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Ich wollte 1.000.000€ investieren !

Jan 06, 2023
Welcome to a new video, my name is Jean Pia Zimmer from the motorenzimmer company and yes I wish you a happy new year and I hope that the year 2023 has started better for you than for us to our points why our year 2022 not like this yes how it was not as conclusive as I expected and why the year 2023 does not actually start so positively for us what really starts not so positively and what future prospects I have for this year I want to tell you today in this video I know kind of yeah 2022 was really like that and it's always my idea of ​​end of the year or summer vacation I always try not to take appointments for two or three weeks and be able to finish the old orders we made I didn't get that this year because really a lack of parts Yes, we only got a head gasket in the back of the shop, which I actually got in late November.
ich wollte 1 000 000 investieren
Ellt has a perfectly normal head gasket for a 24 400 E and that is really catastrophic to get parts. I mean, you know yourself m156 Lukas is coming back. Target yes to get camshafts. Yeah, big fuss here. The cams just came in between the holidays me in May Lukas ordered 124 fenders last year when we ordered them over a year ago? At least that yes, they are not there yet. Yes, the camshafts we have enough in stock and if you see one or the other packaging here you can also see that these are already around here passed 1000 hands that's really the case because I really buy parts from Germany Europe all over the world to be able to sell them to our customers, which means I actually buy them partly at list price, maybe sometimes for more prices, ie. for a higher price than listed we even have parts for our customers no problem nockenwel len camshaft adjuster now m156 also a problem again right now we are actually doing a back plate there and actually we are missing another one of these backplate screws which means for the next repair we don't have any screws again this time the project is finished to date the lack of parts is crazy yeah not finishing some projects , that's not good because if we don't finish a project then we can't finish it productively and that means higher costs for us and of course higher costs for a client in general which are just unnecessary because of the involvement, us or me last year?
ich wollte 1 000 000 investieren

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ich wollte 1 000 000 investieren...

I mean, if you look at the back of the shop, the shop doesn't look very presentable right now or for some time, actually for a year. I don't want to say that we like each other, but we don't have enough space and that takes a little bit out of my heart because I'm a clean freak and a boy freak too. In the back of the workshop it is so yes that you are a little more tense when you can't work as freely and fast as you are used to and there was the idea of ​​expanding, it has been around for a long time. and now Lukas can also pan it here once I opened it once which is an old Honda car dealership in Hameln which was Skoda at the time which was then Kia and um the property is for sale it's more or less empty there I passed a while ago I saw that the whole property doesn't look that well maintained and then I took it upon myself to see if it was for sale and it really was for sale.
ich wollte 1 000 000 investieren
We then looked at the property and were quite impressed with it, but I actually noted again that the storage area itself is too small for our purposes because we have a relatively large number of engines and that it's actually in the seven-figure range if it comes in. you want to build a new warehouse what we have to do and the location would also be in Hamelin the property then really jumps out of the financial framework you really have to say and currently the interest rate is no longer at one or two percent of the rate effective interest rate of Financing but in reality at four and a half to six percent for business by business and if you then calculate if you want to pay said object 10 15 years, then how often do you pay for this object, then you lose the desire to buy and here we're Honestly we can look 10 15 years into the future if I'm honest I can't reliably look three years into the future and I can't do any pro gnostic due to Corona through the Ukraine war the market situation is of course extremely tense you have to stay small and flexible and I think that's what we are here and I want to keep it that way so let's start now at this location here in Hessisch Oldendorf, we have to fix things a little more and maybe also look for flexible solutions and maybe grow something here, which is not necessarily, I would say, economically cheaper, yes, in the future it refers, but we are more flexible and we can take small steps and more cautious, take a big step now with an object like that, yes, what else do we have?
ich wollte 1 000 000 investieren
Actually we have big problems, what do big problems or annoying things mean that one or the other customer does not contact us even though we have completed a car project, we had the customer here, we accept that ab finished Lukas I said in September in September ne October September we finished a client's project and he had previously also brought us an E63, we repaired the E63 completely, he picked it up, we invoiced the car to him, that was all the best and in return he gave us an S500 straight away. we also repaired this S500 as the customer wanted and since then we have basically not heard from the customer we have completed a car like this we have written an invoice we have briefly or you have Lukas briefly contacted the customer and yes no Signs of life now no more signs of life I think you wrote to him privately on Instagram once yes but you replied today no he is in Australia at the moment and has bad internet and nothing at all since then yes and since then we haven't got the customer and no reply to the letters to the reminders to the calls to the emails so we have tried everything no chance now the S500 is here in the yard and the customer can't be reached yes very wrong, yeah, so I don't even know how we behave. there now, of course, we are although it is mandatory to load the car, drive the car a little to the left and right here in the yard that the brake disc I am not rusting, I am really a little puzzled right now, really you can tell but the 124 are standing here it was also difficult to settle accounts with the client because the client there is also a long term project and the client doesn't really feel like it was reported correctly Ne was somewhere in the hospital what which may also be the case, but you notice that communication with clients is becoming more difficult Ne Lukas You can really tell that appointments are canceled in general and that can tell you there is no doubt that with the other money it is more strict and I also understand that if you miss an appointment, I'm also happy if clients cancel, no, you really have to say it's a great asset or very lucky if clients actually cancel and just You don't show up for your appointment so I'm very appreciative if you cancel an appointment because then we can take someone else we have enough L on the expected list today but I do rely a bit on honesty and yes normal client behavior.
