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Installing ReactOS in 2024 but Everything Goes Wrong...

Apr 27, 2024
operational. You may have to reinstall this again. I mean, I really want to be fair in reacting, it's not like they said any of this. things were going to work, I mean, they have a list of compatible video cards and sound cards and none of these things are on that list, so I'm throwing things at the wall here, which is good because it's good to confirm that nothing of this hardware currently works with React OS, except for the network adapter of course, but yes, right now we are on a black screen, which is not a good sign, but I will sit here for a while and see if it works.
installing reactos in 2024 but everything goes wrong
It's all good, it's been a bit and we're still on a black screen, so you won't believe I force restart one more time, okay, so before I completely give up on


these drivers, I want to give it a try. One more thing and that is to use a program called Snappy driver installer which was recommended on the React OS Wiki. Now I usually avoid these driver installer programs because many of them are just scams and scareware designed to make you pay money to download them for free. The drivers say you have all these problems with your system and you have to pay us to fix them and you know it's nothing serious, so you know, I just avoid those programs and I would never recommend them, but the snappy driver installer.
installing reactos in 2024 but everything goes wrong

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installing reactos in 2024 but everything goes wrong...

It seems to be different, this is a Patreon supported open source project, but the interesting thing is that there are actually two separate versions: Snappy Driver Installer and Snappy Driver Installer Source, and both programs have two separate versions. it became like an OnDemand downloader that just downloads the app itself and then you get all the drivers you want from there and then you have the entire driver library included with the program which is 40GB in size and according to React OS Wiki, that's the version you should get that works. with react OS now as to the difference between the two Snappy driver setup programs uh, I don't know the whole story here.
installing reactos in 2024 but everything goes wrong
I've seen some conflicting things online, you know what else is new, but apparently the origin of the Snappy driver installer was created by the person who originally created the Snappy driver installer after a new group took over its development and a lot of people didn't like the new groups. Address apparently there were at least accusations that there was malware in the program or in the drivers that they downloaded it or downloaded it from some incomplete view something like that and almost everyone recommends the source of the Snappy driver installer and it turns out that when I went to the torrent of the Snappy driver in solar origin because to get the full version with all the driver packages, I have to do it through a torm, there were like 60 people seeding the torrent, where with the Snappy driver installer, the one that was not of origin , there was a person, so the Snappy controller solar origin definitely seems to be the most popular, that's what I downloaded. to try it here and see if we get different results now I just put this on an external hard drive let's go in here and I think we need to run there's a batch file here so let's duplicate click on this and see what happens , we already have some drivers listed here, so that's awesome.
installing reactos in 2024 but everything goes wrong
My theory in doing this is like with the two sound drivers you tried to install, for example, we had to do it through installation wizards. We had to know that opening them would automatically extract all the files and then run the installation process and we ran into issues with both, so I'm thinking maybe it didn't fully extract the drivers, maybe something didn't. It didn't install properly and if we just had the drivers files extracted where I could go to device manager and manually say "ok" here are the drivers for this device, install them from here, that might work for us but I think the installer Snappy drivers do this automatically. let's take um why don't we take both?
We actually have three sound controllers here, we have, well, this is the creative game port, yeah, so we're going to take this, we're going to take the Sound Blaster live we're going to take this is the internal audio controller and we're going to get the graphics controller. this is the PCI network card which I don't care about because we are using the internal one now these down here are installed drivers but apparently there is an updated one available, we are not going to mess with any of these or we are not going to mess with these that don't even have a driver in the driver package, we're just going to get these four.
We'll hit install and interestingly enough it's actually recognizing the system as Windows XP 64 32-bit and yeah, if this doesn't work for us, let's hope the system doesn't crash here or the blue screen or something else that hasn't happened yet, uh, but but if we don't get good results here, we're just going to move forward with what we have, you know, we're going to use the basic display controller, we're going to try to play the few games that I'm going to play. test without audio, which would be shit, and speaking of hanging, I think the program just hung here, uh, it doesn't say it's not responding, but you see, we have the hand cursor.
I can't click on this to expand and open it. task manager and I just see, yeah, it's not responding, it's not that pretty and now that I've minimized the window it won't show up when I try to restore it again, so we'll just let the system sit here. for a while and I hope it recovers well, long story short it didn't work, the system actually crashed and then I had to force restart it again so let's try it one more time. I have an idea to try to run it. compatibility mode now this bat file here, as far as I can tell, it just decides which version to run, the 32-bit one or the 64-bit one, depending on your processor architecture, so we'll just right click on the 32 bits here and go to compatibility run it in compatibility mode for XP Service Pack 3 and we'll run it, accept the license terms again, so now it just says Windows XP 32-bit.
I wonder if it said Windows XP 64-bit last time. maybe you thought the processor was a 64 bit machine and that might have played a part in the problem and I guess we'll just take all of these. I'm not even going to bother getting the port of the game, even though we don't really need it. not at all, let's install those three, it installed Sound Blaster Live, okay, that's awesome, so the program is not frozen here, oh my goodness, look, look at


