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May 30, 2021
You're okay, it's worth a Danny Vine shotgun show on Saturday night in December at 4:00 p.m. EST, once again, there are no tickets for this event. These


s are real and not open to the public, only when you can witness this event and finally live the pay-per-view panel today to watch the

battle, there is only one place. in the world that Elevens this level of excitement you


read the world leaders of battle culture MC you can copy respect I


compose cigars hand rolled in Honduras with a natural leaf and dipped in Konya providing the best possible flavor make the right choice Premium cigarette by Al Capone I don't care if you, Travis, just make sure you give yourself a hand, hello, window, your friend, let's get it, man, let's get these bears, yeah, let's get these pants in Travis's cabbage, just make sure to Lend a hand, you're in the final round of brat league and supreme legacy, so there aren't supposed to be nights because between them it will represent Pontiac Michigan versus torn New Jersey, but it's in the entry from Trenton, New Jersey, these two opponents have two different skill sets, but they also share similarities. attributes in the form of his energetic stage performances and aggressive style, he is no stranger to competition, he was the first winner of the URL elimination competition that aired on B and is known as ugh, he is a veteran of Nome and Summer Badness and looks to use his experience to surpass yours about me twerk from new jersey rising star new jersey work is quickly making a name for herself within the URL her exciting performances and Bourne Legacy double impact nobody Summer Madness I've already become one of the most popular MCS coaches tonight seeks to show that he is here to stay and that he can beat one of the toughest competitors in the culture, let's see who has what it takes, is made to survive and is the battlefield of World's most respected NBC, the definitive URL, Bradley. all my problems are handled with a pound, you can question my authority but I don't answer with my mouth, we make ar


with blood stains and when I leave campus the ground is run down with the twelve outside waiting like Chris Hansen in the house what's got is how to pay in purgatory made you think you ever had a chance to get out how well descriptive you chose the name will and they held you back restless Restless I guess that gives you a name with no good meaning that you can rap with God, no I have the best delivery, it's not with the left, nah, nom, nom, with the left, some last word.
ill will vs nu jerzy twork smack url rap battle urltv
I gave a ministerial talk, but taxes are limited. your name will be your name will be your name will sign your own death certificate. I'm getting close to talking, I'm getting close to the chops, he's getting balls, but I'll really be shooting with a shot in the chest and whatever to give you, Yuma gotta be a father in your heart, your choir, yeah, gross , your core is sunken, but then I. Let it out like the choices made, soulful Sol and it's a huge razor. Have you ever seen the turtle in a rabbit race? I told this, this Horacio, stop doing these horrible things, these horrible things, these horrible things looking for the prelude to your bronchitis, I'm sitting on enough coffee, a combo is needed and take the cocoa because you really think I'm a giannis when I really shoot as soon as 'cause you already think I'm a giannis when I really shoot as soon as you see the Milwaukie dollars, I'm with the shit, let's move the pistol grip, pop or pull out a British Bulldog, fish and chips, front , front, hit your miss, lift your seat and put both feet on the sweeper, you're getting married, I killed brother, infrared, knocking on the door Wilma I make my enemies were talking I'll make my enemies stand down new toy came out of I have to put a wheel on the box, assembly is required.
ill will vs nu jerzy twork smack url rap battle urltv

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ill will vs nu jerzy twork smack url rap battle urltv...

