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I tried Pamela Reif's ab workout and diet! (amazing results fast)

May 31, 2021
my dog ​​had to be put down it's my chicken that has an aneurysm who is that mercedes shut up that's what i thought hi my girls i'm back i'm so excited to be back guys because this week we did


arrecife exercises every day for seven days I had countless requests to do Pamela Reef's ab


and I had no idea who she was so I did some research and Pamela Reef is a German fitness influencer who has an insane amount of views she has a crazy six pack she has a bunch of like 10-20 minute


s on his channel, they all seem to be very, very popular.
i tried pamela reif s ab workout and diet amazing results fast
I looked at this ab workout and it has 37 billion views so it must be good. The workout I decided to do once a day was her 10-minute ab workout I'll link it in the description box this was the only workout I did of her and I did it once a day for seven days to be particular honestly i have lost a lot of my physical ability over christmas like a lot of other people i ate my food and put on a little bit of weight and that is totally fine its totally normal to gain weight over christmas and have fun on your holidays and have A few freebies before we get started, though I want to thank the sponsor of today's video and he's one of my favorite sponsors.
i tried pamela reif s ab workout and diet amazing results fast

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i tried pamela reif s ab workout and diet amazing results fast...

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i tried pamela reif s ab workout and diet amazing results fast
It is literally like a perfume. Smells great and lasts all day. they would get a little crunchy but when i wear them they have shea butter and coconut oil so they never get crunchy they just look lovely and hydrated usually three of their plastic free deodorant is 39 but they had kindly give us a code so you can use sjt3 for 25 off and that will be 29 for your deodorants i highly recommend them i will never use another brand of deodorant again and thats the truth and of course here is my before, so I get a lot of comments about me. on the weight between challenges some people even say i do it on purpose i wish i had that much control over my weight but the truth is i just get fat sometimes i get fat at christmas my weight fluctuates it always has so this it's what we're starting with and i'm not unhappy with it at all it's me and i'm beautiful before and after ok now that we've got that sorted let's get into training day one now trust me i in no way thought this training was going to be a walk in the park but god


really played me because i was sore in all kinds of places.
i tried pamela reif s ab workout and diet amazing results fast
Training not to be dramatic or anything but honestly this was the longest 10 minutes of my entire life through my crippling injury and a lot of confusion I managed to persist and finish training for day one and I was glad so now it was the end. from training and we had a problem i still had no abs so i searched the internet to look for why this could be and apparently i started in the kitchen so i decided to try some recipes from pamela's cookbook so pamela really has a couple of books and I bought one of them on amazon you can get it on kindle for ios it's an app and it's called you deserve these simple and natural recipes for a healthy lifestyle i'm going to make the one part creamy risotto and it looks pretty easy doesn't it look oh apparently it takes about 45 minutes total, well in hindsight doesn't it?
It ended up taking the longest it has ever taken me to cook a singular meal for some reason, brown rice is not risotto rice and it took that long I would say. three hours, so I wouldn't recommend using brown rice for a risotto with risotto rice. To be honest, it's pretty straightforward if you've made risotto before, but I used my pool cutlet to put some garlic and onion on it because it didn't have any garlic. and onion which I think should be a crime it had no seasoning either it just had salt and pepper so I decided to add a vegan chicken stock cube this recipe had no rice I realized after weighing it so I was done just dumping a load of rice into it which in hin dsight may have affected the cooking time and maybe that's why it took so long but I'm just going to blame the brown rice and after a long long time that's how it turned out no i know if pamela cooked this herself because it took so long it tasted good though i will tell you i topped it with peanuts and some parmesan and at least it was delicious ok it's day two of my pamela reef challenge I don't really want this, my abs. they are so sore from yesterday so i know he is playing another workout that is enough of you pamela i am so sore from randy drinking water we will wait for this as this kmart exercise mat is pretty good it does not stretch on absolute like my other one stays in place and is nice and luxurious that was so hard because my abs are so sore since yesterday.
I don't think he ever had abs. hi randy. life hurts all the way down it hurts on the top, middle and bottom so i know i was working every part of my abs i mean i ain't got a six pack yet but i think i'm getting there there, I think I will give five more days, that was very difficult, I managed to convince Murray to do the Pamela Reef training. with me today so let's get into the physical the reason I wanted Murray to do this workout with me is because I'm super competitive and I love winning so he just wanted to see me destroy Murray in this workout he's in the army so he is in shape and i wanted to see if he really struggled with this which he did and i was so happy to see him he was smiling the whole time doing this he is actually in basic training for army reserves at the moment , so i can't talk to him for five weeks so i miss him so much as i watch this but watch me smack his ass in this exercise took me instead because look at this absolute slacker and then before i break him how much longer he's ok, maybe i lied, i took some breaks too, but it's the idea that counts.
I bit the couples my legs down so far I'm literally sweating this workout is no joke day four guys let's do it I don't have any abs yet so I guess they like to start training in the last two days. I've been putting this off all day, it's like 6 p.m. m. and I'm finally doing this, so let's do it. ah i didn't feel like it lasted that long today it actually wasn't that bad and i managed to keep the exercises going for most of the time pamela was doing. to try one of pamelary's break


