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INFIELES T-3 | Amarte duele Ep.50

Jul 09, 2022
bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad how are you friends start my name is luis rodríguez welcome to a new episode of infidels today we are more than happy because we are in oaxaca as well as listening I have been told that for here there are many infidels if you want to know the faces you already know that in knowing this video friend where you buy from your blog if you want it from there do not look and I am seeing that it is no glory has them where you buy them all in French and romantic I have never I had a boyfriend who gave me hello kitty balloons who feels like a friend to have that fortune that blessing of having a thoughtful name by your side that makes you aware that you fear me even for what and not a friend not a friend because you are going back with your ex boyfriend for that true by detail we are seeing it was abraham and I would like him to return with me throne oh oh it depends to see why they ended up you were unfaithful no he was not faithful friend and why are you lying to me that already it happened how long ago we were three years three years ok in three years what happened in your life in your mind that you left her I'm going to be unfaithful to my girlfriend who has been my girlfriend for three years because there was no chemistry anymore I think you It makes you think that now there will be chemistry if not before the good thing is that in itself well I was like frustrated frustrated frustrated you're not frustrated anymore and now what happened to make you stop being frustrated let's say now I'm going to do what I want in life and work on a project and right now we are meeting because we are talking, that is, it is like the one who understood me the most gives me clarity, all clarity, that is, you want to be with her because you feel good being with her if there is a friend now let's go United in Calcutta so that you don't have a friend in those three years, what you expect is that he's unfaithful, he's not going, he didn't tell you, you found out, no one found him trapped, because you were surprised by his cell phone and what he had, well, he had conversations with me Many girls and at that moment you left him or you forgave him, you doubt it, you read the benefit of the doubt, I almost didn't leave today how one does to seize that strength because really, when they apply it to one, then a seasoning in love who thinks of forgiving him And how long ago was that, three years ago, the bear was young, listen, and what's up, did you think about coming back or you're not going to be here because you need to keep your body warm? before we had already planned how many children they are going to have 22 is a thing of the past and tell and how many are there witnesses right now it will not be anything it is that until now that it became good for him we will talk again but first what do you think if I offer you 50 pesos for The minute you let me check the cell phones I don't know how many girls you have conversations with these girls 2 to the movies with how many girls Bisbal zócalo and you give it away little flowers and a balloon I almost never leave her house except when I It's almost more than three or less, that is, he's dated three girls since I broke up with her, like two, no no, since you broke up because in three years, that is, you can see the lie more in three years, he won't go out when he does, friend Do you think that Pablito has something on his cell phone?
infieles t 3 amarte duele ep 50
If you would like us to find out, what is Pablo like? 50 pesos a minute. That the lady decides or not, Pablo Renata, what does the public say with whom we are first, with Pablo, with Renata, with Pablo, very well, where the captain is in charge, the sailor does not govern, Pablito, let's check your cell phone, no more messenger, Pablo, neither you nor I, name and what would you have? three years work work work but ok ah well here I can see many photos of your work in that at least this sincere friend is doing because you cover yourself with the balloon you are ashamed that they had with him Pablo right with the infidel of the pub what if not You're a lion, no, it's worth these photos without a shirt to whoever sends them here in the shirts, friends, these roads, these photos without a shirt, if they take a photo, no, ok, these photos of this girl in mind, she looks black, she's even that, she's very curvaceous whose touching the book is because the competition came to you who is an acquaintance acquaintance what is her name andrea andrea you knew where she told me right now that you take photos of her and victim andrés what can you tell us about those photos victims that there is also a friend that I am you looked bad no I said that by cell phone yes or no these photos or