That's the biggest thing. That's the biggest Sydney. This is the biggest Sydney. I shoot the empty city. Well, I'm going, I'm going to the heart of the matter. The first hit hurt you. The first hit. you hit me Willie I'll let him sing until there's no more pleasure in it pop whoa the pop out of pop but We're done with this war, but we can have Indians in this war. My name is street work and the benefits are short. If I smoke, then I go to prison. There are no witnesses in this course. I can show you that I'm a gangsta. you but then I have to prove it - Gordon we can't change it and we can't change the verse you can't change your load you can't change your load you can't change your verdict we do it seen jello movies it's not the same in person, I don't sing, so they can be a hundred years old and then they deserve it, see you, I know it's work, beggar, Burstyn brain, this person, whip, I even let you choose which side of the silver.
ill will vs nu jerzy twork smack url rap battle urltv
I can't aim any further watch your mouth say watch your mouth you can keep your words you make us look at your mouth save your words you make a sound I'll break it let me songs I let it play I let it play I let it play, I let it play, oh number, you get along with slap, I'm home, I'm going to roam, baby, lift, pop, smash the bone, I stamp this way, I said, I seal this wave single-handedly and the progression is something you can't proclaim. neguin Troy team Jaime years ago and you are still the same man today every time I see you you are in the same place well, what was your place? worst wave I can't win the whale goes nowhere from there the cage you turn the flop you turn the flop then everyone disembarks at William Plymouth Rock and when there are no wheels, what remains of the entire body is a cup.
ill will vs nu jerzy twork smack url rap battle urltv
I split the rock when it flies, flies, everyone says they prefer to die until the time comes to die. Your body is diabolical. Michelin Man. I put rounds in will and ba ba, now I have to be wrong. pray for two people im a boring legacy but all you do is drown in battles you should have been part of a boring legacy why have you been doing this why are you doing this why are you doing this and in your battles you let RIS be you call work url set up don't worry that's not a game though you're just pure bouncing ass oh okay that's why it's called twerk we're weak we weigh different we weigh different come on come on come on we weigh different, talent and support.
They brought me here by punching bees they like Star Wars The Force brought you here I made them respect me They put a magnet on me to respect me I was prepared to fight the rules Push to possess us like someone who was afraid to fight the schizophrenic Okay, with that schizophrenic out of nowhere, you and I run and take the hate this, I feel like I'm going to go, but my courage, you go out with that Jamaican, oh, he takes you with that Jamaican dish, freshly opened in a field somewhere, That's where I end. like a Jamaican, I said cool, I'll take a job, I'll take torque work, twerk longer, the painting, right, this little one still suffers from stage fright, little 9, all knees, grown people face, but she was up, right?
I put it in the booth like a monster drink I put it in a can like a monster force you know I'm in a can like a monster drink I was crazy when I got to work look at these that's Monsters Inc you gotta go in your back you have to go in your bag invest and wear for these children if I go in my bag you will have to put a vest on your children from the beach to the beach to the gun store Michelle different crawled because of your complaints caught your first lady twerk Michelle tripping I have weight in the cake you have a weight on the scale different you can't get out of the little trends I'm looking at 40 different DeBell bows Bobby's world you want to ride a big wheel headshot it's work everywhere I'll camp I liked drilling I'm in the whip with him I'm in the whip with the chrome sitting Melo we're waiting for you I'm in the zone with my companions come to the house we turn this dome in the jelly as soon as you see the reign of the man I come after him with the cigarette Sig Capone Hey, if you heard I don't play, you better believe I'll break your neck for a penny as a breath.
Did you see that they are happy? Hey, look, that's why you all are glad I'm back, oh you are. Well I was drunk I brought back the drama and these little ones are twerking on what's not mom BOM low tech because I'm psycho when the line was running because these little ones can also stop torque like momma come I'm going to the bed. I'm in a bad mood I'm in a bad mood I shoot he gets sick stomach flu they can kill you like insurance with you now he's working on a cash register at the church what's in this world for all of you Elden? everything sells, I don't know, I'll be all over that shit, think of Beetlejuice, if I draw on your door, you threw all the bricks, I hope the cake is like peewee, the long road, the bullets fly by like Joe, today was a long day, you have your dad style I raised you twerk you're just a juvenile back your ass I'm a labor agent I'm dripping I'm dripping with the tanks I'm doing sports with the technicians I'm dripping with the technicians sorbelo burst in his vests guns like areolas all In your circle in a chest for too long I have old ghosts but I had your power to bring out the truth this one sure points to the other one at the parole board when it's a shooting because you know this one burned you but you don't know the other one to let the juice out we are not the same you can tell by the numbers when the stock market reserves on your couch it's not pocket change you have a real diesel with a really big feature You can't stop the rain.
