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I Tried an EXPERT Level Egg Hack Recipe

Feb 18, 2020
what a hot old friends, relatives and cousins, I'm Karthik Dewart, welcome back to my cooking show today, we're cooking up the most weirdly satisfying thing I've ever seen on YouTube. I watched a video and I was like I was intimidated but you know what I have leftover rice all the time so I'd like to cook list yeah hmm I want to cook on leftover rice our faces reflect who we are okay yo I know, but thanks to him, yes, I need English subtitles because this is something only an Asian with a really big brain can do today.
i tried an expert level egg hack recipe
We're going to eat this rice and egg dish, but it's not rice and eggs. There is much more in this world. than rice and eggs, so what I have to do is get rice and then break three eggs into it. Do I have rice? Drive X Drive. Supplies lose egg where I smell funny. I never eat very old white rice. Let's see if we can. turning this really old rice into a really good kind of bowl of rice yeah thank you t thank you all for all your help she wouldn't be a part of the pumpkin cooking show if she didn't have a lot of help along the way wow did you see how I packed that she she's a chef she'll take care of me she loved me till the end of time look at that what a beauty now i'm going to make a little indentation in the middle of this rice like you do in your mashed potatoes when you try to make room for the curry i mean for the sauce sorry im cultural cracking eggs you cant mess this up no this is a really weird angle to crack your eggs oh you i hate eggs that have brown dots on them like its so disrespectful oh boy thats going to have shell for Sure something people don't really know about me is that I'm actually an excellent chef, one of the few youtubers who can actually cook and I think that's bragging right because nothing is more embarrassing than a adult you can't cook.
i tried an expert level egg hack recipe

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i tried an expert level egg hack recipe...

I'm right Terri I can cook I know I know I was just trying to grill everyone else I could drive. I got it, don't film the drawer, it's not cool, isn't it really embarrassing? I'm looking at these yolks oh yeah look at those things and press them down so stir the yolks and eggs into the rice now. I've never actually liked making fried rice the way you like to do this. I usually like to add it when the rice is hot because I feel like this would be like some weird rubbery mess, but it's the same base ingredient so it's fun.
i tried an expert level egg hack recipe
I heard that in Japan they often like to crack an egg into the rice and put seaweed on top and give it a little stir and eat it. one day it will be a beautiful flower. I'm cooking this into something that's better than fried rice and I don't think anything is better than fried rice so I'm excited for what's in store. Are you mixing it now? I'm going to make this mud even mud here. Can you imagine this being delicious soon? Sometimes I can watch the video. it's so viral you get it recommended and you're like wow as you have to try it this is one of those situations it just looks brilliant and then you add 200 milliliters of water which is a milliliter you're going to be like oh yo see eggy water amazing from my tarry morning smoothie no i haven't used this baby in a long time i used to be very healthy and now i don't even remember how to use this thing i make what if it's clogged up? in that it is not love, so we are going to mix it with what the rice paste is as they call it.
i tried an expert level egg hack recipe
I think the rice paste setting is uh blender here we go Oh from the button so anticlimactic oh that was too much we've done it I've still done it I made myself a piece of rice please and thank you I'd like a bigger bowl here we go we put our rice is ok that's eggy that's really a pasta though look at that Wow the stuff you learn on YouTube you just went through my hand this is a really good way to get salmonella and die but I'm a person who dips my sukiyaki in raw egg yolk, all I imagine if cooking show hosts had things on their fingers like hey oh I'm cooking now we pour it into a bigger bowl.
I mean I only need half with my eyes ok that's how you cook the eyeball oh you want me to use measuring spoons this isn't milliliters or grams oh that's a teaspoon oh that's a teaspoon . cook i'm the chef of the east girl have you ever seen a spoonful of sugar ok i hate sugar


