mainly on the inside of the exchange for this


, but I'll be heading to the power plant for sure, and outside are pretty much all the hidden hideouts you can find. you can loot, I won't show them during this video, but I have a separate


for those hidden stashes which I will have a link below for the emicon extract, this is the extractor right here, uh, something I just discovered was This truck here is You can unlock it with a factory key, but there is nothing on it.
This is one of the most controversial excerpts of the game because of all the extra cameras hanging here. You can literally have people camp from all areas, like. in every place in the area and they will hide in the bushes to the side. um, in fact, I do my shooting board and sky task on that hill, on that scaffolding, right up there, and people will literally be hiding all over the store. For power, people turn to this excerpt, so be careful with that. As you go, there are crates of weapons and things you can loot, like in the back of this one.
There are spawns in the emicon. There is one here. There is another. on the other side there is also a spawn at the top, there is a spawn inside this area right there and there are like two more spawns along the way so if you spawn in emicon expect to have someone on both sides of you and potentially above. At the top of the ramp it's actually one of the hardest spawns, also scavengers will spawn at the bottom here, this map has become a lot more interesting and diverse recently, with them adding power to the power plant and and things like that, so there's a lot more movement across the map, which is cool, uh, if you spawn on this side, over here, um, in general, I like to go straight down and in instead of going through down, towards the end where we are. are, but there are spawns along it, so there's one up here, but there's also spawns on the ends here, there's one in the shipping container area and also on the other end and I would go straight from there, you'll want to meet up with a person. to your left or right as you do it, so be careful with that, um, but you're almost always going to have to fight that fight during the first three or four minutes of the exchange.
Getting in is actually the hardest part of the map. Now use this as a reference. period, this is the back of ollie and olly will have a lot of your, let's say, bar to exchange items that you already know, like gas analyzers, corrugated hoses, screws, bolts, propane tanks, there's a lot of different things, uh, if you are looking for car batteries. For example, any of these cube-like shelves here, the car batteries can appear on the bottom and on the top there will be spark plugs, so note that I'm not going to show you all the little nooks and crannies, but yes. go through this door, here, turn around to the right side, there are two offices completely filled with computers, really good for the circuit boards for the flash drives and all the parts of your computer, and on the left side there is another office for the computers too, if you run. run around the back of ollie um you'll find a bunch more of these cubes like this uh there's one there there's one on the other side of those things there you can see it from there and then all of them on the other back shelf over there at the other end good for batteries of cars and then on these shelves you actually see that they sound a lot louder when the lights go out, but the bulbs here and here you can find all your barter items in this store, I'm not going to show you every little little monstrosity, but definitely is something you should take note of: there are three, four, there are also four of these little computer areas where you have two computers and you can get flash drive spawns inside them and there is a set of shells in the front of the store, um you can see how there are propane tanks on these, but there's a set of shelves here, so this one is right here, the one right in front of me and that one is on both sides here up from there along up here. and Along this side where everyone generates gas analyzers, you have the cash registers in the front, this takes the ollie registration key.
In the past they used to be really good, then they kind of weakened the amount of cash you can get from them, but on average I think we figured it was now around 2000 rules per register. They stack over time if you loot them a lot and if you're trying to level them up, say something like your attention skill or your search skill. It helps with that, but you usually don't find many people looting them anymore, there's another computer here and there's another computer right on the other side of that and it's worth taking note of that if you run around the back here there's a whole little area of hidden office that many people don't really touch.
Oh, and by the way, there are three computers out front here in these little places here, so if you're looking for computer stuff, it's really good to come in here. and you turn left, there are a couple more computer rooms, there is another computer room on the outside of there and you can find locked beard oil and things on the edge here that are required for the caps container when you get to the back here, uh, there's a In a couple of offices, each of these officers has at least one computer and in the back you can find barter items, as well as in the back, here the only key to the cash register appears at the top here, um, if you wanted to.
