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Inside the NBA reacts to Nets vs 76ers Game 2 Highlights | 2023 NBA Playoffs

Apr 18, 2023
it's a break from the


presented by casamigos as we gear up on the golden state warriors try to even things up against fox aaron on the sacramento kings that's a bad man right there it's 38


one one been coming up to the 30. yes at 32 for Malik monk to that equation for Sacramento in game one and two and you won it by three welcome back to Studio J everyone uh Ernie and Shaq and uh Kenny and Chuck know they played in the regular season 1230 NBA games and only 23 times both teams scored less than 100 points it happened here it's pretty rare it happened here in game two between the philadelphia


and the brooklyn


wow that's you huh that nugget intrigues you at all well you know you plan with a there's a ton of little guys now so defense is out the window and obviously everyone's shooting a ton of 3s so I'm surprised this is the highest scoring story. -shooting contest 23 games out of 1230.
inside the nba reacts to nets vs 76ers game 2 highlights 2023 nba playoffs
Well let's get to the


, only you knew we wouldn't know that Ernie um Ernest you know he should be on Jeopardy he knows a lot of useless stuff yeah he's fun to shoot. There you see how you knew the 23 teams and all the players who played. Not really. I like the way my sixes came out in the second half, but they talked about the first half. First Chuck because they were doubling down and beating everyone. time he touched a ball well hey I mean somebody's open don't try to fight double team that's part of being a great player make other guys better they only scored eight points on two or five shots in the first half. a mark of respect ernie mrs johnson you like ray allen and reggie miller when they shoot the ball he thinks he's going to go in the first half which i'm telling you but he thinks he gets it in the cup shaq when he misses your shot. he was 22 in the first half and Brooklyn had a 49-44 lead going to third and then they pulled away from doubles on him, yeah, but also man, the Sixers did a much better job of passing the ball. stop being sloppy finished with 20 points 19 rebounds and seven assists this guy right here things got big he's a great road when his interview trusts himself i got to maxie 33 on the night hardin didn't have a good shot gentleman only three of 13 but knocked down that three -pointer when Philly claims the lead Philadelphia goes ahead and ends this quickly Tobias Harris had 20 and 12. here's Maxie again all for his Lonesome solo Love Maxi man 11 of 35 from Deep for the Sixers after to hit 21 of those in game one and this is unbelievable this is unfair here yes that's unfair he finishes 6 for 16 from the floor Philly wins 96-84 to take a two nil lead in that series for the Brooklyn Nets that's eight straight postseason losses and they return to Brooklyn after game three Thursday offseason 84 points for Brooklyn so what did you see in this game again? doubling it every time he saw the ball in the first half, why are you walking away from that? you know because you know i had a lot of open shots in the middle and for philly in the second half their shots were dropping both teams shot 31 but you know i think in the second half uh you know philly hit more comedy 3s especially with maxi hit hitting six three but you know you have to mix it up in a team like that especially when you're a selfish and he's kicking so the other guys are starting to score now like the defender you say forget what the coach says I have to hit my man , but you know they're going to say hey we're going to keep playing like we played, we're going to double down on the pace Force the other guys forward and hopefully when we're home we could hit some shots 35 points in the second half for Brooklyn or beat them 52-35 and only shoot 35 percent in the 90 seconds we have left here let's look ahead to the game we're about to see yeah this is going to be a great rhythm game high score game you've got team number one in the nba and you scored in sacramento you know the warriors don't want to go down 2-0 it's going to be the best game of the weekend yeah this is going to be fantastic now you have champions they don't want to go home too old but i think For me personally, this is a must-win for Sacramento because Kenny said something earlier, no matter how good the first game is, if you lose the second game, the whole series could be turned upside down. so to me this is a must win but one thing about sacramento is they dont do anything with smoke and mirrors they will just come out and try to get you out of school they are great offensively and the warriors will have to stop them guys theres a different feel and strategy for game two, regardless of whether you win or lose, you can't just stick with the same schedule and we'll see if Sacramento gains experience in a short amount of time and is able to take that. energy of a game one and turn it into a calm they have a whole game plan that works uh SEC uh Golden State Warriors by the way 27 straight series where they have won at least one road game and uh that would be a good question for Underdog I thought you knew stuff, Ernie, I do, but look, I only know useless stuff and that would have been useful to you, sorry foreigner.
inside the nba reacts to nets vs 76ers game 2 highlights 2023 nba playoffs

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inside the nba reacts to nets vs 76ers game 2 highlights 2023 nba playoffs...

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