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ICH ÜBERNEHME BAYERN FÜR 10 SAISONS !!! 🔟🔥 FIFA 22 Karrieremodus Challenge

Aug 07, 2022
sprint to glory is the art of listening to a club in


as fast as possible to the champions league title only through transfers what happens but if you keep going after this champions league title don't stop so today ten fc


songs let's see how many records we can break there hello or something and welcome to this almost new format. I have to see how you do, so cross your fingers for ten songs that we will celebrate here and today, of course, I have already implemented all the latest. transfers here and there one is probably still missing but at least at fc


our club should be mostly correct that's also the reason why I disabled the first transfer window for now which means we won't really buy until the second season but then I probably have a lot more transfer budget than the new season to go shopping for the mannsch to reinforce the stern which I now also initially set 24 22 I think I'll finish it now but then directly again because I don't i think auto trainer can handle it at all and then probably use it all the time more or less at the front is the first season is in the next few years of course it will be much longer then of course i just saw that please we are only getting to the point where we are in reality anyway and just like in reality fc bayern will win the championship by Eman, where he was a little more sovereign with a single defeat.
ich bernehme bayern f r 10 saisons fifa 22 karrieremodus challenge
Schalke returns directly to Bochum. Bremen have to be relegated, so you already have a little Bundesliga forecast here, so to speak. , which will soon also be published by Obermann Zweikanal, number two in the DFB Cup, title number three in the super cup exactly, so we clear up a lot of titles, but that should of course. I also have a lot more to come for example the champions league title of course i want to win multiple times in this video so far it hasn't worked out at all because we just lost the final against manchester what the hell is that? because the euroleague gets water in the final at noon against psg conficker is there the world cup is already taking place in the summer different from reality the rebuilt team maybe i should show i already announced it before but look at that masri ya he has more than 86 and many others, we can't see the general strength, we don't see any new ones or he goes up 88 that's already completely op and now we are considering that he can still develop how many goals zajo man scored in his first season at bayern 31 points hit at the beginning to ask for it, then I will have a very good striker in front, let's see if I can practice that with these songs keep it up and adjust my transfer strategy accordingly the team we are putting together today is going to be so intense that it's already crazy and this transfer budget of almost 300 million euros again and again I don't even know where to start we are weaker with the transfers in the central defense and in the right midfield, yes, and for the e Exceptions that need another player in the team and that's why I bought the change and manchester united for 120 million euros and then a central defender is probably the best man you can get currently career mode no ruben diaz also has very good potential there is worth 150 million for me in any case he is therefore the most expensive new defender of all time and now you would think that was it for now in terms of transfers but one must not forget that our transfer list is quite full so now there are so many players who are really worth something and still with the prep tournament on top of that at least one good backup player could jump in, one or the other must have wondered why he had to be on the transfer list he wanted from himself same so i loaned him to manchester united and now we can bring them back right away so he should be happy again here in munich yes there is a party a real sold to last, we get money for never and we no longer need sabatzer stanicic and that is why we are now at the transfer deadline day with a budget of around 75 million euros because the spiritual people who are still on the list from transfer they will not bring so much money anymore I was anyway the problem is there now only because they are paralyzed because the receiving club cannot pay the salary so I will buy a backup for the left back who was not so cheap either 70 million euros spent on bale but previously we'd been in the position just sea davis and that's one after the whole transformation takes a little too little two weeks then we've got two really good people to the left back here and the whole route is almost a bit exaggerated but we can afford it and you never know if you hurt yourself more than someone should say in hindsight you can see here we've already won the p next title with the super cup let's see how many more of these will come, i really hope for the champions league title, now it is definitely possible because the impression to glory with a top club like fc bayern is actually relatively normal in the second season i am already the first to win the champions league title but what is happening here please we will only be second in the bundesliga i would have hoped it would not happen at all i thought because of the title every season but no no bundesliga title at least i won the dfb cup but i can still take solace in that the fact that we only finished second in the bundesliga what is that please win the super cup the fc barcelona europa league is going to leipzig conference