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I Was Nearly Homeless And Broke!?

Jun 10, 2021
Hello guys, welcome back to my channel. I'll see this video will be a little more personal. I guess you probably know from the title that it's basically going to be me talking about why I was




before and what kind. of having changed and changed to get where I am today. I know there are a lot of videos of people just talking about how they've liked it in their past, like everyone has, it's not something that really makes you special like everyone else. has a story that everyone has gone through things that are big problems for them even if it doesn't seem like a problem to the rest of the world, so this isn't about pity or complaining about anything, it's just to help you.
i was nearly homeless and broke
Guys relate in some way because I'm sure a lot of people watching this will be able to relate in at least one or two ways to a certain aspect of what I'm explaining and then maybe see how I'm translating it. in a positive way and I like how you can really break out of that and be successful with what you're trying to accomplish right now, obviously, like I know, all of these videos start with a great backstory like mine. life and stuff, so to follow along, there was a time in my life right after college where I dropped out right after the first year, so I was studying Spanish from Russian.
i was nearly homeless and broke

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i was nearly homeless and broke...

It was the first time I started studying that, so that was ab initio, yeah, before I started joint honors with Spanish, so I ended up like the first year with Russian and then I saw my first official year in college with the joint honors, a few months later I stopped going, I had loans and everything from weeks like I like to do things like tuition fees, maintenance loans, things like extra support and things like depending on your family's income and things that you They give like extra money, so I was in student loans and it would come.
i was nearly homeless and broke
Other than that and I never told the university for months that I left, so I just hadn't admitted it to myself, like my family didn't know it wasn't true and I was like I wasn't going there. Surviving on my student loans for a while. I wasn't in the best place because I was a little confused about what I wanted to do. I was kind of in the middle of this negative spiral where I really didn't do it. I didn't really have much of my own identity. I didn't really know who I was or like what I wanted out of life, which isn't nice, but it's something a lot of people have to go through.
i was nearly homeless and broke
You never face it and they never really know and they just like to mask it with what is superficially the right thing for them, but if you have ever had to face it or been backed into a corner where you are you have to decide in that moment what you want to do. and who you are, it's pretty intense, so it's like in that phase, like in this spiral. I wasn't really putting much internal in here, I didn't know what. I wanted to do it. I was living off the rest of the student loans, but obviously I wasn't going to college, so I was spending money.
You know, I knew I didn't really have it to spend. I should have saved it for something logical. Reasons like we all like to spend money stupidly and I'm not saying I spent it well because I definitely didn't and you might be able to relate to this but you like it a lot of times when you have a lot of money. to spend yourself like getting into this mentality where you say oh, I'm rich like this. I'm going shopping. I'm going to dinner with my friends. I'm going to buy drinks. I'll buy new clothes, I'll do this and then I'll stop and budget for the rest of the month and that'll be the last special I'll have for another six months, so that's what I'm doing, even though I'm going to budget for it, you're kidding yourself into thinking it's a good move, you go to spend that money, you come back with less evidence of what you spent, you probably spent more than you originally intended to spend, and you come back. with less money and you're like, okay, I need this for like a month, but I only have like 100 quid or whatever, how am I going to physically make that work for me when I have to pay rent or whatever?
I have to pay for food, etc., like all these little things really add up, like you enter this space where you spend money and I was spending money that I knew I shouldn't spend and how I knew. spending it I didn't have it to spend I was like guilty but I think I was trying to cover up as if everything that wasn't going well for me I was trying to feel better by spending I'm not talking like spending it on a bunch of designer shirts. I'm talking more about going out with friends all the time, dinners and stuff, actually, that's a lie, like I actually bought my bag, I said the wrong bag when I was working, I was working for Singh. and I ran into Selfridges so I had a discount on things but I bought it selling it for over a thousand pounds and it was a luxury student loan that I didn't have to spend and obviously I should have thought of that in my head okay?
I'm really not working hard enough, yeah, and I'm half black and half money. I just spent a K on a bag when I don't even know what I'm doing in my life. I didn't know I was going to live. I don't know how much my bills will be etc. Yeah, I didn't really take into account any of the basics I needed to survive. I just impulse bought a bag, I guess to fit in with London. London, if you've been, obviously has very stylish areas and everywhere there is designer stuff and I think I probably wanted to feel a little bit better, so I bought a designer bag, but I couldn't even. allow me to spend that money and then I basically had zero money left.
I didn't want to tell my family or anything because obviously they would say well you had student loans like how do you spend that money? I would have had to admit that and it would have been a little embarrassing, so I never said anything, obviously, I think I mentioned it in a previous video, maybe we were hanging around like we lived in various places that I lived and in random places in all the places where he did it. I couldn't really pay the rent so I had to stay with friends like going from house to house and things I liked, I was half working at Selfridges and I stopped going to work and all this like it was little things that were happening.
And I feel sorry for myself and for this kind of victim mentality and I said in a previous video that it's okay to feel sorry for yourself if it's for a short period of time, but then at some point you do it to pick yourself up. and realizing that the only person who is going to keep you in that space is yourself, no one is realistically coming to get you out of that hole and I feel very lucky that you're not going to have someone come and take care of you. your money and I said: I will never walk again like that's not real life, the only person who will help you at that moment will be you and if you don't take the action to do it, if you don't have that drive, you're going to stay exactly where you are, so that's what I was doing.
I was staying in a space. I was just spiraling. I did not have money. I liked working for a few months for free and basically never received any money in return. I was basically living as if nothing had happened, so basically I like to try to summarize that situation. I was in London. He had lived in seven different places. He had had nine different jobs. I think in London I probably think I had had. three or four different jobs at that time was like moving from a friend's house to a friend's house telling them that I would like to pay them back as soon as I could and that I would like to try to save the money to pay them and all that.
