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I tried ChatGPT. Here's what happened…

Sep 14, 2023
That's how it is. For the past few months I've been playing with ChatGPT along with about a hundred million other people and recorded it all for you. So in this video, I'll share my screen, take you behind the scenes and show you exactly how I use ChatGPT, from how to set up your account and how to get started to, of course,


the input asks for to maximize your results to the correct way to use this tool and others like it. And most importantly, I will address the number one question on everyone's mind. Is it worth the hype?
i tried chatgpt here s what happened
And is your job as a copywriter safe? Well, stay tuned. Hey group,


's up? It's Alex, and we're not going to waste any time. We'll jump right into the demo. Just make sure you stay until the end. If you'd like to hear our AI policy at Copy Posse, learn best practices for using AI tools like this in your marketing, and get a really cool freebie we put together for you. So make sure you stick around until the end and let's dive into this demo. Very good, the first thing you should do is go to
i tried chatgpt here s what happened

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i tried chatgpt here s what happened...

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on their home page, you'll see a call to action that says try ChatGPT. That will take you to this window. So of course, if you already have an account, you can go ahead and log in. If you don't have it, you can go ahead and click register to create your free ChatGPT account. I have an account, so I'm going to continue


and log in. Now you can see here that I actually have a ChatGPT plus account. Now ChatGPT plus is the paid version of the account. It costs about 20 dollars a month. They are rolling it out, so you can't subscribe to ChatGPT plus without an invite.
i tried chatgpt here s what happened
If you would like to be on the waitlist, here is that form. I'll include a link below. Simply fill out this Google form and you will be on the waiting list for a ChatGPT plus account. Now, the advantages of having a plus account are that you avoid a lot of delays or system crashes that occur when there are so many users using the free version. At the same time, ChatGPT gained more than a hundred million new users in recent months. Then it can slow things down. I found that since I upgraded to the plus account and started paying for ChatGPT, I haven't received any of those issues.
i tried chatgpt here s what happened
So I think it's definitely worth it. Now, the other thing I love about ChatGPT is how simple it is. I'm also a big fan of and use it quite regularly. But ChatGPT is super simple and easy to use, it really reduces the overhead. So the first thing you'll see when you log in is a sidebar with a little call to action that says New Chat, which is essentially the screen we're on. Now. In fact, I went ahead and deleted all my previous searches just to keep things simple. Now, the really interesting thing about ChatGPT is that within each new chat, it actually saves what you searched for and then new searches are done within that same chat or new prompts, I must say that are actually based on previous answers.
So it's really great to continue to refine your prompts to ask, you know, better questions that give clearer directions and get better results. If you're starting, you know, with a clean slate, you want to start from scratch with something new or unrelated, that's when you would go back and start a new chat. Now, let's go in and write our first message, which we'll do in this window here. Now, the most important thing to remember about any AI tool is that its output will be only as good as its input. And that's why you see so many mixed messages about AI online.
Some people use it and get amazing results, and other people get absolutely horrible and embarrassing copy. And it all comes down to how well you use it and what prompts you're giving. So let's do an example here. I'm going to start with a very basic message. Let's ask you to write an email to promote my 8-week copywriting training program. So I'll go ahead and write this message: You don't need quotes there. And then I'll press Enter and see what comes up. Wow, super fast, right? Well. We may or may not have sped this up a bit with video editing.
That wasn't done by a robot, but if you read this copy, you'll see that it's fine. I mean, personally, I would never, ever send this email with my name attached. It's pretty obvious there's no emotion, empathy, or connection, and it's not really doing anything for me. And what's interesting is that he just made it up, right? I mean, it's an 8-week copywriting course, but you really have no idea what I actually teach in my copywriting course. So it just included a bunch of random, non-precise, super basic bullet points. I didn't give the AI ​​much to work with here.
This is the kind of result you get with a very, very basic message. So why don't we go in and give him a little more to work with? So one of the ways you can instantly improve your prompts in ChatGPT is to give it a little more context by pasting in copy you've already written. So in the same chat, I'm not going to start a new chat because I want it to be based on what I already wrote. I'm going to include a message that says: Email me to promote an 8-week copywriting course that teaches beginners how to write copy, build a portfolio, and get clients.
Here's some copy I wrote about what's included in this program, which mimics the style and tone, and then I'll go to my sales page and copy some of this. Let's hope it doesn't stick to the images, but let's check. So what you're going to do is share the copy in quotes and you can see that it was copied perfectly. So I'll go ahead and generate that. Alright, you can see that this is actually noticeably better. It's still not entirely accurate, but since I asked it to mimic the style and tone of the copy I entered, it definitely improved.
Now, of course, the more information you put in in terms of source copy to mimic the style and tone of the copy, the more accurate your copy will be or, sorry, the more accurate your output will be. The good thing is that it has already been noted that the name of the program is accurate. So I don't have to go ahead and change that. But still, you know, it's not the best, if I'm honest. I think this is an email that would work if I was just doing a summary of what's included in the program. But what if you wanted to be more creative?