the screenshots to photograph him that is I don't think these others send them to him or that the purchases for olives no these others are things that the girls upload to their instagram eric and as well as everything that is called the subscription to have your photos on your cell phone and what do you do with these photos you send them to a friend that is, you are the official distributor of escap within the friends of this girl that is The relationship is going down, he asks you to send photos to the crumbs and if he asks and if he asks you, you send them to your friend, your niece and those three years you have a single son and for example if you return you will take care of the blessing look at him who is to speak better out there where not much messenger entered if you like we can go to the movies to eat and then to walk downtown here if nobody watches you or tv so nobody knows each other or would you like to do something else what I'm telling you, it's just a suggestion, but well, tell me who said that, thanks, beautiful, you know, hey, if you need something and I can gladly do something like when you come to Oaxaca, I invite you to take a walk. the check ok well it seems that I am finding you from all friends who go a friend that you met where she was flying needs I thought she would not write me where you are handsome see the look rather if she wanted to say she wanted we will have this meeting that we agreed this time but in what What time will you be and your days to find out and that we leave together how sad it is for you they leave together is that we had to see each other at the exit let's say or the one at night but if you come it seems great to me of course baby give it to me from rich again that means that if he is still rich and sometimes you knew friend but do not get so Pedro Pablo because then you just put up with two sticks and I want you to do that to me last time what he did to you what he did to you Instead of the finger, something you liked that the demands that they had made provided you with the finger to give it until dawn again, baby, you'll see, baby, I'll leave you like Bambi, you know how, oh yes please, and you carry me like the other time I lay down Today I felt equally burdened, so you left your cap in the apartment, well, it's mine if you don't stain it, if I was looking for it in my house, I have it right, whatever you say, daddy, not like this, friend, I know it's embarrassing to be with this, so what we do hear your neighbor does not say anything about the noise or s and they made a lot of noise and I've seen myself in action I think the dne touched me when I heard the screaming so much that that's it nobody has you I think you too and noisy because he likes it noisy according to what it says here someone please define me I was pretending to be fluent and well I'm going to get out of here the truth is that we're going to get out of here because well for renata to drink it's your truth the same choro you not you put me on helped the painter with colors I wish we could catch up oh friend like who samantha to a friend from mexico oh friend how did you meet but good to have a friend let's go with your cell phone to see what we find let's see here nothing more 8 or quickly it's that I found it at dawn or at least to dry me I put Silvia in trouble with Carlitos who is Sylvia I make trouble with Carlitos or I know they're going to have a threesome no no no I just give Carlitos something and this your perennial is called Carlitos haha ​​I'm in trouble and it's not for nothing but they say it feels cool because I did the silvia that still Squeeze, we won't be 20, but in my bow so you can learn the dance if you're not going to take a bath, I was in a frenzy, it's rare to find someone who provokes that only with their mouths that she provokes only with her mouth and with her little head inside we play mathematics give you a tamale hug like a tamale hug with the meat to corner or a cage hug we add the bed we no longer subtract the height and we subtract so as not to multiply them a massage and sleep like a baby says don't look down at Unless it's when you listen to this site, the lights are fine, checkout, we'll hand over your cell phone, it feels like an intruder is coming and you get dressed or your face, money, friend, no, but it still hasn't been, it sounds the same, they're not dating yet, either still or are next is wanting to return friend renata let's go with your cell phone it will be super fast you already saw and look if I win 500 pesos renata I don't think you have something worse than what we found in Pablo or yes yes yes the viewpoint 500 no more for giving me the phone Do you think that Renato has something worse than what we found for you, that is, we don't want to, but we found you, but it's good, but then what could she have because she doesn't want the phones?
