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India Has a SCAM ISLAND!

Feb 27, 2020
The fake gem


here in India is absolutely legendary and today I am going to show you a very special version. These guys operate from a small


in Asia's largest saltwater lake, surrounded by dolphins and migratory birds. It is such a beautiful place but some of the locals are screwing the foreigners and Indians with these fake gems. Come on, let's take a boat. Let's get


med and then find out how much of these gems they are actually selling us. We are getting ready to go look for some dolphins and some birds that I am here with Rakesh.
india has a scam island
We're on the ship now, so the first part isn't really a scam, but they are moving people away from the government ships. They tell you before reaching Satpada to turn left and come here with the really very expensive boats. So I'm paying 1,800 rupees for this trip and the guide, you know. He is very friendly when you think he will come with you. You think you are going to get a guide for that price, but you are not. He drops you off at the boat and then says I have to go. These drivers will take you. He's just a boat driver.
india has a scam island

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india has a scam island...

He is not a guide. So he doesn't even get a guide for that price and the drivers just stopped for lunch. Someone is bringing you a lunch box, literally walking a lunch box across the water here. And now you hear how much voice these engines are making, right? It's so bad, the environment is so bad for the dolphins. Imagine all these boats around the water scaring the dolphins. Yes. This is where the scam begins. They are going to take me to some kind of gem


where they offer these fake gems. Hi how are things? Scammer: Don't you know Hindi?
india has a scam island
Karl: Wow amazing. India is amazing. Oh no pearl. There is no pearl in that one. Where is the man with the pearls? We want to see a pearl. Scammer: Oh yes of course. Maybe you'll get a chance to watch it. Yes, here, here it is really unique to extract ethnicities. Karl: Wow, wow man. It is very beautiful. Scammer: It's a precious metal. It's called pearl. Karl: Pearl. Wow take a picture of this. Hustler: Sold out with a lot, so many charges, but it's only six thousand Karl: only six Hustler: six hundred, six hundred Karl: Ohh, six hundred.
india has a scam island
Scammer: Yes, six hundred only. Karl: Okay, great. Yes, yes Scammer: Would you like to have one? It is unique that extracts are rare Karl: six hundred Scammer: six hundred only only six hundred. You can't get it in jewelry, with this kind of price. Yeah, yeah, just watch it. Scammer: These are natural, so Karl: Awesome! You can give me a discount for two. We are in the chilka lake and I just found two pearls. Amazing! We are going to buy them. Awesome. I cannot believe how lucky we have been here in India. You have more. Scammer: Yeah Karl: Wow you really ripped it, it's so hard to open.
Scammer: It's so hard we have to squash it. Karl: Wow! Con artist: It really is a gem. That was the previous one, it was a pearl, but it is a gem. Whatever Karl: Look how beautiful this is. Con artist: Yes. Yes. It's also transparent, and as you know, it's less shiny, much more transparent. Karl: How much is this worth? Scammer: Yes, two point five thousand two point five thousand. Karl: Wow, if I buy it outside. Hustler: Oh, no, no. If you can buy, if you want to buy abroad, it's like ten thousand, above 10,000, but it sells to us for two point five thousand.
Karl: Wow, I can't believe how lucky we've been to find these amazing gems. Scammer: Would you like to have it? I've run out of money, out of money. Scammer: Does Google Pay? Would you like to pay Karl: I am a foreigner. Scammer: Just take a look. Carlos: No, no. I am happy with my pearls and I like pearls. Swindler: Just to look like Pukhraj. Karl: Oh no, no more no more. Thank you. 1500? OK? Thank you. Bye, we're back and don't actually come to Chilika Lake the way it's been polluted, the way it's been overfished, the way the boats chase the dolphins, it's actually depressing.
So yes, I would not recommend coming here. Maybe the bird side of the lake is better because I heard they don't use the motors there. So maybe that's more peaceful. Maybe that's better regulated than the dolphin side of Chilika Lake. Anyway, let's find a safe place away from these guys and talk about that scam. I couldn't talk about it there because these damn engines are so loud. That was incredible. Literally the first place they took us was to the gem dealer scammer to get more money out of us and I actually had to leave the marina because the guy who sold me the package was just harassing me for more money.
They want you to go to his store and they want you to go eat now and all that anyway. So all they do is get these oysters or clams, pop these fake gems in, and just glue them shut. I took one and I could feel it was solid like it hadn't been opened, but they opened it up and literally glued it shut again. That's their trick and then they pretend to rip it open like it's a new oyster or clam and on that boat I really ripped myself off. That's a damn first time and just goes to show that I can't do two things at once.
So the guy told me 600 per pearl, but I paid him 1500. I thought it was like 800 minus a hundred rupees off. So I've managed to rip myself off as an absolute failure, but I can only do one thing at a time. like, well i was blessed to find this pearl like introducing religion through con like that, absolutely amazing. So let's get on the bike and find a gem expert and find out exactly what we have and how much they're worth. So a funny thing happened when I got off the boat and I was doing a vlog, a guy came up to me and asked, "Are you a journalist?" I'm like nah journalist and then within five minutes the tourist police got there and I thought I'd go up to them and show them the pictures and say do you know this gem scam is happening?
But then you have to think again. The police want those images to see the light of day because this is a jurisdiction, right? They don't want to be embarrassed and maybe even taking some money from these guys. Maybe that's why this scam has been running for so many years, right? So you also have to think about that. So I'll be sure to call the tourist police here and report the scam and see what they have to say about it. That's the thing here like, in Odisha, I don't feel like I can trust the police here because of everything I've read about the Jagannath temple and how they've treated foreigners here in the past, erasing their drone images and taking them away. to the police station just for trying to get into the temple.
They are very, very tough here. And another point here is that I am a single foreigner here, right? I don't know if someone as a witness if something happens or if they delete the footage, right? This. I'm weak when I'm alone like this and they could just delete the pictures and tell me to get lost and then what could I do? Absolutely nothing, but before going to call the police to report this, let's verify that it is actually a scammer that these pearls are fake. Come on. I'm back here in Delhi now guys and this video has taken quite a turn.
I brought those two pearls to Chandni Chowk at the jewelry market there and got them analyzed by two different jewelers. And guess what they are real, but they are actually low quality cultured or cultured pearls. They're worth fifty rupees each, not the six hundred rupees that guy is charging people and will charge and I didn't buy the moonstone, which is 100 percent fake. It's a rock. It doesn't come out of an oyster like that. And in fact, there is an online gemologist on YouTube who went there and brought back these gems and confirms that they are all fake.
I'll put a link to the video of him in the description. So the moral of this video is don't buy gems or precious stones from someone on the street here in India from someone in a lake here in India. They are not giving you a good price even though you know the pearls are found in Chilika Lake. You're not going to get that wholesale price. They are going to scam you and it is very likely that what they sell you is false. Only buy gems, precious stones, gold and all that kind of stuff from reputable jewelers.
Well, there's no such thing as a great deal on the lake. Do you want to support the work I do? Hit that button to join and become a member of the Rock Army channel so you can continue creating content here in amazing India. Long live India.

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