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Inside Italy’s Coronavirus Epicenter

May 02, 2020
The last few weeks here in northern Italy, the streets have been eerily quiet, apart from the constant sound of sirens, which are these guys responding to the Koba 19 cases, who need, I don't care, the ecological capacity of the canal , the male suspect or the car that gets into the party. In low copy the evidence that the study makes all the eloquent deaths of the US. Last Italy may be the country with 19 most hidden deaths, but Italy was the first Western country to detect a massive corona virus outbreak and months Afterwards it is still in the grip of the pandemic.
inside italy s coronavirus epicenter
Italian authorities have confirmed at least one hundred and sixty. -two thousand cases, more than 21,000 have died, the highest death toll in Europe, so these guys are just preparing to make sure they are completely sealed ready to enter the nursing home where they just received a call saying that They should go to the hospital right now when I could object like you what kind of state she was in. I mean, he obviously wasn't doing so well, but even the difficult era spiritual area attended, accepted a favor, delivered, watched the ride and followed up with the antibiotic e to the developer and maybe go to the flora survival assembly nori moto special enough eliminate rates eva jianchi qualifier Wi-Fi version in the future of the team focused on simple pathology a capitated bullet an optimal parish coffee how common is it to bring patients from nursing homes who need covert urgent care, hospitality income, revolver primary hospitalizations, just a huge diversity, Ozzy, the Kovac regarding repellency and what's the emotional toll on you guys, we've been doing this for weeks, it must be hard, no Look.
inside italy s coronavirus epicenter

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inside italy s coronavirus epicenter...

Chester Table DVD Romina there are no positive aspects, my success is being the national interpreter of the question net situation curve c indeterminate, she thought it was the only parent element, so we are right inside the Papa Giovanni Hospital, which is the largest hospital of Bergamo at the


of this crisis. This is an advanced, sophisticated, extremely wealthy hospital and yet these guys say they've been completely overwhelmed in the last few weeks, so this is the ICU, so in this hospital, how many people have an ICU in this moment? Since the infection rate has gone down, but it seems like you're still very busy, for example, if you ever sit down for the story, friend Johnny Alain, because all of these people are essentially being kept alive by various different respiratory equipment.
inside italy s coronavirus epicenter
They're taking this guy's blood and oxygenating it. before he pumps back to his cane, if they ever have hair, he's only in his thirties, he's had a tracheostomy to help speed up his respiratory recovery. The doctors and nurses are working eight-ten-hour shifts and they can't leave this room because the PPE is so protective. the clothes have been contaminated, they can't waste that protective equipment that has no pressures around here, even with these precautions in place, so far at least one hundred Italian doctors and thirty Italian nurses have died of


, have you ever seen something like this? the infection rate in Italy and the death rate go down a little bit, it seems positive, yes, but you have to pay attention because each nation has its policy when doing this resting here, essentially what we do is test someone who comes to the hospital if you are not at all, no one comes to you and proves it, it may be that the numerator is very large and you are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps I am not in a position to judge two or three days out of the The risk of infection within these hospitals is really high and obviously the health of these workers is extremely important for them to continue, so what I have done is create these red lines where if you have been inside to treat any patient with kovat 19 then you stay on one side and all those who are clean stay on the other side to try to prevent any contamination if those who go through the ICU there are some who are finally recovering can you tell me what happened?
inside italy s coronavirus epicenter
What do you know? Because almost everyone you lost your can of SSO on that cookie they cut was recently Stefano was lucky, the survival rate here for patients with 19 undercover is only 30% compared to someone, which means that seven out of ten people were rushed . The treatment with Ava doesn't make it out alive, it's a The finalist responds to 50 people earlier, my God, than usual. These are people who died in the last few weeks and these are the last belongings they had in the hospital before they died. What proportion of these bags belong to people? who have died from