What if I wanted to tell the story of an editor who you know needs support and wanted to start a business to make his dreams come true? What could we do then? So I'm going to enter this other message that says to rewrite the previous email so you can reference what you wrote before, which is great. This time it includes a witty and funny story about an aspiring editor who made his dreams come true. Alright, now we're getting somewhere. Not terrible again, would you ever send an email with the subject line of how an aspiring copywriter realized his dreams and how you can do it too?
Maybe, maybe send a version of that. Dear recipient, have you ever had a dream that seemed out of reach? That's exactly how I felt when I started. A little bit of, you know, building a good relationship there. That's okay, but with the right guidance and resources I was able to achieve my goals. And so, could you let me tell you the story of a friend of mine who was struggling as a copywriter? He always loved writing, but he never felt that he had the skills to turn it into a career. Overall, it's not that bad. Now, is there anything we can do to add to this and make it even better?
So while the story was okay, it was a little cheesy because of the message, right? Make your dreams. Oh, would I ever really say that? Hmm, maybe not. Also, my client's avatar is usually a woman. So I'm going to ask ChatGPT to rewrite this story about a woman and add more context and details. So here I am saying rewrite the previous story, but this time tell the story of a woman who started her copywriting business and was able to stop traveling 9 to 5 around the world, spend more time with her children and make more money. that she she did at her previous job.
So here it is, rewriting it. Dear recipient, are you tired of working 9 to 5 and dreaming of a better life? Let me tell you the story of a woman who was in the same situation as you, but she was able to turn her passion for writing into a successful business. Meet Sara. Oh, Sara. Sarah had a comfortable job in marketing, but it was monotonous and unsatisfying. Honestly, it's not bad, right? This is a significant improvement over the previous story. Now, one thing I would say, and this is again where my moral compass lies in using ChatGPT for storytelling, is that I would never use ChatGPT to tell the story of a fictional student and then use it in my marketing.
What I would use ChatGPT for is to tell myself a hypothetical story, but I would make sure that is reflected in my copy. Then you might say something like let me tell you the story, I'm Sarah. Or imagine you're in a job in marketing and it's monotonous and unsatisfying and I'm telling the story without saying: meet Sarah, one of my students, because Sarah is not one of my students. And again, this is where I personally draw the line with transparency and ethics in marketing. I'm not going to tell a fictional story about someone who never actually took my program.
In fact, why would I do that when I have so many real stories from real clients that have specific details and stories they've already told me that I could share? Again, I'm sharing this example with you so you can see how much better the copy becomes when you use, you know, better prompts. However, it's very, very important that you continue to use your best judgment and at some point draw a line in the sand and think okay, while this is a decent story as a brand, as a marketer, as a writer, do I agree? with telling it? a fictional story and let my audience feel like it's real when it's not?
This is what I mean when I say that mistrust is very common right now on the Internet. And that's about to be amplified with the use of these tools. So, use ChatGPT as a way to generate new ideas, generate concepts, hooks, you know, ideate, structure ideas, but don't copy word for word and especially don't tell fictional stories about your customers that aren't real. And personally, that's my, you know, my rule on that. But let's say, okay, this is a draft of an email that I will modify so that I can share the benefits of my program in an email format.
Now, let's say I want to write subject lines for this email. So you could include the message that says, okay, give me 10 subject line options for the email above, because if we scroll up, we'll see how one woman found freedom and success and explain how you can do it too. It was a very long subject line. So we'll write give me 10 subject line options for the email above. Alright? Those are all very long, sometimes long, like long copy in subject lines, does that work well? But most people read subject lines on a mobile device and short subject lines tend to be a little better for that.
So I'm going to say: can you make them 50 characters or less? How did one woman leave her 9-to-5 job of corporate monotony to dream of a life and find the freedom and success ready to pursue her passion? Good? Some of these are like, okay, yeah, you know, I'm not too exciting, but they give me ideas of how I could use them as a basis for some pretty, you know, pretty powerful subject lines. There we have it, we have an email that surely needs some serious editing and also, you know, adjustments for relevance, accuracy, and just general authenticity without falsehood.
That's the word she was looking for. Also, some subject lines. You know, again, not bad. Could I have written an email as fast without ChatGPT? Maybe not, but I know I'd rather write from scratch than edit copy that's already written. So it really depends on what your style and approach is. But overall, we hope this gives you a quick overview of how you can use this tool to start researching and strategizing new copy, new hooks, new subject lines, and shortcuts in your writing process. Alright? So I could go on and on about this, but you get the point, right?
Low-quality prompts equal low-quality copy. The better your directions, the better results you will get, period. And of course, this applies to anything you write. I just showed you an email example, but you can follow the same process for landing pages, ads, and even social media captions. You can do this to generate hook ideas. You may ask him or her to summarize long talks or presentations. You can ask him to list the benefits of the desired solution. You can ask for a list of the most common weaknesses ofa particular audience or topic. The possibilities are truly endless and I have a freebie to share with you in a moment that will help you make the most of AI in your writing and marketing.
But first, the real question everyone is asking: is it worth all the hype? Well, after playing with ChatGPT and other similar tools, like, I'm pretty impressed with these capabilities. Is it a magic wand to create high converting texts? No. Is it a shortcut to generating confidence in business owners? Definitely not. Will it replace you as a writer? No, not if you have just one creative idea, which I know you do, but it can be your new best friend if you learn to use it correctly. So the way I look at ChatGPT and other AI writing tools is like this.
