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Instant Reaction: Chicago Bears drop ninth straight game vs. Green Bay Packers

Sep 11, 2023
We welcome you here to the soccer spectacle presented by Xavier University. My name is Ruthie Polinski. I'm the host of this show and I'm honored, excited, excited to be sitting with these three guys next to me. Coach Dave Juan sent Alex Brown and Guys, Lance Briggs, I'm very excited to start the program with you, but I'm certainly not excited to talk about this


and I'm sure you can agree. Nowhere in Rogers, no problem. The coach wants to start with you. What is your opinion? We have experience here, so he travels with us. Yes Yes. I believe in what Flus is trying to do and the coaches, uh, I thought the biggest thing that got me today was, uh, and the offensive line, you know, I mean, that's where I focused on waiting for these guys, but you.
instant reaction chicago bears drop ninth straight game vs green bay packers
You know when you look at Lucas Patrick, he didn't play in a preseason


and he's a starter at center. Nate Davis, who hasn't practiced since minicamp or basically training camp, and he's starting and you've got a rookie next to him, you know? We all know that if there is one position that needs to work together and communicate, physically and mentally, it is the offensive line and that was a big emphasis this offseason. They're talking about continuity in the offensive line that they wanted to build. Regarding this communication, Lance, you were telling the room that this is one of the best defensive lines in the league and now certainly their strength is coming into play, so give Green Bay credit, but you still wanted to see more of that group, I will certainly tell you.
instant reaction chicago bears drop ninth straight game vs green bay packers

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instant reaction chicago bears drop ninth straight game vs green bay packers...

What was the most disappointing for me? And I think it comes from the players and the coaches. Discipline was a problem. You know you had linebackers who didn't cheat on quarterback looks. You had depths. that they were deceived in the tight end players fell running to the outside and we had defensive linemen who do not turn and recognize uh um screen screen does not recognize screen um these are plays that yes, you must recognize on the field, but there are also things that you're supposed to repeat in practice. These are things you know the Tampa two are not a complex defense.
instant reaction chicago bears drop ninth straight game vs green bay packers
It's very simple. You are not trying to fool anyone. you beat them I don't think I think they recognize them I think they recognize the screens they recognize the draws it's just turning the button and that's what we don't understand that part we don't understand we don't understand everyone running towards the ball and I'm talking specifically about the d line here you have to turn and run you have to beat one on one and that was a problem today if you can't stop the damn run and you can Don't rush the quarterback you have a problem this is the first game of the season we're going to have a season long if you can't do one of those you know it's a problem yeah just build on what you just said it will be your last. year and it was later in the season when they finally said, you know what we're not going to get to the pastor and we joked and laughed that Brisker was our leading football, but at least we saw some pressure that I was, you know.
instant reaction chicago bears drop ninth straight game vs green bay packers
We were talking there, we were waiting for someone, whether it was business, whether it was Edwards, yeah, the safety, a linebacker, someone because it was pretty obvious halfway through the game that we were having a hard time getting there with our four guys. up front and we didn't really add any pressure to try to help that situation, it was really interesting because at halftime the Bears were losing, but it felt like the Bears had all that momentum in the half, they kept it up the field. goal, they had a couple of saves that forced Green Bay to punt and then when we have our little discussion at halftime we say there really hasn't been any explosive play on either side of the ball and then that explosive play really just changed. the whole coaching narrative of the game when you give a huge 51-yard gain that then leads to Green Bay's second touchdown.
What was your take on Aaron Jones? Specifically, Aaron Jones had passes of 30, 37 and 51, and we had one. passing 20+ yards you know and that was the biggest difference in the game I mean the running game nobody really had big runs I mean they had eight or ten yard runs you know we probably could have done it a little bit More if we had. the ball no longer, but the place of the pass is difficult to score, it is difficult to move the ball along the field without getting a big piece, let's concentrate a little, go ahead, no, and you also know that from my experience, I know . what's yours too and yours is coach too you get a young guy like Jordan 11 I know he's been in the league for a while but he hasn't played a lot no you know to push him let's push him we can get into situations .
