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I’ve Made $500k from Faceless INSTAGRAM Accounts | How to go VIRAL and make passive income

Aug 31, 2023




have generated over five hundred thousand dollars in



. I started creating Instagram


two years ago knowing almost nothing and now I have turned this into a profitable business. It almost runs completely on autopilot if you follow the plan I share with you. Today I have no doubt that you will get similar results and profits if you start today, so without further ado, let's start with step one, start an Instagram account about something you are passionate about and you will spend a lot of time creating content. about this topic, so it must be something that really interests you;
i ve made 500k from faceless instagram accounts how to go viral and make passive income
Otherwise, you'll probably start to go crazy and lose motivation. I've built successful accounts in the travel, sports, health, and fitness niches, so you can really find an audience for almost anything these days. Step Two: Download the software you will need to run this account. You'll need a reels video editor and a simple design studio to create posts. If you're a student, you can get Adobe Creative Cloud for less than $15 a month, it includes Adobe Premiere Pro and gives you access to Photoshop and Illustrator, but if you're looking for the simplest budget options, Cap Cut is great for video editing and Canva is great to create designs.
i ve made 500k from faceless instagram accounts how to go viral and make passive income

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i ve made 500k from faceless instagram accounts how to go viral and make passive income...

In fact, I personally only use Canva to grow my first account to over 1.5 million followers. Step three, we need to start making posts, but to do this effectively, we will need to understand how the Instagram algorithm works today, if you will. To go


and grow quickly, I will tell you a little secret that may blow your mind. Likes don't matter anymore or at least they're not what you should be aiming for when creating your content. Instagram's algorithm actually puts a lot more weight on these three things: view time, i.e. how much time someone spends looking at your content, saved, i.e. how many times viewers click to save the content, and shares, i.e. how many Sometimes viewers share the content on their story or send it to a friend based on information I found online, the typical impression of the time spent looking at a post on Instagram is between three and five seconds, which tells us that people They don't usually stay long for saving, there are approximately five saves for every thousand impressions and for sharing it is around two actions for every thousand impressions.
i ve made 500k from faceless instagram accounts how to go viral and make passive income
Think about the average Instagram post someone three seconds out of every thousand people shares it on their story or sends it to a friend, but if we look at some of my most


posts we can see that they all far exceeded what is considered normal and in some cases even multiplied them by 10, but what does this mean to you? The reason I show you all of this is so that as you create your clips and posts, you can try to take advantage of what works and get the best. as much reach as possible, so with all that in mind, let's start creating some viral posts first.
i ve made 500k from faceless instagram accounts how to go viral and make passive income
I'm going to show you how to create some simple posts using canva for this example, let's say your channel is all about motivation, we can come. in canva and create a post like this, the first slide is bold and


s the viewer really stop and look, we actually have a name for this, we call it the hook, this first slide contrasts well, it


