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I tried Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for 30 DAYS... can I fight any better?

Jun 09, 2021
So last month I did 30


of Muay Thai and I got a lot of comments saying I should try BJJ, so you guys wanted it. Here it is, this month I will do 30


of Brazilian jiu


. The concept is simple. I will do that. I rolled with two experienced athletes on the first day, doing my best to hold my ground and defend myself and then, after 30 days of what I'm sure will be some pretty rigorous training, I'll get back on the mats and roll again, ideally with the same two . athletes and we will see exactly how much progress I will have been able to make in just 30 days.
i tried brazilian jiu jitsu for 30 days can i fight any better
I will be training here with carl and michelle at gracie barra pinball in sydney. Well, so I'm here with carl, the owner and head coach. now tell me a little bit about what you guys do here and what I've gotten myself into um yeah so I'm Professor Carl so I'm the lead instructor and owner of Grace Bar Pimple. We are a Brazilian jiu


school. So we have pinball classes for kids and adults here and my wife and I have been operating this school for about two years. We are competitors here, so we have compared winning state titles nationally and winning medals abroad. abroad, which has been good, so what exactly am I hoping to learn over 30 days trying jiu jitsu?
i tried brazilian jiu jitsu for 30 days can i fight any better

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i tried brazilian jiu jitsu for 30 days can i fight any better...

Yes, for the next 30 days, start with the fundamentals, definitely brush up on some self-defense skills and sports techniques that will help you get through it. as much as possible and get a good feel for the martial art, so they told me I've been rolling with two different guys, a girl and a guy, to start with a girl and a guy, and then I'll be wrong. with the same two people on the thirtieth, that's right, yes, that's right, I should be afraid. I think the boy should be fine. I'll be more worried about the girl, but no, they'll take care of you, it'll be a good time. day, in your professional opinion, do you think I will actually be able to notice any kind of significant increase in my ability in just 30 days?
i tried brazilian jiu jitsu for 30 days can i fight any better
Yeah, it seems like 30 days is definitely a short time, yeah, but you know, we'll see. Think with hard work and you know the right amount of training. I think you will definitely improve. Okay, it's exciting. I'm getting a little nervous now but I guess this is what the channel is about so I'm going to do my best to get out of my comfort zone and we'll see what happens in 30 days, yeah perfect, can't wait, how exciting in that sense, let the challenge begin and so began my 30 day challenge. I came into the map with absolutely zero knowledge of the world of jiu jitsu, but for some reason I felt like I was in good hands, professor carl started by showing me how to tie my belt, it feels good, yeah thanks, amazing friend, and then he took me to a quick warm-up. two three four five six seven eight nine ten and a short crash course on safety, how to break a fall, that's good, yeah, the main thing is that your head doesn't come back to the ground, okay, some takedowns I have to keep in mind. how to tap in case of a submission and basically how the format of the first day match was going to work, before we continue with this video, definitely go and check out my Instagram.
i tried brazilian jiu jitsu for 30 days can i fight any better
I'll put the link in the description and you can see all my updates for my 30 day challenges, go back to the video and then after what felt like a dive into an unknown world, I returned that night to the first day's match, there were a lot of thoughts running through my head as I walked. on the map and after a brief warm-up, the first match began. I had two different rounds, one with Michelle, the owner and head instructor of Gracie Barrow Pinball, and one with Ryan, a blue belt, and I was pretty much thinking while they rolled me around. on the map just to not let them send me in and that didn't go very well I know, well so there you have it, the first round is over.
I was absolutely destroyed, what can I expect? We have one more round left. This will be interesting. see how it goes hello and at this point I was absolutely exhausted and no matter how hard I


it kept getting sent you're doing well and so after just 10 minutes the matches were over and I was exhausted yeah but that's okay. The mistakes you made, man, they were like rookie mistakes, like when you both got to the mountain, it's just because you weren't protecting them, you weren't blocking them because you didn't know how to do it, but by saying that, you're essentially doing it right. because you're like grabbing the legs that you're trying to move to the side, lift that up really good, that's a good starting point, yeah, you want a nice little base that you can definitely build up well, I feel like I'm in good hands, so There you have it, the first day is complete.
I'm absolutely desperate and I have a lot to learn but I'm ready to start the first week of my training and when the first week started I started training almost every day trying my best to absorb all the information I can and it felt overwhelming Now, other than my recent 30 days of Muay Thai experience, I haven't really had any experience in any martial arts, so I guess I'm a complete beginner at Jujitsu. so much to learn and so many different phrases, terms and concepts that I had never heard before, but I also had this constant feeling that I was in good hands, so I kept going five to six sessions a week, yes, sometimes just there twice a day trying to learn and reiterate the basics and fundamentals in my head showing up tying my belt jumping on the mat and pretty much giving it everything I had over and over again almost almost almost yes yes yes yes get that leg over your head now the jiu Brazilian Jitsu has been around for a long time it originated in Brazil and moved to the US and now spreads all over the world One of the main reasons Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is such an important sport is because it is so welcoming. for people of all sizes and ages, anyone can come and just be a part of this sport and not feel disadvantaged, which I think is an amazing aspect of jiu jitsu and then as quickly as time flies, my last week was got closer and closer.
I'm getting a little more nervous, I really want to perform