Now I know from the beginning, you know if you don't, they weren't winning on the first try, so there were a lot of short situations and third, that changes a little bit, but when you get to those situations, you get second and, in long, you get third. and third longest and half to long Blitz them and make him make up his mind right now that's what you normally do to youngsters and I didn't see it. I saw her sitting down and playing him like he was one of the established quarterbacks like that game developed what I saw and what I noticed was you have a defense that is playing some pretty good football outside of that first drive where you had that quick turn where we lost, got pulled over and the coconut came in trying to get to it. the third and one and then Justin can't get the fourth and one and then the play changes and now it's okay, we're on the field right now, we have to stop it, we couldn't do that from that moment until They scored, I think the goal of field right before the half, we completely block it, yeah, and then you start.
I'm watching the game and you get this feeling that, well, the defense is starting to look at the offense like what the hell are you doing? 'All you're going to do, are you going to do something like we're playing our butts here? What are you going to do in my opinion? You can't do that because that's your job, your job is to get out there and stop. So if we go into this game and we think seven points is all we're going to give up, then we win this football game, the defense completely loses focus in the second half, that's what makes me think they almost they almost got tired like, oh okay, okay, okay, we're going to make a play and then you start losing more plays and more plays and now you're down by a couple of scores and the offense goes out of the game.
That's right, yeah, and that's false, just when your offense is putting together big long drives, that defense gets encouraged to get back on the field so they can come out and let your offense do their thing one more time and that's what they really do. I couldn't get into any kind of rhythm today, I felt like, in terms of all three phases, coach, yeah, I'd defend Justin Fields a little bit, I mean, we can talk about it, oh, he's pitching to the box and he's hitting, could not. he didn't have time to throw the ball down the field, I mean, I don't care, you know if it was a third down, if it was a long second or even play action passes, he had guys in the face on a couple of those. movement passes we talked about whether he was sacked on a launch pass.
I don't know if someone was supposed to do a block there or not, they made that comment on TV, but I'm watching Justin and I'm coming back and God he saves, you know, he saved me sexy just because of the athleticism of him. I'm coming out of this, yeah, I mean, he could have been so much uglier and, uh, but how long do we have to do this? Because what's the game plan? you know who you're up against you know this defensive line that's right so we need to go up we need to get in this room we need to come up with a game plan guys aren't practicing yeah you got you got 40 of your line offense that is not practicing like I am not, I don't understand how you do it if they are not practicing and then you have a rookie too and we don't play in the preseason.
That was a It bothers me when we went there, we worked against Indy, we had those joint practices and then no one played in the preseason game and I was telling myself that we need to work at full speed, yes, we do it differently, you don't know what. It never happened, it never happened until tonight, the penalty coach on the offensive line was pretty brutal too and in fact a couple of them came from the guy who played and practiced a lot this season and I'm sure this will be in the off season . and I'm sure a lot of that is because the continuity doesn't flow, but Braxton Jones, a couple of penalties and those really kill you when you try to put something back together and Justin doesn't really get a chance to do that. show any kind of growth that we were hoping to see today, no, he was and they started throwing some of the quick passes and you know, DJ Moore, I mean, he was going to be our hope and we have two receptions, you know, for 15. yards or something, actually, uh, it's not a factor, it's not a factor in the game, I'm not letting Justin off the hook, man, I'm sorry, I'm not, no, I've seen some plays where he had time of doing. plays and that interception he threw, they ran it back for a touchdown missing shots or just holding on.
I'm looking at the one that he threw for an interception, he was returned for a touchdown because that guy was standing to the right. there I don't know where he was looking, so and the others is him, I think he runs, don't stay in the pocket if they, if the guys are covered, use your legs, you are a very talented player, don't allow it. them to stop you use all your talent and everything that is all your talent the fans don't want to hear that because I think a lot of fans want to hear we want to see the development of Justin's arm we want to make sure he can read the defenseman, we don't want him to do too much with her legs, but it's a very delicate dance, isn't it?, you have to make sure that she is doing what she is good at.