I would say let's go to the shop and then I'll show you a vehicle. What's up? tail lift there are massive issues with i can kinda joke there was a screw in the engine and it didn't turn out so good yeah the screw there in the engine is a delivered vehicle with a delivered engine so keep it in there we don't have stock in it that it's not our engine, but I can't just say that there was such massive damage, maybe even due to tampering, here's actually the picture I brought with me from vacation, I think there are already people of something I think by the way mega so I think the idea is mega, you can see how it looks, it's so crowded and we have to have another one here in front Generate a job or, actually, two more jobs, yes, that's been on the agenda for a long time, but also there are some cars that are not left out of C63.
The customer picked up the car yesterday from a newly purchased Mercedes dealer. and he brought it to us in the red and we're supposed to ship the car now the bed world has just been sealed off it's just been patched up on multiple pages and he said he knows what it's like to rely on good control better let's just say it out of that way and like i said the m156 engine has the problem that the backplate is leaking it fits great yeah what are you doing there right now What is there and I was something else?
Actually, the back plate here wasn't that leaky, but here was the control cover leaking. Lukas there you can take a photo you can see how the workshop that sealed this or the control cover worked exactly like this more or less imagine that yes that is Lukas dudendes the photo for that I have to take a look Axel I think he was here yes right here here it was stained on the outside they have the caulking compound so we took off a control cover they have it sealed the control cover which probably didn't work that well and then they glued it from the outside and wanted to seal it like that and the customer came up to us and said man, what's up, check my m156 engine and we said you're you, a lot of oil came out because the oil that was leaking from the engine was already draining through the rear axle, no, there was the whole underbody and then Axel found out again, no, that was coming slow so here it's cover here on the front so there's a separate cover and there's a separate sealing ring because sealing rings aren't really good anymore they didn't go along with the ani sealing ring there it is that's the sealing ring and that's when we're there when we go we always say we make all rubber sealing rings and now listen close watch the next engine go down axel is right so Of course, that has nothing to do with the sealing ring, and if you think about it, it's a different sealing ring.
In comparison, the sealing rings are just hard and here everything that is basically rubber has to be replaced and then it is tight again and Axel now fills the cavities here according to the specifications of the manufacturer Mercedes or AMG because the oil likes it go through these cavities outside also among other things here the new sealing rings are already there if you look now here that is really the direct comparison that is the new sealing ring yes and there you can see how it deforms no lately yes yes it just slips no so tighten now just put the sealing ring back on what we're going to have a leak later and that's important that this sealing ring over this plate the surface bulges out, bulges out here now and therefore seals well so like I said we're doing the back plate right now that's what the Mercedes workshop just did here this customer came yesterday it was raining outside and I went to the customer I went in there and did that for a bit or Lukas did you agree I did it once and then we test the vac for leaks and just test it clean for you Engine immediately ran out on check engine lamp vs vac leaking so for several thousand euros 10000 € and yes, in the end the suction gray is leaking stefan has the ratchet here in the open on the belt tensioner because I wanted to take a look now, also a classic here in the front but be calm you have 30-40 euros here on the tensioner there are of course two papers here they are also noisy listen to this how do you know these papers stay standing and then if the belt breaks and the belt hits the harness here and then like i said it broke the cable harness then the engine control unit breaks completely unnecessary for such a paper it costs 30 40 Meiling to 50 € now Stefan looks through this car here and Stefan is now doing a service here on the engine and now he's taking the valve covers off again they supposedly checked the camshafts we said they had them checked yeah they're a little out of place but that's completely normal so they're on the edges Rhombus you also know our other videos, you can follow them here in our videos A camshaft must not be out at any point We don't want it to be at the top of the timing unit and nothing can come out of it and if something should come out of there then we have to do it accordingly b failures the customer had to see what he was doing so now we have an invoice from 11.17.22 so we just had breakfast and there it says eight and a half liters of motor oil again that's good so far and now the first thing we do What I'm going to do is take a look at the oil label here it's from 05/21/21 Of course you are one of those I'm a bit confused I don't understand it as such so yeah we're just checking I ride the car, so the customer basically has a superior product because what he said saved him for a long time so I don't think he's been looking that long he thinks it's in perfect condition and it's really good I don't think he was a bit excited about that I think it's also good very good impression that you really have to say that it's actually super prepared on the inside as well and yeah like I said black black C63 Performance why do I know it's performanceAlcantara red steering wheel brake calipers gray intake manifold gray intake manifold and actually also a carbon rear wing yeah look at that and a carbon rear wing then you know it's stock C 63 performance and yeah what I basically had to figure out with a scare, look at it By the way, yes on the tires, maybe we start a little lower, Lukas, because always a little bit backwards, a tire always has a production date so you know approximately when you look at these tires, when are these tires like this and basically you can if you look at the tires the tire size is 235 40 ZR 18 and then you will find a point and with this point if you then look a little further you will find a turning point you know what bold plus three hours three digits with a arrow like that in front Exactly Axel says from behind so it would be from the 90's and if it's a four digit number then it's basically yes after 2000 and here it would be in the case here in front it is always week 35 week and then 13 exactly 2013 which tells us that the tire is already 10 years old we would have to look I think we will wait let's look it should not be 2011 or 2012 because it is coming down here disc Is it really badly captured?
