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I Tried Making GTA 6

May 31, 2024
I'm tired of waiting for GTA 6 to be released. I just want a new GTA, so I had an amazing idea. I paid online game developers between 50 and thousands of dollars with the instruction to create GTA 6. I have no idea if these games are any good. or bad, terrible or traumatizing, but finally we can play a new GTA. Let's start with GTA 50. It looks like GTA created in Microsoft Paint, but I mean, you get what you pay for, don't worry, it has all your favorite GTA features. You can shoot innocent civilians and then walk over their bodies.
i tried making gta 6
They even coded a feature to make them fear for their lives. That's crazy. I have all these different weapons overseas. You can't move if you're holding a weapon, but that's how it will be. that's a lot to ask, yes you can, you can, tea bag. I'm glad you made sure to add that Rockstar Games has been working on GTA 6 for about eight years. This guy did this in two days. I'm impressed. We even have Vehicles, yes cars work in this game. We love. I started flying, the busy kind where you can run over people. I think I could have done a better job with that feature, but you know, apparently you can skip. space, this is the best game I have ever played.
i tried making gta 6

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i tried making gta 6...

I'm slowly falling back to earth. Damn map so huge and detailed. The hospital sign says ospit L. You know I didn't pay him to spell out his price range. I'll give it a six out of ten, so we paid for a set of 500 but they never sent us anything. I'll give it a 3 out of ten. They get points for committing a real robbery. You know it fits the GTA theme. Let's try the thousand dollar game uh this one is called GTA 69. I already love it my first impressions the graphics have improved significantly look at the water quality that's where all the money went buddy but I can kill people look clearly there are still some bugs uh some The graphical errors are that a half naked astronaut, that ass is out of this world, whoever made this game has an obsession with half naked men and that's fine, it just wasn't part of the game summary, but that's fine, what? is the game good?
i tried making gta 6
Damn, that guy is a drunk driver, oh brother, the car hit me. I can't steal it, but what's going on? You can't have a Grand Theft Auto game if you can't steal cars, it's literally the crime of stealing cars. added the police, the cops are coming for me uh, all the police cars are crashing into each other this is what a five star wanted level looks like in this game oh, they are all moving next to each other, i have the feeling that if we just sit here and watch this the game is about to break down spectacularly, oh what the hell, if you get in the police car they just fly away, what did I tell you?
i tried making gta 6
Look, cop hunters are great, but the game is called Grand Theft. Car, you have to be able to steal cars. I give it a 5 out of 10. This game costs two thousand dollars. Grand Theft Auto 6. Oh, we are loading it in real version. I mean, the loading screens do look like GTA I. I wonder if if he made them himself, look for two grand, we've definitely taken a step back in the graphics department, or this guy doesn't have legs or he's just stuck on the ground, okay, so this one's not going to impress us. with the graphics of it, but maybe it has sick features, you can't hit people, yes, I'm trying to hit this person, you can't do it.
Two grand and I can't even hit pedestrians, apparently no sound for cars. I didn't pay enough for the audio. Oh my god, the cars keep speeding. What happens if we hit the railing? Land. The game developer told me I can fly airplanes, so I'm really excited if it's something like driving a car. You're in for a good ride This is what two thousand dollars gives you We have silent physics The map is legitimately huge This feels This is the first one that actually feels like a GTA map Oh, he literally added the labyrinth back We're going to get sued for stealing the maze oh my, oh my, what a great feature.
I love the jumping sound effects. Did he record them himself? I can imagine him sitting in his room saying, Do you think I can drive this tank we have? tanks at the door this is a 10 out of 10. I'm on my way back to town it feels like I'm in GTA 5 looking at this town could it be because he just robbed the Maze Bank yeah just give it a little push oh yeah, you're going to need an ambulance for the ambulance, what about the civilians versus the evaporated cannon? I was going to say that the only downside to this game was that you couldn't hit pedestrians.
I'll give this a 9 out of ten. It was the closest thing we've had to a real GTA game, we get an honorable mention. I just received an alert that another game was delivered. Took so long. I moved to a new city. This is a new location. It was meant to be cheap. game but I'm still eager to play it oh this looks like a shitty mobile game ad it's surprising it looks like the kind of car you draw in kindergarten find and the best drifter that's the only goal in this game , he's definitely not in one of these buildings because he's a bum, you know, yeah, it looks like this guy hasn't showered in weeks, that's definitely the bum.
I paid a developer money to make a game where you just beat up homeless people. I'm like the anti Mr. Beast. I swear, well they gave me a goal, we have to complete it, hit it with the bat, what the hell did it get thick? It became stretched resolution oh, this will teach you not to have a roof over your head oh, I won, it's over, yeah. Okay, I'm definitely a horrible person because this didn't feel right to me, our most expensive game, this was the most expensive professional certified developer I could find. He said


the game was one of the most stressful experiences of his life, that sucks because I like it.
It was meant to be funny and she even spent 1700 of his own money. My friends join me because they have also been waiting for GTA 6 and this is the most expensive last game we could make. Rose, today is the day to get out of here they paid for a voice actor no, the voice acts sick although I mean the mouth doesn't move I didn't pay enough to make the mouth move you know you can't drive vehicles ah, you can't do it Why are you kidding? Oh, it's, oh wait, you can't actually drive the car, you're actually trolling in London, this is GTA six, like you run in front of a car, you get hit, no, I mean, there's a way to drive. the cars guys just get in front of them yeah can I get a wanted level can the cops kill me?
I'm not being haunted by what happened to my body, dying is unbelievable, oh what's going on here, they're just bumping into each other and having comically small weapons this guy is a Tyrannosaurus Rex God, I didn't do the arm there, found Landon's face, yeah, all my cars stopped working. I guess I only paid for five minutes of AI, what do I have, I have humans. Don't grow up like this OMG cute anime girls. Well, Creamy is home. Creamy is having a great time. Ryan Reynolds, please be my best friend. A poem with a laser beam. She is reading a love letter to Ryan Reynolds.
Choose your best friend. I'll be your boy, no. that stinking jacksepticeye, please consider me a lot of love, laser beam, there is an Aurora and Reynolds easter egg in which I profess my love for him and in JackSepticEye, any other problems I have had with this game are forgiven 10 out of 10. It is okay, okay, uh, you. I have seen GTA 6. Are you happy with it? What score would you give it? Is there a way to get below zero? I think you may have been scammed. Yes, it's probably a scam. He said that he was very stressed and that's why he doesn't want to be. too bad, I feel like it's missing some features, but it turns out you know it's harder to make GTA 6 than I thought, maybe we should wait for Rockstar Games.

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