I'm hungry. Hold the gun sideways. It's spit. Everyone says he hit me. This is very funny. Now that you have primary school, it's work. This takes money to wish for, kid. In this. Say, hold it down. I said I don't do personal ads. I'm only known for clips and if I judge we can hold it so you can speak in your own defense. You try to dig up dirt. You need an archaeologist. You try. To know where I'm going with this, that just means saying anything, so leave us with a bone and a hole. You're a clown for this.
You have confidence. You have confidence. You saw my style and decided to copy the next 56f in Bacau. I have been spying lately yes, I have been spying madam, you see it will be the last room, you must check the bounce every time you need a payment, let's buy well now, well, now I need a payment, well, now I need a payment tranche. buy if you get hit on the thigh we'll end up Jesus praying hater on fire stop playing with me play with me legs up legs up if you get hit on the thigh it'll end up Jesus praying on drugs like I'm trying to listen to people say or do life I'm making life like the shortest prayer box lose the abbreviated I'll kill you I'll kill your time I'll kill your scam I killed your time It used to be to climb that was too much of a hill to climb it's a dry bus it's so chilling chill it was too much of a hill to calm to his boss and the inheritance he left behind see you up see your life they say it's going to be even fight I mean, no one jumps in hello, but these move at the speed of light see this become illiterate place we could rewrite it I'm going to win man I gotta win mom I'm gonna I'm gonna with mine listen I gotta with mine click I don't have a wonderful time, dirty, a pedophile, that's it, hey, that's all crime, that's all crime and the guy had an F for violence, lubricity, it's the same thing that locked my brother in Lucy, I don't know and they got into the hood that was. t stealing revolvers spinning ironically they alternate if there are no other options the plastic the plastic and they will have that feeling when you talk about it songs leaning down I wish for a silly applause anyone who comes to see you will think that you don't even mention the cause is that a factory, a factory , tell us how to get Willy Wonka day.
I'll take it by his balls. Hold it down. I am breathless in love. The grip was being forged most brilliantly on a Sunday and the light on Willie Beamen was not a given. spitting Sammy spitting something I say to Ellie stumbling randomly but it wasn't in that pool with calico so this is a naked bath with head many victims many victims many victims many victims that low rates I'll see what pain for the opinion pension that nicotine I'm bringing the best they have and both. I don't see why they get paid for that strain of pity that can go on.
Hey, this game is still booked and it's treason, but you already knew this ass knew this anthem. scratching that boring can't nobody can't nobody can do it nobody can do it for me but six oh yeah how many always Christopher Wallace was still alive today the 40 grand I must remind you I must remind you if I have to find you it gets bloody as soon as I get out, this is through books, children's stories, to run, girl, put the gun down, it went off, but 50 I cut smiles, it was a mistake to call me and then you got some numbers in your cheese, but down, I grabbed the greasy one, I grabbed a piece I grabbed a piece I grabbed a piece of leg isn't it music to my ears and we hung up? don't buy Meek Mill upside down buy to keep your head up problem hold on problem cool problem that's the range at the top chocolate now rocket launcher come to your funeral room blow up thebox Sakha bhava Jersey you will already be bouncing like a little monkey but still don't give me that gorilla, you don't feel it, I don't scold you just a common cold, you taste a little bad, that's all I smell, I don't care what garbage you use , they still liquidated you and during a dry period they set a trap for you.
I'm wearing a kilt or a with AIDS giving lap dances that no one wanted with eels, I work hard Dakota, so you know. It's on my man's neck, see, I know you're home, I say leave it, there's no two tone, now you got wheels surrounding your house, it's not a mobile home, if we fight them, I'm just trying to turn your wife in my friend evel knievel keep stunting evil will change your life could by trying i have real Goonies that will ruin that fake oh but you'll spot it and then you'll borrow we don't matter when you crash test the dummy please we said we willBeasley said that we will get rid of them.
He left them stranded with 22 in his chest. I'll bury Jersey. I'm from Michigan. I could call any iron. I need to punch a hole in one like I know the Caddy. Now it is running at the front. the thingy ain't no sugar daddy Mike brought that cook Mike Mike Mike brought that butterfly to your cocoon to turn life around but I don't know, man, I just like the butterfly, all the idiot I'm with in the old school, I brought that torch that I brought that I brought that torch to Jersey I brought that torch to Jersey don't burn in Jersey it's in my genes Sheppard time I'm not going to take any sources in Jersey talking about it talking about it talking about it it's like above the hoop when I sprayed a shootout of 30 a round in the middle of Jersey as if I played for birdie a round shootout in the middle a tee as if I played with birdie around in a meadow forest around shoot in the middle with Jersey as if I played with birdie is work ah ah like if two came it looked a lot he was down with his eyes wide open then you can see alive be face deep in your mother's teeth I can put my whole Dicky her with another fish she says oh you heard I said shut up she says what no, slower, I say, faster, I'm a bootlegger, these aren't your average Rams, they sweat, these aren't your average round junk, I told myself I wouldn't play with you, so I had this package. his breath sounds like a Black Sabbath soundtrack Quasimodo Quasimodo the one I'm showing, ring your bell, I'd even have a hunch when I heard it back promise, promise, promise, we have nothing, we share something in common.
