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Dec 19, 2022
first part from San Francisco to London when I was 27 I worked in an office in San Francisco I did my job well and my future was promising I was alone in the world and happy on Saturday afternoons I didn't work I sailed my little sailboat in the Bay of san francisco one saturday afternoon i sailed too far the strong afternoon wind blew my sailboat out of the bay and into the pacific ocean that night when i had given up all hope a small brig brig spotted me and took me aboard the brig was sailing towards London The voyage was long and stormy I worked as a sailor to pay for my voyage when I got to London my clothes were old and dirty I only had a dollar in my pocket with this dollar I ate and slept for the first 24 hours for the next 24 hours no i ate or slept around 10 o'clock the next morning i went to portland place i saw a boy walking by holding a big pair the boy ate a small piece and then t I'll go pear to the street I stopped and looked at a I was


hungry and I really wanted that pair, but e


time I tried to get it, someone passed by and looked at me.
improve your english very interesting story level 3 listen and learn
I quickly turned in the other direction and waited for the person to walk past. I tried over and over again to get it. pair but the same thing happened to me I was desperate I decided to get the pair and not worry about the people who saw me at that moment a man opened a window behind me and said come in here please a well dressed servant opened the door he took me to a beautiful room here two elderly gentlemen were sitting and discussing something important their breakfast was still on the table I was very hungry and I was looking at their breakfast I want to tell the reader that the two gentlemen had made a bet several days before I knew nothing about the BET see you later let me tell you what happened second part an unusual bet the two old gentlemen were brothers for several days they discussed a very strange topic they decided to end their discussion with a bet as the English normally do the following was the subject of the bet the bank England issued two million pound notes each for a public transaction with a foreign country England used one note and the another remained in the bank at this point brother a said to brother b if an honest and intelligent stranger comes to london without a friend and no money except for the million pound note he will starve brother b i answer no i am not ok brother A said if you go to the bank or anywhere else to change this big note the police will put you in jail everyone will think you stole it they continued arguing for days until brother B said I'll bet £20,000 the stranger will live 30 days with the ticket without prison brother a accepted the bet went to the bank and bought the million pound note after returning home and prepared a letter then the two brothers sat by the window and waited for the right man for the BET they saw many honest faces go by but they were not smart enough several faces were smart but not honest many faces were honest and smart but not poor enough it's other faces they were honest smart and poor but they weren't strangers when they saw me from the window they thought i was the right man they asked me questions and soon they knew my


they finally told me i was the right man for the BET i asked them to to explain the bet one of the gentlemen gave me an envelope I wanted to open it but he said no, don't open it now wait until you are in


hotel room and then read it very carefully I was confused and wanted to discuss the issue with them but I didn't they did I felt hurt because I was the object of a joke when I left their house I looked for the couple in the street they had left I was quite angry with those two gentlemen far from their house I opened the envelope I saw that there was money inside I did not stop to read their letter I ran to the nearest place to eat I ate and ate and ate Finally I took out the envelope with the money to pay for my meal I looked at the bill and I almost fainted it was a five million dollar bill that speechless I looked at the note the two gentlemen had made a big mistake they probably wanted to give me a pound note.
improve your english very interesting story level 3 listen and learn

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improve your english very interesting story level 3 listen and learn...

I saw the owner of the eating place staring at the ticket. We were both surprised. I didn't know what to do or say so I just handed him the bill and told him to give me the change please. the owner apologized a thousand times I'm very sorry but I can't change this bill sir I don't have any other money please change this bill then the owner said you can pay for this food whenever you want sir I understand you are a very rich gentleman you like to play pranks on people dressing like a poor man you can come here and eat as much as you want whenever you want you can pay me whenever you want part three the letter when i left the dining room i hurried to the house of the two gentlemen i wanted to correct the mistake they had made i was very nervous when I arrived the same servant opened the door I asked for the two gentlemen they left the servant said Ido Ido where oh on a trip but where did they go to the mainland I think the mainland yes sir when they are going to return in a month a month oh this is horrible how I can talk to them it's extremely important I can't help you I don't know where they are sir so I have to see a family member all the family is out They are in Egypt and India I think that before they left the two gentlemen made a big mistake they will surely return home tonight tell them that I came here to correct the mistake I will come back tomorrow I will tell them if I see them but I will not see them sir you should not worry because everything it's ok they'll be here on time and see you later bye bye i was confused my head was in a fog i didn't understand what the servant told me the letter i remembered the letter this is what it said you are an intelligent and honest man you are also poor and a stranger in this envelope you will find some money it is