infieles t 3 amarte duele ep 50

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I'm going to cancel my offer 500 at 1,500 at 2 500 at this and I'm not telling you that Pablo is you, well, no, he didn't tell me anything, it was three years ago, three years ago, I ask you, I have been with you for five months. you get involved explain to me this is causing more than five months inverted post fallen definitive surprise to come you told me that they do not have a surprise because your mind you get into them they had not seen each other until today but it is inverted well how is she going to tell me that she He didn't leave a cell phone magazine, I don't know what he had in there, well, how come he's going to make an appointment with this guy? losing friends does not happen nothing I know it's very painful and uploading everything I wanted to Canada there are friends without their rough loads and friends but don't get like that friend it's not worth it and what do we do let's breathe is that there was no friend don't follow them anymore in vigo they are not worth it really that you have to go through this oh friend I am very sorry that I have before it is very sad and when we put all our hopes all our illusions in a person and I don't know why that happens but really when You fall in love, I mean, you fight all the kilos and really of dreams, old man, you dream of your children, dreams of a perfect world and you live a reality, you know, but suddenly you realize that everything you believed, everything you felt, everything you That person told you that he felt for you, well, it's a lie, it's rubbish, it's something that never existed and that rude awakening, well, if it's horrible, it's very sad, but believe me, those kinds of things are what help us grow as people. they help us to learn to know what we want to know how to give her a place and to know what we deserve I just hope that for real because he looked very hurt I just hope that he doesn't go and look for her and let himself not be wrapped up in his lies you know why sometimes he Love makes us put on a blindfold and I didn't see anything I didn't see anything it didn't happen they weren't together too that's part of Christmas with him she where are you going with weeks where are you going m where else irvin khoza chanted because they have stretched out running when something hides how long have they been together we are going to be two years old two years they live together and what signs are sagittarius there are two territories it never happened to me in my life and how is a relationship like this how often do we do it brother not daily and who is the that begins with the one that is approaching limitations and listen to you and I give it to you so celebrating something like that that detail where they met we met for more than 15 years and they had never done anything suddenly because because I fell I know and so until they hear, well, look, it is a very cool dynamic where you can earn money, this means that for every minute I had, you can check your cell phone, well, you will earn 50 pesos, if it is 10 minutes, it is 500 pesos, but why not?
infieles t 3 amarte duele ep 50
If you bring it, it's because someone who got very nervous when we arrived, no, we don't have a cell phone, at least we don't have to hide anything. I felt or did not feel if one realizes and breathes in the air, well, friends, well, I am very pleased that you continue to enjoy your relationship. I hope your heart that they are truly faithful and if not, then take this as a sign of life in a way to warn you it is going very well well, a great pleasure friends ok well let's see they are a couple but they look good little ones no yes I don't know you are a couple right ladies were holding the and no longer let's see you the ones that there are good Both of them but they are but they come together who I know who of the girl you were not saved attract children training no no no ok it goes where I do not see that you are a couple right I already saw them kissing grabbing enjoying the mess look what urba externalized and it They were a little blunt friends this kept the truth if they leave I'm going to think that they are lovers to meet up we really stay to see friends because everyone tells me that you and because your wife continues to decrease you are a couple who feels that they deny it still or not what's your name friend miriam miriam and your blood miriam and sandy hey and why why why do we have to see starting there because it's andy says my daughter is not his girlfriend no because we will see you running they come running to me because I don't know we owe all your daily daily programs we already more or less know your dynamics they discovered us but let's see when one is still that on the track in the open with sauce one thinks no while of the programs that you and I add yes one day rodríguez arrives at the lists, he asks him, that is, he decreed it to his friend, he brought him there with him, he listens to the words of the witches and that since they reached the conclusion that there would be noso much problem for it so much for me there was no problem if you already know you we find a pleasure that yes they have read us read shake ya bojan and who else feeling the voices said read and if you find out that she has done something to you leave her yes yes and you I would like to know and your friend would like to know if through this field hijole I think that if here I would not like to know a lot of people I know although they already know but they are done it will be very fast it will be very fast they will see that we are seeing the cloth not to pass this one pass it is in whatsapp deleting conversations know no no I am not conscious let's see you review it because this one has things to hide I already saw it in your eyes who is my princess hearts today love you come with me hey we'll eat get money By beat, hey, but what is it?