Actually, get that one, this door here is the only logistics key and it's necessary for a mission that spawns at customs and you'll find the manifest up here, but yeah, another computer here for you to search for and you'll be able to find a bar. To exchange items in the back, now this is the ollie admin or utility key. I'll have it on the top left so you can see his right upper arms and you can see more computer and bar trading items on Here this key is always very cheap at the flea market and there really isn't much good stuff here, but it's worth the It's worth noting that it actually exists if you're already there looting computers and stuff and it costs you, you know, a little bit. just have it inside your container, your, uh, your illness case or your doctor's case, it really helps in general, now I won't show the bottom too much at first, I want to go more around the edges, um, to show you. a couple more things, there's still another key down here, uh, as for the shops on this side of the map, just from here, texo or techno, this is a technical shop and if you went up the escalator, there's another shop electronics, both.
These are very popular, I'll show them in more detail soon on this side, the furniture store here along those back shelves and in the middle here is actually pretty good and there are some duffel bags and things there that I want run back here and I'll just show you a room, it's not a huge room to take note of, but it's something you know you should know in case you see it open or want to know more now, like we were talking about the two computers earlier. rooms on the right side so that's it there and then down here this is the other key I think this is the only utility key and the other one is the admin key um you can get a different bar to swap items inside the back here, like uh. metal scissors and they sell for quite a bit of money if you get some of these barter items particularly early and from here we'll go to the back of goshen um there's a lot to cover in this guide so if you're new this mate is great but it's great for making money as the actual size of the map isn't actually that big but it actually has a lot of content in it now this has all changed a bit recently but you can actually get ammo and stuff up here and you can see this ak74n that appears here there's an ammo box there and there's a grenade box here it's actually a pretty good place to go in if you just want to get gun parts and stuff too, um if you jump on top of this right here there's another box of weapons up here and then, unless they have changed it or maybe it has changed, there isrunner going there, that I am. about to show up as for nationals, so that's the middle main entrance, right here, to the mall, but national, there's four sets of file cabinets and a bunch of bar merch items there, mostly inside this store , you don't really find much besides maybe some jeans. hats on mannequins, um brutal, you can find scav, a uh scav backpack or a mbss backpack in the back, and then some barter items on the shelves here, mainly, the main thing you find in brutal are players and assassins and then, uh, kiba store, right? here so I'm going to open the keyboard store for this one you're going to hear the alarm because I haven't turned it off yet and it's really annoying so I feel like they turned it off now to get these two keys the first one is the Cuba store key and then the second one is the great one.
The key to one of them is obtained from the armorer part 11, which is a mechanical task, it is halfway there, the other is either by delivering condensed milk to the therapist or you can find it through the spawning goshen or in the central electric on this door. has a lot of gun parts, um, like suppressor sites, this is actually a very high value store, ah sas, early clearing is highly valued because people want them for their mission and then, yeah, they show up more weapon parts, mpx appears there, more weapon spawn. Along the back here, there are more weapon parts on this side, you can find grenades inside this box and on top of this box and on top of the maniac on the mannequin right here you can find gen 4, which is really armor good now that the alarm can be activated. off from that button we saw on the other side of the attic, you can find the killer spawn right there, he can spawn right there or you can also spawn in generic.
Generic is another store that has many gun parts and gun boxes. Also, the killer can appear in the back here now on this side of the map. We've already touched on it a bit, but I'm going to skip straight to the top. Oh, by the way, the guardian. The store can only be open once it's on, so we went and turned on the power in the back. Here you can find a bunch of uh tech spawns along the inside. Rasmussen got the 1g phone. There you can find tetris graphics cards and then we. I'm going up to the store upstairs, uh, going from techno to tech light, now if you're late, there's a good chance that someone will be sitting here when you go up that escalator and you'll go up the escalator and they'll just destroy you. , it's one of those areas now that is very camped out, especially once you have power or even before you find things like graphics cards, these are one of the most valuable items you can find, all these shelves that you can check out if you want to try loot something off the top shelf and you can't really get to it, just strafe it and slowly walk up and higher and then you can just pick it up on the way down and it works. in both of them, if there's something on the top shelf that's really useful to know once there's power, you can open this door here, this is the ultra medical door.