kickers real society and now to the champions league it won't work even with the title we have i'm already going to the bitter end in the round of 16 no, that ended with more coming here against barca on penalties and that really is not a good season and that of such a strong team I don't quite understand just this residual heat is an absolute grenade company and still they don't work very well of course it's not perfectly set up here but the coach automatic is there anyway. of the season we can be really 0.0 satisfied maybe it's also a drop in radio money return that a general fortress could improve but still played much worse that has to be next should be so different everything should be seen accordingly the great transfer offense unfortunately our transfer budget has just been cut to almost 200 million still not that many players I want to give away at least none valuable the biggest difference is always the new goalkeeper and manuel neuer is now 37 so i think that has maximum priority replace him and that's why we started with that of course I'd be stupid not to buy gianluigi donna verano 24 years old as 91 full force for 170m so he's an incredible amount of goalie but you know how he is in career mode he will now replace newer manuel and that way now i can have someone like give sven ulreich for the furniture really we didn't get that bit of money we closed the transfer phase with the signing of wilfried we needed six because we only had chemical equipment before that we really spent all the money and maybe that was exactly the missing piece of the puzzle to finally win the title of the championship, even if I believe that the minimum is that I can finally win the league again, that a year off is too much for me, but nothing good because, after all, I was thrown out a lot in the course of this has me over the passion, but then immediately they brought me back to the office and you notice some injuries then the champions league where the dfb cup is the championship trophy we got used to this year 75 points thats pretty good i can live with that but we could live with the dfb cup don't defend there it goes to the super cup vfl wolfsburg they are not at the start either so there is no more uefa title their perpokal siegers rb leipzig the champions league win this year or in real terms from simply chosen knowledge against fenerbahce that's how it happened again in this video you can't explain yourself so you haven't won the champions league title yet and that's with a team that about this is what looks like a unbelievably strong bench a 93er you get him out of it's really hard how he could improve i didn't expect it at all 26 goals in 32 years best assist thomas müller again although we probably will quite do that now too soon we don't need a budget for that because We already have Lucia up our sleeve.
ich bernehme bayern f r 10 saisons fifa 22 karrieremodus challenge

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ich bernehme bayern f r 10 saisons fifa 22 karrieremodus challenge...

I don't really understand why the final hit is still a long time coming, but we still have seven sources left, that's the positive. news for some reason has the transfer how is it rising sharply again and let some f contracts expire for the worst players our squad is no longer like that without the big transfers of more than 200 million euros in those areas we are already moving here felix comes 210 million the cost is 24 years old he was not better than you at the beginning but of course clearly much younger you are probably disappointed in felix to improve and overall we finally have two really good players up front and I don't have than to change the system because felix is ​​a home assist so she is finally free the same goes for a couple he was going to go to chelsea of ​​all places who he is also really associated with as you know what that means , now i am buying a new even better right back in trend of course alexander arnold cost. 115 million that I had in the last year of the contract now look at my market value at 120 and 130 million previously it's only a small improvement but much more than kl anyway you can't improve the team look at this substitute bench in the reserve that screams for the champions league title.
ich bernehme bayern f r 10 saisons fifa 22 karrieremodus challenge
Things happen here that no one can really explain, other than you're welcome to try in the comments, but I think someone will convince me. only their league is good it is a subject that was expected 81 points but the other competitions dfb pokal yes well then we won as you know what is happening now and of course the uefa champions league we are so far from that. everything we weren't even in the knockout phase because we just wanted third place in our group what the hell? how does this work? That is why it is important that we briefly see the conference league and the uefa europa league, we did not win them either, although we did play it but it ended in the quarterfinals against liverpool and all that with this team here I understand them all at least 89 of overall social strength is the worst and then continue here with 91 91 the trends will come on the bench 88 89 91 and there isn't a single bad player on the team even auto trainers can't do much damage except maybe if he played a new one instead of donna roma but that doesn't happen again i dont even know how skinny they are cooler in the team they can definitely improve somehow ap köln the man maybe get but we're not that bad positioned right now with felix and, sometimes next to sturm so it absolutely has to happen right away.
