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Indie World Showcase 11.14.2023 - Nintendo Switch

Nov 17, 2023
Hello everyone and welcome to the independent


. I'm Amber and I'm Andrew. We've got another


packed with


games headed to the Nintendo Switch system, so without further ado, let's get into it. Hello, I'm the creative director of Mat Boan. At Way Forward and I'm Aon ban, the creator of Shante, in 2001 we began development of a sequel to Shante for the Game Boy Advance. It was never completed, but we always hoped that one day we could go back and finish it now, more than 20 years ago. We later reunited the original development team to complete the Lost Shante game.
indie world showcase 11 14 2023   nintendo switch
Shante Advance Risky Revolution is coming to Nintendo Switch and we can't wait for you to play it after 20 years. This long-lost half-Genie platforming adventure is back and ready to grant some wishes you have Andrew I mean, obviously I wish Shant's Signature Hair Whip attack would be granted naturally, but think big, okay, How about magical dances that allow me to transform into different animals with greater unique abilities? How about completely rearranging the settings by changing the foreground and background? to solve puzzles and find new ways to progress, now you're talking. Additionally, for the first time in the series, up to four players can battle it out on the same screen in a local multiplayer battle mode.
indie world showcase 11 14 2023   nintendo switch

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indie world showcase 11 14 2023 nintendo switch...

Wow, I didn't even want that. Embark on this revolutionary, once-lustful adventure when Shante Advance's risky reol solution arrives on Nintendo Switch next year, drawn by a mysterious artifact. You will find yourself stranded in an ancient cavern filled with relics and wonders. Gather resources as you explore procedurally generated biomes to uncover secrets. In this long-forgotten


