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Inside Sri Lankan Village Home

Mar 27, 2020
we've arrived awesome yeah yeah we're finally here that was a long drive okay what happened here you got a storm you still understand it's a my book i put it here are you still building or will you keep it like that like no i really put this that - like that - so to put it here then, how long have you had this house for this house? It's because one day, like maybe, the Camino Dumont event is going to make it please. It's been 2-3 months since you started, yeah, really I get the fix, so it's only been 3 months since you built this before, yeah, neither of us are doing well.
inside sri lankan village home
You're not handling the work here, you're just building, you're doing masonry, everything, yeah, okay, awesome, yeah, can we have a little tour? he quit working abroad then you came back here and became a driver yes someone is watching tv is that my son hi how are you you talk a bit he looks a bit camera shy ok , and this is your wife. no she can't, she's talking cashless. I'll say hello, hello, how are you, he spent, hit me, why doesn't he have a job? a bitter yes a little serious yes yes it's fine now she's married no yes yes I told you who is my daughter yes a full time sister I see and how old was she when she did this painting she is 15 years old 15 years old oh it's fine how is my wife , hi how are you?
inside sri lankan village home

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inside sri lankan village home...

I'm doing a little tour of your house, yes, it's nice to meet you. We are blocking the television. Let's leave him alone. He comes. thank you very much for coming yes you speak english as well as your husband yes and asa you can speak a little bit only you it's a big hole big hole thank you that's how you learn is this your book spoke in english today is your book yes it's her daughter notice book i see i see oh progressive sarees ozzy's sister my little daughter hello little daughter how nice to meet you i'm taking a little tour of your house ok ok the tour continues no one inside is this your room?
inside sri lankan village home
I'm not afraid I'm leaving oh no you're going to run and clean up first no problem it's not good I like that nothing to hide you shared a room with some yes this is this is my wife did this your your son no he is not ready no son she is not married yes ok not yet she hasn't done this now 70 minutes ah I see I see so when do people get married when did you get married I am 19 when you are 19 yes and I am not 20 this is that time is 1990 I see how you are here ah wonderful I'm in colombo not my buddy's Colombo because my friend is here working I went in there and took care token Oh how you like to look around like that and then you see her?
inside sri lankan village home
Yes ok thanks for showing me a room this is my room so you have a separate room. again yes so you tell your wife no don't come to my room not because i'm late and because i won't bother because i'm here sometime are you driving and yes i see a lot of mosquito here sometime not too much because it's open, so what are you going to do here? Are you going to know this? my son knows so married see they can on top so you want this son yeah yeah but if he's getting married and you know he's successful barley ladies you gotta open up a little more sometimes he doesn't talk to the meals Wow, yes, I thought maybe it was just me, you know, yes, no, no, he is not talking only his mother says something only mother respects you yes then you are going to put this not this is good no Jesus I decide I put the slab then again i start the other one like this i'm thinking once i put that because now, you basically moved into a house that's under construction half after it's been built.
I see very interesting, so how long do you think it will be before everything is finished? What is your plan? When do you want your house to be my problem and take the money? pick up the money at some point i have to have the time when you're happy then then you build yes you do you go and all how much have you already spent on all oil finish maybe pilot 5 good luck what i left loop this is that 550 thousand know what they are five hundred thousand five hundred thousand five hundred thousand but starting with dollars means twenty thousand is $100 yes twenty thousand yes $20,000 20,000 for peace one hundred dollars yes we mean 100 thousand five hundred dollars one hundred thousand girls fire that's bad yes 415 five hundred and fifty hundred dollars and you said all for driving yes or from afghanistan you came back with a lot of money from iraq or afghanistan afghanistan i accept that good salary that time before i dont have money i charge someone and i take money like this i came here and i give that sadhus all the money and after that i will make it my


