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iamlucid on the news for nofap

Apr 04, 2024
Then NPR, a very well-known and very famous


source, writes an article and they quote me in the first sentence. The article is titled Masturbation, Abstinence Is Popular Online. The doctors and therapists are worried, they are worried, everyone pauses, everyone pauses, everyone stops. they're worried, people aren't Ming, they're what you imagine getting a call from your doctor one day and he's like, yeah man, you know everything looks good, all your test results look good, but I'm a little bit worried that you are. I will send you a referral to Psychiatry and Urology to resolve this. Nothing scares me anymore.
iamlucid on the news for nofap
Nothing hurts me anymore. A young YouTuber says to the camera as snowflakes cut through the frame. He is shirtless in Michigan. In January, he tells his friend to make it clear about hugging. this consolation to become a great powerful man, okay, you can tell that they are clearly being like they are attacking me or being somewhat disingenuous. The YouTuber who calls himself Soy Lucid tells the camera that he can take it. sub-zero temperature because he's been taking cold showers every day and, more importantly, hasn't masturbated in a year, okay, so they're clearly being very sarcastic about this in this article, like they're using me as a Home Run attention and attracting introduction.
iamlucid on the news for nofap

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iamlucid on the news for nofap...

For starters, that's a way to take my quote from a video I made four or five years ago when I was still in high school and place it right at the beginning of your NPR article to get more clicks. Good job, that's the most debated thing you can do, that's the weakest thing any man can do. He says yes. I hope we can all agree that sitting alone in the bathroom and compulsively watching two people have SE while touching each other is a pretty weak act. It's a very beta act, to say the least, the video was part of a thriving online scene dedicated to helping men suppress the urge to no, no, no, no, in all my videos, even in my videos above, I am very clear that we are not. repress any impulse the impulse will always be there the impulse of that feeling will always remain we are trying to control the impulse and control our actions usually when someone is repressing something it is usually something negative you should not always repress your feelings or your impulses or your desires, instead , you should control them.
iamlucid on the news for nofap
The suppression makes it seem like you're trying to suppress all this energy and you turn into a crazy monster towards the end and I feel like I'm just guessing that's possibly what this pun could be about. He meant trying to avoid the lawsuit, as you can see from my words here. Scholars who study the


world know that it arises alongside what is called the manal sphere, a collection of online spaces dedicated to the idea that men are threatened by feminism in modern life. How are you combining people being addicted to toys with this whole statement you just made and now you're quoting former Fox News host Tucker Carlson?
iamlucid on the news for nofap
I mean, where are you going? It really shows the type of agenda that is being pushed with this type of article why are you quoting Your Tucker Carlson on Fox News for no reason? So here they tell us a story about someone named Tim in his 60s, basically he was having marital problems and his wife told him, look if he doesn't stop seeing P, she threatened to end the marriage unless Heop stopped seeing him. to P it's okay so he tried to quit and then he realized that after he found the