s only for 30 days at the end of 30 days come back to this house i have a bet with you if i win this bet you can have any job with any salary you want there was no signature or address or date on the letter how strange I did not know what to think I went to a park I sat down and thought what to do after an hour I came to the decision that follows the two old gentlemen are playing a game that I do not understand they are betting but at that time I didn't know anything about the details of the bet if I go to the Bank of England to return the banknote the bank will ask me a lot of questions if I tell the truth no one will believe me they will put me in a madhouse if I tell a lie the police will put me in jail I can't give it to anyone because no honest person will do it I want it I can only do one thing I must keep the bill for a whole month and I must not lose it if helping the old man win his bet will get me the job I i want the idea of ​​an important job with a big salary it made me happy with this exciting idea in mind i started walking the streets of london part four in the tailor shop every time i passed a tailor shop i wanted to go in and buy new clothes but i had no money to pay for it the million pound note in my pocket was no use I walked past the same tailor shop six times I finally walked in a foreigner I asked quietly if they had an unattractive old suit that I would wear die wanted to buy.
improve your english very interesting story level 3 listen and learn
The man I spoke to nodded, but he didn't speak, then another man looked at me and nodded. I walked up to him and he said wait a minute. Please after a while he took me to a back room I looked at several ugly suits that nobody wanted he chose the worst one for me I really wanted a suit so I didn't say anything it was time to pay you can wait a few days for the money I don't have any small change with me he man said oh you don't have well i thought gentlemen like you carried big coins my friend i replied you can't judge a stranger by the clothes he wears i can afford this suit but you can change a big bill oh of course we can change a bill The big one said coldly I gave him the ticket he received it with a smile a big smile covered his face when he read the ticket his smile disappeared the owner of the store came over and asked me what is the problem there is no problem I am waiting for my change come come and give him his change shown quickly Todd replied it's easy to say but look at the bill the owner looked at the bill then he looked at my package in the ugly suit he thought he yelled you're stupid how can he After selling this unattractive suit to a millionaire, Todd can't tell the difference between a millionaire and a poor man.
improve your english very interesting story level 3 listen and learn
I apologize sir, the owner continued. but elegant I told him that I was very happy with the new suit oh wait until you see what we can do for you in your size Todd bring a pen and a book let me measure your leg your arm I didn't have a moment to Speak, the owner told me he measured and then ordered his tailors to make me morning suits, evening suits, shirts, coats and other things, but my dear sir, i said i can order all these things only if you change my ticket or you can wait a little before pay. you wait a bit i'll wait forever that's the word todd send these things to the gentleman's address let the less important customers wait what's your address sir i'm going to change my house i'll come back and give you my new address i answered you pretty well sir very well let me show you the door sir good morning sir good morning fifth part the poor millionaire did the impossible I bought everything I wanted without money I showed my ticket and asked for change but every time the same thing happened there was no one able to change it I bought all that I needed and all the luxuries he wanted.
I stayed at an expensive hotel in Hanover Square. He always ate dinner at the hotel, but preferred breakfast at Harris's simple restaurant. Harris's was the first place where I had a good meal with my million pounds. Keep in mind, that's where it all started The news about me and my ticket was all over London Harris's restaurant became famous because I had breakfast there Harris was happy with all his new customers I lived like a rich and important man I had money to spend I lived in a dream, but I often said to myself remember that this dream will end when the two men return to London.
Everything will change. My