On the other side of the ultra medical key, you can find the lead x's. and uh ophthalmoscopes here so often the reach here uh let the outside here and the medicines that appear on top here um this is one of the most hotly contested places once the power comes on in particular so things like out of reach and that can be worth quite a bit for the rest of the upper floor There's not much to worry about here, it's mainly clothing stores, but if you're looking for things like clothing materials, you can find them. It's mostly flanking and tricks to move around and kill people on this upper floor. along the middle, although scavs are very frequent around here, this little back passage here is also very useful, just go back that way, but if you get shot at, don't be afraid to use the tents. to


, it's really useful, the next important thing I want to show you is located at the end here, which is the actual switch to turn off the alarms on the upper floor.
You come from the back here and right here. this is the alarm button for the upper floor and it should turn off the alarms on the upper floor that alarm you can still hear is the keyboard store that is the alarm for the lower floor now you have the burger joint up here the burger place now once the power is on, there's actually a key you can use back here. I'm pretty sure it's the 11 sr key, so use the 11 sr and once the power is on, this now opens an extract at the bottom. I'm going to show you that excerpt right now, so if you're going to use this excerpt, flip the switch like that and literally just run like hell up that escalator right here, past the doorman and out, I wouldn't mess with it. . because someone could steal your statement, so it's pretty easy down there and then you want to go down this hole.
Now I'm not going to show the basement too much in depth. You can look at a map for that, but the basement is there. Really important to move quickly and avoid fights. At the beginning of the raid, the basement can be quite scary to encounter for players, but later on it is used more by people trying to get out of the raid and not as much by people camping. down from the uh everything almost generic uh you run to the left and then you have the extract here extract 11 sr so in here you can get weapon parts along the side here bitcoins and gold chains and all of that will spawn in that over there and pimp m4 up there weapons box food and drink on the side up here now you can press this switch here and this opens up again a shipping container that I'm going to show and then whenever you want to extract from the raid , if you don't want to go to that shipping container, you literally just close the door and extract the raid, it takes like three seconds after extracting it and that's it, once the door has been closed.
It closes, there is no other way in or out of there, so keep that in mind. Now what I'm going to do is run straight forward and turn left and now that there's power, there's actually another place that I want to show you and then there's one more place that I'm going to show you at the end, so will accelerate straight forward out of this area, now that we've run out of there, um, it's going to turn right here now when the power is on, there's another container you can open using I think it's called the 21 key, unfortunately the power must be on, it is literally in the opposite corner of the map to enter here, but if you are a little later on the map.
It's perfectly viable to go in there. I'm lost? Wait, it's here. I went the wrong way. Sorry, on this side, so you literally go out the top of here and find the key you want. to use is the key uh 21ws. Do you exchange the 21ws there? This container opens and inside you have a bunch of weapon spawns and parts, so it may not seem like it has much value, but I'm pretty sure this key doesn't. It doesn't sell for much like there's a night vision right there um geeksa another content creator made a really in depth guide, ransacked this like I didn't know a bunch of times and discovered its value and it was nice.
A lot of it paid for itself in the first round, so if you ask me more about it, I might eventually do one too, but definitely go watch the video of it. I have no problem promoting other good content creators and their hard work, so, um. There's also a soldier armor that spawns here and so, it's definitely worth your money, but it's not like the first key you should buy for this map, let me put it that way, so that's a, uh, spawn there power. what do you need. be on so you can open that and then yeah, now I have one more place that I want to show you oh, two more places, I actually want to show you the railroad extract and also the other key or the other lever. room that was opened by using that lever, I'll show you now, but I won't show you how I ran there because it's too far away, so what we'll do is snap our fingers again.