infieles t 3 amarte duele ep 50
I just tensed my head and it started to hurt. You're pregnant. Cristóbal came to agree but he always brings his tick. e because almost that this last name is called so very sleepy too I am the same by mistake I called you like I called you by mistake and sends you little monkeys in Mexico and the world a little monkey covering his mouth is a sign of coquetry because commandments don't give you Don't worry or see anything today where the exam is as soon as a cookie arrives I better owe you a side and you send him a purple heart you knew you like men too no if I look at it not only me don't forget drinks and the same no if not You know that if I finished you just finished English emoji with baby he's healthy covering his eyes what does this mean I don't know how it isn't no but he's present like that girl and hair that we'll see each other tonight thank you very much I know what my princess did who It's Carla and because we see hearts, she's also a very good friend of mine.
Good morning a thousand times with Andrea, who are being or lino, I was little, neither did I, where did you go yesterday that you didn't go to school? Not today, today isn't from school. 250 t Cristóbal also because he calls you baby and you are also very close friends of hers only us baby and they write to expose in a case and I said that if all of them I am a doctor not only us what happened do you have something no baby why why don't you tell me mind that you were angry You're the best, you didn't say goodbye, I'm still here where you're good, but you're busy here, you're not leaving, I'm going where I don't have a battery, I have your girlfriend stay with Cristóbal. red you're welcome how are you fine baby and you and those little pink hearts have already evolved and that heart is now a heart with fire well baby and you well see hey you still have the case you still don't see I'm getting myself oh how good baby my girlfriend just comes baby Thank you baby no we already met I sent what happened haha ​​she's my sister oli handsome he's not just anymore baby now be pretty and it's that I feel your gaze or am I wrong but not a faithful one sometimes yes ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha fight you but then you don't turn around for sure because it would just be another thing that later they end up saying hello to him and ha ha I know why you say it because I have looks that are kind of angry all the time but that's not how my face is haha ​​I love you but I do miss it from before that is the same as before if we get along very well conversation contains specifically the new one is seen with Christ if he continues to carry you not being as before or the precious and since when the conception for about four or five years since four or five years however the conversation is from March 14, 2022 the new hello precious how have you been all that precious how much do I owe you haha ​​ok I know you are about to have a leg amputated because you are hammering too well we deliver your cell phone and we delivery of yours also that it feels that an intruder is arriving in the cell service nothing very calm to earn money to leave as much money as here I am seeing here that people are very good at deleting it is very good And it annoys me if I told you from the beginning that I was saying my love to my friends you are couples yes yes you are a couple there are no friends and I saw you kissing or here they come here today to see tell me to talk to talk to gossip about who all year round and who don't have a partner are tourists here says that old woman you're talking about me you're lying to me if you're talking about me yes no adri that his name is insurance today in panxón right I can imagine it panxón I don't know Why if it doesn't even go so far I'm not going to describe it here abroad if you have someone to tell you about your son I would like to formalize bring yes no and I unmask it here well to see if it's worth it or not because if it's not better to realize what kind of person he is sooner rather than later if one already falls in love well friends well keep enjoying go see which couple they think 6 field these garden hello how are you friends how handsome are you doing they come from work they come from the 70 tourists and they live like this and what's up They are a couple and now more or less like us it is more or less they are couples that I don't quite know how long we've been together friends 8 it costs you said 8 yes and who have to be made to forget the facts because there is always an optional clueless she doesn't exist I'm sure doing the correcting emotion normal and what do you think friend his confessions he says that you are exaggerating what I understood he says that you read doing motion I had the favorites the basses for today like the mara salvatrucha with reason your ego is afraid of abbas jesus jesus jesus and mara well, ours is very much my name is luis led and in effect the dynamic that i have offering you today is 50 pesos per minute that you allow yourself to check the cell phone who feels like a teacher today youtube I mean, he's flirtatious, so I mean, if I were to tell you, it's that in the midst of which we develop, what do they do?