The Green Bay Packers have one of the best defensive lines, but they also have one of the best defensive lines. the best defensive backfields too, yeah, okay, number one, eight number one draft picks to that right, so there's this as deep as your face, it's a little bit different of who they're going to face each week and the options that you can have, you can't Step Up In The Box, you have great coverage in the back, there aren't many options, well, when you tell me I come into this game and I have five offensive linemen, two in main practice, I have one in my rookie and what?
Are you telling me that I need to sit in the pocket and you shoot the ball? No, no, no, no, no, I need to get out here and try to win the football game, and this happened. He's not Purdy is he, he actually he can run well. allow him to do it allow him to use all of his abilities and that's why what I saw today I'm sorry that's what I saw I'm not going to pay 40 million dollars a year for that I'm not going to do it I'm going to say that right now. I know the Giants guy was paid four years, uh, 160 million dollars.
And if that's what we're going to see? I'm not going to pay 40 million dollars to see what I need. see Justin B Justin and that's not him when you said purdy are you talking about that guy from San Francisco? that's what I said, what did I say, I play foreign and to Lance's point, this is a really good defense, so you could say the strength of this. We haven't even talked about Jordan's love yet, something I know that we'll get to do, but I really think you don't want to overreact, it's a game either way, if the Bears had won this game for me, coach, what can we do?
Take today from today what you know, maybe this will light a fire. I don't know, tell me, so the fire wasn't already lit around here, so my problem, my problem with this is that we've been through the entire offseason or since then. the schedule came out and we knew we had Green Bay yeah this is what we're preparing for yeah and this is how we look good hell next game we only have a week to prepare for them yeah we don't have this loan to prepare. So how will we see each other next week? This is the part that scares me and that's why I don't like it when people say "Oh, it's just the first game".
I get it, it's just the first game, but this game right here you have it. You'll have more time to prepare than any other game all season, and that's what we look like. I need to hear the responsibility in that room and I speak defensively. I know because just because I'm a guy deeper, you know, no, yeah, it doesn't matter what happens in that office room, but in that defensive room, when you review that tape, I want to hear not only the mistakes that the players made, but I also want the coaches to say Hey, listen, I put you in a situation in this play here, you know, I mean, this falls on me too, although the players probably should have had red-eye or eye discipline, but we have to repeat it.
I need to make sure that you If this is your first year in the league, I don't want to make sure that you are ready and ready all the time, every week that you go out and play, you know what I would do, this is me and I'm a little worried, I would meet with my coaches and say, listen, this plan is not going to give us the best chance of winning. How many layout quarterback runs did we get today? I don't knowstir. how many bare and ?boots we called today where justin was on the move with a run pass option don't tell me we're only working half the field and i only have two options not four i don't care you know i want say, that's nice.
Where we are, you can win that way, you know what I mean, but we've got to get some quarterback runs, we've got to get some strips and Boots, we can't win by trying to make Justin be something he's not al 100. we can't do that we can't win like that I know you want to I want to win I don't care how we win I don't care what he does to win I just want to win I don't need to win by throwing for 360 yards I don't care and when you turn on the tape let me show myself what this team is like, this defense, let's take what they do well, let's take what we do well and put it. against this weakness, right, that's what we're doing right, a lot of the preparation this week was talking about Jordan's love and the lack of tape the Bears had to prepare for Jordan and I think Alan Williams said it best He said, listen, no.
Let's try to chase the ghosts. We're going to do what we know Green Bay has done. It is the same system. It's the same play. What did they do to divert them defensively? No, no, in front, in front, you mean his defense, yes, his. the defense got eight first, we can't pressure We can't stop the run, we can't pressure the quarterback, yeah, when, when they can run the ball and then the quarterback can sit there for six seven seconds and throw the ball. Corners, I don't care how good our secondary is, they can't cover for that long, it doesn't matter and we all agreed, there they threw, they were able to protect enough to throw the deep ball, I mean, and we put it up.