I guess these are additional drivers that you can get. I think so. just okay, maybe you shouldn't do that, you should just let it do its thing, so I'm curious if we go into device manager.
Oh, I'm doing MSC again. I'm so used to doing that and okay, oh, that's the yeah, the window like yeah, it's doing the whole process of painting the window devm gmt. exe and yeah there we go so now we have it installed now it says react os can't load it it may be corrupted or missing um that could just be because we have to reboot it looks like the driver installer Snappy has frozen again. I do not do it. I don't even think I'm going to let it recover because it didn't recover last time and the system eventually froze, so we're just going to finish the task and then reboot the system and if we get a blue screen, well.
That's going to suck. I noticed a moment ago that just like the Windows XP installation disk, the React OS installation media has a repair feature where you can go in and try to repair the OS and I think that's where you can roll back a driver, so that's something we could have done before, but I mean, just re


the OS works too, not that you need to save any data here, but we could try it just for the fun of it if we end up getting a blue. screen here, so here's the Moment of Truth, okay, there's no blue screen there, it was the video controller that blue screened after the splash screen, hey, look at that, okay, it's going to block, it doesn't wait a second, uh, okay, it's still being used. pc speaker open volume control oh i want to adjust audio properties it's showing creative sound blaster live okay that's interesting yeah where did the audio devices go?
We have the multimedia audio device below, but this is the internal one that appears. There are no drivers installed for this device here and I was right. PCI bus one is the PCI card so I don't know why it doesn't show up in device manager. Oh, it's disabled, so okay, let's enable it. I can't charge the device. The driver for this hardware is missing, okay, so it wasn't because we had to reboot, that's just, it's not working right, so now we should be able to do it, now that we've enabled it, we can go to the device manager and it should Yes, it is okay, so we will uninstall it from our system.
Let's go back to I'm looking for an executable on the desktop. I know it's on my computer's local screen and we run this again. Compatibility mode should still be there. I applied what is it and I'm only going to get one driver because I think installing multiple drivers or at least you know, playing with the program like expanding that list that we did last time may have caused it to crash. Don't know. I know, oh