He's a producer. I'm an artist or not, a singer, he sings like this with what genre that father bayona trembles, angel ag uilar ok but he covers himself well you are one of those who is editing the video and sees when the panties are sent to him he is such the chicharrón photo composition good more commercial no yabalía brico personification of commercial points in cat no good on some occasions notice that Well, it's kind of reserved because, for example, an air stay but with specific clients for a brand and never a lie, they've never offered you tambos but in exchange for professional sessions or Jesus then he's faithful that's fine and you think Jesus marc is unfaithful to you exaggerates if we are in trust we have gone from spear but I think that I do want to trust him the truth is that he may know they said among you with whom we compensate we both compensate is that you know that there is something very interesting to the super well unlocked because Let's see how long you think would be the optimal time that the relationship has already invested, I don't know. if you had when you will start therapy today tijuana tijuana therapy today that we are both therapy for three months see if you and I were three months with your partner would go to therapy because you are not cooking better leave the relationship I don't know it is very fast because of the same work together the product that you finish password again friend is that this is a symbol or that we are going to see first of all who are you looking for carla juan carlos reyna who is my brother there is no higher place than being at the feet of the lord in a relationship with you like in a relationship with you because what does it mean does someone know how typical this is in a relationship with you that does not mean that it is related to this profile and your brother has a relationship with you is that you did not have that is he says say let's see no more I am understanding friend it is your moment to be are you unfaithful or I am not faithful but well it is honey but it has a relationship with the android because let's see no no because if you institute it expensive nothing else but you already saw the profile It doesn't seem strange to you, he's very handsome, look, write why, but let's see, you're very nervous, no, what a friend or know passwords, but he has taken away my relationship for four media minutes, no, it's not the chest to see, you have a heart and why not?
You have a black heart as if in mourning, as if love has already died, ok, beautiful, how do we see this today, good morning, my heart, more or less, I can't sleep because you can't sleep; to eat because at last I am going to port for an event and I could not take you because it is something fast because with more reason I do not know if it is a round trip thing it is continuous or not what happens when it is a work plan therefore it is moved So, as I say, he has another commitment the next day here, one more than in the afternoon-night I returned, oh wow, today's agendas, you hadn't told me anything who you're going with something unexpected, you know how it is, your relaxation, I'm affectionate and the more understanding but you s You know I don't trust you at all and even less if I don't go you know that I behave well it's just a work wave where are you rehearsing in the morning I danced singing if you already know bolatti 24 o'clock beautiful well yes but not because of the work trip because there they are not the 24 electric ones that this space does not but it is something fast andrés a thousand more days and also well at least more pregnant never again something once a month although with the pain with the bridge so that you with certain instead of making you feel Worse, I mean, you have to agree to bring him little chocolates, a wet washcloth on his tummy, so he feels that yesterday we left a country that doesn't want another one again, down there we're going to walk, oh Jesus, you can't treat me nice for once in your life I love you but these things are not done you are very rude the tits are pretty and they leave you tell them something and they make a fart how to understand them well if it is not plotting the wrong things so they don't leave you I don't have them we don't get along so badly but the normal of a relationship singing friends you are staying our future is not treating me nice because it already says that 932 nice to what happens that for any detail it takes away what because if it came five minutes ago from tumors but it's me I'm here you go out with your hands in my days you say I already burned you in pastures because of the detail of affection, you're welcome, you know I like details to stop another, it doesn't escape me.