Alright, from the power plant, you can see there now that we're here. This is literally back, in the other corner of the map. The switch was turned the other way so that the burgers, the burger place, uh, the lever was. We moved, we went down to the other extract below, we pressed the lever there and then from the power plant you can run under here and you can see this shipping container right here that says terrorist group on the side uh if you run around the back . side here you'll see that it's now open and in here you can find other weapon parts, um, weapons appear there and I don't know much else, I think there are a couple of m4 appearances and things like that, but that's pretty much it what's in here, um, if you already have someone here, it might be worth doing, but I've never actually used this, so I've never gone there.
I feel like it's a really cool idea, it just needs more loot. there to make it worth running around the map again, but that's pretty much the last thing before you run right into this extractor, which I might talk about on the way to the extract inside this bus, right here, this is on the side of the idea, the idea registry key actually accumulates on the seat, I'm pretty sure it's a left seat right there, but it's one of these, like the first four or six seats, um, the registry key of ideas appears in um, if you continue. passing by, you can also check it out, it doesn't sell for much, but hey, if you find a key worth 60,000 rubles, that's 60,000 rubles for a square, so on the outside of this map there are hidden statues all along the way. around it, that's the idea, so if you're looking from the front of the mall, this is the left side and we're going to head straight towards the railroad extract right now since you're coming in from this side. of the map just be careful that people spawn pretty much everywhere outside there is a spawn location here on this side here now there is a spawn location near the railway and there are also spawn locations on the other side there and they all converge towards the idea so something you have to be a little careful of as you run onto the map but getting in is probably the hardest part and then once you're in it's like a melee battle like cqb where the People can literally be anywhere.
The people who will survive any change are the ones who most want to play a little slower and more methodical, but the secret to surviving a change is to never repeat the same place, to use all those back entrances and exits, corners and stairs to get there. in and out and around everything and that way you're not wasting opportunities where you can get an easy flank because a lot of people move very slowly, especially when they're in groups and using those flanks you can hit a group from the side and then run to a different side of them and move very fast now, as for the extra campers, I don't really think there's too much of a problem with x-crack campers on this map personally, but you should still be. worried about them, I started with this in this excerpt, this map is a little bad for the amacon side, but in this one, this excerpt itself, uh, I just don't feel like people use it as much and I think about spawns a lot more. go the other way besides this one so you can go around the back.
I do it quite often, there are actually some extra hidden hiding places on that side and you get those hidden hiding places and then you can just run inside. on the other side here and then go in literally almost hidden all the way and then just run up to this little corner here and you'll be able to extract right here, so it's not so bad when that's the case, but um, if you run right into it, sometimes you'll have people converging at the same time, but while Emmacom mines on the other side, people will literally just camp out all day because there are a lot of spawns going that way and, uh, it's a pretty controversial topic.
It's a pretty controversial topic, but as for this map, I pretty much covered everything I could, uh, in a reasonable period of time, I didn't cover the basement side, there's a lot of weapon crates and stuff, and scavenger spawns in the basement, um. I'll have a map available in the description below anyway so you can explore the map and take a look at the basement layout, but what I would do is do exactly what I've done here, go in offline mode and go around the map . do a lap around the map, check out the actual stores and get your bearings and then at least you'll know when you show up on a map what extract you have and what options you have and make sure you use that extract without a backpack, uh whenever you feel like it's worth throwing your backpack away and just get out of the raid,so you have like a graphics card and it's good, oh you have a good loot, you can throw your backpack maybe like you would lose a little bit of rubles, but they have a really safe statement that not many people can't and it's always available no matter where they appear guys, that's it for this part of the guide, so guys. thanks for watching another video, if you liked it, hit our like button for the YouTube algorithm, it really helps, uh, comments and uh, likes, it really does, so it's more visible.
They are uploading the rest of the map guides, so go and take a look. The Maps Playlist, if you need to talk, will help you learn all the other maps and all the ins and outs of all of them. If you have any questions about the title, check them in the comments below, help me answer other people's questions too. It's hard for me to reach all of you, you guys comment so much these days, it's great and yes, I do live streams on Twitch. If you have any kind of questions you can contact me during my live stream and subscribe to the notification bell if you want to get involved in those things so I really appreciate it guys lastly see you next time.

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