ich bernehme bayern f r 10 saisons fifa 22 karrieremodus challenge
I looked for him. Manuel Neuer finished after this season his career, that's why I don't think he will buy any other backup goalkeeper now that we have it anyway, it's not a lot of money, I'll probably go to zdf, there we will have a complete team of more than 90, even if musealer may not play anymore, but in exchange we get some money for thomas müller and also some money market value. of 55 million and that although it is 35 years old, of course we have to take the coal, although I never really sell them, we got it because it has a value of ph that we can afford, although it cost 180 million kingsley koman absolutely wanted to leave so salary also leipzig for please then i'll buy myself sorry now finally kilian ps it was probably just a matter of time before the french switched to munich in that case but now it's 280 million which is actually relatively cheap i would say i just don't know exactly how i do it now it inserts in the starting eleven he had to make a revolution in any case m it wouldn't be bad it would almost make more sense because I have to change the system don't change it, so we'll sell it like this, then the grandmother saw near him that he is also 33 years old and bought us another outside midfielder, which means another outside midfielder originally, the idea was maybe to show a father on the outside, but? how many? money pays p.s. please divorce for a 33 year old man.
He pressed 266 million into our hands for the Senegalese. By the way, a couple of 96 ps went up when I remodeled them. We bought a lot earlier. It shouldn't be too bad for 180 million. Almost snapper and he can now reshape it to the right wing will shift because it's just kind of what that is please for a team that has never won the championship title now probably say I really hope it changes now that we're already getting to the point in the night where I don't even know what I can really improve on We are in 2026 and FC Bayern win the German championship with 83 points Definitely a decent lead over DFB cup winner Wolfsburg sadly you won't win anything where have we been? sent off in the third round against hamburger sportverein so after this video you have really seen all the super cup winner


uefa manchester city champions league we also rise of course let's take a look at the last conference the league continues the best world cup is up to date and now only the champions league we finally won the first title with fc bayern, yes, because it finally worked, yes, it lasted. long enough but of course it was a great performance although we made little progress against tottenham and then clearly beat manchester real madrid 5 2 the final 5 to 1 against fc barcelona but he has to be their best scorer now this season kilian is the best mvp support Provider is too, so that was probably the missing piece of the puzzle.
Hardly what I've always done here. It works with the champions league title. Otherwise, I can already announce that we will definitely sign a new substitute goalkeeper because Manuel Neuer is now finishing his shift. and it's already a pity at 40 years old, I buy it now Apparently, he is also a very good goalkeeper because of course we want to defend the champions league title and if you get injured, which is the case at the moment, by the way , so we want to replace them with more or less the same quality and so you can do it just spend 110 million euros on kicker too now i have decided to buy schoss felix super so i can get earl in holland again it is at least a little booster he has a 94 the Norwegian then I will always morph back into a striker again so we can play a real nine up front again and we still have over 200 million left over so first I really don't know I should catch up a bit.
Now I've gone to an even better zm. backup, so I changed grafenberg for petri and added 120 million euros and the guy is still just a backup w Eil e.on law is not 94, although of course the youngest is more with his 31 years, so in the long run petri He could sneak into the team, so I'm honest now they are really desperate transfers with him, for example. I still have some strong together, but at least a soldier is two years younger than Fernández, whom I traded here again plus 61 million per Melitta and Ela Milito, of course, again it's just a substitute player, but that means every player on the bench now has at least a ninety overall strength and is usually the worst player on the team and the one with an 87 is the best career mode team i ever had in a video could be really good and then hopefully they defend the champions league title right away the reality is they almost got us kicked out in the champions league group stage by less this is how he looked from the german championship wur de but he made it clear 83 points with a lot of confidence, what can you say?
The dfb cup, of course, won again at least once kuwait and it's also really that all the super ministers cup winners realize that there is a world cup here, but then of course we only came third. because we were against kashima antlers he got kicked out so because of the ep what is there to make this club work in case you wonder how it became super cup yes rolling other titles the conference is on going to monaco europa league to liverpool and on the champions league we could not defend the title instead it was wolfsburg in the final atletico madrid lose we lost against manchester united after we shot before i think barßel ​​o and only finished second in the group stage with one point more than ben becker you have who thinks about it with the best team of all time with a 98 year old it was pm 95er kimmig 95er davis there you can almost in the champions league e-elimination from the group stage these are things that just happen they know a lot yes also extremely realistic the career mode yes no idea that glass or ultra ultra good gear can also repackage in real life but with this consistency we see today that's a big nonsense ria season number 7 now manager of the month june hans last three games three wins new transfer budget 250 million but now the world has really reached the point i cant improve the team anymore no matter who i buy improve the bench i would do it myself now would be almost impossible to buy a few more players without giving up anyone because you give up players.