dirty Wow and I guess I have issues with their team or period studio but you don't mean Nana gets our quad come on they're talking grunts oh okay Wanda Vivi it's probably not Remora is it? how often? you receive these phone calls yes sir Unicode under this IV Maya He was a little out of his freedom deva saju alone on a mission nano particle figure what spirit sunny senior volley anime question no strategy for a while the official daily death toll is declining the churches are still invaded, their pity stops, there are no elderly people, unlike other countries, Italy only tests patients who arrive at the hospital, while thousands of others are still missing, which means that the real number of dead could be much higher than we know, the demand for cremation is overwhelming there. there are not enough churches to house all the bodies, the leftovers are stored in whatever large empty space the authorities can find this is what death looks like in Italy body after body being carried away in military trucks - crematorium far away where there is room for In fact, to burn them down, everything is starting to feel so clinical that these guys are doing everything they can to give them a decent departure, but it seems impossible given the large number of people who are still dying here, your pocket across the street giulio gamma radio tries not to look at what is happening almost at sea.
You have the most immaculate and beautiful garden, but obviously I'm talking about you, about ten meters from this warehouse where almost every day you see bodies being taken away. How do you feel? No, Gómez Adina. Miccio prosciutto mm your pension Oliver rotten is a teenager who lives the multi-asset avocado 2t3 a familiarity with the PageRank API is taka taka causally algebra vato methodologically mikata Jon novella tappero the legislators of society also the neck and our altimeter Oh Sheila Bravo Zulu preparing multiple teachers in property of our visitor ank Association the office assembly Adama federal novita consumer studies images and Toonami univita to receive me it seems that almost everyone around here has lost someone she is a pleasure to try to open the so-called cosmic super interval we do not see no Fujita positive DC madolora receive important prairie requestable and in a phenotype or study a Mojave ready, they call this variable to find out how old you are if you don't mind me asking.
Oh, he showed me the Beauty SAT at OTC. Martha also asked Lovato, oh no, first of all, we saw. little if I got rid of the aphelion devotee register Portrait of Volta Oh chef aatul Colonel Casa access only a Somali a couple of emojis from Des Moines Register of a symbolic fan of the forest liberal star many purpose factors if I only mean to your stand leadership commit acts Italian manager here We face more days of loneliness ahead, as the Prime Minister of Italy, the Jews F spicy, extended the nationwide lockdown until May 3. It is up to the regional government to assure the people of Lombardi that things are under control here.
This is a very difficult time for you and your government. They can do it? tell me how you're doing at the moment, well Fida questa è una Guerra una Guerra portrait invest Ito a lien proviso not tsunami given that we all saw what happened in China from the end of December onwards, you know, and we saw outbreaks in Europe and particularly here in Lombardi, do you regret that the government has responded slowly to the notches, so there is no Cola Cola more Etzioni room temperature catholic the barrier concludes tipper k and l nameko nani only city in an enemy coil heroes like the wind in cm will be more compatible, but there are many Italians who are angry because they feel that the government did not respond quickly enough and if they had responded faster then perhaps we would not be seeing what we have seen in recent weeks. sono Italian KD conocchia governor his poster shazamicon Italian KD conical Arizona Nava Tobin she suicune Italian that one from home Nando revolution most of the person trois unfortunate to Baraka for people looking for answers on when they will be allowed to get back to their life daily, what would you say to them?
CNT doe combat costs of fear combat LACMA a cheetah dynamo t respond on a per capita mol T&O Bhutto dakari cases anima la tak so no more Tia Queenie capisco no que la issue a veramente Syria Mike Weston en una Guerra Veloce Postma Guerra lunga, que soy myself Perrin LC of Lani mamiya who played what plank Mrs. Mrs. Scala scored me again molecular geometry Manny Manny Parra Nelson Lee Terry Porter Donna Davis jr. explained that the reports were delayed and that Anita's type at funerals is now rare, when they do happen, they are limited only to the immediate family, such as those of Teresa Maria Ambrosini, 89, who died in the Narsing Casa Sorina home , which he has recorded about five times. more deaths than usual Ambrosini was showing symptoms of having the virus but like so many others he never got tested, could you close with your grandmother?
Look, there was one more time to be here C Mon cut something how she was there are no lyrics in an even more generally less virtual respect to our person of saint nabela, do you think about? you know the fact that you couldn't see her during the last key week, this is the biggest bargain that affects you not only because of the danger of her but for her because she really she was well informed. I feel that she is not real like yours, but they are a nightmare, but I know that Israel must be very difficult not being able to have more people, not being able to do more, sir, not being able to hug each other.
Lollapalooza Requests. the period or and not elaborated understood this distance between us is real it is natural because we are humans we need structure we need to embrace we need the whole part of creation has humans as the world follows in the footsteps of Italy and looks to this region Looking for signs of hope, everyone here They have a similar message. Do you feel that the official data we are saying is a precise anomaly for the superintendent or no economist ace or multiple D respectively K, show it even the government is saying the death rate could be going down, things could be getting better, the hope is Let us have the worst here, so can I call this gentleman?
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