recipes and i'm going to try her chocolate raspberry chia seed pudding because i really crave chocolate and if it tastes good i'm going to make it all the time i'm not sure if it's supposed to this is like break


or dessert, i didn't even check where in the book it came from. hence it says breakfast bowls it's a breakfast bowl ok first thing I have to do is in a bowl mix chia seeds cocoa powder salt and cinnamon we'll make sun hat 15 grams of chia seeds I don't like how all this is measured in grams I can't be bothered taking out the scale half the time just tell me in spoons and cups you know i love you pamela but i guess it's like it's a health issue because she wants to make sure you have the exact amount for yourself i'm not going to go over the calories but no one has time for that so I have my little scale here I'm going to measure as far as we go that thing is actually 15.
Fun fact one time one of my friends had chia seeds in his water bottle and he sprinkled them on me and my mom had to spend hours picking individual chia seeds out of my school jacket a pinch of salt a pinch I'm so excited to try a different breakfast because my breakfast for the last two months has been so miserable that i love this carmen fruit miserably with the oat milk the figures of the oat milk miner patronize me the smaller figures i love you and a banana and that has been my breakfast every morning and i'm not going to lie, i'm getting tired , sorry, I'm excited to try something new, half a ripe banana, what am I supposed to do with the other half?
I guess I'll eat the other half when I'm hungry. 25 grams of avocado. I'm going to cut a quarter oh my god it's 50 grams are you kidding that's 26 that's close enough for me it really is like no avocado why I said no as a Canadian it's not smooth it's supposed to be smooth until it's creamy but it just goes to the sides because there's nothing there man that's what it looks like so I guess we'll just add the same thing like I said and mix it up. This is very interesting so far yeah I think I could use a little bit more mixing and then I ordered coconut milk I don't know if I was supposed to get coconut milk in a can but I did creamy coconut milk ok this just says coconut milk but i hope it works the same way. drizzle oh yeah if you like add some date syrup, maple syrup or honey oh add the sweet pecan why is it so good pamela you have outdone yourself?
Also, I feel like when it comes to bowls and stuff, Pamela knows what she's doing. This is a unique breakfast and it is delicious. I say 10 out of 10 for this one. crescent moon i need to get a close up of this how beautiful it looks how can't you tell me it doesn't look beautiful guys that's so good i wish i made a bigger batch so i could have it for dessert tonight now it was time to find out i'm not too sure Why do I look like a literal Impanzee ch here, but I was smeared with coconut oil, which is why my hair looks so crazy.
I was doing a mask and let's just say I wasn't feeling very energetic this morning so most of my workout was spent lying on the floor and yawning yeah no. most productive day ever but i ended up finishing training and even though i took breaks i finished it so as long as you get through it that's all that matters guys i really didn't want to do that today it's actually a couple of days later I'm not going to lie because unfortunately my dog ​​had to be put down or old Randy we love Randy he was 15 and he was sick he had a tumor which apparently is very common so I took a couple of days off just because I wasn't feeling very good i was grieving but today im ready to do it again just had some sourdough it was delicious and now im ready to do the challenge so lets go oh oh my leg keeps crunching every time. three I can't believe it's the next to last day it feels like it's d I'm doing this for a month tonight.
I'm going to make one of your recipes. I'm in a huge pasta mood right now, so I'm going to try to make Lentil Bolognese Bolognese for you. best time of the night i'm craving pasta right now so i'm going to try pamela's lentil spaghetti recipe i make some pretty good veggie spaghetti let me tell you if it lives up to my spaghetti then she's doing something right, it has olives in it I just checked that I ran out of olives I didn't eat them dad I'm looking at you well so we need lentils peppers mushrooms carrots don't ask for garlic but like who doesn't put garlic in the pasta soggy tomato they don't I had no idea what it was, but it's literally like lentils with red tomato spaghetti sauce.
