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Inter vs Benfica (3-3) | The Milan derby is on it's way! | Champions League Highlights

Apr 20, 2023
night watch my night everyone so sold out San Siro welcomes Benfica one of the great stadiums of European football iconic and historic it seems made for nights like these it looks and sounds fantastic watch this moment a through Onana, the head of Jaco, competing with ottomendi. physical battle between those two varela goes out with her lautara martinez barela can take the shot can brilliantly on the score sheet in lisbon he has done it again in


some finish that thousand at night to enter three nil in africa he will take the corner bastoni was there by chance he didn't miss bastioni's head it's gonzalo ramos ronaldo to try banana stock down on your left read it till the end the keeper i'll shoot from the dumfries keeper jacko latara martinez in the middle it's over to martinez now the whistle guys not going to count just nudge him martinez there you got left arm not much there you think i could


rupt this on back four on back five sorry those three central defenders you are ok you might as well risk going to the gibbs Benfica I hope it's fantastic oh they needed a Lifeline Roger Smith team and now and now we have one. with a good run forward and had golsano Ramos getting into the box but that's the kind of run you'll want to see from xiaomaria breaking through midfield the foreigner goes through a lot running on that into midfield stoney solomary put the cross for goal in the first leg and almost repeated the blow and look at the team Cesar Zanetti Lucio Micon Samwell Motta Snyder cambiasso ETO Milito and Panda how they get everything to get back in front here at night that may well seal the deal for dimarco So influential Martínez hits the mark the perfect time to end his Crouch his first goal in nine games and they know how great that DeMarco is so well set up the second goal Correa still Korea oh my word just off the bench and he goes and does that and now they're sailing into the semis it's sure to be a Milan


on the Champions League last score oh they got themselves in trouble here that just about sums it up for Benfica yep massive glozovich Samsung mistake with a four goal band oh , that was not a bad delivery at all and they have another one here Benfica a ball flown so well there and they continue to the end here because ottomendi the captain who I think has the touch there Luca was also there, he protected Ronaldo.
inter vs benfica 3 3 the milan derby is on it s way champions league highlights
Mandy was there, maybe she equalized right at the end, but what about this in the fifth minute of added time? It's Muse for alternates to set the Derby of all Derbys. the Champions League Two Italian teams advance to the semifinals for the first time in 20 years
inter vs benfica 3 3 the milan derby is on it s way champions league highlights

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inter vs benfica 3 3 the milan derby is on it s way champions league highlights...

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