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Jul 22, 2023
thank you join us for the first live IFL at London's Indigo at the O2 on Sunday 13th August with me cooking Cassius and some very special guests Eddie Hearn Darren Barker Johnny Fisher and more tickets now and on sale so, In the words of Eddie Hearn, you get up. you get dressed and shut up Andrew McCar AFL TV probably sponsored by Everlast I'm here in my hometown with me I've got Lee in his hometown you're back home let 'em believe man I'm excited man you must I'll be delighted, no mate I am, it's been a while a lot to come, yes, we said that the professional debut is in 2017, so six years later, I am finally back home and then the biggest destination of my life, I am something like Mexican, now there is a lot.
im not taking a backwards step   lee mcgregor on his fight with tough mexican robles for ibo strap
It was made about these Mexican


ers who came to the UK, they mentioned De Lara, but also Jeff wanted to knock out tennis and then a round so these Mexicans don't come here, get paid and go home, they come here because you're angry. They don't like to lose, so what are you going to do? Yes, this is his biggest


as well and we've seen it time and time again, like you just said, with these Mexican fighters, so I'm expecting a


night, but there's just no way I'm letting him come here and beat me. I could say no, there are a lot of stick men, don't be in the top four, but it's a piece of a puzzle, it's a bit. carrot you could hang in front of the other champion and say listen I have a belt you might want to come and face me now there is the palace which I think has two of the belts we have a Fulton and the noise fight. for a couple of belts, how far are you from the IBO title logo on Friday to face one of these guys?
im not taking a backwards step   lee mcgregor on his fight with tough mexican robles for ibo strap

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im not taking a backwards step lee mcgregor on his fight with tough mexican robles for ibo strap...

Yeah, listen, not far, but again I'm completely focused on Friday night. I am the perfect example. If you can be on top of the world, unpack and then you can be the Lost of the lost, so I'll take each fight as it comes. I know that's all cliché, but that's my attitude towards us. I just want to get it. This fight is over, I've been an actor for a long time, I just want to get my momentum back, get back to where I was and then we'll evaluate after that, see where we are now, a lot of things have been done, yeah. outside the Ring, what has been happening with you and how you have been alone at the highest, you have also been the highest of the highest at the lowest of the Lords, so when this idea came up, you mentioned your daughter there, Hey you.
im not taking a backwards step   lee mcgregor on his fight with tough mexican robles for ibo strap
You're facing a


opponent at homecoming, is there really any pressure? Yes, there is, but I feel like, like Ben said, I thrive off of the big nights, like you just said, they're nice, I'm at my best. yeah the cash Strange Night Thomas the song Back On My Title Karim Griffith the big fights that's when I deliver this is a big fight look look at the not so big fights that's where I haven't been at my best so um yeah I'm definitely going to bring out the best in me now he was there at that press conference saying Guerra, he is Mexican, we bring Guerra, you are known as a Scottish Mexican.
im not taking a backwards step   lee mcgregor on his fight with tough mexican robles for ibo strap
I've seen you at Worsley and I've seen that you like to cry when it comes to that, obviously he leans to your left, he'll probably want that, but what kind of fight are we expecting? I mean, a lot of fans will be waiting for that war, can we wait for it? Yeah, listen, there's no, um, yeah, we have a plan and for this fight, but there is um, yeah, they'll be exciting fights, they always make fights and assume that I'm not actually going to


back, so let's see what, Let's see what it does, but um, yeah, it will. do really well to push me back and I'll be on top.
I feel like the later the fight is, the more it will favor me and my championship fight and I will prove it on Friday, obviously, metal. bench, I mean, the first time there's been a big fight there since it was finished, now you made your debut there a long, long time ago, you were talking six years ago, now, again, you won that world title at home, something that Josh Taylor has obviously been playing. that flag we need another guy and we need a young fighter to come in and carry that flag behind Josh that's you, right?
Yes 100, this is my moment. I have had my. I bought my career at the record store. That chance I've made, he's away in the states, he's a big star now, now it's my Martin that has to make my own name. I feel like I've already done it, but now this is my chance. Coming home and bringing the cycling nights to Edinburgh and then giving the young Scottish Fighters the opportunities that Josh gave me and that's what we need again. Everyone knows me as a part job when it comes to interviews. I gotta see Fighters and the boys.
That's what I want to push, but I'm biased. I want to see the young guys get ahead and if they can bounce off some of these young guys, I'm all for it, but that means I want to touch Ben. Davidson and the gym you have there with Lee Williams and Pat McCormacks. I mean, it's a young group or nothing more than a talented world champion they shouldn't be world champions and you impact McCormick, so what's the gym like? What is the atmosphere? What's the kind of camaraderie like at that gym? Yes, the gym is packed and like you said, you have McCormacks Shabazz to help me tremendously in the spawning of this fight and yes, but oh, we are all bouncing off each other.
We will live together, we will all train together, we will all make the same sacrifices, so, yes, we are all, we are all excited, we are all, we all have appointments, we all have appointments, weeks after weeks, we are all supporting. pushing each other so I think it's one of the best tables in the UK and the results speak for themselves, like I said yeah Edinburgh is our home town now. I like it, but I don't have to travel to Manchester or Liverpool or Newcastle and a long car journey. I like to just leave my house and get on a bus, maybe to get to the stadium.
Could this be the first of many? Can we see you in Edinburgh? Next one, can we see you? Maybe like Josh. Taylor talking about Easter Road and castles, can you and Josh Taylor bring that Easter Road tank castle murrayfield castle fight to Edinburgh maybe in the next two three years, yes definitely, I think this is now, is the beginning of a big fight, are big fights coming? Back to Edinburgh, this is a big Friday night, it's the start of that and I want to do this, um, but yeah, a lot of big fight nights coming back to Edinburgh, one last one for me for sure, so like I said, Eric Robles, man, he's here to fight.
He said, well, a lot of people might look at his record and say, oh, he's only 14 and he missed a ticket. This is Rick from BoxRec. He's fought maybe three undefeated fighters. Mexican fighters. Tough Mexican fighters. I've been undefeated in my last six fights and I took. his role, you still have your role and you knocked him out exactly with that shot, like I say, it's a tough fight, it's definitely a tough fight, so people tune in, they don't know who Roblox is, this is not easy for you, so, what can we do? What is expected of the McGregor 100, definitely not, he is a dangerous fighter, of course he is, he has nine knockouts in 13 wins and, as you said, all these Mexican fighters, every one of them can fight, so that's why you can fight them, beat them and knock them out.
This shows that you are dangerous, but it is not for anyone like me. It's going to be an exciting fight. We're both styles of things. We're going to go to jail. Well, it seems like he likes to fight. Everybody knows. that I like that um but I want to be smart I want to be educated on them but the main thing is to be victorious and that's all that matters is to bring that belt home that's it, without a doubt, in my opinion, well Liam, I'm I'll be there on Friday, I'll see you tomorrow if you look much better too, but this is where you're going to be staying for a long time, so keep smiling at me and I'll see you on the road tomorrow, man.
Thank you very much brother, thank you very much, thank you, regards, thank you friend, foreigner for the first live ifo at London's Indigo at the O2 on Sunday 13th August with me cooking Cassius and some very special guests Eddie Hearn Darren Barker Johnny Fisher and more tickets now and on sale. So in the words I've already heard you get up you get dressed and you shut up

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