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IELTS Speaking- Perfect Pronunciaton and Fluency

Apr 04, 2024
Let's start talking about food. What is your favorite food? My favorite food will be thaur. I think that will always finish my list, but I also like all types of Asian cuisine. I like Vietnamese food. They have a soup called skin. I also like Korean food, I don't know how kimchi came about. I really feel like it blows my mind and really turns on a lot of taste buds, so yeah, all kinds of Asian cuisine and I like Indian cuisine too. Do you also like to eat art or stay home and cook? I think I stay home and cook because I like to consider myself a decent cook.
ielts speaking  perfect pronunciaton and fluency
I think I can make decent basic meals and sometimes when I go out I end up comparing it to mine, so I like eating at home because, uh, yeah, I feel like sometimes my food tastes better than the food outside. Yes, what was your favorite food when you were a child? This is a very basic food in India. It's called a kiter. a porridge in India that is made with rice and Dal which are lentils and it's very basic it doesn't contain any fancy ingredients it's just rice and Dal and a little bit of ghee and just some basic spices it's my go to comfort food and ve food For me yes, are there any foods you would like to try in the future?
ielts speaking  perfect pronunciaton and fluency

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ielts speaking perfect pronunciaton and fluency...

I don't know, but I haven't been to South America, so I don't know how Peruvian food would taste like if I had tried Mexican. I've tried Italian food, I've tried all kinds of Chinese, Vietnamese and Asian food, but I've never tried South American food, so I think I would like to try the food from there. Now let's talk about vacations. Mhm, what's your favorite vacation destination? My favorite. The vacation destination would be Bali. I think I've been to Bali a couple of times and I'm a very tropical person. I enjoy the heat and I also enjoy the humidity, if I can say that, and Bali by far has impressed me the most.
ielts speaking  perfect pronunciaton and fluency
So yeah, that's my favorite destination. I guess what your dream vacation destination is. Maybe in the future I would say Peru or Perú, because there was a time in my life when I booked the tickets and then the same thing happened and unfortunately I couldn't go. the place, so I booked a ticket to Brazil and then from there to Peru, so yeah, that's still on my bucket list. Where would you recommend going on vacation in your home country? Mhm, ladak, it is called heaven on Earth, it is even called Kerala. heaven on Earth I've been to both places but I feel for me uh Ladak tops the list and it's one of the most beautiful places on the planet.
ielts speaking  perfect pronunciaton and fluency
You can see many different terrains. You can see the snow-capped mountains. mountains, you can also see the Rocky Mountains, you can also see the vegetation, it is very beautiful, yes, do you prefer a city vacation or a nature vacation? For me personally, nature vacations because, um, I lean more toward nature because it's terrain. It also stabilizes me mentally and makes me feel very calm and relaxed, so I always prefer nature to cities. I feel like cities really drain a lot of your energy when you want to be around so many people. Now let's talk about drinks.
What are you doing? I usually drink with breakfast, so I don't think I drink much in the sense that I drink basic water and especially with breakfast. I don't drink milk or, oh, sorry, I forgot. I drink a lot of tea. The morning has to start with tea and it's the basic Indian Masala chai, so that's what I drink. Yes, do you think you drink enough water every day? Yes, I try. I try to drink 2-3 liters of water every day if people visit me. At your house for dinner, what do you usually offer them to drink?
Usually in India we would like to say whether you want to have a hot drink or a cold drink. So a hot drink usually means tea and coffee. Tea or coffee and cold drinks means any kind. of soft drink, which is Coca-Cola Fanta Lia, these are the drinks that are normally offered in India, so yeah, I would probably offer that or probably something fancy like a lemonade or something like that. Now let's talk about Maps, do you ever use maps? on your phone oh yes, all the time I think that maps have made our lives easier and to travel from one place to another I always need my map and in fact even when I go for a walk or run I always have the map in my hand , so I can usually wander around and get lost and not worry about it when visiting a new city.
Do you prefer to use a map or find your own way on both? I usually have a bigger picture. I usually have the map and I like to download the map offline and, but within that system, within that window, I also like to just explore and move and get lost, like I said, yeah, do you find it easy to follow a map? while driving? Oh yeah, like I said, Google Maps has made it a lot easier for us, so it's generally normal for me. In fact, I think I'm the Navigator among my friends. I think I have a knack for it.
I understand maps. better than other friends of mine, yes, then it says: describe a city you would like to visit. I mentioned I've already been to Bali, but I think it's a city I'd like to visit again. In fact, there was a point in my life I wanted to settle in Bali so Bali will be my top priority and I would like to go there and I think the easiest way to travel to Bali is by flight and the reason why I like Bali It's because, as I mentioned. Before I am a tropical person and the climate is very suitable for my type of person coming from India and I also think that Bali is very beautiful, it is surrounded by beaches, nature, rice fields, Pat fields, which is what I love about Bali because you can just travel from one area to another and each specific area is beautiful on its own and what I also enjoy and like about Bali is the food, it's very vegan.
I'm vegan and I don't have to do it. I get really stressed when I try to find vegan food there and it's delicious too, so that's also one of the reasons why I fell in love with Bali and also yoga is important too. I forgot to mention that, I think. The first time I went to Bali was on a yoga retreat I was attending and then I think one of my dreams is to go to Bali again to do a retreat since I am a yoga teacher and if I have the opportunity to stay. in Bali or probably move to Bali, that will be the best life dream to have a yoga studio that teaches there and probably also have a small cafe that can offer vegan food and I think topping everything that tops the list would be Bali is very cheap to live and also to travel like you know you don't have to burn your pocket to enjoy the whole country or city so yes Bali would always leave my list to visit so you were telling me about a city that I I would like to visit um and we will continue talking about visiting cities during the holidays.