s and you i just got egg noodles in my hair oh what's sticky i hate


s with sugar, especially since Kartha is so sticky. on the scene cornmeal 150 grams of cornmeal and all purpose flour that's the most flour I've ever seen whole cup a quarter we're doing fractions what you're dropping off the sides as you pour it oh lo whatever it is ok this is my home cooking and you're eating a bit so you better enjoy it it's true that t while I can cook yes I can't bake no this is not my forte I'm happy smarter make a big mess I should have used a bigger bowl but didn't know this was in the store can't transfer it now omg you're not supposed to film my mistakes you're only supposed to film the parts where I'm perfect well just screwing it up thank you If you can't see the computer you're cheating with, hey, it's not cheating.
Recipes should be shared for you to try. Do you think it's OK? Bowl, can you use your hands? why is it so good? Did they use their hands? for you it says 100 i put too much flour you put twice as much yes i'm going to do something called tv magic i don't think you've heard of this before i'm going to put this perfectly made dough in the fridge and hopefully it resolves itself through the power of the christmas friendship and making last night this is what the dough is its supposed to look like i just add all the bubbles oh my gosh it's beautiful so you can't even make this for breakfast yet.
Wait, wait, yeah. food the problem with this is that you have to prepare it but hopefully it's worth it and we're going to put some carrots some celery and onions in the video she used ham but i don't like it so i'm going to use it green onion green onion is good and all green onion y'all love green onion a little salt stir it in oh now it's starting to smell good uh-huh yummy I get it I love you Aggie Ricey Bowl and that's going to ferment for another ten minutes ferment my son I'll be back In ten minutes, it's okay, it's fermenting, it's alive, we're going to light this pop-up oil, oh, and I'll do my favorite things.
I have to be careful I want to melt the plastic in the pan well and th and we wait for it to bubble a little, she's already smoking, I'm scared, she goes up four hundred spoons again. We live in a society where spoons are good. Now apparently this is going to be like hopes and dreams really tasty and a little olive oil thanks my hand last time I cooked ice cream rolls I put in too much so I'm not going to do that this time I just don't want to let it go I don't know how long it will last you let go for her it better tastes good i swear i cook in the kitchen haha ​​poop in the toilet wait now we are cooking in the kitchen i feel like this is like ending oh am i supposed to put sesame seeds in yahoo yes sir bob you smell good it smells like we're cooking some pancakes that i've never actually ordered in a restaurant as the pancake option so it'll be like my first time trying a savory pancake and i'm so excited wow i can't believe it's only been a minute goes by so slowly what do we do what do we wait laying on the floor could you this is something I need Have you ever


a new recipe and was wow?
If this recipe isn't good then I wasted a lot of flour, a lot of rice, a lot of vegetables, a lot of everything, no, I've wasted power on the vitamin and the lights filming and everyone's time and everyone's time this has to turn out right, otherwise everyone's time will be wasted. Why don't you let me lie on my bed while I wait? Can you fall asleep? times a now that's probably not - two minutes hurry up it's time it's a big cake hey but it's not like cooked yeah lemme see no it's not the problem is they have a thing they close like it's cooked on both sides evenly but like I don't have one of those things and don't want to buy one so we'll have to wait even longer hopefully the bottom isn't burning yeah well the bottom isn't even cooked right now.
Okay, it's been 16 minutes instead of eight. I feel like it could be a little longer honestly the bottom isn't even brown I have to wait another day in the fridge then cook for 6 hours yeah it's been cooking for 45 minutes not bad actually it's sticky , we went over like an oven mitt Rock side thanks I still want to burn very hot cast iron stay safe that's probably not good who wants pancakes who wants flapjacks done a nice golden brown on the bottom if I leave it any longer it would be the first looked at me like black really looks like you know when you get a toasted panini and it's like a dark brown like this look at that that's like a nice kartha brown squash every time you stick it in each toe that's why which i thought was undercooked i guess maybe the pan was too big for this thing ok this piece of junk time to try it the title of this video is like we dont fry our rice this is what we do and the child is addicted to it.
I'm a kid who really likes fried rice so it better be that way. well it's very fluffy flaky texture a little burnt in the middle I'm just maybe I'm sleepy outside here we go that's good thank you not so much like fried rice but it's good it could be a bit like vegetable Eve for me I just want to put it on a nice plate you know and make people say WOW Karthik do it again she has done it again oops! don't look at the bottom of the bird don't look at that either, it really begs the question why not just make fried rice, we all know how good fried rice is. its like we know and this is like its good but its not fried rice lets try it with hot sauce like the first one i had maybe it just had too much onion its actually pretty good mmm i think the best part is like the fluffy thing what is would i do this again no but was it fun to try?
I always like to find new things that I like. I feel like if I had a waffle maker that actually closed, the cook would have been a lot more even and it would have been like a lot better, but it's still not rice. Sorry this has been an episode of is it as good as rice. The answer is no. I'm very strict about whether it's as good as rice because rice is my favorite food. Guys you enjoyed this video, if you don't want to see me again make sure to send notifications and I'll see you in the next one, bye.

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