was in the newspapers. Everyone was talking about the strange millionaire with the million pound note in his magazine. me on the front page people talked about everything I did and everything I said they followed me through the streets I kept my old clothes and sometimes I put them on it was funny when the store owners thought I was poor, so they told them I showed the ticket and oh how their faces changed after 10 days in London. I went to visit the American ambassador. He was very happy to meet me. He invited me to a dinner that night.
He told me that he met my father at Yale University. He invited me to visit his house whenever I wanted. I was glad to have a new important friend. Let the reader know that I plan to pay all the store owners who sold me things on credit if I win the Old Gentleman bet I thought I'll have an important job with an important job I'll have a big salary I planned to pay you all with the salary of my first year part six the dinner there were 14 people at the dinner the duke and duchess of coast ditch and their daughter mrs anne grace eleanor of bowen the earl and countess of newgate 6th earl cheap side mr and mrs wacky the Ambassador and his wife and daughter and a few other people there was also a beautiful 22 year old English girl named Porsha Langham.
I fell in love with her in two minutes and she with me after a while. The house servant introduced another guest Mr. Lloyd Hastings when Mr. Hastings saw me he said I think I know you yes you probably know is that you yes I am the strange millionaire with the ticket a million pounds in your pocket, well this is a surprise, I never thought you were the same Henry Adams from San Francisco Six months ago you were working in the offices of Blake Hopkins in San Francisco I clearly remember that you had a very small salary and in at night you helped me arrange the papers for the mining company Gould and Curry now you are a millionaire a celebrity here in London I can't believe it how exciting I can't believe it either Lloyd just three months ago we went to the miners restaurant no it wasn't the what restaurant cheer right it was the what cheer we went there at two o'clock in the morning we had steak and coffee that night we worked for six long hours on papers for the gold and curry mining company do you remember henry i asked you to see come to London with me I wanted you to help me sell golden curry gold mine shares but you refused of course I remember not wanting to quit my job in San Francisco and I still think it's hard to sell California gold mine shares here in London you were right Henry you were so right it's impossible to sell these shares here in london my plan failed and i spent all my money i don't want to talk about it but you have to talk about it when we leave dinner you have to tell me what happened oh can i really need to talk to a him friend Lloyd said with water in his eyes, yes, I want to hear the whole story, every word, thank you, Henry, you are a true friend.
At this point, it was time for dinner. Thanks to the English system of precedence. There was no dinner. The duke of ditch on the shore wanted to sit at the head of the table the American ambassador also wanted to sit at the head of the table they couldn't make up their minds so we didn't dine the English know the system of precedence they dine before going out to dinner but the strangersthey know nothing about it they stay hungry all night we had a plate of sardines and a strawberry now it was time for everyone to play a game called cribbage the


never play a game for fun they play to win or lose something miss langham and i played the game but with little interest I looked at her beautiful face and said Miss Langham I love you Mr.
Adams She said softly and smiled I love you too it was a wonderful evening Miss Langham and I were so happy we smiled we laughed and talked I was honest with her I told her I I was poor and had no smell in the world I explained to her that the million dollar bill was not mine she was very curious to know more I told her the whole story from the beginning she laughed and laughed she thought the story was very funny I didn't understand why what was funny i also explained that i needed an important job with a big salary to pay off all my debts Porsche dear can you come with me the day i have to meet those two sir it's good yes if i can help you she replied of course and you can help me you are so charming that when the two gentlemen see you i can ask for any job and any salary with you there my sweet Porsche the two gentlemen will not deny me anything part seven an idea of ​​a million dollars at the end of dinner I went back to the hotel with Hastings he talked about his problems but I didn't