, there are tools to create crops, grow pets, create bases to build, and monsters to fight during your underground adventure. You don't have to go it alone, however, as up to eight players can work together in online multiplayer to explore the underground world.
indie world showcase 11 14 2023   nintendo switch
Assign your own character skills, upgrade your tools and armor, and prepare to face the lurking titans. An endless cavern is ready to be explored in Corke Keeper, diving into Nintendo Switch next summer. CH Games Are AO. A seaside mystery awaits you in this narrative life Sim. With a little investigation mixed in as intrepid young detective Diana explores the charming town of Borgo Marina, hitting the beach, hanging out with friends, playing in the games room or kicking back and relaxing fishing, how do you spend your summer? You, um, isn't there a masked threat on the loose? Oh yeah, about that, use your investigative and interrogation skills to get to the bottom of this mystery.
indie world showcase 11 14 2023   nintendo switch
Collecting clue cards along the way will help you deduce who the threat behind the mask really is. Play your track. cards right and you might just have a vacation you'll never forget in your queue Launches on Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive next year She has lived in these woods but it all fell apart when her brother was taken the prophet was born death lo giving him unique protection against this curse many restless nights spent to perhaps reveal the unfortunate fate of his brother a fairy tale world is being devastated by the howl a sinister plague spreads through sound alone only a deaf prophet can find the cure and break Bring peace back to this kingdom, use your weapons and your wits to progress in this popular turn-based tactical queue.
Illustrated in a vivid ink art style, you'll need to be more than one step ahead - six steps, in fact - plan your moves in advance by predicting the enemy's actions as you write your own prophecy plot your route carefully find secret paths and unlock new abilities , all with the goal of saving the villagers from the clutches and howling of wolves comes to the Nintendo Switch system later today there will also be a free demo. available on Nintendo ESOP Hello, we are soul line Studio, our new game, the stam El, is a narrative adventure puzzle game.
We, PR, use photography to explore impressive settings. Behind every object, painting and photography lie fascinating stories waiting to be discovered to highlight the difference between reality and memories, in addition to capturing the fleeting essence of T itself, we chose photography as the theme of our game. We wanted to use a more intimate, Heartfield interactive experience to convey the personal emotions and struggles that are deep in our hearts. We are waiting for you, we are all looking forward to it. to interpreting the star's name, and the photographs and memories they contain tell a moving story of love and understanding in this unnerving narrative.
Adventure as a young photographer use the in-game camera to take photographs of the hand-drawn world around you by solving puzzles to help discover the truth about your mother's absence. Overcome the challenges of recreating old photographs and reconstructing history. Use those snapshots to go back in time and shed new light on the moments when the photographs were taken. Discover the beauty of the star called EOS. change next spring here's an oddly specific question: what if expertly packing a bag made you more powerful? So every trip to the supermarket would make me exactly a hero, although in the case of this Rog-like deckbuilder, the supermarket is a dangerous dungeon full of enemies to battle allies to find and treasures to find.
I can still be a hero, though yes, bring back the loot you find in the dungeon to help rebuild your hometown. The locals will certainly consider you an excellent hero. Collect hundreds of items with incredible powers and abilities. and organize your backpack to unleash its full potential, find powerful combinations and use the unique abilities of each character to repel the enemies that stand in your way, grab your magical backpack and get ready to have a lot of fun. Inventory Management as Backpack Hero launches on Nintendo Switch later today. Welcome to Future. Osaka, a dystopian cyberpunk world where a group known as the Misa Association is responsible for protecting the city from demon attacks.
One member embarks on this deadly mission, but things soon take an unexpected turn in this 2D action game where you will wield the powerful luminous sword. A demon transformed into a deadly weapon, this sword not only cuts through enemies, but can also interfere with time itself, restoring once destroyed stairs, bridges and platforms to reach new areas. Can you master controlling your sword? demonic? The sword CA cuts on Nintendo Switch as a time exclusive console next spring these hells are a wash with stories come to the sea by Bel told you and I'm doing it I'm coming I must be out of my car yes come to the lighthouse MOA come as fast as Can you hi I'm Joe and I'm the co-founder of Inkle and the creative director of a Highland song and I'm the lead level designer on the game.
A Highland song is about what it feels like to explore the mountains of Scotland and has been directly Inspired by our own wilderness adventures, the remote Scottish Highlands can be beautiful but also harsh and unforgiving if you're not prepared. That balance is something we've tried to capture in the gameplay of a Highland Song, from difficult to fast-paced climbs. Rhythm racing, we are excited for you to immerse yourself in the landscape we have created, get ready to head for the hills, we are on foot playing Frolic through the Scottish Highlands, all roads lead to the ocean in this narrative platform game and over there.
There are many different paths to climb the peaks and traverse the valleys, discovering hundreds of new paths and shortcuts to get to the sea as quickly as possible. The narrative builds and adapts based on the route you take with the sights, sounds and characters you encounter. Affecting the tail, run, jump, climb and climb to your goal to the sound of Scottish folk music. Mark your journey with a Highland song. It launches on the Nintendo Switch system on December 5. Pre-orders begin today at Nintendo ESOP. Explore 100 procedurally generated islands in this creature. dungeon collecting, crawling, deck building, Sim life, so basically all my favorites rolled into one.
Yes, you'll try to become a world-renowned alchemist by exploring islands in the sky, collecting over 60 adorable spirits in compelling card battles in this open world, and then when you're ready to return home, an entire community awaits to help you. relax with crafting items, take care of brewing potions on your farm, decorate your home, make friends with local villagers and who knows, maybe you'll even fall in love, live your life however you choose in the release of Moonstone Island. on Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive next spring hello double blind come on come on everyone Morgan's traveling circus is in town unfortunately their star magician Hattie has gone missing in this investigative visual novel enter an unlikely detective .
Duo, one, a fellow magician, the other, a private. Watch out for an unfortunate attack of Amnesia as everyone investigates Hattie's disappearance. You'll have to combine each character's clues to discover which suspects have been up to their antics with only a limited number of actions at your disposal. You will have to carefully decide which clues. To continue searching for contradictions and the evidence you acquire, review your collection of clues. Learn the stories of each whimsical character you encounter and challenge anyone you find deceptive. The investigation begins when Death Trick Double Blind launches first for Nintendo Switch consoles next year.
A free demo available on Nintendo EHhop later today Exploration is key to unraveling the mysteries of this peculiar solar system. This open-world adventure will have you traversing multiple planets in search of clues, strange signs, and ancient alien texts to decipher, but don't. Don't dawdle, the solar system is trapped in a time loop and each planet changes dramatically as you explore. Delve into an underground city before it is swallowed by sand. Dodge Sky High cyclones and explore a planet collapsing into the black hole at its core. Find the keys to unlock. Discover the secrets of the solar system in the most hidden and dangerous places, plus unravel the deepest secret of them all in the included Echoes of the Eye expansion, grab your Cosmic hiking gear when the Outer Archaeologist Edition of Wilds lands on Nintendo Switch .
Reservations from December 7. starts today on the Nintendo eShop, a physical version will also be available next year. Well Amber, it looks like our time is almost up, but before we go, let's take a look at some more


games coming to Nintendo Switch. Hello, thanks for watching everyone. I hope you enjoyed the games featured in today's presentation. Many thanks as always to our indie community and partners who work hard to bring their experiences to the Nintendo Switch system. Follow our official Indie World account to stay updated on the latest Indie World news. thanks again for watching and as always happy gaming

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