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I Tried Magnetic Eyelashes

Jun 08, 2021
Hello friends and welcome to another video! Today I am going to try




. I first saw them on a video on my Facebook feed a couple of weeks ago, maybe a month or so ago. I knew instantly that I needed to try them. I am someone who has a lot of trouble putting on false


. Sometimes the glue ends up in a little mountain, so the eyelash is not straight, sometimes I glue my eyes shut, I've closed them before. So the idea of ​​GLUE-FREE


false eyelashes seems like an amazing deal to me. So I'm going to try them right now and see if I can't master them and then I'll try them tomorrow in my routine and see if I can't get these things down. faster than I can put on false eyelashes with glue because I am extremely slow with glue.
i tried magnetic eyelashes
Let's take a look at this, shall we? Uhm, they're from a company called One Two Lash. They were a little pricey, costing sixty-nine dollars for a case with two pairs, but they are reusable, so they aren't like the ones you use once or twice like other false eyelashes. are okay, let's open this box and see what's inside Ohhh, okay, so inside I have something that vaguely looks like a Chanel makeup case, a cleaning cloth or, um, just a fun tissue, I don't. I don't know and then inside it looks like an insect exhibit in a museum.
i tried magnetic eyelashes

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i tried magnetic eyelashes...

Tabs Here We Go Product Description: Tabs include magnetic materials that can damage magnetic storage media including bank and credit cards, computer hard drives, television screens or monitors. Damn. These things can knock down a TV screen! If you experience redness, pain, or swelling while wearing the eyelashes or after using them, seek medical attention immediately. They seem a little more dangerous than I thought. Instructions for use One, hold the top One Two Lash the one without the red dot over your Eye Two: place the lashes on top of your natural lashes so that the outer edge lines up with the edge of your natural lash line .
i tried magnetic eyelashes
Wait, do I have to hold them there? Three, leave the top tab where it is and then let it cool there for a second and lift up the bottom tab, the one with the red dot. Four, without blinking, place the bottom lash under your natural lashes to join together and connect with the next lash magnet Ahh! That can't be right! I think I actually put it too far on my eye So they're magnetized but they're not on my lash line, they're like halfway up my lashes Alright, let's try this again Take your index finger and thumb and gently slide them both together. magnets moving them away.
i tried magnetic eyelashes
Oh, that wasn't so bad. Alright guys, I'm going to place this top eyelash where it should be, open the eye and go in. Why does it look bad? I seem to look like a muppet. I have to try this a third time, because this just isn't working for me. Mom's spaghetti, Saph. Hey, maybe it's supposed to look like this! What happens if I try to get it closer... I will say that they are very easy to remove? Take five here and now! Entering from below... Oh! It just stung my eye, no, damn it! Is it supposed to look like this?
Hrrmmm... Honestly, I'll stay here no matter how long it takes until these things work. I'm going to try my right eye and then come back to this one. Is that so? No, same problem Yes, they are not on the cover Am I the problem here? Okay, so, I'm using a pliers, I'm going to hit it with two pliers. I just approach the eye with two pairs of tweezers, this is fine Ooohh! I say that as I drop it. Well, I... I placed it like this by going in with the tweezers like this Ooowww! Tyler: With the clamp?
No, I think it was the whiplash. What do you think? Tyler: When you look at them, they're not flush. Ok, Ty, take the hot seat, I'll try to put this on you, okay? Let's do it! Alright, here's your left eye Right that says like this Alright, right eye Tyler: I look like the guy from A Clockwork Orange Alright, he looks up Oh! Did I cut your eyelid? Tyler: A little bit. Okay, let me see, look down. I think it's the best one so far. Alright, Ty, thanks for being my guinea pig. It was actually very useful to see it from a bird's eye view.
Me- If I had. To tell you what my problem is, it's that I have a hard time not blinking. Damn! Oh no, he's gone. Tyler left: Are you serious? Yes, it is no longer there. Okay, I found it. Tyler: It's uhh... It's in the mirror. I'm just trying to avoid blinking at all costs. Damn, I just blinked! Damn! Okay, I'm going to go back to the left eye. I just can not. I'm undone. Hey! Wait wait. I did it? Is this... is this true? I don't know if this is correct, but I feel like it's the closest I've gotten so far.
In the left eye. The funny thing is that they don't look different. Oh, they do look a little different, can you tell? Tyler: It's not perfectly flush, but it's better. So after trying about twelve times on each eye, that's a modest estimate, I finally got both cosmetic lashes working decently. That was quite... very difficult. I'll be honest. You are someone who is very good at making false eyelashes, you will probably be good at this. If you are someone who is good at making your contact lenses, you might be good at doing this. So... Maybe I was just prepared to fight But, do I think I reached some point of goodness?
So now that I've done it semi-successfully on both eyes, can I do it faster tomorrow? Am I getting the skill or is it just a gamble every time? So, I'll try this again tomorrow and see if I can wear it all day and see how these lashes do. Alright, so it's the next day and today I'm going to try using my false eyelashes in my makeup routine. I found this card they sent me in the package that I clearly didn't see. He says: Dear Lash Lover, Please take a moment to review the instructions on the back of this card before trying on Womp Lashes.