and after losing for me then i then she has been here all the time yes and you are in afghanistan you are there yes she is here Yeah, yeah, and she's raising your kids, yeah, and they were sending money back, yeah, that amazing, amazing, and yeah, is there something here that we want you to want to show us, yes sir?
What do you have here? You said you had chickens. It's okay, the Serbs. I'm dtt. Yes, I `d love to. Yes, I would love to watch. We can have a weekly litigants' meal. a culture here of fighting chickens, you know this? That's like a wedding. You're fighting really talking. These are history. Son, let's do it by fighting today. He is training him. yes everything is getting no um all this i did not fight on his offer so it is like in the gray area he will do it to me no problem yes i see but you let it run free yes i do because all of that i want say, I wonder, that's inside the bathroom, no, let them do it in this hole and this is the second entrance to the house, yeah, okay, I'm working on max brain power here right now because of the rum, this is running yeah I'm struggling a bit we stopped for a little pit stop we call it in English pit stop It's like a Formula One car you need a pit stop to change the tyres.
Thank you yes that's what we did it's very good but sorry now this is the kitchen it's the captain yes we can take a look at him yes you know I'm so fascinated to see how you how you , not good, hey, doggie, you know what I really like. your dog yeah oh i was about to say every time i see a dog if it's in india or sri lanka yeah they like you you know there's like a white man an intruder an enemy a colonialist get out of here no no but he didn't but now it's alright I'm here now I know I'm very closed off he started to really you know don't worry it's alright yeah I can touch him yeah sure not, no one sucks, I understand, you can touch now, it's okay, doggy.
No he's nice and you got well you had to dig this one yourself yeah jesus you did it yourself mind you I give that money and you give someone else's to people it's really nice not for goodbye , hands and Maya Charlotte, there are no machines, there is no machine. How deep is it? How deep is it? I seem to know at least 5 meters maybe more more more more struggle to be more than 5 meters for you to get all the water you drink and shower are you here yes and you have pipes going to the house yes or when you shower you have to bring the shower water here put it like this ah yes so this this pipe goes directly from the well I from the water tank tank I see I see and that tank automatically pumps water from it oh yes you don't have to do this this is the mortar is the pump and what is that on top of the tank then i take it to my house so what you use bucket by bucket sometime is like this without a car without that is some time there is a current going no its not working that time if you took it to me and everything is clean because not putting something is because it always enters this good good great great very good good what else is here behind coconut without clothes what is this do you use it to cook yes, what a great


you have, it's ok outside toilet well there isn't oh ok now we've done the whole tour yeah amazing maybe your wife is done with tea yeah right oh yeah check out the kitchen yeah and then I'll finally turn off the camera and then we can have a normal conversation, yes, without filming, this is the gas in this. good money but it's too dark for everyone oh so they have lights in here when it's oh yeah this is what we're doing and you guys built this yeah you turn it on with yeah with well there's no electricity here this he is not an electrician. too different which one do you prefer do you like the gas one or do you like what you have using both using because this won't make it as time goes by no this is easy sometime in the morning you make it so much fun come on finish the gas all this is bindus is ok it's just a tea yes ok thank you very much for having me and showing me around it's very interesting for me so thank you thank you very much hey co2 talks because he's thinking maybe something is wrong.
Speaking badly, you may have feet like you. he would see that talking to you thinks i say something wrong if not i don't tell him i'm very grateful if for me i'm invited if how you live it's very interesting for me to take out a lot i love this whole area so it's ok i'm about to eat absolutely, then i'm going to turn off the camera, yes i'm going to have a real conversation, see you later, okay, let's go to the beach, yes we're leaving the amazing family home. that's a famous guy near macomb here is katana area is katana now let's go to katana beach oh no this is negombo beach yes camp ok good luck with everything bye bye thank you very much slowly slowly oh wow oh how do you see where you're receding here?
It's not exactly right, friends Suta, we're on our way to the beach, but we're driving in something that looks very, very interesting. They are making bricks here from scratch and I have never seen how they do it. do that before so let's go back and see how they do it so they do it with the clay but what do you use? I know bricks because I mean are these the bricks you make a home out of? hi how are you can i take a look at one of your bricks before before the fire before the fire i see they will be much more solid and harder after looking after the forest cute fun i see we will make it then light the fire here and put it as a start and then it's unbelievably hot in here yeah put it so it doesn't open inside and then do it and find a bore and then it becomes like this yeah and find out like this I spy have you done this before?
Sorry, have you done this before? You're a bit like a Renaissance man. You've had all sorts of just do this before, yeah, so let me see if I get this right. these are always like this, so where do you put where do you put those bricks? when they have it there you put it there yes how do you do it you put it one by one here first we'll do it like this do it like this then always just do it this time this means inside first without shooting mm-hmm and again you'll do it like this and put it one plus one one one like this always one yes then again after finishing but but it's all this that made them build this from scratch every time so now they are finished and they will take it away and then they always have candles there and then they bring those and they'll build another tower yeah another one ok jesus i really shouldn't drink in the movie my brain doesn't work thanks for explaining oh no music in the background this little kisses about to have some extra income it looks like there Come on, this is the before, do it, that's a stone, don't stumble here, take it to the sea, doing this like this, and today in the afternoon you take it there so much, so it's a water, it's simply made of what your thumbnail is, some that is not working, that will be I do not know what It is put in the backhoe and put the vehicle and it came here thanks to the money and from the other and how did I get this way if that is after that I don't speak anything villainous and I even take it like this here and put it in this individual water task , one by one, yes, I won by an artist, so how many days no, that's a lot of days.
I am a father to do all who is with one by one for a day maybe five hours so he will make a thousand five thousand so a thousand bricks in five hours yeah amazing well you learn something new every day what a quaint town - can't wait to see what this beach looks like but we have to get there before sundown maybe we have 30 minutes before sundown yeah so let's compete years of each other yeah you and me try not to point out interesting things how to stop there stop there thank you guys bye he is the owner i need this oh thank you thank you for letting me walk.
Good luck once again. We have to make this machine work. I need help, not two, from New Delhi's best week-long test driver. I'm very famous in India yeah people say I'm the best driver ever yeah yeah

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