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I Won $1,000,000 on a Game Show! The Fun Squad!

Jun 11, 2021
Wow, where can I program where you can draw to win a million dollars? You say draw a million, you bet you can. Today's prize is a million dollars on a dollar bill, yes, a million dollars, yes, how does this work? You just have to draw and then. Whoever draws the best wins a million dollars yes, this is a little strange, that's right, let's see who wins a million dollars today. Did we say that? Okay, let's see who your teammate could be. I have a lucky bag right here. and we'll see who you choose to draw for yourself today jazzy yeah the lucky bag come on here we go hey father the witch you got big bertha big bertha say hello to big brother well hello , my darlings, oh, I don't even do it.
i won 1 000 000 on a game show the fun squad
I know where I am, you're on Sketch a million, duh and you're my teammate, yeah, I don't like that either, okay, next we need a teammate lock, okay, Kade, here you go, uh, it's well, incomplete, who is incomplete, you don't know who. sketchy is the best artist on youtube and get into sketchy, catchy, cute guy, you're so lucky, so lucky, yeah, you're in the million sketch right now, you get your million, let's make a million dollars, buddy, for you, oh yes, oh yes, and lastly, but no. The least is Mr. Jack Skye, let's see who he stays with today.
i won 1 000 000 on a game show the fun squad

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i won 1 000 000 on a game show the fun squad...

Are you ready? Jack, yes, the janitor, where am I? Who are you? You do not know who I am. I'm the coolest guy ever. Jack Skye Sam. This is going to make sense, man, oh. I'm sure this is going to be easier than I thought. I mean, if we have Sketchy, his name is Sketch. Who is this guy? It looks like he brought a random cleaning item. How odd. Yes, this is my mom. Oh man, is that a broom? Not also janitor, this is my transportation device, how random, sick, stop laughing, this is serious business, okay, fun team, it's time for the first round and in the first round you will draw your favorite holiday and the worst It will be eliminated and I am the judge. um we can still see them oh rats she reminds me of my aunt jessica okay we should start the


what do you think?
i won 1 000 000 on a game show the fun squad
And I forgot, you only have one minute to start, three, two, one, now, yeah, Christmas, uh, maybe like a gnome, one Christmas, no. christmas no what's your favorite holiday christmas halloween perfect idea that's you're brilliant you're brilliant you like it and then vinci or something like that oh jazzy I'm afraid you're going to win this contest are you afraid it's thanksgiving like the one with the ghosts or the ones who They have hearts uh pumpkins they have a pumpkin yes yes I love pumpkins do you remember the time I turned you into a pumpkin? It was a fun day.
i won 1 000 000 on a game show the fun squad
Look, it's like he's a Christmas gnome. Draw something that's Thanksgiving, buddy, not us. I don't want to draw a lollipop, we're going to lose a good job, 30 seconds people, 30 incomplete seconds with you, I know I'm going to win that million dollars and I'll give you like a dollar is a turkey, like a bird, yeah. Okay, draw a turkey, how is this? It's a ghost race to clear the noses. Yes, I'm very happy to have you as my teammate and it's almost time, three, two, one, okay, contestants, please hold up your drawings, these are good, I think we all won. right, fun team, let's inspect these one at a time, first we have jack and the janitor j and j jack and the janitor, okay, what do we have here?
Nothing, so my favorite Thanksgiving food is the corn dog, um, I eat one a year. on thanksgiving um this is my aunt jessica let's go to her house for thanksgiving she's mean um this is like a chicken with glasses okay that's enough of that alright let's see about contestant number two so we have this uh, a Christmas gnome that's he's wearing plaid, yeah, he's a ghost gnome, you can see he can't, you can't see his eyes because his hat is too low, you can see his nose and his mustache and he's got loads of presents back there. , I think we have this one. in the bag, the Christmas bag, I say yes, it's good, but I think mine is better, not a dragon cat, I don't know, that looks like a coyote mixed with a vampire, sorry, young man, okay, contestant three since then.
They're doing the set without me, okay, so it's pretty obvious what my favorite holiday is, Halloween, okay, jazzy, just explain what it is, okay, here we go, okay, we have a haunted house, well, it's very Of course we have an obvious loser. You think it's okay, the loser is Jack and the janitor means we lost Josh. She just said it in front of you. So yeah, we move on to the second round. We have this in the bag for round two. We are one step closer to finding. To find out who will win the million dollar contestants, you must draw the most beautiful queen in all the land.
I, oh, um, she's still down there again and she starts now, okay, here we go, okay, she has a very pretty face, what are you doing? She's got some kind of crazy things in her eyes, so I'm going to draw them, okay, here we go, what do you think of these eyebrows? Yeah, yeah, extra like bushy eyebrows. I don't think she has enough ink for all those eyebrows. Well, it draws attention while I draw. here I have a little joke for you, in fact, I have a joke for all of you, what's inside a ghost's nose, boogers, man, that wasn't funny, I'm pretty sure we're going to beat these guys, oh no, it's okay.
Focus, here we go, oh, I hope they're drawing me right. Should I go register? Okay, here we go, oh wow, what's there for a cat scratching post. I'm sorry you're doing it so wrong. They are going to win. I'm sorry. I think she looks beautiful yeah, yeah, she looks like you, oh I'll take that as a compliment, but she's got pretty eyes, yeah, you gotta admit it, I'm right miss, here we go and three, two, once, okay , it's time for the final reveal and very soon we'll all know who won the million dollars, okay, in three, two, one, you've got to be kidding me, this is the most beautiful picture I've ever seen in my entire life, oh, shallow, you really know how to do it. draw a girl, let's take a look at the other contestants and see how they did it oh you've got to be kidding me, this is not my ear, this is not my eye, this is not my mouth, my unibrow is much bigger than that.
You misunderstood me, oh it's time to make the final decision, you lose and yes, goodbye Cayden, I'll see you again, ah, you disappoint me, they let us all down, congratulations young Kade and Mr. Sketchy, here it is yours a million dollars oh my god I just want a million dollars oh a million dollars yeah oh where's my million dollars huh uh what a million dollars huh I guess it was just a weird dream I was having well of all modes sketchy just came out with a new video sketchy yeah better than a million dollars what's up fun team?
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