There I was adamant, I didn't care what the route was, but I wanted two deep balls up the middle and what, and I guess we weren't able to do it, they threw it and no one wants to listen to Aaron Rodgers, but they had The guys open up deep and Yeah, this could be worse, this could have been worse, but they missed them. You know, actually, they didn't do anything you wouldn't expect from a new quarterback. I'm sure you know, they made short passes, short passes, you know? Early in the game, he sets confidence screens, yeah, Springs throws things and it's just nothing you don't expect, yeah, but to me, against young quarterbacks in the rooms I've been in, we're going to blitz them. let's make them feel let's make them think fast Jordan Love was very prepared today he did something that made you say this is the real deal this is the guy from Green Bay or they just let him do his thing I think play it safe please I mean, you said it, he came on tour to Chicago, full crowd, great rivalry, replaces Aaron Rodgers, you're talking about pressure on your back and the best thing he showed me was he made some shots, but he was prepared, I mean, he was in command of that offensive.
I think what was frustrating for me was that the defense just couldn't make a big play when they needed it, those third and fourth down plays that really made the difference. the game from what it felt like to me, they just couldn't get off the field and I think when you watch that tape going guys what do you do? What do they fix well? Number one for me, his third down percentage was too much. stop, yeah, you know you want to talk about some of those plays where uh uh, because there were some throws that he made that Aaron Rodgers would have completed, there were some deep passes that Aaron Rodgers would have completed, but if you get excited on third down, no you get those chances right, so you know that's how you measure the level of defense you had that year.
Well, one of them is to go out on third down, they had opportunities to go down, they didn't do it is that training is that technique is that the players play the coaches the players play let's get to that I mean we have a couple of shots later in the show that we're going to Let's get to that, we're talking in terms of the defensive line and in this particular defense the best you hope for is a one-on-one block and there were a lot of plays in this game where you have the nose that he has. being double teamed and everyone else is one on one so you have three people that are one on one someone has to win and that's plain and simple someone has to win and if you don't now you're putting the safeties on you're putting those back seven in a real bind, yeah, and they can't beat you like you can't win that way, but I'm trying to cover six seven seconds, it's just not going to work when you're talking about situations.
You know, I'm just looking here. You know they had about 75 on third down and we were 20 and then it was three of three in the Red Zone, we talked about the Red Zone, we talked about third, it was three of three in the original. one by two, you know we were old because we missed the fourth time, you know, that's like a punt, so you know, you know the flu has to stay there and you should say you know, in a football situation, ​​​​we have our play today in the Red Zone. We got our plane today on third down.
You talk about getting better at the wide receiver position. Where were those guys today? Where was DJ Moore? Where was Chase Claypool? Yes, those guys will be affected, although they sure can be affected. I mean, it's them. re T like his defense is good like coach coach came in earlier yeah eight first rounders on that defense like they're really good but then the offensive line if they're not protecting him and giving him time it's very hard for him for a receiver to get up, I've tried a lot of those little dunk passes that are like a yard off the ball and try to get it to him right now, that doesn't work because our guys aren't blocking, not even our receivers are blocking you. he throws a small screen pass and Claypool is speared by the larger receiver.
Damn he gets hurt as I get closer to the endgame yeah because of this kind of thing like you have to block it's all about doing your job. 11 jobs on the field, everyone can do their job and if you do it now we have a chance, coach, yes this, yes I agree, you know this is a game too. I did that earlier in the pregame show we were talking about earlier in the year. obviously, turnovers, but special teams is a real key, you know, I guess Taylor, our punt returner, you know, I mean, I was hoping to see him maybe to splash him, we picked him up late, you know, and we saw a exchange and I was hoping we would get something there and it didn't happen.
He was thinking maybe a fake punt, maybe a blocked field goal, you know, something to build some beautiful momentum, yeah, we needed something and it just never happened, you talk. about the inspiring game too you get on you get into that situation red zone or goal line you know you got you got a race coming you know races coming you got Eddie Jackson you got Jaquan energetic , you know, I mean. you want to talk about the inspirational play, stick your head in there and put and stop that runner and there we have that inspirational play, you know, and they didn't, they didn't, they didn't, I hope not.
That's not a sign that Eddie has gone back two years. I need Eddie from last year. Listen, it's Eddie. He's fine, I know.

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