I hold the handle down for backlash cherub gun I use the Olga cetera Sodoma blade if it has DNA of course you spray the machete with sterilized. blow, Johnny Bravo, I built a monkey with a long, don't the mafia stand on your toes, lob, choke, hold it down, lobs, reach, I throw it with a hasn't been K and on a pant leg with a flame on , I'm on deck with one. on the hook the other stick to the leg steal foot chalk you shake beefy and shake I'm not a redneck he calls her to sink I said pirate to make this body overboard like walking on the board suck a cock something deep something deep I ride on you 'You're covering for him, Jamaican square boy, you'll have to call another friend as soon as you answer, that's him.
I'm packing power, I'm packing power, I'm packing power and a bullet in the back of this spinal area like everyone else. In another battle you used to have a Mac behind you pop pop pop boom rip a Glock Cooper, leave them whatever isn't attached to the neck like mr. Crocker and mr. Chopra and this is chopper and this is chopper stop talking bad about your neck, but a scalpel goes in or shoots him in the leg, ironic, the blade stuck out of his neck, but the gun came off a limb, shoot, shoot, shoot, explode, Oh, explode, OH, we'll make you. put away the Yaak the last cold I'll place the gun I'll turn on the gun face wash I'll turn on a lot the face of the gun opened as soon as your face detective Stockdale Great Depression the monotheistic gun I like a God you at the gates of heaven barred I'm bound, I'll applaud you in a better tone.
I made this amazing thing that was big. Beretta exploded at 15. She was a fifteen-year-old. Don't let it move. Lots of rock. Hold it down. Hold it down. Not only do they let it rock, but before that, tied up with Mike P, I better not stop, so if I drown tonight, I'll let myself read his pop right in the trunk, so we're talking about Mama, are we? You know? I'm about to talk about Yo Ma, oh I'm going to talk about your mom even though she has big undies, you know what that idiot is a jack boy and all of you on drugs, your whole existence is one big pause, but my man told me remember that there is no all of you remember that it is now my man told me to talk with his nose ring because that is the problem it is uncomfortable to wear the nose ring why you with this posed to be with hey , just let your man know that he can take some shots with some Glocks, catch him in his house from the roof, what you got because what you say if you were with Tupac, everyone remember that slavery in the past, what 40 and I divided them in half.
I secrete. Your life, boy, reminded me of the 50s, how you couldn't eat with that white boy. I'm splurging, I'm splurging on these books, I'm going to treat myself, I won't take away, I'm alone with the heat, I'll catch you myself. cut his son I can't believe me hey Anderson in the tree and our son in the tree don't make me repeat the same Horace or the recipient or the recipients or a simple tourist who bites you the hook got stuck in your head the core is simple beautiful gun beautiful gun, I could beat around the bush, but I'll be honest, those that are upside down have a dot in the middle, it's not a symbol of terror because you know it's like if they were upside down, they would have a dot in the middle, That's hope, man.
I came back and had a classic with the fabric and stabbed Charlie with a knife, now squeezing problems like ebony at a private party. I'm still, you know what? I keep stalking with bursting steel. You talk about my Jamaican, but they ask for it more from you in battles he ain't even a real person I see the similarities I see the similarities I had to analyze it I came with that bipolar rap so your man deflects his ass the dirtiest old gun I had to sterilize him, I mean, black if we go meat this is your face you forget everything I had to neutralize it I'm always going to heat that's a Pontiac symptom you try to see what I let cross in the middle that's a Pontiac emblem to be fair you can't compare this this the scariest took hers she was ashamed of not curing that pink look breast cancer awareness when I walked in I had a beating against a demon this is going to Texas and a big ass of Tim in jeans The Goonies I still see the Goonies girl I still see teenager I don't care if you guys are 20 deep.
I keep browsing. I got to 16 on the loan officer Dean, you on the matrix, you and the matrix twerk, this doesn't feel good sir. Anderson, if I pull this plug, you will die in real life, you know that's me, stop that, that's rhetoric, they only tell you what you need to hear, that's the Oracle, I send you to the Highest, I send you to the highest , I receive the highest new Chocha, this was about five six days of preparation without the boat. I catch you and you're on the catch. I catch you. I catch you and you in the whip.
They're both back, but the job doesn't have a split screen, take that ass. They applauded on the boats, boys, they respect his life. I'm an idiot, his wife beats his slave master, but if Willie Lynch, um, had arrested him with a check for life, yak city in this, you are the toughest environment in the world for MC battle .

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