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Insane Military Pull Up record

May 31, 2021
Yes, today we are going to go through the main tests where we are testing all of our soldiers like twice a year and that is just to measure their physical ability so that they know what they have to work on to become stronger, faster, more explosives. the tests that we are going to do we are going to start with a 3 rm deadlift and that is not based on body weight at all, no, no, no, we are having the same expectations for everyone, for everyone, your kit is not every Maybe it's easier for someone who is weaker or stronger who has the same expectations yeah, that's good, that's fair, yeah, that should be uh, that should be interesting.
insane military pull up record
I face this beast of a man. The only exercise I can beat you at is


-ups. that will be my only goal, uh, we have pretty high expectations or maybe the brutal bench too, potentially I could be good at that, okay, let's start then, we should, uh, you can, you can go first, I don't need to start with Although this weight , yeah, no, I'm definitely not going to say what your personal best is, yeah, you should try to beat them. My personal best is 230 kilos for three reps, yeah, and my one rep max is 250 kilos, really good.
insane military pull up record

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insane military pull up record...

And in fact, what impressed me the most was your




. You said you did 16 pull-ups with 11 kilos, yes, the last time I took the test, I did all 16 pull-ups, but my personal best in that one is 20. Yes, but now. I'm a little bit heavier so yeah natural bullets will go down yeah yeah I don't even know if I can win the pull ups so this is just my first lift of the day I don't even know what to do. It starts with uh like a hundred kilos. I have no idea about all the other exercises.
insane military pull up record
I know pretty well what to start with. Do you think 100 no, maybe 80 80? Be careful, yes, a little bit of liquid heaven, so yes, before we start we also hope that you do. it starts in a downward position, yeah, but you end up in a straight position at the top, okay, if you stop the air, yeah, okay, okay, yeah, so yeah, feel free to correct my form, because I know that people who watch this video will do it differently. uh so is this wide enough? Yes, more than that you can try and let go. I'll try 20 more kilos.
insane military pull up record
Okay, yes, thank you. What is the minimum requirement? Well here, we are saying that after a year working here we are targeting people who lift weights. 120 three times, okay, and that will be my goal. We usually do this in workout clothes. Yeah, baggy pants is like yeah, yeah, so today I don't think I'm going anywhere. Um, so how many deaths were there? that's 230.   okay, minimum requirements, here we go, it's that easy, your personal best is 140, right, yeah, I think my personal best is 104, I think it was double my body weight, but I don't know, I just I remember it like it's progressively getting a lot harder when you hit those kinds of weights, so you might try it, we have three or three weights, the weight you have to do is 120, yeah, and the next one is 140, okay and, like 162, that's okay and a half, so yeah.
I'll probably go with 140 and then try it if that's the next step. You know, yes, because yes, that would be very easy for you, so yes, I mean, yes, I was going to ask you how much do you think I can climb, but, You have to feel it yourself, so it may seem easy, but it's very heavy , so yeah, so you don't use straps when you lift. No, when we do this, it's not the fastest, but we have some guys that are even stronger and more consistent. faster too, so wow, yes, I think the strongest guy is the one who lifts 310 kilos for one repetition, yes, on the left, 230 in the squat, yes, and 160 in the bench press, and he and he too They can run very fast, yes, so it's like a big Viking.
Yeah, no, bear, just tall and strong, yeah, that guy is scary, okay, oh, okay, next test will be bench press, another one of my favorites, it's one rep max, same thing. Yes, very simple, do you want to start or should I? To start, let's take a stone paper, sister, eh? Should we do it in Norwegian? Okay, so you had to go first? Or yes, that is always the case. I can go the first time, yeah, okay, I mean, it doesn't really matter, it's not like I'm looking at your weight and thinking about what I should lift, so this is 130, yeah, so it's 90 kilos, it should be around from my max, so we'll see how strong I feel crooked and not in the best shape. but I don't really think I can go much higher than that.
I could stay at 90. I try one more lift where you are, yeah I think that's it, yeah what are the minimum requirements though well? minimum, we're already over it, that's about 75. Okay, so yeah, as long as I'm above math, I'm fine, come on, I don't think I'm going to weigh any more because that felt a little out of place with a 140 okay thanks good job you too man yeah this is water it's not gasoline it looks like a gas tank so now it's pull ups yeah I haven't felt any pressure so far but now I'm really feeling the pressure.
The guy weighs like 100 kilos if I can't beat him and my own exercise, yes, next is the maximum repetitions of pull-ups with 11.5 kilos. I can go first so you have something to beat, okay, yeah, I think you'll take me to 30 seconds, oh, 16, uh. It's quite difficult, yes, but that's the difference every day, yes, the platoon


