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Ich roaste eure VERWIRRTEN Zimmer

Feb 25, 2023
hello youtube how are you welcome to this video i asked you if you could send me a video of your apartment or your room and i will say that everything was very weird so now we are going to try this glass in the miller promotion no oh my god oh my god a thumbs up there subscribe to the channel and now enjoy the video come on ok next and no next apartment is from Lets Gut TV. you can get out of here bro is this here the storage room oh my damn can you get out here fat Hugo what is that that is the creepy corner what is here yes bathroom yes the sink from the movie is an absolute surfer a classic hood here oh here is my girlfriend sleeping, so you're a little calmer, your Hugo, what's going on in the room, we want to know why Winnie the Pooh isn't doing well. yippie never used or would put a bit more then we'll see thick month is really very cool ok just got a spade room.
ich roaste eure verwirrten zimmer
I would really like to join the route or what is that, bro. why not sex i say yes then just between us and colleagues Explanation from doctor's office because the need was too small quick question did you accidentally get it with the sword or they gave it to you voluntarily so ok next is from Fabi Ebel is not much but I wanted to show that it was not for everyone because the broadcasts are helping me enormously to pass this time Christian Herz I believe you Berlin I know it is my age Berlin-Spandau I wanted to know what I have ok you will go to the jail in germany ok but then you're just in berlin spandau jail which must be the least cool german jail out there i think easy is probably a dad to the viewers yeah he already lit it right ten years ago because he knew that this format works correctly.
ich roaste eure verwirrten zimmer

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ich roaste eure verwirrten zimmer...