Why do some people prefer to visit a city during the holidays? Thanks for watching this video. I want to provide you with a free course that has helped thousands of students improve their In terms of score, what it will do is take you through each part of the exam and give you strategies for part one, part two and part three and also allow you to practice on home for free and get feedback to sign up for that. Free, all you have to do is simply click the link in the description. Thank you very much and let's get back to the video.
Well, if you mean city instead of town or probably country, then I think a lot of people prefer a city full of people because there are a lot of things to do, they can probably go see a movie, they can shop a lot, so a lot people like it personally. I know that my husband prefers a city to places full of nature and I do the opposite and the reason is that, for example, he loves London, so he can go see all the shows he likes, he can watch a movie and then he can move around and shop a lot, so I think that's probably why people prefer cities.
It is more expensive to go on vacation to a city, I think so, because everything is commercialized, even, for example, in London there is a three-wheeled vehicle, it is called Tuk Tok or a ria in India, similar to that, there is a vehicle three wheels, uh, three fancy ones. -wheeler in London city center and I think you have to pay like 1 just to get from one place to another with music so everything is commercialized to such a level that you really end up burning a hole in your pocket because every little thing you have You have to pay even for sample water, so yes, I think being in a city will cost you a lot.
Is it better to visit a city alone or with other people? I think it depends, they both like to travel. Alone and with a lot of people, they need to have people around them, for example, if you are going to watch a show, maybe if you are with someone and you are watching a show, you will enjoy it more because you have a company with you. some people would prefer to be alone and watch it because they can probably consume the intake and really immerse themselves in the experience, so it depends, it depends on, it's very subjective.
I guess now let's talk about the growth of cities, why are cities bigger? In the ever-growing world, I think, as I mentioned, everything is commercialized and you have to pay the prices even in the biggest showrooms and stores. If you buy a certain item in a smaller city, not the larger ones, I'm talking about you. You'll end up paying less than you'll probably pay in London, London or New York, so one of the reasons is I guess and I also think they move like most people from smaller cities want to. come in and start living in bigger cities so that is also one of the reasons why the cost of living starts to increase, yes what are the disadvantages of living in a mega city?
The downside of living in a mega city would be the cost. of life because the more people, the higher the prices are because you will have to pay more rent because there is a lot of demand for these places and the supply is less, so one thing is the cost of living and the second is, maybe you are a little You are out of touch with nature because it is like you are in a concrete jungle, you are surrounded by buildings and also the greater the number of people, the less the social interaction, so you may end up feeling a little lonely. so I think some of the few disadvantages are how cities in the future will be different from how they are today so we can see that we are moving more and more day by day and things are just getting better on a large scale so I think that we will be more advanced in the future and as I mentioned, we lose contact with, I mean, I'm not sure, I mean, if I have to guess that we lose contact with humanity, everything will become very Rob robotic and very computer and machine based .
I think that's what I see around me, but I don't have a clear answer for that. Now let's talk about children in cities. Is it better to grow again in a city or in the countryside? I think so. I'm biased towards this because I feel like I lean more towards a rural setting or living in a setting like that, so I feel like it will be better to raise your child in a rural setting because you're not bringing chaos to them. I feel like the Life in the city has a lot of chaos and I am like, for example, I have always defended that children should be taught meditation.
I think there is no greater meditation than being close to nature, you know, walking. in the pasture so you can teach them better things that people start to advocate for later in life so you can teach all of that with homeschooling so I think that's a really good option to really venture out or take into consideration the advantages that children raised in the countryside have advantages over children raised in a city, as I mentioned. Maybe they are calmer than city kids. I think city kids will be more technologically advanced, but they may not have the same emotional bandwidth.
I don't have the mental capacity to really take in the stress because they will always be consumed by the stress around them, so I think the city I'm sorry, I'm missing out on both types of kids now. I think country kids will be better at having the same mental capacity or better mental capacity and emotional bandwidth to handle stress, so you're hoping to get a band nine and I have some good news and some not so good news, but let's see if you're going to do it. to get a b n and what you could do to improve a a b n thank you for coming this far in the video I want to give you a 10% discount on our VIP I course The VIP course is the most successful I course in the world, that's a fact Because we have more band S8 and N success stories than any other I course in the world, we do it by simplifying the entire process, supporting you with some of the best teachers in the world and being with you every step of the way until you get the score you need, everything what you have to do is look down on the description just click on that and you can register if you have any questions about the VIP course feel free to contact us we answer 100% of the questions we receive we hope you become a VIP, if not, you enjoy the rest of this free video, so I'm going to give you your opinion on the first part, the second part and the third part, and then what I'll do is give you your opinion. on the four marketing criteria:


and coherence, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.
If you didn't get a band nine, we'll give you some areas toimprove, so the first part is normal, everyday questions, most of your answers were very, very good. What I would have to be careful about is listing a lot of different things, so for example we ask you about your favorite food and you say: I like Tha, I like Vietnamese, I like this, you don't do this, but what a lot of students. What you need to do is that when you ask them the questions in the first part, they just list a lot of different things and the problem with that is that they don't give you the examiner enough to really judge your grammar, so that's how I like it.
I like I like present simple present simple present simple you didn't do that for every answer but when you're under pressure test day it's like a security blanket where students, so if you ask them something, um, what do you do on the weekend? ? I like to read, go to the movies, go to the park, go to the movies, so they just list a lot of different things. The rest of your answers were very natural and well developed. Be careful with that on test day, it's not a bad thing. I'm highlighting the more negative things, but overall, your first part performance was very, very good.
It was like talking to a co-worker or friend. It was excellent. Part Two The main concern most students have in the second part is having enough to talk about for the full 2 ​​minutes. You don't have any problem. You could have talked about it for 10 minutes, I think, or half an hour. No, no problem. You chose. something that is very, very smart, which is to choose a real scenario related to something that you really like. One thing I would be a little careful about is that the question says describe a city that you would like to visit and you said, well, it's one that I visited in the past, um, but I want to visit in the future, so because You said no problem, no problem because you explained that I was there in the past.
I want to go there in the future during the Test one thing: The examiner will be thinking about whether you are using the appropriate tents to talk about this. If you answered that question like going to Bali, here's why I really like Bali, some examiners might say, "Oh, she's basic, she basically she says she doesn't know how." use future structures or talk about the future and she is playing it very safe, you didn't do that but it is a risk so if you have a different topic on test day, a similar one, always think about what tenses they really want me .
To discuss here, describe a city you would like to visit. It's usually a city you haven't been to, so it would be more about talking conditionals, hypotheticals, using conditional language or something like that in the future. I'd like to go somewhere I've never been. Another thing is that it asks specifically about a city. Now different countries have different interpretations of the word City. In some places a city is a large urbanized area with at least millions of people, such as London, Paris, New York, in other cultures, elsewhere. The city is basically not the Bali countryside. I don't know specifically if it's an island or I categorize it as an island or I categorize it as a city.
Some examiners I don't know. I'm not an expert on Bali, okay, so no. I don't know, if I were the examiner, I wouldn't care if Bali is a city or an island because it's a