Anyway, I don't need the child. The biggest advantage is that we can probably weaken the other clubs, so you only buy yourself a little junior. put 150 million on the table until it is possible to sit on the substitute bench, it is detrimental, then he caught us in the return of cristiano ronaldo there was still money left, but I will definitely try to lend it there he goes to fc barcelona for two years, so the transfer phase is correct because the land still allows the budget of tsubasa, the weakest player of our team. he has a 93 while there are 3 harvey and the trend is he will be as good as all but still not enough for champions league title so i would be very surprised 0.0 or maybe everything will turn out as you expect german champions fc bayern but level on points with leipzig only due to better goal difference by one goal fc bayern will become champion this season dfb pokal takes you to the street such a win against hoffmann in the final winner of the super cup fc bayern winner super pokal liverpool the title holder we don't play this conference of concerns it's tottenham hotspurs europa league villarreal but now the champions league but all 4 to 2 the second champion the league title is secured we've progressed through the competition what could really be the season perfect dad now has 99 blatant is please just make sure there are 99 players in the team otherwise i think i have traded them in the meantime actually d in the breakdown because he stops being 32 sadly he's bad there but that shouldn't be a problem for us to replace him properly because we already have a lot planned anyway and at first he might get someone else for a long time. 33 goal keel best assist provider akh it was worth it was almost perfect he could do that again now the transfer should also be very high 283 million I would have preferred it not be a royal road to spend faster so now I have to buy teams of racing to enlarge a squad and get rid of money somehow I don't know why but the market for riten and kari bensel is standing still as always funny way and of course I'll catch it though a free player is rafael vori 96er all the route what the heck visa and that big time here you can morph into an attacking midfielder ie it just wont replace any hardware cant hurt to get 96er in the team now im exaggerating the reach im from kantane the greek from nama now i'm exaggerating so important but i'll put them both on the list i won't do that in a game and still i'll buy it for too much money.
Now it costs 180 million. I even changed the system now and went to 4-5-1 with kimmig. Meanwhile, it's slowing down a bit. The problem is that now I still have 100 million left, but with that. I can't afford a single player on my wish list and that's real, all players currently at 90 total strength or potential at least 90 or lower. I don't need to sign anyone I have. I also added a whole range which I found changed the fashion for South Bellingham 100 million and some shreds of the content also worked perfectly the idea is enough not just for the substitute bench we have already won the champions league twice now maybe this will be added and then we have two more songs so a maximum of five champions can still get the title which overall would be relatively satisfying but of course we still have a long way to go until the league championship we definitely win the dfb -pokal also so far all the titles we have seen but great david gave unfortunately lost just below what do you want we missed now it is also at the beginning wins won the final against fluminense winner of the uefa super cup on penalties against the villarreal so this v up to here we really have the german super cup and maybe the champions league will come right after that , the euroleague and now in the champions league yes, there is the third title and it was still almost the perfect season, but it is not surprising with the team i know, I know, repeat it to me over and over again, what else should you say? best scorer kilian in best assist raphael high season 2029 2030 penultimate with fc bayern meanwhile petrini starting eleven slipped into memorial usa won't stay here much longer he is 33 years old it would be after watching some games again i take everything into account which has potential up to 90 in all cases so with 90+ potential here the salaries I really wanted to show that it's crazy that some players can now make almost 800,000 euros a week bp and we're not even a major league we had to pay much more for the safe and bes board of directors now even complain about hp salary but he just wanted to have so many so he had no choice similar to the picture thats the return of robert lewandowski he's the best i can currently buy the only player not on we play for at least a 91 overall it cost 230 million but we can afford that reserve player you can spend it that's a tough call but we very well sell the 34 year old to juventus in april because I don't tolerate any game below 90 overall strength in our squad florian will fit much better if he brings in 90 total strength it came from potential customers for a real snapper price and so google improved the squad again to the max plus it wasn't really possible to represent the two top signings again and so we can relax and go into the penultimate season with a clear conscience you see We immediately went back to have the champions many now are apparently really unbeatable really great if you do it without a single loss but I think that's really completely impossible love lost three games that's why our team can't be much better.