s someone stop and it creates a level of intrigue, so If you want to know more, then we can go into the GPT chat and ask you to give us seven motivational quotes about success.
The good thing is that with GBT chat you can be super specific with this. If your page is about sports, we can ask. to give us quotes from famous athletes or even a specific person, so once you have what you're looking for you can copy and paste, paste them onto your canvas slides, if you want to go the extra mile you can mark it up with cool colors . and posts with relatable graphics like these go viral all the time, so you should see a lot of success, but that brings us to step four, which is creating viral reels since the rise of tick tock.
Instagram has been pushing Reels hard to compete. a great window of opportunity for people like you and me to grow an audience faster than ever. Check out some of these videos that go viral. This one has over 1.9 million likes and over 12 million total views, but the crazy thing is that his account started. less than a month ago and only has nine posts in total, which has already allowed them to gain over 70,000 followers. This is not an anomaly, although many new accounts are appearing on Instagram at the moment. Look, this account only has 42 posts and over 1.1 million followers.
I started your account less than 90 days ago. I even decided to try this on my own accounts and was able to get over 3 million views on just one silly meme video. Here are the stats for that video after about two months of being posted, so now. let me show you how to create some simple viral videos like these again. We can come chat with GPT and ask him to provide some simple motivational quotes. Remember that you will want to find a quote that has a strong hook. Once you find one you like, we'll need it. To create a voiceover, you can now record yourself if you wish, but you can also use a text-to-speech AI to do this for you, especially if you want to try to get a voice that matches what is being said.
For this, we will do it. Enter 11 Labs, which is by far the best AI speech generator on the market right now. You can clone voices or generate your own and you can play with the stability and pitch to get exactly how you want it to sound. This is our example. Sounds like for now, if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. Next we need to animate this so it looks good. We can add a cool background that is related to the quote or has a similar vibe, but in order we don't have copyright on anyone else's art, we have to get to Mid agitation now mid ride is paid, but you can also use diffusion stable or Leonardo, which are also free AI photo generators, as our quote has three main sections.
I'll ask you mid-trip to create three. photos for us to use, let's ask you for a Renaissance style painting of the happiness of the ancient Greek philosophers and someone who thinks that once we are happy with our AI images, we can drag them into our video editing software today I will use cap cut because there is a free version and it's really affordable, you can drag your images and combine them with the audio and finally we want to create automatic subtitles by clicking here. Remember that you want the hook to generate as much interest as possible.
Now this is just one style of what currently works well for viral content, but in future videos I'll explain how to make reels even more engaging, so be sure to subscribe to see more. Step five, now that you've created your content, it's time to start sharing, but before you click share, here's a quick checklist to review and understand how viral this content will be. Simply ask yourself these questions. Will people stop and look at this for a few seconds? Will people want to share this on their story or send it? to a friend, well, people want to comment and give their opinion on it, people want to save this to come back to later, and this content provides value and substance.
If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then you have a viral post. Make sure to take a screenshot or go back to this part of the video because this is literally my golden formula for Instagram growth hacking. I promise it works fine, so let's go back to step five and we can start publishing. A good rule of thumb is to post once a day. You definitely don't want to drown your audience with content, but you also don't want to become irrelevant. If you try to post too much, you could burn out your audience, so my recommendation is to always focus on quality instead of quantity.
Step Six Repeat what is working, for example I noticed that my audience responded very well to slide posts so I started duplicating them and it worked very well. Instagram gives you access to valuable information, such as where your traffic is coming from and how many likes are shared and saved. The biggest winners on Instagram are the people who study this knowledge and apply what works to their future content. Step 7: Monetize your account. All the work we've done in the previous six steps means virtually nothing if we do it. I can't find a way to make real money and this is where a lot of creators really struggle, but I'm telling you it's doable.
I have been able to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars with Instagram accounts. In fact, I found several creative ways. we can do this and I'll go over all of them in future videos so make sure you're subscribed but for today we're going to focus on ads that companies pay a lot of money to target people online that are interested in searching for their products so, Of course, companies would be happy to pay thousands of dollars to get in front of a niche audience like yours. I'll show you how to make this happen. Let's say your account focuses on investing like these. fortune by advertising for day trading companies or financial apps like Robinhood, most of these companies don't even know these creators exist so you need to contact them.
Here's how you can reach out to them directly and set up an advertising deal where you make thousands of dollars, go to their company on LinkedIn and search for social networks under people, then go ahead and add them and send them a message like this. Hello Anna. I run the Financial Tips 101 page on Instagram. We have created a very engaged audience. of over 100,000 followers who are interested in everything related to personal finance. I am currently completing advertisements for the month of June and was curious if Robin Hood would be interested in our exhibit. Let me know.
Thank you. This message is to the point. show that you know what you're talking about, you can also attach a media kit containing your ideas so she can see it once she responds, you can start negotiating, the most I've ever been paid for a single post was five thousand dollars. I'm not saying this to brag, I just want you to know that there is a lot of money in this, so look, the final step of this plan comes down to you. Instagram is a marathon, not a Sprint, and even if you are excited and want to run the entire marathon and make the five best posts of all time, I encourage you to focus on being consistent, strive to show up and post something every day make it better than the last one, most people just give up and can't do it. stay consistent don't worry about being the best right away if you focus on consistency then it will simply become a battle to outlast everyone else which is a much more achievable goal.
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