by day 30. Now, as I mentioned at the beginning of the video, definitely check out my Instagram if you want to see daily updates on my 30 day challenges. The 30th is finally here. I am driven away each time by how quickly these challenges pass. I felt like I had been some kind of sponge trying to absorb as much information as possible. I feel a little more prepared. I'm still very aware that I'm going to be absolutely destroyed. I guess what I hope is to at least be able to defend myself a little


than the first day.
What have I learned in the last 30 days? I guess the basics of how jiu jitsu works. Some of the rules involved. how can I try to defend myself how to operate in closed guard how to operate in side control what should I do if someone takes my bat these I guess the words would have meant nothing to me on the first day, four weeks later, I kind of understand it from what what these positions mean, so yeah, it's been really good, it's been a full crash course, so after a full 30 days of learning jiu-jitsu, I walked up the stairs and into the gym for my last class.
The class was like a little warm up to move my body and get ready for the match on the 30th and then as the class came to an end I was completely surprised when they called me for a belt promotion first please. I know it's just a small thing, but for some reason it made me feel really good knowing that the judges had seen me make some kind of noticeable progress over the last 30 days. The nerves are already on the verge of exploding. The format will be exactly the same. Just like the first day, I think each


lasts like five minutes each and then hopefully we can chat with Carla Michelle and Ryan and see how it went and they can tell me how they think I performed on that score, come on.
Yeah, well, there you go, good Laurie, I don't want to hug your face with your biceps. This seemed a remarkably similar position to the first day. Well, there you go, yeah, shake it off your shoulder. Okay, yeah, come on down, they sent me, which was a shame, but. I mean, what can I expect? Yeah, nice, yeah, there you go, okay, come on, look at your arm, look at your triangle, push your triangle with both arms over his body, if you can, I feel like I've been forgetting things and making silly mistakes. but I guess I was caught up in the heat of the moment, yeah, there they go good, 10 seconds, yeah, and they're trying to make the techniques work and they're very close to working, in fact, get some rest, okay guys, here come on, goodbye.
Hey well there you go pretty Lori well there you go down a minute so to me I think the progression is pretty obvious yeah what I noticed compared to tonight and the first time you actually had a purpose, this time, you know. you actually knew where you wanted to go, you were looking for real, proper holds, you weren't just like grabbing everything I know, the first time you rolled with Michelle, she hit you with some Ezekiel chokes, you defended those two really good defenders. This time, of course, you put Ryan's guard up, this time you know, I think the progression is pretty obvious, yeah, definitely, I think there's a lot to learn, a lot, definitely, a lot to learn, yeah, the first day, I remember I was totally exhausted after the first one.
I'm still pretty tired, but I think jiu-jitsu is a pretty specific type of fitness, yeah, 100, so I think just taking into account the number of times I came each week and the consistency, yeah, I think certainly my jiu jitsu fitness has increased. It sure has gotten a little better, which I 100 percent agree. It's not like you can just go for a run unless you're going for a run and someone is trying to strangle you and jump on your back. That's a little different, yes. I think you've been a great training partner, to be honest, you have the right attitude for this sport, isn't it that you have a very open mind and learn very quickly, so you have adapted very quickly to being like?
A fish out of water on the first day to really know what you're doing and what you're trying to do today. Execution is difficult to achieve, especially when you are training 30 days, but I think the progression is very easy to see. thank you, you have been a great addition to the gb family, the vibe you bring is great, you are very respectful to everyone, always happy, even when they choke you or arm you, you still smile and laugh, so it was really good to see. Thank you, we knew from the beginning how difficult it was to cover so much in this short period of time, but I'm glad you know you rose to the challenge.
Thank you, congratulations on the strike. Yes, I want to thank Karma Michelle. Ryan and all the grace of our pimple team, it's been a truly incredible journey and I honestly couldn't have felt more welcome and supported during the 30 days, any time, any time. Thank you if you don't leave after 30 days. You can stay, you can definitely stay, so that brings us to the end of another 30 day challenge. What trip! I still have a lot to learn, but it was great to be able to try to put what I had learned into practice now. I want to give another huge thank you to the entire Gracie Barra pinball team.
I'm going to include the links to her Instagram and her website in the description of this video, so if anyone is from Sydney and wants to check out Brazilian jiu. jitsu and learn what it's all about definitely send them a message and I'm sure they'll be more than happy to welcome you. That is all for now. I hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you very much for watching. Leave a comment. If you want, subscribe if you haven't already and as always I will see you on the first of next month thanks for everything

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