The league says if they give you or starting from your cell phone who feels that a friendly intruder is coming, you want to finish 400 positions tc ok we will pass with your cell phone it measures about 400 pesos, let's see, look, pay more attention to all these people, we're going to stay here Like some, I don't know, it's perfect to make money for free, the better for you, the more 50 pesos in my opinion, well, either friend has been commenting, friend, are you fine? quick friend because we already saw that the others use theory everything here can't be emotional if I find it heart it's because you have to love or single because it's a spirit of peace because for her there is Valencia and the sector but how professional you can't even see his face down mariana another daiana spirit is you love to have writing about the girls here and here what was happening about very strange video once there hold hands with another what will happen but what It's different I'm a man because men can and women can't but the hand is not a woman too but we are doing something wrong, that is, if the boyfriend of the girl whose hand you grabbed had come, if my friend had stopped by to see I'm going to show you something I hope it was with you if the hotel decorated ok as I have nothing else there I miss it and yes, for example a lover available from now on with a super promo is very nice and super accommodating in the area of plaza bella and its surroundings he likes the services late what can you say about it young man at work pretty with interest he was nice clients with hearts you hurt me when you talk like that don't do this to me nice hello precious precious how are you how is your day going my love without that copper mouths I can't see it well so I was saying my love friendship together September October November December January February March April May is from 2021 and that's what it says here 25 years let's see I accepted the phone but you told me to show me uriarte meta body and everything at 24 years old is for a casting we were doing of a voice for a band these photos help men because if not why would I say hello daddy I need some photos that only you can do with us that only you can do 'not with a full schedule but we see that you have to meet some requirements and I have what is necessary is a little field please I promise that it will be worth it because it will be worth it is n Normally, what do you like or how would you like the session?
She deleted messages, well, a few photos of my rich little body to her and further away other times and I don't respond now that I did nothing, normal session or with laws, I don't have sponsorship, I just bought some rings, I think You're going to like it, it was expensive and I can pay for it Little purple devil with a matic body or if you liked it or not hahaha I say photo René Soto Estefanía we try to improve things try you have it for a niece if she's going to play pretty you'll go well white mariachi never I had yelled, this is where I leave from nobody, I had gone through everything like you have done, well, these days we have to repeat these are emails uc to me, to be with you in port those days when that was it. to efe my list of 24 hours is trying it in 3 d therapy and the truth is not wrong and no longer from a boyfriend of his age and other friends also 1 very pretty friend very young really I know I feel like or now and they promise you things but there comes life is very expensive if you like what you do you don't need anyone to fulfill your dreamsreal friends, I know that he was fired without finding more work, but it was good luck migrating yourself as a person, you have to know the value it has right now, not later, if not to get something else, you know, that is, that is what he does with all of his promises projects tells them that something is going to happen and she is kaim in her babies you know or is it the way she does it or have you done something truly important with him in these eight months has he reached a place where he does not see including your You really need to get there alone, that is, and you do it because they work wisely.
They take advantage of people with illusions who have dreams who want to reach great places, but at that moment, you can't even deny, you know, they're going to tell you that there aren't many times, they're going to take you out a lot. On the one hand, you have to keep going and you have to keep making an effort, you have to keep fighting. On the other hand, really training, that is, it is never too late. There is nothing better than achieving things by yourself and on your own merits without having to be owing anything to anyone or depending on anyone and nothing by my side I know it's painful but really whether or not you forgive them and less for that reason it's like that it's because of your work not because of your career don't stain Ready friends, I'm not really saying that, that is, he does it with everything and nobody has given him any important project, something that I saw in the messages, so if that's why everyone with the remote control, the friend doesn't need it and more where It is known what he is doing, do you think it will be worse than it was now, oh, friend, they just took the next one from you, really, really, because you want him, he is not handsome, he is not sending millionaires, but to defend what has something good and friends.
I am very sorry that you realize yes, but days per hour but imagine friends of the three of us I feel bad mood ok oh friends well what I tell you without a doubt everything gets very ugly no I know that many of us want to achieve well things sometimes but really I do tell them that I have done it cost me work and the truth is that for me it is the years and I said when I know someone that I am going to have an opportunity you know how but if you keep knocking on doors and keep making an effort and if you keep giving the best of yourself They do not say that progressing in the work you have but the attitude with which you do it and I think that is where the difference is but really it is going to take the risk it is very nice to get things programmed my dears we have reached the end of this episode that without a doubt has made us question many things, tell me which are the twenties that fell to you today I have in the comments that I am giving you a big heart do not forget to subscribe and activate the justifications bell so that you know when a new video is posted see you in the next bye

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