So the record was produced in 2011. Look at the back for 2011/2011. Yeah so the discs are from 2011 put your hand away now we have the engine number here which I always keep near the top here is the engine number here it basically says this is an engine for a 204 the part number and here is the week of manufacture or the day of manufacture of the engine which is July 8, 2021 so no 2021 of course yes 2011 of course I got confused then a vehicle with 2011 tires from 2013 and now I also wanted to know what was going on or what was 80 exactly 80 000 80 kilometers so we checked it and let's be honest if a tire like that is more than five years old then it won't work anymore I have it on our car every day in everyday life I drive a w213 no in not really a s213 e300de it's a diesel hybrid vehicle and it has winter tires from 2017 that doesn't drive in the rain anymore that's very hard not good yeah but that's where we go in the video after that, I wanted to show you new Please know where the parts package is, so we won't reveal any secrets, so it's a big deal.
Mercedes can only supply one head gasket and that's for which side of the axle the right hand side so the right hand side is bank 1 and we need it for bank 2 we need a head gasket and now look at this crazy head gasket this head gasket here looks a bit like Mickey Mouse no there is a section there and then in Germany we hear it everywhere on eBay in autodoc on the All Impact platform and we also found a head gasket, which comes with a gasket head to the other side although the part number given is the correct one so it is short to reach germany all over europe i ordered a lithuania i ordered an original head gasket from mercedes in lithuania and it has not reached the gasket cylinder head for a long time yes the dealer is not available in lithuania he pocketed the 126 € first yes now I'm still standing no head gasket and then Stefan and I talked about it and then you tell Stefan that you once ordered from Rockauto in States United, are you there?
You can order it or just do it with the money so it says cool it will be there in a few days a few days ago never say I sat down Tuesday afternoon and ordered a rockauto head gasket in the US Tuesday afternoon and i made it super fast so express everything that works was reduced somehow with the import duties somehow they dropped €34 and look it's thursday morning and that was at 9:30 am. 9:45 a.m. my head gasket here that didn't hold then or that thing is because that's crazy so the perfect super espresso landed here in Hanover and also came via Hanover in the United States in the United States it's also in Hanover and yes that's here Axel he's happy because the engine head gasket is here where i said where we that M119 non-engine project finished and we can't finish the project because we don't have parts yes this is our current prospects and rather the current situation is good Yeah, I think all that's been said has been said, we now have a deal with the ones with the camshafts.
I also want to show people how camshafts are made, so they can do it later. I have an appointment with Olaf Herrmann, who needs my help. Hermann Olaf Herrmann from Hermann Engine Development I'm going there now and he helped me and I'll help him and yes Stefan shows us the camshafts the camshafts are on yes as usual actually wanted to leave for a long time until that everything is here and everything is regulated in the company, then you can leave for an hour or two, then it's like the customer appointments continue, so can can now we look here together stefan already painted it a bit roughly according to my specs and yes Lukas can show my photo so you can see it better but really between us that's not meant to be mean to those who looked at this shop and wrote yes or said as a statement ok you can drive like that there are slight marks in it, that's not so bad, I see it completely differently and that's yes, he didn't have bad intentions for the workshop either, you just have to think about these issues and no one learns the profession of engine builder, yes, that's s what he still learns enginesb au also in the automotive trade that the engine manufacturer learns ne only learns yes they don't even learn how to change the head gasket like that anymore and that's why I can't blame him at all, I can only give it to you in the If this surface is so exposed and sometimes you can hear fingernails and scratches, then if it has roughness, then it has to be replaced and both components, the camshaft and the hydraulic dampers, there is a real risk of distortion, 100% yes. because it's not lying there now you know Lukas you can fade into the hydraulic tappets he will dig in there and then everything is a mess up here and the whole engine is broken an engine we know something over €50,000 VAT or 46 it doesn't matter, It costs a fortune such a motor if you can get it you absolutely don't need it here a new camshaft in the side has to go in here a new camshaft has to go in the side then you do all 32 shocks hydraulics again you do it once and then you'll definitely have peace and quiet again for the next 100-120,000 km with sensible oil change behavior so we'll tell the customer and see how it behaves to a deal with the shop because that's not ok that's my FAZ enough with the video have a good time click subscribe again that is very important to us comment what would you do at the point see you later bye

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