is 2023, yes, so yes, that can be the goal today and who has that record is that it's ours, um, it's the same guy you talked about before, no, no, this. It's different, yes, a different Viking, one, two, three, all the way, come on, come on, come on, 14. come on, come on, come on, thank you, I hope the representatives are strict, yes, let's take a little off, oh, I think it was good. uh you're in charge of you, you're the referee, so yeah, you're 17 there, but you also had some falls, so about 15.
Okay, that's true, well, let's say, just make sure you're as strict with me. , then the question whether with a shirt or without a shirt, wouldn't it be because people are going to say that if I do it with a shirt, people are going to say that he would have won if he had taken his shirt off, so if you beat me without the shirt, then I've really been beaten and no one can complain, so make it fair for both of us because I haven't felt any pressure so far one two three four five six seven eight oh, I've never done it at this weight, you know, I usually do it. do it without weight, where I do it with about 30 or 40 kilos, but it didn't make much difference for me with 11 extra kilos, yes, yes, good job, because I don't think I saw it.
I haven't seen many people as heavy as you do pull-ups that well, so that's impressive, yeah, so if I beat you in the last one, then we'll be even if you beat me, it's another victory for the Telemark battalion, yeah, no pressure, okay, since then. you've started so far I should start the next one, yes, the next exercise I don't look at, it's called in English, but we call it brital bank, yes, you hang upside down on the abs, uh, elbows to the knees, yes, and that is. Basically, yes, your back has to touch the pad.
This is what is normal in this higher exercise. Which is the minimum? The minimum will be around 16 16. It's so that it rains sooner and what you have to remember as well is that you're using this. A little thread here, yeah, okay, you have it behind your head so we don't cheat, since it worked well in the last exercise, I'm going to go shirtless again. Oh, you should have stayed shirtless on the bench. in trouble okay like that yeah okay one two three four five 25 well done well the worst thing is getting out it's strange how the first 20 feel so easy and then suddenly it hits you good thank you I heard you can do 29 like that I'm in trouble, fix the bag one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, I was sure you're going to beat me, this is like DC and then it just stops, yeah yeah well good job youtube man.
I guess it's the tie, uh, yeah, we're just slime on this side, although you guys smoked me in the last video, so at least I got tired, this time it gave me some confidence, you know? But they actually said that, sometimes they also row as part of it and if we had rowing then they would definitely win, so I'm glad we didn't do wrong. I never thought I would be able to do a collaboration with you and it's all thanks to Andreas who connected me and I mean, I had high expectations for this and I think yeah, all my expectations were exceeded, it was much better than expected.
I've done so many cool things now that when I get back to my normal life, everything will be better. It seems so dark, I might become an alcoholic or something because I've been so emotional these last few hours, but yeah, thank you guys so much for letting me come here, I mean, it's been, I think, the best thing I've ever done. We all enjoyed you being here and giving us a challenge, so we want to give you this, oh wow, can I use this because I'm not like one of you? Well, am I going to look like it?
But now, aren't you going to look like a tool walking around with this? So it's very important that you wear it when you're walking or even when you're climbing, just so you can show a little bit of belonging. Also, I mean a curious fact, my family is from Telmark, that's where mit comes from. Oh, it's actually in Telemark, so it's my roots. I mean, if you guys say okay, I'm definitely using this, no doubt anyone. I'm going to bother enough   um, so yeah, if you want to see what they do, go to Foxford. No   they also have a YouTube channel where you can check out all their stuff.
Thank you all so much   for watching, be sure to like and subscribe. as always and see you next time

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