to him I was thinking about Porsha the whole time when we got to the hotel Hastings said let me stay here and look at this wonderful hotel it's a palace what so expensive furniture you have everything you want you are rich henry and i am poor his words scared me i was poor too i had no smell in the world and i had debts to pay i needed to win the gentleman's bet this was my last hope hastings didn't know the truth henry just one small part of your income can save me I am desperate Hastings cried my dear Hastings sit here and drink this hot whiskey now tell me all your story laugh, every word.
You want to hear my story again but you never told it I your story of course I told you my story as we walked to the hotel you don't remember I didn't hear a word Henry you're sick something's wrong with you what did you drink at dinner oh Hastings I'm in love I can only thinking about my sweet Porsche that's why I didn't hear your story before Hastings got up from his chair he shook my hand and laughed I'm so happy for you Henry so happy he said smiling I will I'll tell you the whole story again like this who sat down and patiently began to tell me his story.
To cut a long story. The owners of the Gould and Curry gold mine sent Henry to England to sell the shares in the mine for a million dollars. he received more than a million dollars it was his to keep Hastings's dream was to sell the shares for more than a million dollars and become rich he had only a month to sell the shares he had done everything possible to sell them but no one wanted to buy them so he he jumped and cried Henry you can help me you will tell me how give me a million dollars and I'll sell you all the shares you'll be the new owner of the gold mine don't refuse I didn't know what to say I wanted to tell Hastings the truth but then a clever man came up with me I thought about the idea for a moment and then calmly said I'll save you lloyd so I'm already saved how can I thank you let me finish lloyd I'll save you but not that way I have a better way I know everything about that mind I know it's of great value you'll sell the shares using my name you can send me to anyone as people in London know me i will guarantee the gold mine in a week or two you will sell the shares for three million dollars using m i name and we will share the money you earn, half for you and the other half for me.
Lloyd was so happy and excited, he was dancing around the room and laughing. Rich Londoners will rush to buy these shares. never forget you henry part eight back to portland place the next day all of london talked about the california gold mine stock i stayed in my hotel and told everyone who came to me yes i know mr hastings, he is a very honest man and i know the gold mine because i lived in the gold country of california, it is a mine of people of great value. now they were interested in buying the shares I spend every afternoon with Porsha at the American ambassador's house I didn't tell him about the shares and the mine it was a surprise we talked about our love and our future together the end of the month finally came Lots of rich Londoners bought up the shares in the mine I had a million dollars of my own in the London and County bank and Lloyd too It was time to meet the two old gentlemen I put on my best clothes and went to find Porsha before I left. go to Portland Place Porsche and talk about work and salary Porsha you are so beautiful when the two gentlemen meet you they will give me any job and any salary I ask for Henry please remember if we ask too much we will get nothing so what will happen to don't be afraid portia when we arrived the same servant opened the door there were the two older gentlemen having tea they were surprised to see porsha present it to them then i said gentlemen i am ready to inform you we are pleased to hear this said a gentleman now we can decide the bet me and my brother abel made if you won for me you can have any job in my possession you have the million pound note this is sir and I gave it to him I beat him I yelled at him now that you say abel I tell him that he survived and I lost twenty thousand pounds I can't believe it I have more to tell you I said but it's a long story I'll tell you another time for now look at this what a certificate of deposit for 200,000 pounds it's yours it's mine I earned it using the note you lent me for a month this is amazing I can't believe it Porsha looked at me in surprise and said Henry is that really your money you didn't tell me the truth no I didn't but I know that you will forgive me I am not so sure that you told me a lie Henry dear Porsche it was just for fun come let's go now but wait wait my gentleman said I want to give you the job and the salary of your choice thank you thank you with all my heart but i don't want the job henry you didn't thank the good gentleman in the right way i can do it for you Porsche said of course you can my dear Porsha walked over to my gentleman she sat on his lap and kissed him on the mouth then the two old men shouted and laughed I was amazed at what was happening said Porsche Henry doesn't want your job I feel very hurt darling it's your father asking you if my stepfather is a dear man now you understand why I laughed when you told me your story , my dear sir, I said that I want to retract what I said, there is a job that I want, tell me, I want the son-in-law's job, well, well, but you will never be a son-in-law. before i know how to do this job try me please try me for 30 or 40 years and if all is well take a place where Porsha and I are happy and there aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe our happiness when Londoners heard the whole story of my adventures with the banknote said nothing else Porsche's father took the note to the bank of England and cashed it then gave us the canceled note as a wedding present we put it in a frame and hung it on the wall in our new home and i always say yes its a million pound note but he only bought one thing in his life the most valuable thing in the world porsche

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