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Ich kaufe BESCHLAGNAHMTE Pakete von Justiz & Zoll Auktionen??

Feb 22, 2023
wow i just have to call the police because i locked myself out. Hi guys, yes it's me and I think it's obvious that I'm in trouble. Please be sure to confiscate. Have you ever heard of customs and judicial auctions? I heard before because I always come back to be in front of you. I'm looking for new auctions to test. I have been busy for the last few weeks with these public auctions which, as far as I could find out, are carried out by the main customs office in Gießen, these costs consist of three different categories, as already mentioned, the suppliers are federal authorities and institutions and state, they definitely deserved the golden girl, idiot, it is possible to do business with such shares, let's find out by luck, since I have lived in Cologne. you have always been very available for my first action These are brand new sunglasses from a wide variety of brands from Belgium so we went straight international here.
ich kaufe beschlagnahmte pakete von justiz zoll auktionen
According to the record, these are original assets that were seized or forfeited. Criminals I paid €490 because the last of 44 offered yes my first criminal package is very well packed let's open one by one honestly spring is coming the sun is shining again no need for new sunglasses of various brands even with the original label i will go well with the police hat let's go because only my police side made here from cologne i have a conspiracy theory there are very handsome policemen in cologne and they all play around the main train station and place them there for the image of the city, stop now open a new tab and go to your favorite online store to spend your money.
ich kaufe beschlagnahmte pakete von justiz zoll auktionen

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ich kaufe beschlagnahmte pakete von justiz zoll auktionen...