They are excellent writing assistants and once you learn how to use them correctly you will save yourself a ton of time, especially when you are in the beginning stages of a writing project. But, and listen to me very carefully, not everyone can achieve great results with AI, no. If you want AI to really drive your business and your marketing efforts forward, then you have to know what you're doing. I will say it again and again. The output depends on the input. Even with the right prompts, you still need a basic understanding of marketing to know what to do with that result.
And whether it's persuasive, relevant, or even accurate, yes, I hate to say it, but AI lies. You must be able to read what it generates and discern whether it is good or not, know where and how to modify it, and be able to verify the information it generates. Because, like I said, AI has a reputation for generating incorrect or misleading information. And the more AI content is generated on the Internet, the more information is perpetuated in this endless loop as the AI ​​takes it and reuses it. Sure, AI can do some pretty crazy things, but you have to be a marketing expert before you can master the machine, someone who knows how to use it correctly, who knows how to use the right instructions, try different models and understand what it spits out. how to sequence it, how to make it relevant to your audience, etc., etc.
And I really think this is a very interesting opportunity for copywriters and marketers. If you have a basic understanding of marketing and writing, which by the way you do because you're here and you're with the gang, then you're already 10 steps ahead of everyone else when it comes to actually using and mastering these AI tools. And if you take the time to really learn how to leverage these tools, you'll be able to offer them as a service to better serve your customers and actually charge money for it. It's kind of like there are writers who specialize in, say, video sales letters and writers who specialize in creating funnels or launches and writers who specialize in email marketing.
And now remember my words. There will be copywriters specialized in AI architecture and optimization. Yes, you can now add AI Architect to your resume once you master these tools. It's a whole new world with many exciting opportunities. So in light of full transparency, I want to share with you exactly how we use AI here at Copy Posse because I know this is relatively new territory for many creatives and business owners. So the first way we use AI is research. That's why we use many different tools, including VidIQ, AnswerThePublic, and, yes, ChatGPT, to help us research trending topics, generate killer headlines, and narrow down the best keywords to use.
And in fact, we rely heavily on these tools during our content ideation phase. So instead of doing what I call the wet noodle approach, where you just throw a bunch of ideas at the wall and see what sticks, we actually use these tools to find out what topics are trending and have a better idea of ​​what people really want, what they save. We spend a lot of time on research. Next, add subtitles. That's why we add subtitles to all our training videos and AI saves us a lot of time with this. Summarize and reuse. So my social media manager will use an AI tool called Descript, link in the description below, which will save you a ton of time because instead of watching, say, a three-hour interview that I do, you can upload that video in a quick scan of description. the transcription and then extract the juiciest nuggets from it.
And then those short clips are repurposed on our other social platforms. Next, we use AI for customer support. That's why we use an AI tool called ManyChat in my Instagram direct messages to help send free resources to our community members exactly when they request them. Now, this is amazing because it helps us automate lead generation and this is the best part so that our clients don't have to wait for a team member to manually send the resources they are requesting. And this has been a complete game changer for us because we can help our audience and get them what they want when they want it.
And that's the best part of marketing, right? Put control back in the hands of the public. But notice that we don't use AI. So right now we are not using AI to create our original content. And even when we use AI to research current affairs or headlines, we never copy anything word for word. We always change it to add our own angle and brightness. And here's the thing: While adding AI to your marketing strategy is a great way to save some time when it comes to ideating, strategizing, systematizing, and structuring, we don't treat AI as a replacement for creativity, empathy and high-level strategy. that my team contributes.
So every AI tool we use at Copy Posse is used in conjunction with a team member who is behind the scenes making the magic happen. And let's be honest, that's really the magic. Now, AI is changing a lot, it seems like every day, but what I am sure is that AI will create even more distrust in the industry, so I think it is important not to go overboard with it, or you may lose trust that he has worked so hard to build with his audience. And this is something we believe in so strongly that we just created an AI policy that echoes everything I just said.
Therefore, we only use AI if it improves the customer experience and helps them get results faster. Two, it makes our content more accessible, or three it helps us produce the same or higher quality content faster. Most importantly, we strive to always be transparent when we use AI so that our community never feels misled or that they can't trust us. Now listen. I'm not saying this is the best or only way to use AI and I'm not even saying we won't change or pivot as the technology continues to evolve because, of course, of course we will. But right now, that's how we're using it.
Alright, guys. I hope this video has been useful to you. If you enjoyed it, be sure to like and subscribe below, and I have a really special treat to help you optimize and get the best results with AI. My team and I put together a free cheat sheet for you. You'll find a link to that in the description box below. Enjoy, have fun with it. Don't stress, you've got this. Until next time, for now I'm Alex ciao. Alright, guys. If you enjoyed that video, be sure to check out the next one here and you can click here to get a free gift.
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