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Idol Chat with Mate Rimac - his life and personal cars part 2

Jun 10, 2021
that I was able to raise a little bit so that was one of the things I rented a house and bought the z4 because I finally wanted to have a car that I could drift with. I didn't have it. only a company car that was now the old audi a8 and I bought a ducati and I thought that finally now I have a little calm and I can work a little less and enjoy more the ducati has 20 kilometers and I drove it from the dealership to my house and once at the company that's all the bmw I didn't drive it for two years and I had to gather a lot of friends to clean them and bring all these


here for this today you have I don't have an expensive


idol chat with mate rimac   his life and personal cars part 2
I'm in the company day and night, but it's okay, I chose this


style. You know, be careful what you wish for. It could come true. The z the z4m, which is great. I like those beautiful


. so the third bmw you say this is your daily driver this is my daily driver this is the only car i really drive you don't drive an electric car every day no i drive the c2 a lot and now when they go into production i will drive one like there is a car I can use since I am not the majority shareholder of the company nor the only shareholder, for example when I buy a bike I have to pay for it, it's not like I get free stuff so I can use the prototypes but if I want a car for myself, I have to do it, it's not true, so wait for that car, which is a car in development, it's not yours, no, and you don't have a C-2.
idol chat with mate rimac   his life and personal cars part 2

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idol chat with mate rimac his life and personal cars part 2...

You also don't own a composition of one, you don't own a concert one, no, you don't own any of the cars your company built because there are two million euros, yeah, well, I know, I don't know, that's why. I don't have one, don't assume they're going to give you one as


of your deal. No, I never look. I always put the company first. I never look at my


interests and all employees will say so. You know I never cared, you know, I mean, it took me 10 years to allow myself to buy the z4, yeah, can you tell me about Richard Hammond's accident?
idol chat with mate rimac   his life and personal cars part 2
Richard Hammond's accident was really difficult for us, we were in the worst situation in our company. because we had another fraudulent investor and that's my fault, it's not these people's fault, it's my fault because I trusted them, I thought the company was going to die if we didn't get money in three months and we were like We couldn't get another investor because of this guy for about 12 months and we were barely surviving month to month and we were late a few days with salaries several times being late to suppliers so it was a terrible, terrible, terrible time. and I thought all our employees would run away because I told them very transparently what the situation was in the middle of that big tour they approached us, they wanted to try this concept and we were in the company like no, we don't do it.
idol chat with mate rimac   his life and personal cars part 2
I want to do that, if something goes wrong, like in this situation, it's going to kill us, you know, we can't say no to the guys and you're like, okay, what's the worst that can happen? Actually, the car was really good, so they were testing. five days everything worked like it blew them away in terms of acceleration and everything, um, everything good and you know, it has live telemetry, so I'm looking at it all the time, looking at the screens, what's happening, we have a team there on the last day. I'll go up, they do the hill climbs and our guys call us, everything's fine.
I look at the data and every time they go out for a run I see a little bit of data coming in and then nothing and then data downloading like 30 minutes later. So what's up? There is no signal in that area once they start driving. Our guy in Switzerland calls us and says, "Oh, everything went well," they finished testing, that's it, they're packing up and we were great after five days. It came out perfect the car ran great and then an hour later he calls me the car crashed it burned it's alive I thought it ended like that Later they told me I just turned pale, got in the car and went home.
I did not say anything. I was just in shock and from the moment I sat in the car until I got home half an hour later, everything was global. The media and I called Marta to ask her: Marta is the car in the shirt because there was a client car that we were supposed to deliver and that we were supposed to receive money for, oh God, and it was the car in summary and we really needed the money. I needed the money yeah she said oh let me check it and all I had was an email asking the Grand Tour lady if there was insurance and she said yes that was like there was no contract , nothing, was front page news in Croatia for days of speculation.
Our car almost killed Richard Hammond? Are the brakes broken? Does matters? Yes and I couldn't say anything because we needed the insurance money two or three weeks later. Richard and I sat like this and did the interview where you know. We explained the situation to him, what happened in that last corner. First he went 144 kilometers per hour, then he did 150, 154, then 157, 160 and the last time he went through the curve where he went off was at 212. 212. He was trying to see his time on the clock and with a thousand horsepower force ev hyper car when you try to see the time after the finish line and you stay on the gas for too long and then you look at the road and you realize it's too late, there is no road, that's what happened but Was it positive in any way in the end when you look back?
Yes, because the car was safe to the extent that it had a massive accident and it didn't. Many people say it's the best thing that happened. for us, yes, now that everything is fine, but it was so close to killing the company, so close to other cars you've had other than these, I had an m6 for a while, yes, e64, which was an amazing car with the v10, yes, I definitely want it. build an e30 with a v10 someday one of them with the v10 yeah, bed in the m3 dude, okay yeah, but that's definitely something I like.
I love the v10 engine, it is the best. When I was buying this car, I was thinking between the New A8 and this one, I know they weren't very similar, but yes, I wanted to. I had to buy a car and I was thinking you know more about traveling or more about sports, so I decided on this one. Yes, I was very disappointed with the new A8 when I had it. as a rental car and the old one was really amazing, that's good because the older ones are cheaper, yes I like it when the older cars are better and I guess you are on the technical cutting edge and want to experience what a good level of technology.
It's in a car, sometimes it's things so small that you can't imagine, yeah, like when you lock the car how long the lights stay on, how do they make you choose whether the lights stay on or not, yeah, those? kind of things that you know are like what others thought about it yes, you need to have cars and I really want to build this is a big dream for me I want to build a fleet of cars that our employees can use I already have like a Tesla, a Porsche magnate , other cars that we're buying now, but I want to have like, you know, m3s 911s uh um and like teslas and I don't know, a day lucid and stuff like that because most of the employees didn't. having a chance to experience a 911 or a car like that yeah and the guys doing this should understand those cars yeah what's next other than a c2?
Recently I was driving the ferrari sf90, a great car, all good, but after the c2 I realized that it makes no sense for me to buy modern sports cars, what a piston sports car or any sports car, it doesn't give me a trill in terms performance like the C2, why can you get into one of those any day? of the week, if you want to have that incredible performance, yes, everything else will feel disappointing, exactly, yes, so I want to buy maybe more cars that are emotionally interesting to me, yes, so, for example, I think that a Carrera GT is something that's awesome, an air cooled 911, oh yeah, like a 993, yeah, I'd love a nine, I'd love an air-cooled 911, it's one of my clich├ęs, but I want some cars that I know They are bad and I don't care, yeah.
Well because when I was 18 like Mercedes SLR, yes I met some people who worked on it and I know that the cars are not good or that some things in the car are flawed from an engineering point of view, yes, but no I care, they are very special it is a slo it is a slr yes I want a beetle cabrio an old one yes yes you still have my first car my beetle oh yes yes I think you showed something that you restored it or well, I have put it back into service, still It needs completely restored, but it is a very emotional car, although my dream


ly is to have a huge garage, a beautiful garage like the style of many coachmen, yes, with a lot of cars in there and sometimes just, you know, put a chair between them and look. them when you know everything about the car and that's my problem when I drive it.
I know every decision we made, why we did it that way and all the things that have potential problems or can be improved, so when I drive it I just look at the data and listen to everything and try to feel everything I don't really enjoy driving it it's just about you. analysis yes it's absorbing it's very unlikely I didn't expect you to have this no I couldn't have predicted the vehicles you would use You were going to have Marty so I really appreciate it and I hope you enjoyed this episode. Thank you very much for watching the late break show.
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