, oh my god, the whole system crashed again, what the hell, okay, force restart time, okay, it worked that time. I guess we'll try the internal audio.
The next system reboot is required. Okay, let's go ahead and reboot. just do this one by one okay we're on the desktop taskbar and the icons are loading so that's great and I don't have the audio cable plugged in right now and I'm probably not going to clutter it up because we have the same error message that we did before and if we go into don't help support and oh look at that Internet Explorer has frozen what a surprise um let's go into device manager again here once again the driver is disabled, so we have to go here. adjust audio properties Hardware properties enable this, it says there are no drivers installed for the device apparently cannot load the driver for this hardware, the driver may be corrupted or missing, so what happens if we update the driver, We install the driver automatically, is the installation complete?
I don't believe it. I changed something, in fact we can't even change it to be enabled because when you come back it just has it set to disabled again last but not least. Let's try the video driver, well long story short it didn't work. uh you see in device manager, here we are still with the basic VJ compatible graphics card driver, so yeah, none of those drivers installed and worked correctly, which again you know it's fair to react, none of this was on the officially admitted list, so yeah. I mean, there you have it. I imagine the Snappy driver installer would work better if you were downloading drivers for React OS compatible hardware.
So yeah, we'll install some Windows apps in a moment, but I thought before doing that. To do that, we would try the built-in application manager that React OS has here and this is just a database like a package manager that you would see in Linux of a bunch of software that you can download and use. with react OS, so we have szip, you know, Adobe Air, I saw it there, I think I just saw chromium uh chromium XP, so why don't we go to I don't know games and fun? We have Extreme Tux Racer, yes. Why don't we take that on the Internet and the network that we have?
I actually want to see if they have superium here, but it's not here, but my friend is, so we'll take my friend, maybe yes, why not just why? Can't we just accept them? And my friend came up with a setup wizard that we have to follow, so we'll stick with the standard one, sure we'll use it as the default browser and let it install. Yeah, I mean, it's good that you received a lot of software. I imagine this has all been confirmed to work with React OS, which is great, now that the Extreme Tux Racer program has been installed, it hasn't come up with a wizard. which we had to go through, so it depends on what you know and download here whether that's going to happen or not, but we'll launch myal and yeah, we'll just close this, we'll try both. of these programs, see if that game, you can know, run it here, so here we go, yeah, it's a web browser.
Let's go to the programs here and see, under games, maybe not, uh, oh, you know, it asked me to extract the contents of a folder somewhere I think I chose in my downloads um, let's see administrator, my documents, yeah, this here, so this is all the application manager downloads, so I think so, ran the soft extractor,so let's try to run the executable here. I guess I think I played this before on this channel in another video but you can see the menu oh my gosh yeah the menu is even delayed here this is going to be hard if we can get to okay can we use the keyboard ?
I'll just press Enter assuming we can do it. If we can. Alright. I wish there was a frame rate counter. You know there might be in this program, but I mean, I'm not going to go through the trouble of trying to enable it. I mean, holy cow, if the menu is that late, but yeah, this can't be played like there's no, I mean, yeah, that's tuck racer and it's definitely not a good sign of what's to come because I have other games we have. I'll give it a try, but just for the fun of it, let's try them anyway.
Oh, and also a copy of the Microsoft homepage, so it's started at least, that's a good sign and we'll just leave the username as Michael won't bother entering it. anything else, we'll accept the typical installation, okay and we'll install it fine, it's done, although the setup wizard here is a little glitchy and it brought up some of the contents of the file explorer, but okay, we'll do it. press finish and if we go into our programs here we should see there, it's the main page 2003, let's see if it starts and yes, it works fine, the title bar for a second only had two boxes and a question mark instead of the name of the app but it was fixed that um oh we have to activate it really good at least we can get over that or we can we can't we can't type here oh look the whole program froze that's lovely react OS is in Alpha that is what I keep telling myself, well, it's not responding, but we'll get out of it and try to start it again.
I'm wondering if you want to activate it, what the hell is why? Well, I can't type here and Apparently I can't click on menus either, uh, I can move, oh my gosh, I can create copies of menu items, that's certainly interesting, but yeah, none of the I mean, I can drag them off the menu. I've never done this before in Microsoft Office, you just drag these menu items and it creates clones of itself, but yeah, we can't type here, that could be due to activation. I know that in certain versions of Microsoft Office, you would have to like it. start typing normally, although a message appears after you start typing, it will say "hey, you have to activate it", but I mean the program opened, we can't really, you know, use it, why don't we try to run it? into compatibility mode and we'll just go to compatibility properties and do xpsp 3 and see if that changes anything, if not we'll try Windows 2000.
Oh, we'll keep our beautiful file menu layout there, so activation will appear, we'll just say cancel and then there we go, okay, that's how it worked. now we can start typing, so maybe let's write uh hello world and change this to size seven, there's 36 points and I don't know, maybe we want to underline it in bold. I made a full video on Microsoft from page 98 a couple ago. Years ago, it was actually in 2022, man that was a couple of years ago, yeah the timing is weird, anyway it seems okay, the task manager is causing problems or maybe the whole program froze again, come on, come on.
Can I at least save this? Please, the interesting thing is that it has not entered a state of non-response. It still says it's running, but yes, it crashes completely. Well, I mean, we still have the start menu and everything. responding but the task manager is not there, can we?, can we log out. OK let's do it. We will log out and log back in. Okay, let's try the home page one more time here and let's quickly type Hello world. I do not do it. I don't want to register Hello world, make that underline bold and italic uh, this is cool and okay, so oh, and now, yeah, now the menus work, look at that, so yeah, I don't like that, that's not something normal, right?
You can't just drag. the damn menu items, so I don't know how I was able to do that, but that's funny because yeah, you see, now I can't, now I can't do it. We can move like the bar. the whole menu bar we can move it to another location if we want, but yeah, okay, we'll just save this, why not save it as index.htm of my websites? So we're going to open it up and there's going to be our HTML document, so yeah. Internet Explorer, that's the Internet Explorer clone here, so we have it and of course we're on the Internet, so we can go to the old, like we always seem to do, and there it is. so yeah, we're all online, we have the main page at least working a little, the whole file menu was pretty funny and yeah, okay, so now let's get into the games.