Life for two in a shared flat and I'm finishing our apprenticeship ok then let's go in bro say you got lollipops and nickel lollipop patches in the entrance area. horny horny men is watching a poker table with a surround sound system just so we can't get your voice out of our heads men got so horny Look they just thought how can we make this living room better, thicker, like just gossip? from amazon a led bar right under the couch digger whats really going on we dont care come on mate nice led bar or the couch room thicker amazing we can do it again from see poor playability or poor playability on most of ourselves but we do a lot of cooking on our own unless we order our own mini it was so good there's no light on it yeah this is still our basement what can we play some billiards boah very very very cool no joe very nice i have a very bad bulldozer it doesn't clean such real men are real men thicker WG my girlfriend dumped me because i was too much in your conversation outside chat Gigi means that people just dry up at first i wanted to show you a little tour of my house 7 Mausi so it's not really a house or an apartment that i was praying for but it's almost the same and that's why it doesn't matter at all or if that it's a door ok here we see it The The heart of the whole place is the living room with the big sofa, so you can easily have three or four people on it, and we also have a big table that we can put things on, but what important guys it's the photos from there look at them my cameraman is too stupid that's why we should have left immediately here we have another flight of stairs we will go up the steppes very briefly then i decided to take the elevator we were applying so many steps you can see my living room training but i have no idea i never actually use them that's why we go straight to the broadcast room so guys now i'll show you the fancy broadcast setup again the screens my shitty cameraman can't film unfortunately because it's too stupid and the exposure is set correctly yes exactly you exactly I mean I have then Of course we also have a keyboard and one because I think that's how to use a PC correctly What should not be included in a setup is the iPhone because android users are easy.
ich roaste eure verwirrten zimmer
You have to show them how shitty they are and that's important it's like an iPhone these walkie talkies are so you're a real businessman something like that happened here and yeah better tell me if I should fire the cameraman Jürgen you did a shitty job without actually sharing your apartment cool oh wonderful hey i think i got vibes he still lives with his parents and just shows us his room but he's also horny hey my girl's room definitely hey man bro oh man sorry sorry my dad the best we don't have my manga collection here, the creative shit finder and a book, what's going on here, so we have my bed with Pepe, it's logical or so that's cute, just fuck off Müller, oh man, wait a minute, what does she say to that?
ich roaste eure verwirrten zimmer
Just fuck you too tired shit it's just my autograph card rip right away just a necessary motivational edge Kevin and logically everyone should have this really for free omg no she's someone like that. that with me I have problems oh no Digger already wants to go direct so Hugo also likes Fugo Bro no closed screen three times come on this dog wait wait wait wait both hands in the photo who is filming with that I am doing some drugs here why not then let's go Right here we have the trash can uh we also do a minigamer that is very short from time to time let's see if we can take the trash can to the door 3 2 1 thicker apple let's see I'm here right now what's up YouTube and um yes the water is really with it here we still have my dog ​​and here mine is my dog ​​as you can see we want to talk about it too I've had amenakoi for 19 years so now let's try putting this glass in the trash can 3 2 minecraft oh my god i was just seeing good morning mr. teller and community here we start with mine two wall cloths i bought when i thought i was doing too many drugs your inner eye opened it wasn't a psychosis an acupuncture door sign the year past was an experience i definitely didn't go to work the next day because i don't have a girlfriend so here i have my cupboard with several books under an e-cigarette collection because i don't have a girlfriend it always gets moldy no matter how often i scrape the dirt underneath , so here I have my game setup, um, I play a little record player with me now, I don't have a girlfriend, different records are also a cinema. record or the one you know from me read you don't get confused therapy this record player belonged to my grandfather the chemotherapy did not help him the very scarce supplies the most important thing for me is always plenty of alcohol because the garlic they make here was not the idea was the garlic more important thing to mention is actually another cabinet that comes at the beginning in the first 5 seconds when he said this cabinet had to come this cabinet had to come he had to come good ne oh man ey yeah Flo amazing thicker apartment what's up , friends?
I only comment here after um, so don't be surprised. Live feedback right in a bathroom. Nice window. I don't know why I have the feeling that the cabinet is stable. looks too comfortable here i have a spider-man buffalo t-shirt i am a big fan of him huh two sound systems tvs i am a big fan why i have no idea anyway here is the eiffel tower what is the mona lisa i am not very sure about that but i dont think its a mona lisa bro wait a minute eiffel tower cool i dont have exactly that yeah thats not the eiffel tower bros robot i always suck for but perfect that. it was really ass hey tiger sick potato he is coming very very very very wild thank you for using boss we will go to the next one he wrote about it or she tallest residential building in hamburg ok ok ok I think there will be a bonsi gewohnung tomorrow and Kevin and his viewers give the Welcome to this small apartment in Hamburg.
I am right at the entrance area and yes the first thing you see when you skateboard in or see the first impression is like this GDR hotel. I think together they say Wolfgang why. you put your shoes in there but don't forget the checks later you come now bedroom tv chair where you throw your things on it's cool so it all gets a little old but it's cool the closet with curtains instead of doors the beginning has fat men straighten up somehow really simple just put it in any closet brother thicker boxes help shamelessly cool somehow or something I'll start somehow now old somehow but somehow it has what I don't know exactly and in the game it really looks like a hotel room just no leaves the kitchen with oven stove sink microwave somehow i've never seen an apartment so full of interest come on up hello darlings and welcome to the apartment door today oh my gosh that's my cat somewhere now let's see what i can make a kata plate hello my dear guys and welcome to today's relatively simple apartment door go to the right this is left and idiots my relatively simple bedroom very nice very nice with the wood one person is required for two people is Kind of gross I don't know but people just don't That's Kim Jong's company.
Here is my beard which is unfortunately taken up at the moment. In the meantime I can but with you guys my decor at the Show the Hall omg I was thinking if I should paint it myself or buy it in bulk and hang it on the wall Digger I think it's so cool it would be so cool to have it in the apartment continue with the kitchen relatively cool just a kitchen wait a minute Digger why is there a gun? Brother is doing something about it Kettle Toaster Microwave spawned and everyone is fine now let's go to the men's corner and that's why we'll look at each other for a quick chat real good home workout without having to have the thickest fucking gin plain let's visualize you getting fucked by some russians in cs go then just go here and pump out the frustration ok no fatter you drink math oh my god bro we can't work together anymore oh my gosh feel free to rate them in the comments what your hungover bro what is that disgusting pig we will leave the best videos so stupid that they are such a stupid laugh at the end.
Bro, yeah, he just wants to avoid horny butts. Unfortunately, he can't appear in the video. Written, I'm in a lot of pain, uh, yes, stop the table here, TV, ne protein shake, although I don't even go to the gym. So carelessly furnished men's apartment, just some kind of wooden throw. done if your a girl there thicker to make it look reasonably good huh man age is so dumb no joke here the dude should never bother you for messing up or desks your funny collection under the monitors so it's ok about women ya it's done I'll check why the apartment is set up the way it is it's not bad Digger you don't have to bother so much no one's coming anyway yeah or what can I say so fuck football ​​why do you have a life-size Farfigur of Harry?
Thicker styles oh my god my viewers are as dumb as me I can't anymore no kidding I come to Mecki Digger now he does MTV hello ladies and gentlemen Papa Platte sent us to examine the latest premises , let's take a look there. I have not cleaned properly yet, no problem, my apartment is 1A tidy, is there garbage here somewhere? you youtube we are right here where i bathe we are in the head damn bathroom yes i am a rude man you know you can take me that room is locked come with you to my devil where i live always here you can watch tv or play some fifa it only has ashes in the head like a bad Shisha I'm smart like a small car yeah I can't say no here you see GPU CPU shit it's ok streams what's the latest I can't rest ok he said he lives in hotels hotel rooms and this it's the worst thing he's had in the last 5 years i work with entertainment management i'm on the internet turkey that's why i love his hotel room is barrier free of course aka handicap accessible oh you do yoga with grandmas so and so Aqua Dings and so you're the one to shower first we don't have a shower curtain that makes everything wet in here but we have a really cool place chair definitely kitchen roll shit has flown yet bro dude that's so yeah and Penne here huh of course I arranged a bit just for you actually in Turkey right now oh really just wait a minute then they would call you they recorded the big night that Of course I dressed as you can see oh man o what a silly outfit man .
I wish you a great stream definitely some fat dick around us man this is really so suit pants are all the way out max oh folks that's it if you liked everything folks give a thumbs up please subscribe to the channel and see you.

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