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Inside Kim and Andy Murray's luxury Scottish hotel | Living with Style

Jul 07, 2023
Thank you Hi, I'm Kim Murray and welcome to Chromelex so this is our reception which was the original reception at the


that we re-established. Andy bought the


about 10 years ago. I think he was motivated by something that was so close to where he grew up and his family's home, the connection with Don Blaine and also the family connection to the building, his grandparents had the first role here when the building was converted from a family home to a place of hospitality and that was, I believe, their 30th wedding anniversary. I've had weddings, birthday celebrations here over the years, the first time I came here personally was for Andy's brother's wedding a couple of years before we bought it and then we got married in 2015.
inside kim and andy murray s luxury scottish hotel living with style
You wake up here and It's quiet, it's so rural, it's so peaceful and yet you're in the central belt, you're 40 minutes from Glasgow in Edinburgh, so I think the location is really special because you feel like you're in this quiet rural retreat. , but at the same time You're really accessible, so we've had comics for 10 years. I think at the time it needed a refresh anyway and I think it just came, it was the perfect time. I finished building our family home. I ended up having babies and I just saw it as an opportunity to really, yeah, put our stamp on it, put my brand on it, it was a delightful project and yeah, I felt like if we didn't do it now, someone else would do it and kick me later, like that. which was a really serendipitous moment, so follow me and I'll show you the rest.
inside kim and andy murray s luxury scottish hotel living with style

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inside kim and andy murray s luxury scottish hotel living with style...

This is a room that has had a complete refurbishment and makeover and is mainly used for afternoon tea and generally relaxing in the afternoon in front of the fire, which is probably my favorite thing to do here. I love space. I am very satisfied with the scheme we have chosen here. I find it relaxing and calm, but it is a little spicy and invigorating. At the same time, I love the yellow roof, which was a bit of a rebellious concept when I first saw it, but I think it worked very well. We worked with Suzanne Garuda on the entire remodel.
inside kim and andy murray s luxury scottish hotel living with style
She is someone I have known for a few years. She made our family home for us and I was thrilled with what she did there. I love working with her. I think we worked very well together and she gave me confidence. I think doing a project like that, confidence in my ability to make decisions. It's kind of a vision as such, I think it's evolved since we did our project at home, this kind of teal, the light kind of duck egg blue and things that we definitely have a lot of at home, but we definitely don't.
inside kim and andy murray s luxury scottish hotel living with style
We have blue walls and a yellow roof at home. I think this was a bolder choice and I'm very happy with the result. We keep a lot of existing furniture here, we have new tables but many of the sofas are safe too, these two are new, we have a lot of older chairs that we have reclaimed. I am obsessed with the fabric of those that are there. I think it's the idea that yes, it is inspired by nature and probably what is more traditional. I


d a traditional type of botanical print, but I think this almost metallic sheen that comes with the Velvet gives it a bit more of a contemporary feel.
These sponsors that we have hired, they were here, they have been with the house for a long time. At the time there was a big question about whether to retain them, but yes, I think they work very well here. I didn't want to go in and get rid of all the history and everything that was here. I love the idea of ​​retaining them. some of the old stuff but injecting some new stuff in between to freshen it up and yes you want to give a nod to the period features of the property so chronix was a Victoria Mansion house that was built in the late 19th century.
It was always family owned and I think it's really interesting and I love it because now it's family owned, that's very important to us and I always wanted it to feel first and foremost like a home rather than a hotel. The house was built. In the late 1800s it was actually destroyed by fire. I think it was around 1876 and it was rebuilt. The only part of the house that was not destroyed by fire I am now going to show abroad, so this is a beautiful private chapel and it dates back to the late 19th century, it was always attached to the house as a place of family worship and , as you can see it is pretty much intact, we haven't done anything to it and yes that was important, to keep it as authentic as possible and it has so many great original features and it's lovely to think that intimate weddings can be held here.
It's all independent. Andy's brother and Andy's dad got married here, so those are really special memories for us. We have an organ here like Well, which is really cool, it doesn't work, but we'd love to restore it one day. I love the idea of ​​that kind of boom in this small space. We've obviously had several really happy family memories here and I love the idea that people can host such intimate weddings and have the whole house to themselves and I want to show you one of my favorite rooms. This space used to be our reception. We have painted it red.
It's a kind of lobby. from the bar to the restaurant I love the color here I love the idea of ​​having a piano here um, not that I can play it, but it's the most social of all the instruments, yeah, yes we have a jazz pianist here on a Friday night before at dinner or after a wedding or on New Year's Eve someone is playing Old Lang Syne. We have amazing art and some of it is local Scottish artists and some is from Andy's own collection that he bought. for chronix um David Shrigley, Scottish artist who absolutely adores and I think it works really well with the Radicchio on the walls.
I'm pleased with the drama here and the kind of fun feeling, but it provides an amazing backdrop for some really interesting pieces of art, we have this amazing Damien Hurst on the stairs, which again feels like it was made for be here, through that door is our amazing new bar and then to our restaurant, which I'm very proud of our restaurant. I'm pleased with what we've done there with the interiors, we've softened it, we've brought greenery inside, we've made it more relaxed and much more welcoming. I am very satisfied and the bar is amazing. I was there a few weeks ago with some friends just at the stand trying the cocktails it was lovely it was too late and I ended up sleeping in the bed and speaking of which I'll go and show you the rooms so this is Hyssa one of our lovely Turret Suites, um, has its own


