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Inside A Professional Baker's Home Kitchen | NYT Cooking

Feb 23, 2020
sound speeding up sound speeding up okay, we're in new jersey, let's do this hello hello, how are you? Come on, Rimley is ready to greet you, come on, come on, Rimmel will walk with you into a house full of food in every possible place. may fit i'm erin jean mcdowell i'm a cookbook author, stylist and recipe developer and i have a new pie cookbook coming out fall 2020 that makes this


smell like pie most of the time where do you think we should? start erin I would love to rip off the band aid if you want to go to my refrigerator let's do that first.
inside a professional baker s home kitchen nyt cooking
I fully believe that there are two types of people, there are photos on the refrigerator, people and clean, naked people on the refrigerator, and I take after. my grandmother being a photo on the person on the refrigerator that's her that's my grandmother and that's her little house I grew up loving to cook and eat there and she had tons of photos on her refrigerator kansas it's not that bad it's great there are so many things that go inside and out of my refrigerator I eat every day every week, so it's always very full. I just had dinner, so there are a lot of leftovers from dinner.
inside a professional baker s home kitchen nyt cooking

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inside a professional baker s home kitchen nyt cooking...

This is bacon jam. This is all bacon jam. I love hot sauce. Obviously you have your green cholula. green cholula is superior to Trader Joe's regular cholula yuzu hot sauce Trader Joe's has all the similar things that you don't know you need until you get in there, oh timer, oh what's that? Store by the hood, no more refrigerator, just kidding, um, it is. some cream puffs for a really fun New York Times


video in which I'm making a croquembouche. I love Harry Potter. Well, back to the refrigerator, there are things I like. I can't seem to get rid of them.
inside a professional baker s home kitchen nyt cooking
This is a can of truffles, oh there's definitely something that's been here for a long time, pineapple caramel, style Rose Leavey Baron Baum, the amazing author of the cake bible, her books, this is a recipe in her next ice cream book, it's epic and requires a lot of time to make. I've been saving this for more ice cream, but I smell it. Yes, you can try it. I'll give you a spoon. Yeah, just watching you eat it. Pineapple candy. Goodbye, sweet friend. I think Scott is nice too. out of jealousy that he couldn't eat oh my god, I feel a little bad, I just kept it.
inside a professional baker s home kitchen nyt cooking
It's there as a little three-minute snack that you could make for us. Yes, is it okay that it doesn't have pineapple candy? scott, okay, no wonder I love carbs, so I have a secret stash of cookies at any time. These are graham crackers that taste like graham crackers but not as sweet, so the nice thing about being a food stylist and recipe developer is that I always have these. like extremely complicated things in my fridge if I don't have bacon jam it's something like pineapple candy it's something like canned truffles I needed for a session I don't know I might have an herb I could throw in there too look you add some herb to something and you automatically make it more elegant, you wouldn't know there was leftover in a cookie, cheers, yes, cheers, corn, ricotta and bacon, you're welcome, corn and bacon together, ricotta is like the fun friend that I invite to all the parties because they are going to like to improve it.
I really love that about Ricardo. I understand. We can go? Yes, I'm not ashamed of you looking at them. Come on, this


is truly a workhorse. because it's my kitchen at


, I mean, I cook dinner and breakfast and whatever, but it's also where I develop recipes, do photo shoots, and when on photo shoot days, you know, there could be eight of them in here. to ten different dishes, so many kitchens have a lot of unusable things. space, so I have a lot of stuff like in the back where you wouldn't use that counter anyway.
I loved this when I was a kid. It's absolutely horrible. I loved it when I was a child. You'll notice it was in the back. the cabinet and not looking at so many glass jars, part of the reason is that I use them for storage, but I also have very specific jars for certain drinks, so like an espresso shot, I could use a shot glass or champagne glass here. jars, they're not all for alcohol, although I swear all the rings are down here when you use a lot of jars, you have all the tips of the jars.
Oh, my husband is obsessed with sharpening knives, so these are all his sharpening tools, these are his stones. some thermometers my label maker because you can't catch me without a label maker this little thing makes sprouts this is the salad spinner that every person who lives in an apartment needs to have because it's so small and I make my herbs here and they will dry much faster and He's the right size for a bunch of herbs, that's great, maybe one of the most accomplished culinary


