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Inter 3-0 Milan | Martinez fires Nerazzurri into the final | Coppa Italia Frecciarossa 2021/22

May 30, 2022
Seria's title race may be the elephant in the room, but both Simone, Zaggy and Stefan Opioli have called on their players to compartmentalize after the Akola first leg, both sides fully focused on reaching the end of copper Italia frescherosa Damian's center waits three minutes later. the clock and in a broken Milan the resistance and the miazza explodes faster the first start of the year and the plan goes out the window for Stefano Pioli Damian again now the tunnel receives a lot of treatment Milan has recovered it salamak is this is Rafael charming shoulder drop Rafael Leal is a fourth pangovich stayed big and got something along the way VLAN can feel an equalizer on the horizon and sonali's short came off the back of his own teammate Giroud Teo and Andy is salamakis towards the tail Hernandez and he perish somehow won the challenge against kisser Correa now very well done lautado Martinez it's him again if the league derby belonged to shiru tonight it's all about lautado Martinez Joaquin Correa sliding it and lautera Martinez lifting it More beyond Mike Minyard lautana Martinez in a hat-trick against Martinez this is his moment I mean you push him behind Taylor an absolute beauty of Ismail binasir and he they have said take a second look and the goal has been disallowed for offside against vidal and now it's prosovich he was able to square it for cousins ​​in a header in the


the first goal in nairat for robin gersons and it's the one that takes


out of their misery two Hernandez can' I recover one for Milan and that is the last act of a derby dominated by the closest uri in three Milan Neil the same score in the aggregate and it is an


nal who enters the


inter 3 0 milan martinez fires nerazzurri into the final coppa italia frecciarossa 2021 22

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