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Jun 11, 2021
pockets, smart, you have this man, you have this, I believe in you, I believe, go down to the comments, say, I believe, if you I believe, come down to tell you, believe that we really are common, I think you see all those people who believe in you right now, they believe in you behind these screens right now, they are believing you, you are going to do this, you have this, we think it will be a super trailer. for the hammies it hurts, I told her I went to the gym so it hurts for her to do the office too, do you have any life savers?
if she makes the kick she wins 100 000
Although I mean, no, sir, I would use a life preserver, right, yeah, I'm not going to teach you how to separate properly, I just need a fun, easy way, keep it that way and


the fat part. I've never seen a little ball like that, no, no, but this is a different target, just hold it like this and


the middle family. All you have to do is hunt. It's seven yards if you can't do that then on the comb wherever it lands that's where you came from oh my god that's cool I'm so proud of that one I don't know first bounce first bounce oh no I know what the perfect twelve are come on that one was a good putt.
if she makes the kick she wins 100 000

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if she makes the kick she wins 100 000...

I thought it was going to go that way or that way or that way. I only have one to attend one attempt. That's twelve. All it took was one try in the last city, so no. excuses brother, there is no pressure, you have that game face on what the toad, some words to make my next kicks, who was it, I miss him since the 12th, what happened to him was terrible. I thought about it too much and I can't do the toe. to the next kick, well I'm balanced, we'll have that kind of mentality, don't go into your next kick with that mentality, there's still $75,000 on the table, yeah, and a 50 yard one, it's still 3,000 and a bank. this is the second to last kick this was worth $25,000 from 31 yards slightly to the right and ash sue grabs two lifelines to the left you use a laptop it didn't work out like we all thought it would feel but you know it's okay we all have dogs he has a rebound no lifeline no celebrity kick no nothing right Steve you put everything into it oh I don't know we didn't make good contact like she hit it with her shin that looks like oh I won't explain it like she kicked it with her foot and then it bounced or she I don't know because the flight path was just oh no, I don't know, I need to cheer us up, look, look down, look soon a bad kick.
if she makes the kick she wins 100 000
I don't know if I have enough power to make this art other than a baguette. Oh y'all, I saw some Canadians wear this when Allison's Canadian tour put her on a bluff tee we don't see. I'll give you two on this one because you never kick this place before or outside of this aha. I make this woman here Blair changing hand placement maybe this time my fingers won't get in the way 31 yards will she use any? from your life world you may never know that walking like this really hurts, yes, it really hurts, you have cramps, you need some water, we have that my foot, we have that useful water, hold on there, I know if you have cramps And have some water, girl, it's okay.
if she makes the kick she wins 100 000
Okay, I'm not going to be a jerk on this one. I'm going to take my celebrity photo and you're going to kick it for me. Oh well, yo, look around, let's see who else, someone else, someone else, someone else, someone wants to kick someone. whoever goes, why does she go twice? Sorry, you're the one for the job, well, ma'am. Ahn, perfect, oh no, delivery guests, huh, what would you like to wear Paul? I want a big ball, yes, these lands seem crazy for KLC to go to the cartel. Oh, 49 yards, no one understands it, so I'll kick who else.
Who else was going to kick him? I'm kicking this kick for nine yards for $50,000. What's up to you? What should you think he was going to wear a celebrity cape or oh no he might not even make it to 30? What does it do to you? I think I can go over 50. I don't know, so I'm going to leave this. Yes, you are 100% sure. You've never been so sure. I'm not. I mean, yeah, no, I don't think it matters anymore. Tina, you're so far away, brother. I don't know if I understood this, oh my God, this man a little, so this man when you told the liver to shoot him, I think he was going to be me, don't you do some of those head kicks to him? oh oh man oh come on, you're more flexible than that, I'd just try, that's the wrong step, wrong things, I'm nervous, bro, I know she'll call me, she's like the guy from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
You're a competitor, you know I'm going to use my call to call you the guy in front of me, what's the answer right in front of me, okay, you know what, first of all, why are you taking so long? I'm nervous about why this is. It's a fart, oh my god, it wasn't even there and you don't move your finger right when you keep it soft. I've been holding it for about 15 minutes. Hey, time to see it, are you serious? Yes, I suck, I don't know the purpose they serve. I kick that low ball, yeah, I'm going to kick the other one, too bad, you shouldn't, I want to keep the other one, yeah, I don't know what happened to that one, everyone, yeah, so much this furro furro, yeah, really. really, yeah, $50,000 in the bank, you gotta play this woman's witness, oh, you know what we've done this time, I'm going when we try it now, come on, if you get it, it might just be me if I get it Yes, because I. get tired of running, there you go, if you run and make it, then I could have done this right, not run, I won't forget, come on baby, you got this, I'm probably really mad right now, should I do this next kick?, you all know it.
I can do this easily, we all know I can do this easily, but do we want to make it easy? It's 50 francs, a prize of $50,000. My pocket in hers won't be a good boyfriend, it would be a good man. In fact, I can't. Don't make any promises and I won't keep it, so I'm probably going to smash the like button. VM subscribed but subscribe, come down below and stay, just make it strong, we already know you can do it, just do it and not just me. It seems so first ranked for oh you're not talking it's supposed to be entertaining you're not talking what's wrong it wasn't that entertaining seeing me go down there to catch the ball you keep me out for a while No strange I did it on purpose, you know, sure, I've done it since you missed at 49 yards, which you just saw me miss twice, you did it, yeah haha, oh you want to do it first, throw this over the Thames, now what do you throw over it?
Not goal post, it's more fun if you miss, but I have to shoot it now. The body bracelets because they are a little loose, so I won't be able to check it. How can i fix it? Don't throw them away at all. I'm going to fix it my fancy bracelet that says just do it right first of all what the hell oh the wave in the comments what the hell is the wind helping you how do you miss 349 in a row he's going that direction I even left it pointed at the left post and it creeps slowly Does anyone at Edie believe anyone?
I'll try again after he throws this at you now, yes, yes, you can have a little advantage, yes, I never threw this far before Karuna had you. I ever kicked that far I'll never save it for that's okay, I passed, that's good enough, that's fair, that's fair enough, my kicks go down to count damn, so that's what the ranges, yeah, so You did it with your arm, not your leg, huh, what are you doing? You have to say it for yourself. I'm going to have to be a quarterback. Now you feel like I forgot to kick it.
He was aiming for the post. In fact, that's how we saw the precision in the point you made. I have nothing to say. I just lost fifty-three thousand dollars and I lost 349. Come on, realistically, y'all really think I miss it. Let's try to save me. So instead, why should you do a better now? Make sure your eyes peel because this is. It's going to be good, you squeeze them, but we're good, right, it's good, but seriously, when you said I have a celebrity photo, who else is going to kick it? So you knew you were going to kick it at some point.
It's true, you know what I want to do. It's interesting and I don't want to give up little Brit, but Mirza, I'm going to give up some money anyway, okay, I don't need the money, I really do, just take me out to a nice dinner, that's all she wants , then that's all it's going to do. anyway, thanks everyone for watching the video, man thanking us for becoming another kitty family. The video


you like it, please subscribe if you are new to posting so you never, oh oh, you weren't last time, so now my kids need to do it. improve, yeah, come on, let's work on it, we have to work on it, we don't improve it, but for now, you know, let us know in the comments which one I want to see next, try his arm or something, I don't know what it is. a quick yes let us know what kind of sports you want for anything and I love you all this family is getting stronger at 50k to keep making a stronger baby hey we're out bro peace.

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