s I've ever met. We have a lot of tools, but we're not fans of tools either. that they only do one job for the most part, this little thing makes sprouts, we also have this horrible list of things that aren't really practical for us, but that we want to have, and one of them we finally splurge on and get it. next room okay, let's see yes, it's a vacuum sealer wait here, I'm coming, I'll take it to you, it's very impractical, but we use it, we use it all the time and we keep it in its hiding place where no one needs to know that I Okay, what's next what we were on, oh, this is where I keep all my dishes and also all my dried mushrooms.
A lot of things are duplicated because this kitchen is really a workhorse, so same with the dishes, it seems like a lot of dishes. but on any given day it is not normal for everyone to be there like this. Clearly, I emptied the dishwasher in preparation for your arrival, so this goes hand in hand with my philosophy of finding unused space and finding a way to use it to make it so. I'm not going to use that space, so hang the KitchenAid accessories there. I'm always mixing basically one of my favorite kitchen utensils and not just because I'm kind of an arsonist, I'm always mixing, I'm always setting things on fire back there. my baking tools and there are a couple particularly fun ones worth showing off.
You get to the bottom of a ketchup bottle like it's nobody's business, you don't shake that bottle anymore. Everyone gets one of these little spatulas, but I wasn't prepared. There is a surprise around every corner. I'm kind of a tchotchke person so I have like a lot of very sentimental things this was a cookie cutter that my grandmother gave me there's a family recipe that we have for sugar cookies they have a small amount of spices like a whisper of spices like spices and These were the cookie cutters that your grandmother used to make when she was young.
I keep it there as one of the things that helps me remember why I love food and baking. Oh, more cream puffs, puffins all day. This is this little corner where I keep my ruler that I use. a lot into baking, my mom's dad was a carpenter and he made these, want to guess what he does? Do you know what he does? We have the cream puffs here so you can do it a few different ways, but wow and then! This sets him back. I did this when I was working on my first book inspired by Downton Abbey.
In fact, where the cook works on Downton Abbey, there was this amazing wooden thing that probably held like five dozen eggs and I thought, Oh my God! have something like that, so I worked with a wood maker on etsy to make this and he asked me how many dozen eggs you wanted to hold and I told him three dozen, although he usually has four or five dozen because we'll stack the eggs like this. As a


, it's very important to always have eggs at room temperature and that's what it's here for and a lot of people say it's okay to have so many eggs at room temperature and I say use them all. in another two days, so yes, it's okay for them to be at room temperature, eggs or butter, which do you think you use more?
It's a tough question, I'm sure I use a lot of butter, like this week and it wasn't there. even here for part of this week and we had to order 15 pounds of butter right now in the house there are nine dozen eggs in total, a lot of things come out of this house it's really good to be my neighbor where do you keep everything? of your ingredients, that's a good question, there's not a lot of space in the kitchen for them, so there's a couple of stashes in here, sugars and like some alternative flowers, there's that label maker and then I keep a lot of ingredients on the counter. since that one is used frequently I like to make infused salts and that is the pink salt that we sometimes grate when guests come over sometimes it's fun like an interactive album you're making me come out very extra here you like it you can basically review someone's salad and just make it like freshly ground pepper, it's the same thing, but with salt and they are so pretty too.
I also converted this thing that probably wasn't supposed to be used for this, but turned it into a pantry. Is this your HVAC system? Yeah, I'm definitely coming across as a hoarder, like I'm realizing that more and more, but you know what it is like you all live in New York City in these tiny closets, like your apartment probably looks like that. Is this your apartment? So you know, yeah, it seems like I had a lot of stuff, but that's because I live in the magical land known as New Jersey, where the houses are bigger and I have a driveway.
I really feel like now my family will see this and like be worried about me or something and we haven't even gotten to all the plates and we refill another cream puff break how many cream puff breaks is too many cream puff breaks this is my baby refrigerator the smeg there is cake cardboard cake circles and my cake turntable and this is a jar of cake weights everyone thinks they are sweet and I wish they were because I wish I had the kind of kitchen that had cute things in it just because a lot of days ago this is totally empty because where you have like 13 cake bases baked, so anyway you have normal things that everyone has in their house, like a rack because I do a lot of photo shoots here in my house.
I have these cabinets, this is when it's actually something I used to call it. my giggle box was all my cake decorating supplies, but it's a real tackle box, but I put piping tips and other things in them. Laughter box ice cream melts very quickly, so these are like food styling tricks to give the photographer something. to focus and we could frame I would like and he would focus on that later to get the angle right and then I would go in and get the ice cream and we would be set, I don't actually collect a lot of cake stands, I mean I know there are still a lot of them here , but look at my 20k, this is called a cake safe, they're like little cake cones, but they're made of porcelain and then there's the baking cabinet and that's the last one.
I swear, cake pans, cake plates, bread pans, muffins on muffins, on muffins, it's called a party pack, at the top you'll see my spreading rack when we moved here, I told my husband the only thing what I wanted was a rack completely of sprinkles I do this big gingerbread house decorating party every year for the neighborhood kids this is literally like a bag of Christmas sprinkles that's a French product that's a French fry cutter that was a gift that it was a gift is absurd I'm a hoarder I'm ashamed and also proud and also proud it's beautiful, so I think it's like that thank you for coming into my kitchen today thank you for showing me that I may have a problem but above all I'm excited to give it to the people at a glance To know what it's like to work outside your


as a food


, you have to find the balance between making it your home and feeling like yourself, but also a place where you can do many things, and that's what my kitchen is for me. so thank you for coming you are welcome as long as you come often you know where I live you will come back bye oh brimley is very worried that you are leaving

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