They have some pictures, but it was pretty much exactly what I was doing. I think you just need a little practice. So I'm going to do my Makeup and then when I'm ready for false eyelashes, I'll check back. I'll see what happens. Alright, my makeup is ready and I'm ready for the false eyelashes. There's my little bug bed. So I'm going to do the right thing. eye first Oh, that's not right No. Too far Yes, look, you can see how far away it was Try again That clamp? That? That worked? Hey, those are pretty close on What Just Happened?
It almost feels like the magnet is holding a bit of my eyelid. Like it's like I'm keeping my eyes open a little bit. And I feel like that's when I know he's at least close to being right. Next, I go for the left eye. Ooo, that looks bad. I'm standing a little bit with my legs wide apart, just to have a nice sturdy base. I don't think they're even there. No, that's wrong, I can feel it. That is not right. Oh shit. Okay, checking in. I've been filming for 14 minutes and 28, 29 seconds. OMG I just pulled out a real tab.
Can you see that? That works? I think I have got. It took me 17 minutes and 22 seconds. They're not perfectly even, but I think they're pretty good. I think I'm getting better at that, I don't think I can get any worse. which Tyler informed me yesterday, he thinks the left one looks a little crooked So I'm going to try and uhh, fix it, not in the car because if I lose it in the car, God help me. But, sometime later, because I just want to leave it on for a while in case I can't do it as well again Tyler: Remember, Safiya, keep it away from your camera, it could be a high-powered magnet that could destroy it.
It's been about an hour and an hour and a half, 2 hours and I may be crazy, but I feel like this tab is moving. Maybe not, I don't mean actively moving, but it feels like it's slowly migrating downwards. This is the one I'm going to do. I have to fix it, so I'm going to go to the bathroom and try to fix it soon. Alright, I'm sorry if this is a weird angle, guys, you might get a lot of double chin, but, um, I'm trying to show you this eyelash angle. Put them somewhere they can see Nope Huhh Guys, this is... -This is hard to do on the fly.
Well, did I do it? It actually only took me like 5 minutes to do that, so maybe I'm getting faster. Maybe I had some luck. I'm actually not sure if I agreed with them or if I just made this one worse, because I feel like I'm close. My eye became very strong and I felt it move a little. But I think it looks more the same anyway. I'm going to continue with that. Let's go like staples and see if we can find a magnet. We'll see if we can get these things out of my eyes with a magnet.
Which probably isn't something you should do, so I'll try to use them a bit more before doing so. But we go to staple stores or some office stores. So we're like hour 4 and a half, 5, um, what do my eyelashes look like? First of all Tyler: They look pretty good. They aren't separating, meaning one isn't falling off the other, it's more like I feel like they might migrate down the tab. No, you know, I didn't touch it, no. Do not do anything. But we are here looking for magnets. Let's see what we can do with these tabs.
If they would just fly towards them, it would be great. So I think these magnets might work. Tyler: I feel like we're appropriately mixing science into this right now. Saf: Science! Science! So, I had the lashes on for about 8 hours. I think it's time to take them off. Okay, here we have two magnets. I am nervous. Is it a bad idea? No, everything will be fine, right? Tyler: Well, we'll find out. UGHHH Is it working? Is something happening? Oh Lord! Tyler: I feel like they're... Saf: Ugh! Oh my god Tyler: Is this... is this stuck? Oh!
Saf: Ah! Tyler: Oh! Ha ha! Saf: Did he pull out my eyelashes? Tyler: I don't know. Good question. I guess we didn't think about that. Saf: I mean, it feels good. Do you want to do the next one? Tyler: Yes! Tyler: Oh! Ha ha! Crusty is amazed by them. Saf: He wants to eat them. Tyler: He wants to eat that thing so badly. Tyler thought it looked so fun that he wants a chance. He tries to go from below...phew! Tyler and Saf: Hahaha! Saf: Did you get both? Yes, I have both, right? Tyler: Wow! Yeah!
Saf: Okay, so I think about my magnetic eyelashes. I really liked that you don't have to waste time with the glue. I like how comfortable they are. And I like how easy they are to remove. They are quite expensive, but they are reusable, so you have that, if you can make them work for you for a long period of time, they might be worth it. My biggest concern is matching it. For example, he could poke out one eye very well and then the other eye looked like a crooked giraffe. All the time. And I don't know exactly what tricks I can do to help me get them even on both eyes.
I find that regular false eyelashes with glue last better throughout the day. But these were much more comfortable, you had to weigh your options. And if you're only going out for a few hours, everything will probably be fine. Thank you all so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to hit the like button. And if you want to see more videos like this, be sure to hit the subscribe button. If you've already pressed those buttons, be sure to press that little bell icon to turn on post notifications, so you'll get a notification every time you post.
Here are my social media handles. Make sure you check out my Nextbeat, I do a lot of daily vlogging and Q&As there. A big thank you to Erika for watching! Thanks for watching, Erika! And I'll see you next time. Isn't that right, Crusty? Ha ha ha!

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