room and then this amazing interior hallway that I love, we darkened the wall color a lot, which is probably a pretty unusual space where you have kind of a window, but I don't think I ever wanted to do that. be afraid to darken the color of the bathroom there and then to this beautiful room that looks amazing over the gardens and tennis court.
This is one of my favorite rooms. I think it has a real princess feel to it. and you feel like you're sitting on top of a castle and the view is incredible, you just have this line of trees and the mountains beyond, every time people walk through the door it's like, oh wow, this is all mine, one of my favorites. What's in this room are the two window seats that we've created, there was only one dresser in this one and obviously we've built it and furnished it and I think it's a lovely place to sit and enjoy the surroundings, the light. it's pouring rain and you have amazing views of the grounds and the forest and the creatures, we have deer here, we have red squirrels and pheasants and we have a very loud cockle from the bottom and from here you can also see the tennis court, obviously, which we installed when we bought the property.
And yes, I think people love the idea of ​​the tennis court at Andy's hotel and when the weather permits, I think it gets used a lot and it's a lovely facility. Having um, it was very important to me to design each room uniquely. We only have 15 rooms here and yeah, it was a really exciting challenge to make sure each one had its own personality and really make the most of the different features of each room. each one of them, so I want to show you one of my favorite bathrooms. This room is called Allium. We have a station there with shortbread cookies that we have for each guest when they arrive.
It's Andy's grandmother's secret recipe. Her favorite thing in everything. world, but the star of the show here is the bathroom, which is huge and completely over the top but decadent in the best of ways, and the wallpaper which I'm completely obsessed with, I'd like to say it's because the fertilizers and poppies are found in comic book grams, but I loved it, that's why we chose it, but it's the kind of overwhelming feeling of color and botanical freedom that I love here. um, it was a huge room anyway, we haven't made any structural changes. So we just worked with what we had, but I think it's lovely when you come somewhere, hopefully, guests here on vacation or some kind of retreat, so to think that you have that indulgent sense of space, I think it's lovely and Why not the bathroom?
We have these incredible large freestanding bathtubs that we painted this one in this lovely crimson cherry shade. I love the idea that you can be outside, you can go for long walks in the bracing wind and rain. take a nice hot bubble bath and you can lie back on your ottoman anyway, it's almost time for me to go, but first I want to show you Andy's favorite foreigner, so this is our spectacular pool room, which I love. I think he went crazy here with the scheme um, it's got that Clubby vibe, yeah, it's the idea that you can come here after dinner and um, just relax with a drink or play pool.
We have preserved some of the original characteristics of the wood. On the roof we have deer on the walls, which was a real dilemma. I didn't know if we wanted to keep them, but they're from the 1930s and it's kind of a traditional country hotel. We chose this bright red for the fireplace and these wild curtains for the pool table, which I think are so fun. I wanted to pick a combination here because I just like the idea of ​​that bit of mischief where we've had a lot of really lovely moments with family and friends here afterwards.
We had dinner and relaxed by playing a game. We inherited this pool table when we bought a property 10 years ago and I think it was here long before that, but we got it back in this electric blue, which I think is pretty fun and unexpected. It's probably Andy's favorite. thing in the house appeals to him because it's a competitive thing um and yeah I'd like to say I can take them on but I can't because I'm rubbish but my kids have been dragged through all of this over the years thank you so much for coming to see comics with me, it's such a special place to me and so close to my heart and I've loved sharing it with you, so I hope to see you here soon and don't forget to subscribe to Sunday. time


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