What if I told you now that you can get your purchase money back? portal with more than 2000 partners such as Media Markt Douglas Asus Lieferando and many, many warm, for example, via the boost app, simply shop at your favorite online store as usual and then recover part of your shopping cart on your YouTube account I personally like to use this little eg Button in Schuh browser reminds me eg when I order new cool sunglasses from Asus like these Panda glasses eg hello the description says what kind of glasses are included but of course to surprise myself i didn't look at it so closely but i was already wondering why order freak glasses from Asus and even if i forget it shows up this little icon and says hello please return part of your money to your bank or to your PayPal account now I'm going to skip for a moment like a garden trade Police again, you don't have to worry at all Schuh does not deal with the data if they are fully funded by the brokerage commission and registration is also free because you have to ask yourself investigatively at this point what speaks against that there is also something on the top if you click the link in my description you get €10 extra cash on registration you also support my videos extremely clicking on the link and boost also sees that my viewers support me, so I thank you in advance and we take a closer look at what glasses you can rock.
ich kaufe beschlagnahmte pakete von justiz zoll auktionen
I'll tell you how much you would theoretically get for them. listed here between €50-150 wore some vibes international glasses so i know they have these sunglasses in eyewear stores i know the brand but i can't find them at kampf at the moment i don't think they are priceless, the others are even ok two spoke bands look now sometimes in winter between 5:30 euro I feel like an Allmann bike we can't get too close I ride my racing bike I might as well sell 55 in relaxed I think tens maybe €15? what about cb? The touring lot of these are kind of dead glasses I have a feeling sunglasses are not a good investment now oh this week my dad will be very happy about it oh again ray-ban but they are at least a little cool you know it's the perfect head roll oh my gosh the forever full carnival outfit that was still missing so they go like this i would even say tens then ten ten to 20 ok then lets say the ray-bans to everyone 10 20 30 40 45 what else is on your shit hey that was so bad for errs really some people want €30 for it some people want €100 for it.
ich kaufe beschlagnahmte pakete von justiz zoll auktionen
I give her the 100 and to this less I would give 60 the latest Gucci another ap collection why I think everything is like that daddy I wouldn't say she's such a super special cool model that for €100 I'm going away would you really organize one around 50, does that mean we have €255? I would say that now I paid 490 jaikes which was less worth it. I'll be honest with you below. I ventured into the food category, which is available. product range and wanted to be as diverse as possible and give an overview if you're interested in something like that and here I have six glasses of Gourmet Carrots and West African Style Mint Paprika Sauce to enjoy and cook with here below it says fresh Exciting of the brand The foot of the day is manufactured in Germany and found from insolvency proceedings.
You can also do what I do played by Kelly. You would have thought my face as a poultry marinade, as a barbecue sauce, or as an exciting alternative to pesto. perfect for everything €25 Hamburg a menu of gourmet sauces who is that I don't know if it's just me but I have now I would have expected something spicier it's ok not extremely mine yes €4.16 and can gluten and lactose free no added sugar no preservatives in itself a good product is quite warm at the end of the auction, so I've gone a bit crazy, I'll tell you how it is: a CSA responder F chemical protection suit from Kappler USA from Seltenberg for a whopping €111, everything is gas and waterproof it is no longer allowed for firefighters and can only be used for training because the suit is faulty that means I don't take off anyone's protective clothing here either yes it's ok it smells like plastic adwords too it sticks somehow, you bring a little attack, I get a little sticky, hello, what to wear in case of emergency personal protective equipment as long as it is not faulty completely protected from my surroundings can I hey please listen to that I can always work in a radiologically, chemically and bacteriologically contaminated environment and, for example, using it in accidents with dangerous goods, I hope I can get out again, I took my time, my God, the panic had almost suffocated me in a chemical suit, the package of the fourth auction will be coming a few days later, so at this point, I'm sorry for this location, quality, and costume change.
The fourth auction package arrived at the last minute. Actually, I'm almost supposed to be on my way to Berlin, but I thought. I take the opportunity and unwrap it again because it listens to carnival music in the background, we are good in the middle of the season, sorry, and they are from 36 to 38 €, cosmetic headphones, 28 pieces, I have for 255 €, shot, the thing I think so. i saw there are a couple of supposedly original branded things from frankfurt am main in contrast to the other packs this one here for the price definitely promises a lot because of the biggest one which is a huge pack and also very hard i will show it is probably a city ​​of frankfurt lost property ok and skip a jacket ok wt the auction guy for this package was described as a miscellaneous thing the first thing we have here is a body face and mr oil kodalie, i need hair oil. that suits me so well oh and a chanel mascara i don't know about that i'm happy to know it sold for €38 and douglas and i think it's brand new i think it's really amazing ok ok you can find the exact product. but Codel brand oils are also available for about €35 so actually two luxury products let's go to a couple of clothes that look like a shirt and Calvin Klein and it smells new no label but just smells like which is from the Loading it's worth an interesting vest that you can still go for a real walk Vest by Mark Aurel in 38 that seems already finished you can put your cell phone there and you can go through headphones it's new so it's worth €150 people, I personally would do that brought a vest that long probably not she's great yeah a mini swiss army knife ok that's disappointing a lot of ice skates in kids size I'd say eight kids flip flops oh they fit me I don't think make it as good as hey that's a big pack hey bulging one Bag with a calculator from vintage Casio Bang nail scissors from ZWILLING why not here's the original price on it too 28 95 another pocket knife and this bag is from JW payer do you remember in my last pinterest ad video i ordered a bag like that in pink now i also have a pencil case which is a new lamy fountain pen omg 25.90€ with a price and everything erm yeah from what otherwise some random pens, pencils, wow, a new sleep shirt from Intimissimi plus in the underwear area there's an Eileen bra from Triumph original price 29.95 so we're really not less than €30 each in the original except maybe the sports suit flashlight on the front Rewe power bank of course as always power bank if you need my power bank contact me Hula JBL headphones are almost fully charged I'm sure around 100 € the costs will be more sunglasses what kind of sunglasses we have here on skis beautiful richmody if i crossed the kudamm in berlin right now, Armani glasses of course as if i haven't already unpacked enough branded glasses in this video so if you still think about brand sunglasses, you're interested in the song Summer, customs auctions are a good way to get five times the same thing. i only unwrap it once what is it? oh, it's a scarf, it's like an envelope from the 2000s with lost and found.
I know why the individual involved is this item that I saw listed when I browsed for a while. I'll tell you that it's a deneder botega cardigan, so it's not my style right now but it fits me like a glove, friends, I'll tell you how it looks here, it says 1400 euros. I'll tell you how intact this package is. He had never experienced anything like that. Okay, a gray Orsay sweater, original price of 25.99. we also have some nice Primark Jeans which shouldn't be missing either against a huge scarf from Zara a cashmere scarf from John Stones and two hats once a sports cap maybe from the swimmer and he lost his belongings and unidentifiable people who was really an inner flower choosing that was great and definitely worth the price.
I think the box really got into other things. The big disappointment was. I really think the sunglasses were unnecessary. I once thought, come on, do that principle. No, it's not worth it. new ones buy people really buy used ones if possible otherwise thanks for looking. I really look forward to the next time and see you, so bye.

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