If you have ever had to own money for someone you will know that it is the worst feeling in the world to be in debt to someone especially a friend or someone close to you, it is not a nice feeling and owing someone money and stuff like that. feeling like you're helpless even though there's a lot you can do about it, but you're just not putting in the effort like you end up getting so frustrated with yourself and you're like you look at yourself introspectively and you just say okay, well, I'm in this position for myself. blame.
There is X reason why I might do that to get myself out of this position. If I need more money, I should work more or think about something else I really want to do. more money and then I can pay these people, but right now all you are doing is being lazy, not trying hard, feeling sorry for yourself by making yourself a victim, etc., that kind of period of my life was like a long phase, but it definitely took having other people around me and seeing other people achieve things that I wanted to achieve but didn't think were possible for me, but having those people tell me I could do it consistently is what got me out of it. that negative cycle, so you subconsciously tell yourself you can't do it, you probably tell yourself negative things all the time, you can't help her and it's just the mindset you've allowed yourself to get into, it starts consciously, but like every day . try to reframe my way of thinking and tell myself that I could do it and that I could do it even if I didn't believe it while saying it like you still have to worry and trick your mind into a positive way of thinking hoping that over time you will form that habit and then obviously everyone will have a different trigger that will change it from being negative to finally having that personal desire to have something better for yourself and that for me was when I met a man. so I didn't really know much about social media marketing at that time.
I was kind of a marketing tools manager for a wedding company, so I knew a little bit, but nothing, about how to start my own agency or how to run a business or how to have It seemed to my clients that in my entire life there had only ever been I looked at other people, so I had a kind of micromanaging mentality where I'm used to telling it like people telling me what to do and how to do it and being micromanaging and not having to use a lot of internal motivation or some kind of initiative to go and do what I need to do to excel and progress, as well as knowing what a man had done in the courses he had at that time, which is different from what there is now, but at that time I followed a course.
I think he was influenced or knighted as a point, not the first, so seeing that I decided I wanted to do marketing and I really know that. how and then basically he was doing that. I left the job for social media marketing, so like the wedding company before the wedding company, I worked for an MLM company. I'll do another video like that that covers all of that in more detail, but basically that I was working very, very long hours, like 60 hours a week doing door-to-door sales and at the time, basically, when I quit, I had a pretty unstable income. , but when I left that and went to the wedding company that was less salary and that should have been a supplement, like the guy who gave me the job, he was basically helping me, he was like a friend of a friend and it was fine.
I'll give you this experience and what you'll do, and then it's like £100 a week to do it and I hadn't set up anything else to do for the rest of the week, so I let my only income be about £400, which is not enough for about 400 pounds a month when you have to cover food in London etc., like I was struggling a lot with money to get an overdraft from the bank, like I would like a hundred pound overdraft because I knew very well bad to Otis, but I did it and then a Sometimes because I hadn't paid it on time, they basically liked to see me do something else, so I had no money, I was struggling like I owed debt to most of my friends and stuff like that that didn't make me feel good.
I had that change and then I tried to build something for myself and like I said before, it's mostly the people that you surround yourself with, the people around you, that can tell you what you need to hear that you're not strong enough to tell them. yourself. It sounds pretty basic, but it's like you can do it and as someone who really believes in yourself and that you can achieve something better, having that around you is super important and I think if I didn't have it, I probably could be. I don't think I would be where I was, but I think I definitely would be.
I would have moved much slower on my path to get to where I am today, but if you're watching this and be kind. in that space where you don't have a lot of money or you are quite unstable with your life situation, you feel quite lost, you know what to do, try to find someone who you like, who will be a support for you, try not to do Someone else who is in the same position as you because you will find that you have a kind of victim mentality where you both feel sorry for yourself and then just drag yourself down, which won't help either of you.
It's going to make things worse, so try to find someone who's done something better than you, who's a few steps ahead, and try to get them to push you through it and try to hold onto whatever positivity you can to really push you forward. get out of that negative spiral because it will be like it's one of the hardest things you'll do, but it's also one of the most rewarding things and growth is part of entrepreneurship, it's part of building a business, so if you didn't go through arephases, whether it's on your own terms, obviously you can do it alone, like it's completely possible to do it, but you can do it with someone.
Any more and you will speed up the process, you will feel much clearer about yourself, as if all this mess has been cleaned from your eyes and you will think why didn't I do that six months ago, like when I don't feel that way at first, why not? I just like to sweat, like flip that switch and just change. It seems very simple once you've done it. It's just one of those things that you put off and put so much into. negative attachment to that which seems impossible to you to overcome because you have told yourself so many times that you cannot do it and all these negative things towards yourself that are completely false, you told yourself so many times you have started to believe it and it is very difficult to break that kind of habit of mind, so yeah, like I said, if you're going through that stage right now in your life, try to find someone else to be in front of you.
That's already done and you try to copy what they've done and you just need to rewire your negative thing so it's actually part of that spiral, but yeah, I hope this helps and I said it wasn't a video about how bad things are. It's more important to be aware of that and be aware of your mental state and try to reflect whenever you're going through things like this because you don't want to fall into playing the victim or feeling sorry for yourself, you really need to not like it. Allow yourself to stay in that hole and you need to discover a bigger reason why you are going to push up, so you have to have something that is much bigger that you want to push this out with that overcomes the fear and the feelings. at the bottom, that's going to be the easiest way if you just come out of the spiral, so yeah, I hope that helped and I'll see you in the next video.

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