community online it really helped him and from what he says it saved his life okay cool and then they say who show someone named Derek now Derrik had a different experience when he was a teenager growing up in Kentucky.
He watched PO for a couple hours after school every day. Damn Derek Jack. Now 26, he was an insecure teenager when he found the nofap subreddit. okay, I see what you're doing here trying to show that, oh, just insecure teenagers, okay, whatever he said, it seemed to be everywhere in the online men's self-help spheres, there's this whole magic pill. which promises that it is addiction that causes everything. these problems if you just leave it, it will fix all these problems, he said it's fine, he says now that he believes his porn use was normal and not out of control after some initial success with the reset challenge, he says he tried abstain from porn, probably more.
He says more than a hundred times that he would spend hours every day thinking about how to avoid me. He often loses sleep. Damn, you were losing sleep trying to figure out how to stop me in the meantime. Jack said that he became interested in dressing like a woman. Not Jack. He identifies as transgender and uses he pronouns. He interpreted this change as something porn was doing to him based on what he had seen on the nofap subreddit. Well, let me play this video for you by someone who is a senior working screenwriter. on M geek, formerly the owner of this, is what he has to say himself, try to push things that are more or less putting a trans man or a trans em in a scene that you wouldn't get on a normal mainstream site, okay , so give it a try. see if you get a bigger audience with this, see if you can convert someone properly, like maybe someone who has never searched for something like this might find an inter, click on it, same for buying stuff, same for gay, he interpreted this change as something P. was doing to him based on what I had seen on the nofap subreddit, I would say the common themes were p it's making me gay p it's making me a crossdresser p it makes me want to be dominated or p it's making me transgender well, depending on Dylan, he was the one who said, see if you can try to convert someone, right, these aren't my words, they're his, so let's move on, we have historical evidence that white supremacist groups 100 years ago were instructing men not to they should do it. "I to maintain his manhood and strength," Burke said, and we see these messages repeated today.
The proud boys tell their members that they should not look at him or discourage him, how the hell did you come to the same conclusion, brother, how did you do it? just make that statement right now, it's a statement to make. I don't even have to bring you the scientific literature. People who work at mindgeek, the former parent company, literally go on the record and say, "I don't know, I don't know." I don't think it's a positive thing in general, there's no way that's normal. I can't be normal. I can't be healthy. I can't be like that.
I have to do something because it significantly damages relationships. What do you think of everything? which I agree, oh, they hurt a relationship for me, yes, I feel like it's like cheating a little bit in a way, I mean, you have to say that they are standards that are unattainable, so you end up having unrealistic expectations, like a addiction, well I definitely think that addiction is nothing, it actually tells the author of this article that we are not sure how we should contact you, so we will do it over here. We appreciate you not quoting us as we are currently communicating privately. with the sole intention of requesting that you leave us alone, we do not believe that an article directed at us is justified;
However, if you decide to move forward with your work with pornography industry Associates to Target after thoroughly researching this matter, please ask your editors to reach out. please contact us for a formal recorded statement of information and belief, it appears that you are working on an article addressed to us, a peer support website for porn addiction recovery started and sourced primarily by an associate from Clos of the porn industry's main trade lobby group, FSC Free. Speech Coalition and mindgeek, the owner of this individual, are collaborating directly with the porn industry to smear addiction resources. He has almost certainly been misled by misinformation from this individual and his collaborators before allowing you and NPR to become a vessel. of defamation by industry misinformation that would not only be harmful to us but would also negatively impact the credibility of NPR's breach of contract and widespread online harassment directed at over 50 people who have even contributed to the death of someone in our field. noap is offering to give NPR witnesses credible experts, scientists and doctors not affiliated with the industry p to interview in the meantime you should check out all the web pages Gary Wilson posted about this matter in his brain on porn noof fep also them It says, interestingly, that you misled our application, but it seems that you are still in touch with p industry associates and your friends about this matter so that it gets really deep.
They write this whole message that basically exposes that everything they say is behind the scenes and this is a really good read. Tell your industry contacts. Leave us alone with this nonsense at least until then, thank you. Now this takes a funny turn when I explain that Lisa Hagen emailed me a few weeks before this article came out and we had a little back-and-forth about the emails I sent. I'll show you right now Hi Alex, my name is Lisa Hagen. I'm a reporter for NPR working on a story about the M abstinence and influencer communities. I found your videos and plan to quote one on the benefits of nofap to make sense of it. of readers an idea of ​​these online which of these online spaces I'm reaching out to ask if you'd like to chat or comment my deadline is Friday we need to talk sooner rather than later um I said hi Lisa, that sounds great, what's the qualification? and the main goal of this article, our main goal with noof fap and these videos is to end porn addiction, people usually don't get addicted alone, actually what they watch is porn, there are tons of scientific literature than us.
I have gathered evidence that proves the harmful effects of pornography and that children are being influenced by it at a young age. I'd love to share some of these with you for the report you're doing. Also, my most recent video shows people working. on PE Hub and mindgeek, the parent company of eight of the top 10 P sites, previously admitted on camera that P is addictive, that it can't be normal, it can't be healthy and more, thank you for your quick response and sorry for my delay. I would love to see any material you can send me.
I took a look at your most recent video. I will say that I have spoken to many experts from various fields about porn addiction and the fat we have. I haven't decided on a headline for the story. My reporting aims to introduce people to the concept and communities that support abstinence and will include a portion on pornography addiction and compulsive sexual behavior disorder. It will focus on concerns that urologists and mental health professionals have about ABS. in online spaces will include a general sense of concern about the impact and perspective of someone saying no Fab saved their life, but overall it would be a critical story, let me know when you're willing to talk or if you'd like to message me. a written comment, please do so.
He wasn't willing to talk, so I gave him a written comment that I thought was beautifully written, if I do say so myself. Studies show that the average age of exposure is between 11 and 13 years old. I came across P when I was 10 years old in 5th grade and that led me to binge watch P and M for over 6 years against my own will. It was never a problem before, but the addictive, explicit and no-holds-barred nature of these videos caused it to me and millions of others. Vulnerable children developed an addiction to pornography and became fond of it too, even when the videos were not available, they were ingrained in my mind as a child, it's all I can think about when I was a child and when I tried to stop watching them I realized.
I couldn't, I became depressed and finally, after ending my addiction in high school, I shared my progress on YouTube and started talking, taking any Facebook content seriously. I realized from comments on my videos, DMS and emails that there were millions of young teenagers suffering from the same thing. addiction that stole my childhood and severely affected my brain's reward system the problem is just the notation, it is 100% pornography. Very soon I will be posting a video on YouTube exposing all of these studies and scientific literature on the disastrous effects of pornography, especially on young minds. I plan to use my platform to push for age verification of pornography to prevent further harm to future generations of children.
Let's go over this entire statement that I emailed you. She didn't use any of that in the article. In fact, she just quoted me 5 years ago, when I was 18, and she also says: Hi, Alex. I have spoken to many people tothis story and I want you to know that your perspective will be represented. I appreciate your time, I don't think so. It was in the article Lisa. I don't think you represented my perspective in the slightest. I'll be honest when I was first making those noof fashion videos. She was maybe 18 years old. She was still in high school.
It was 5 years ago. I never would have thought it would be the opening sentence of an article. Thank you Lisa, I am honored. In fact, my spirits have never been higher, no matter how critical and not based on reality your article was in my personal opinion. I don't think it was true. I don't think you represented me at all based on what I emailed you and I feel like there was some nuance to it to make it seem like it was really dumb and probably should be. What I said 5 years ago is keeping me up at night.
I am strong, I feel honored and I am extremely happy to have been the opening sentence. Thank you. Not only do I have the support of God, my religion and my family and real life, but I have my family. Guys, my subscribers on YouTube, almost 1 million of them, thank you all for watching this video, if you support me, thank you for supporting me, I owe you a lot. Blessed God, thank you very much. It is an honor for me to have reached this point in life. They were in the opening sentence and they used me to draw the reader in and finish the 20 minutes of that incredible article.
Thank you all for watching this video. Keep dreaming, stay lucid. I'm out of peace.

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