I said that this is already just spaghetti. I got it. The variety of angel hair. Onion perfectly chopped. he asks for 50 grams of each go get 50 grams of mushrooms which is literally two mushrooms ok yes it's 50 grams of capsicum ok so that's one serving and then he asks me to cut them into pieces why cut when you can pull? Chowder is like a tune that literally worked perfectly, oh my gosh I love this. I just cut myself on the pool chop. Be careful with your pool chop or you will hurt yourself. of tomato passata I mean I don't know how you're going to call it lentil pasta when there's five lentils in there but anyway but yeah I guess it's one serving of pasta so you have to multiply it if you want to make multiple servings no im good at math ok now i just have to cook my pasta and then i think we put it all together at the end so this is what happens when you try to weigh pasta with a scale i think i did it wrong i looked at the recipe and it says it serves two so let's see what it looks like when it's done but apparently it's supposed to be 460k calories per serving so that's pretty low for a dinner party that's a lot less pasta than I normally would butI think I just have really big servings of everything, so I'm waiting for that to happen. cook it now and we'll taste it to see if it's good ok it's done it says to put nutritional yeast flakes on top as a substitute for the cheese this was half the pasta seems like a very small portion to me i feel that way. people are oversized they are super skinny and i am an oversized person looking at super skinny food and i am like a girl so i couldnt survive on that small amount like all i have to say, no wonder he has abs. because this just doesn't seem like enough food to me but I guess that's why I don't have abs mmm I need this again it's actually pretty good it's not as good as my spaghetti I usually make but it's sauce from a jar that it's usually not very good for a quick dinner it's actually pretty good i don't care he would give it a 7 out of 10 but i know he would want seconds as i think i could eat those ok i'll wait five minutes and see if i'm still hungry because I just finished it, ok, it's been five minutes, I drank some water and I'm full, but I don't know how long it's going to last.
I feel like I would be hungry again for like an hour. It's the last day of the challenge. It's day 7 of this challenge. i thought it was never going to end i'm so excited i'm so excited to finish this challenge i feel so accomplished this was hard let's get into this let's talk no more it's time to finish this bad boy oh my gosh i just realized there's alcohol right there it's just a prop guys it's not real it's five four three two okay so now I'm at the end of the challenge and here are my final thoughts if I got abs after a week of doing the reef abs workout from pamela no and i don't i think you would get apps to do any ab workout for a week i mean i know that's pretty obvious to most people but there is no single workout that will give you abs in a week everything is it's about what food you were eating and keeping up with your workouts for a long period of time.
Do I think these are good workouts? I think they are


workouts. i think pamela also has training plans where she tells you which workouts to follow each day for a set number of weeks so maybe in the future i will do one of her training plans, i am so happy i


her recipes, i loved the joy pudding it was


i mean i see why pamela is so successful at what she does because she's so good at it her workout videos are really really easy to follow they really burn like you're working out i love that i could actually feel she's working out got a rock hard six pack underneath guys he's just covered in fat right now give him a few weeks but yeah loved these workouts.
I highly recommend you check out Pamela's channel. you have to take breaks within training i think its ok just go at your own pace but i love that we have access to all these amazing online programs to work out now especially with coronavirus so its amazing what you are doing pamela if you're watching this mwah so much love i hope you guys liked my video from my


i really don't think there was much of a difference to be completely honest but it was a week i mean in all honesty you're not going to see that much of a difference in a week that's just facts ok guys if you have any other workout challenges you'd like to see me do please comment below I'd love to see your suggestions also make sure to follow me on instagram susiejjtod like this video if you enjoyed it and Subscribe if you haven't already and join our family of all shapes and sizes you are welcome here ok guys thanks so much for watching and l I'll see you next time, bye my skinny queens.

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