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I've kept this a SECRET for OVER 1 YEAR.... (The Truth)

Apr 20, 2023
turkey in general. that's Teriyaki pork is pork have you ever had pork yes you have that pork not many of these guys have drunk pork he's like a turkey connoisseur yes and he likes teriyaki ya can tell you what's going to happen here well that's hard to tell Decide they are both pretty good both are pretty good for a Teriyaki guy do you like Teriyaki oh yeah if you had to buy one what would you say? Well, I almost have to look aside five to one right now. I was surprised. I've had Park before never the pork jerky so yeah pretty good stuff ok you like both though ok ok two thumbs up who else can we badger you for jerky? throw them out try it here so that one looks original too so what's your typical jerky are you ready to go pick one up it's probably hot or spicy or something write it down here I don't know if I have a weird substance now I mean I like it better do you like beef more beef banjo the banjo turns into a pigeon what do you think about teriyaki pork not your thing are you more of a meat type yes i think more beef more meat pork is nice good but no I think I bought it every day if I did, would you buy the meat every day?
i ve kept this a secret for over 1 year the truth
I'll give it to banjo though. I mean, we can't win them. All of that is a victory. yes I like them but we haven't found anyone to go yes yes no one is a foreigner it's more a matter of preference right now he's hanging 18 foot sheets. I'm not busy very well, but we want to see if you'd like to try some jerky, yeah, there you go, okay? Do you like jerky? Usually okay, what's your favorite flavor? spicy, yes you like it, that's good, have you ever had pork jerky? I can't say it's right, so that's what we have there,


is teriyaki, so it's going to be a little sweeter, not as spicy as you.
i ve kept this a secret for over 1 year the truth

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i ve kept this a secret for over 1 year the truth...

Do you like it? It's an interesting texture. It's a little more tender. A little more flavor. oh okay you like them yeah well sounds good hate to bother you thank you so much you're doing a really good job by the way you win all around guys we ain't out yet Teriyaki fans you just buy, yes You have to try both, yes I'm going out here so you can hear us. I wouldn't say it's 50-50. I think a Teriyaki pork one, but it's more like 75-25, yeah, you came back at the end. yeah I got a couple wins there so I don't when it comes out guys we're thinking late May early June hopefully we don't have a release date you gotta try them both I'm both but if I had to choose one, that pork is really good, what do you think you would make me choose?
i ve kept this a secret for over 1 year the truth
Both are super both are super addicting but I would say you have to try the pork. homemade jerky we don't do teriyaki pork Jerky like


was something we discovered during the design process that no one else said and out of all the jerky we've tried I have pork jerky now those Korean BBQ jerky none of it tastes like what we the original tastes like the original Smokey type of wild game we were looking for and then the Teriyaki pork is like the polar opposite but it literally melts in your mouth and we knew we had to come out with it so we could really change the jerky game because no one else is doing it quite like beefcake jerky so stay tuned ladies and gents we will keep you posted as we build our distribution center close to home some of you might wonder why we don't. do it in the store we could control the climate that's the problem we don't want those things to get sweaty and moldy and stuff and give you all kinds of diseases ok we can't be doing that it has to be climate controlled instead of trying to heat an air conditioner in a 5000 sf warehouse we had a 500 sf loft storage area it's a little cheaper that way plus it made sense that way you're packing jerky you're not just sweating it'll be comfortable it's a full bathroom and keep in mind there's a full kitchen you know the area that's sunken in the baking area put two smokers right there throw them out the window and we can run tests where we have samples the ones we want to date peppered if we want to date sweet and spicy we want to date habanero banjo surprise ok whatever you want to date we can test it that will be our test setup and then we will go to a real as you know USD FDA approved facility so we don't get sued because someone finds out you know a foreign substance in the banjo garage we can have that okay so stay tuned we'll keep you posted if you want to see videos of us building the facility compliance. how are we going to lay it all out like i said is where you guys can find it.
i ve kept this a secret for over 1 year the truth
The link will be under the description below. We are building the website. We are getting more products. This material was the first. First. This was the first. so the next round we go into probably the next month or so will be final bags and bigger bags than this, more volume per bag and it will be shelf stable and ready to rock and roll and then we'll be releasing Beefcake jerky which it was a surprise it


a surprise for a


, not just because of the product, but the fact that we designed a custom fulfillment center over my garage without any of you even guessing.
Fulfillment, the elevator rings, why else would you need an elevator? I can't believe no one has commented, usually you guys are all over us. I expect better from you. I'm totally kidding, but we did a really good job maintaining it. the guys figured out did they really think i just wanted an elevator in my house to have one or did they think we would come out with a


product like Beefcake Factory ok foreigner?

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