I'm actually really curious to see how they work, especially with this. Basic video controller we're going to start with, uh, Microsoft Revenge of Arcade now just to show you how to react. The operating system includes some games that you have, Soliter Spider Soliter and Wine Mine, so you know these are going to be very, very Windows card games, so we're going to open up spider solitaire just so you can see which of course you know it's a little bit different layout, these aren't exactly the same programs or anything, so there you go, we'll try mine wine, so that's it.
You've got three games here, not bad, not bad, but we're about to give you a lot more, so Microsoft Revenge of Arcade, this includes a ton of arcade games that you would never have imagined. I am sure, of course, about these. The games will be missing a whole aspect of them, the fact that we don't have sound, but we'll just run the install and see if we can install them and you know if they work. I think I've mentioned it before, but this is such a strange design for a setup wizard. I mean, I know they're trying to look for buttons like, oh look, it's like arcade, you know, buttons and all that, but okay, where's the facility there?
Okay, yes, you want to set it to create the folder. Is this revenge for Microsoft's arcade games? Yeah, so we can launch them directly from here, but we can also launch them from this launcher, so let's do Miss Pac. -Man, I think we pressed F2 to insert a coin, F3 to start and here we are, so yeah, I mean, I'm not going to spend a lot of time here because I want to see the other games, but we have it. working, we installed the games, so it's a success, so you have a small collection of arcade games that run on React OS and now let's try Sim City 2000.
We'll save the middle of life for last, so let's jump. Back to my computer Fun fact about me, the only Sim City game I played was Sim City 3000. I never actually sat down to play 2000. I guess autorun.exe we'll proceed. How would I like to proceed? I want to install it, okay? Oh no, I'm not trying to load win95 setup.exe. Wow, 16 apps aren't supported internally by ntvdm right now, yeah that's the NT DOS virtual machine screwing around, that's lovely. I guess we could test compatibility, set it up on Windows 95. Yeah, I mean this. it has to do with the fact that the app is 16 bit, apparently it doesn't support ntvdm internally at the moment, so compatibility mode wouldn't change anything and what the ip is. exe infopro, okay, I can't open the registry, I can't find the path specified in the registry, maybe it's corrupted, oh no, so yeah, we can't install Sim City 2000, that doesn't necessarily mean we can't run it because You know the installer is a 16-bit application, but there are versions of Sim City 2000 that are 32-bit only.
This is not one of those versions, so if you had one of those versions, we could run it. here correctly, but we are going to move on to Halflife, with which we hope to obtain better results. Let's just run setup.exe. Oh no, the setup executable is 16-bit, actually, oh no, that's interesting. When I click install Halflife for some reason read appears. me. text, okay, why is clicking on these options out of order? Oh, I think they are because this one is up here, yeah, I think in the post it's usually at the top, why is this out of order?
Because it's running the installation executable, okay, that's it. Just strange, yes, because pressing Install opens Readme. text Play halflife Just exit or visit the Halflife website, yes these are out of order so it's okay, well luckily I have a copy of Halflife without CD crack that is already installed just in a folder so I'm going to Copy that here because Halflife is a 32B application so it should be able to run here fine, at least you know if it can run fine, so we have that disk in the drive and let's open it up. I'm just going to copy all these files to the hard drive, let's call this HL and let's just do a control a contrl c control v to make it run, that's the question, let's see, please type the Halflife CD key, okay, good sign, that's fine too. make a game and join a game like this, these tags are ruined, that's not what that's not what it's supposed to say, okay, we have the Sierra logo, that's cool, we still have the taskar.
I can't press Escape, but I think. the first time you run this I think it doesn't let you skip the intro movies, maybe that's the case. I can't remove Tab from this either so oh my gosh the PC speaker is going crazy okay it stopped but yeah the tags. are all in bad shape, look at this information in 3D, site previews, visit An ad server console update, Danger Course and log out like this, okay, let's start a new game and see the game information to play it on the medium setting. Now it's really going to begin. that's the question well we've been sitting on this loading screen for a few minutes and yeah I think it just froze okay we can switch tab now at least oh and that's lovely oh look we can paint on the desk. so we can type I don't know hello if I can, well now we can't, yeah at least the system didn't crash, but I don't think Halflife is going to get past the loading screen now.
Of course, we can go in and change all the video settings, so I'm going to exit the process and oh no, okay, the blue screen is fine once again, it's been a while on the loading screen and we're not getting to nowhere, so what have we learned? React OS is definitely not a gaming platform. It's certainly not a replacement for Windows in its current state. It's not even close, but you know it's great for what it is. I mean the fact that this has been in continuous development since 1996 is commendable in itself uh these people and you know all these volunteers again this is a largely volunteer project uh you know they're still committed to this, they still are. , you know, releasing updates for it every very often and yes, we experienced a lot of problems today, but all the hardware you know, the video card, the audio driver, all that was not on the list of officially supported hardware , so if you want to use React OS, I would recommend doing it in a virtual machine or looking at that list and seeing that you know what hardware it's been tested on and you know to try to get some of that hardware, but this is just a very niche project, you know it takes a very specific type of person to uh turn this on and you know, install it on a secondary computer.
This is definitely not primary computer material by any means and it will probably be a long time if it ever gets to that point, but you already know to put in a secondary. computer just to play if you have an old buggy XP machine that you're not doing anything with and just want to have fun with it, yeah I mean definitely be prepared to get frustrated with drivers and all that. stuff, but you know it's pretty good and yeah, it's a little glimpse into how React OS is doing in


, so if you enjoyed this video, if you want to see more like this, definitely make sure to give this one a thumbs up. subscribed maybe consider becoming a patron or channel member to get early access to these videos before anyone else, but either way I just want to thank you all for watching and as always I'll see you in the next video.

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