It should be that everything is the opposite, it is even going around and you lose the final of the cup against the selected one. insulted the winner of the super cup. We just won the world cup. Now little by little it's getting better. He wants the UEFA Super Cup. Winner of the European league 3 to 2 I want to show you that also, of course, the conference here is before the final. Expect failure. You can really hate this shape. Still, the new general force of the 90. 12 99 m. on top of that and maybe also the best sender nil express nine strikers is already 34 now I'm afraid there are better people on the squad now, like biceps junior or unchain change, or even a better fit in terms of position, although I think to the long can improve even more already 29 is like this the bank now I have adjusted a bit yes there are already several players who have withdrawn from it now but you should not underestimate that we are in June 2030 we are entering the tenth season with fc bayern now but i think i will also refrain from the rule of only having 90+ players in the squad keep it up people like chili he could hardly replace me so i think there is a better left back on the market we need someone. in position if davis with his 97 times fails overall i don't need to borrow the chips anymore because what's the point?
Instead you could use the e sell it again for max budget ok kimmig stay here on the others just stay here probably but at least the rietschen name will add a little more money to the coffers so we are at more than 400 million euros. The first thing I'll give you a little bit of what is only valid for humans if you don't know how bad the mold will continue to be this season I just got a player with only 88 but of course we will increase again with sandra tonale for 100 million for 140 and if my calculations are correct then actually there is only raphael left in the entire world football as a player with a total strength of 90+ who is not in our squad you have to let it melt in your mouth of course i would like to buy it too but it's relatively tight in terms of budget oh and i can't even make an offer or too important for the club it's good so i have the money for now that will change during the transfer phase and i forgot one more player frankie dettori 92 33 years old now I can win both years so I think it's impossible to get both of them, yes, but the youngster is ahead of them.
It's that tick better and we could afford to miss at the end just ruffalo but I can live with that I may have to go down to 89 for the season anyway but then there are other players like den Messen or salami because they will get to 90 or higher so we won't be handling every 90+ player in the squad to have ten songs by the end of this one might need one or two more but that was also said this goal should be the goal is to get every Damn title, that's exactly what I want to do again in the final season by all means.
Can you turn the camera back on now for these final moments of ten years at fc bayern? That was the request for a trip. We have built an incredibly strong community and hopefully that will end the bitter championship of the title ofthe champions league, they just screw it up. playing a draw twelve times i already realized the big problem is us i have played draws so many times you have no idea why two losses but leipzig was totally good too 80 points in the end we didnt win the fb cup either where did we ejected in the second round against kasseler? we only play them twice so sometimes it's a bit crowded with the super cup eps we wouldn't win the title in the season that's a good flap cup after all the one that starts with a super cup even now it's coming slowly only champions league left which would then be the 5th overall league champion and we'll probably get that 10 final against manchester united at least we can get the biggest title again so we're down to 5 champion titles in total.
I almost expected even more when you look at the equipment. he became very, very cheeky, now he only gave 98 because he went up to 99 small correct pronunciation but there is also no in de The reality is that it cannot be said that the feeling is with 93 now that this squad this team is very good, it also has a 98 high overall but a few players left early on so really only Davis submitted the rest went then to Exchange views for a long time I know it's the best team of standard talent but if you want to build the best team racing mode then you have to do it the same way and that definitely made you want.
I hope you felt the same when you see more videos in the direction we definitely have a thumbs up you can give me the feedback decide which club you want to see how else ten years with a club is something different and that brings glory especially with really strong clubs it is already really white maybe he still has extra rules somehow or something in good rafa's head, in any case, he's extremely out of character, so often you should definitely also keep an eye out for bands, witch and clipse when it comes to your career model, that's all from this video, thanks for watching, see you next time, then there will be about 25 from the bundesliga.
Eyes, we are also ten years old. in the future nothing here in the lower heights the infopark all cases block my federal diagnosis too many worries that in the meantime online so check it out

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