test. We are judging the way you speak. You spoke very fluently and coherently about Bali, but these little mistakes. can add up, so you list a lot of things in the first part and then you talk about a place that you've already been to and that maybe isn't technically a city, all these little things so that someone like you, who is a speaker of very high level, you can obtain your result. and say, "oh, why didn't I get the score I'm looking for?", so be careful with that, think about the question and think about whether I'm using the right grammatical structures and tenses and whether I'm answering this exactly.
It was like Bali is a city, why not choose New York or Doha or somewhere like that? I know you've been to Doha many times, just be careful with that in part two, part three, um, there were a couple of questions that again The test is not a test of ideas, it's not a test of knowledge, but there was a couple of questions where you were trying to think of the right idea because you weren't 100% sure during the third part of the test what the examiner will do. What you need to do is that they will ask you increasingly difficult questions if they think you are good, so if they don't think you are very good, they will just ask you simple questions and end the test with questions like, for example, what will the big ones be like? cities? in the future they will be different than they are today these are difficult questions conceptually the ideas are difficult and it is also difficult to talk about them in a foreign language because you are using all kinds of future structures and comparing imperatives and things like that.
In that situation, what most students do is start off and say, um, I don't know, I have no idea or they'll say, I don't know, uh, because this is the end of the exam and most people are tired, Just want. It will already be over, so you will be given very short and unsatisfactory answers. Actually, despite not knowing much about this topic, I assumed you gave some kind of answer, which is a plus, which is good, so don't worry. Much about that, let's move on to your


and coherence scores. Consistency is answering the question because you listed quite a few in the first part.
You had difficulty with some of the questions in part three and we're not sure. Whether Bal is a city or not, some examiners would give you the best score so the way fluency coherence works is in a band and whichever is lower, that's your score, so if you're in band nine for fluidity, but band eight for coherence, you get a band eight. I think your fluency is a band nine but I think because those little issues would add up you would probably get a Band for coherence so overall fluency coherence you would probably get a band eight but it's very fixable don't list things in the first part develop your answers choose one thing like I love F because it has a very deep flavor and it's quite rare to get it blah blah blah BL, you know, instead of listing things to choose one or two things and develop them mhm, like I said before, be careful with the second part, make sure you answer the question some people would say, well she didn't answer the question Pro, I think it's arguable If you answered the question like I already said, then I wouldn't give you a low score, but I would just be careful with that and again, if you get a tough question in part three, do what you did, which is at least. attempted pronunciation I think it's your strongest point um The examiner will be thinking two things number one: can they understand 100% of what you're saying?
I can understand 100% of what you are saying, no problem at all. The second thing is that they will be thinking about higher level pronunciation features, like intonation, your voice goes up, your voice goes down, your intonation is great, it helps you convey meaning, you sound friendly, you sound polite, and often, we do it through intonation, so if I say, please sit down. It sounds very rude, please sit down, it sounds very polite so that the intonation can convey meaning and you do a very good job with that with the word stress and the sentence stress, so the word stress, for example , I love this iPhone, you know, so I'm emphasizing the word love, but if I say I love this iPhone, that means you don't love it, but I love it, so you use the word stress, the stress of the sentence very, very effectively, um and you also use connected speech, mhm, so instead of saying do you want to go? to the movies you don't pronounce every word like you want to go to the movies, you know, so you connect the words and the signs together, you do a really good job, so you would get a b nine um in pronunciation, some people would. let's say who are not examiners who don't know oh she has an Indian accent so they don't judge you for the accent you have, you don't get higher marks for sounding British, American, Australian or Irish, um, you get more points for clarity of your words and your communication a, so no matter what accent you have, you would get a b nine, there is no grammar problem at all, so this is the area that I think you need to work on the most, so what I What I what I'm going to do now is show you some sentences and we're going to find out what your grammatical problems are, so as you can see, sometimes you make little slips with the articles, so the articles are words like Oh, and sometimes when, especially when you're thinking. a lot in the answer, so those questions you weren't so sure about the way I explain it to people is that your brain is like a computer and if you open too many programs at the same time, it can slow down, so that if you're really thinking about AI in the future and in cities and that part of your brain is working very hard, the part of your brain that deals with grammar and articles may falter a little bit in general. um that's very good um but you're making those little mistakes they're not big mistakes that cause problems for the listener so those are big catastrophic mistakes that the listener says what did she say I have no idea what little slips like what you made here doesn't stop me from understanding you. , but you're doing too many to get one of the higher bands, so you'd get a band eight for grammar because the vast majority of your sentences are error-free, but Sometimes you're making these little slips and they're too frequent to get a of the highest bands of your vocabulary.
There's some great topic-specific vocabulary that you're using and some idiomatic vocabulary like this, but sometimes. you're using less precise phrases, idioms like this and as we can see here, sometimes you repeat it too much, um, so again we wouldn't give you one of the very high bands of the vast majority of Your sentences have very high level vocabulary , as we've seen, very accurate, but there are too many of these little slips to get one of the higher bands, so again you get a band eight for vocabulary, so you're almost there. We're almost there and what I'd like to do is invite you back, okay, and we can do another one.
If you work on those little bugs, we can do another one and see if you improve to about nine, okay,


, good, thank you, welcome.

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