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I Traded Trucks! Finnegan's Garage Ep.78

May 01, 2020
Oh, so I'm dressed in red and I'm on my way to meet up with Finnegan and Tony Angelo and they're filming a Roku episode right now and I'm meeting up with those guys in Maryland to trade this for something else and man. It's great? This may be the most effort we've put into detailing anything here at Finnegan scratch. We have taken out the pink foam with studs. The historical moment. Nothing but the best here for Big Red the day you trade her. But I'm currently in South Carolina. I'm heading to Virginia, that'll be my first stop for today, hopefully, and then there'll be another four hours later, which I'll do tomorrow, so wish me luck.
i traded trucks finnegan s garage ep 78
They all keep passing me. I'm telling me my door is open, I say, hey man, your back door is open, I say, I know, I know it's not there, I don't have a back door, okay, but thanks, this is Charles, who knows Lucky's customs, he's the guy who had the funniest offer for us in the business, the giveaway for my truck, did it feel like a case of speech? no, it wasn't a lottery, no, no, I felt like every day for me was a draw, a lottery, a treasure hunt or something like that. someone won every day I clicked on my email box was like seeing buried treasure, so what was the coolest thing?
i traded trucks finnegan s garage ep 78

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i traded trucks finnegan s garage ep 78...

Well, by far, let's show you the best thing here is that, oh yeah, by far, I didn't want a rancher. Like we have three, we don't need another one, but I've never had a C-50 and one is a good year. The 16 is a great year and it turns out to be another ramp truck, that's okay because I really love this thing and it has potential, it looks amazing and I love the work that was done. I love the custom bed, but there are areas we can really work on. You know, we can work on the intercompartment.
i traded trucks finnegan s garage ep 78
We can raise the engine. I would love to bag this. and I see it flat on the ground, but overall it's a beautiful truck, the interior is perfect, oh it feels great and it's very nice, it's better than the big red one, so let's move on to the big red one, let's make sure you still want do it. this deal is good, oh yeah, because I have a rock for you, obviously, Big Red drove from Atlanta, Georgia, to here, which I don't know, it's a 12 hour drive, 14 hour drive, something like that and, yeah, she It's 10 feet tall, but it's reliable. and I have something in the back for you, something very special, we have a gift bag or gift box that someone very special gave me that corona refrigerator and inside there are things that will make you feel better about this exchange oh well, this is it This is it, yeah , there's cash, the only way, so the only way he could sleep at night was to give him cash and a big red for his 1969 C50 ramp truck, obviously, these are good things, but there are other things, yeah, so there's a full MSD ignition system in there with a grid box that's awesome Thunder Road on DVD.
i traded trucks finnegan s garage ep 78
Robert Mission had never seen him. You've never seen it. Never a great car. Movie. Autographed copy of Roadkill. nights and if it cools and keeps the beer cold there will be a lot of happy people. I heard that. I love this box. Awesome. It's probably the coolest beer I've ever gotten. Okay, so we're good. Have you heard it yet? Here first, we just


in our big red, our 1984 Chevrolet R30 Crew Cab truck with 20 foot bed ramp or a homemade 1969 Chevrolet C50 Ram truck. It's amazing, I'm excited, I can't wait to drive it. Thanks David Newburn for transporting it in a big way. red up here.
I'm here right now because we're filming a hit-and-run up here, and right now, we're going to beat the crap out of his BMW and race the hit-and-run Chevy. We're going to beat him up yeah man epic day we've officially exchanged the big red or I don't know what we call it. It's a 69 chevy c50 custom truck that has a p30 chassis with a custom ramp bed. It has a big block. It's got a turbo 400. It's kind of a down and dirty custom, like it's not perfect, which I like. Leave plenty of room to modify it. It's painted right over the dents.
There is really no rust. There is no wiring for any type of lights. There is no antenna. just random stuff, it's not done yet, which is awesome, so we'll take this home. Newbern is going to attack at home right now. I have to go on a plane in front of a roadkill so he can find out everything he needs. The things we've noticed early on, we've only driven it about five miles, is that it needs major suspension work, it rides horrible, it's not fast, the 454 doesn't accelerate like it would if it were on full throttle, so we'll have to look at that. at some point, uh, she doesn't have taillights, the headlights are painted right now, she's a carnival cruiser, but in the next episodes of finnigan's


we're going to make this badass.
I ran into my first problem, the truck just died, lost all power. I'm looking at it, I noticed the jumper cables are melted so I need to fix that, but luckily I broke in a good spot in your driveway, but here it is, it's going to pull me back, let's fix this and I. I'm going to go to Georgia, damn, I'm telling you, 12 volts, 12 volts, Dave, I'm getting it tattooed, so there's our problem, okay, so now I'm going to find out why that happened. Replace it while I'm down here, I'm noticing other problems like this, it's a little strange, we need some cold springs, we don't have any shock absorbers, so here's my temporary fix, both wires going to the starter motor melted, this is it the main power to the fuse box in the truck and then this alternator charging cable was also running to the starter so I cut them off got rid of them and ran them right to the battery so I checked everything what did I do.
Truck, it seems fine, so let's try this again, so I realized after turning up the gauges. I was driving it, the alternator wasn't really charging, it was actually just below 12. Believe me, I know it's not charging, I'm like the alternator. killer, so when I was underneath checking the wiring, I know when I picked it up I noticed the coil springs just fell off, they cut the coil springs, the front of the truck is sitting on bumpers, there are no shocks, so every little bump, got hit, yes alternative things have been worried. I'm going to go ahead and change that because if I get somewhere I just see the U-turn, if I get somewhere the other one dies, I'm there with a dead battery with a new Alternator with a dead battery so it won't help me You're welcome, so I need to keep the battery charged.
Look at this support. What the hell? Okay, now we have 14 volts, so I know we have a good alternator in there. I put a GM single wire alternator in there and it's working great. I have two fans in there so I got the clutch fan and then two small electric fans on the front. I didn't have room to put them in the back so now you can see them through the grill and it looks kind of stupid but I hope it gets me home oh god oh oh god this is a truck that doesn't You'll want to be if you're chubby because it sure makes your fat move.
Holy shit, lightning truck right there, oh man, that was crazy, so I just waved the truck, I just went through a what is this? flying j, yes, I just went through a flying j and weighed the truck and was totally surprised that it is a hand made all steel box. I would have done it. I thought it would be pretty heavy on a 454 400 rv chassis 14 bolt rear all heavy stuff seven thousand and forty pounds um Newburn back after a hell of a trip in a truck that only went 50 miles an hour maybe 55 but no crashes oh, rough ride, you can see from here the guy got a tattoo, you're crazy, we got an expensive one, now we have an exhaust leak, now a really bad exhaust leak, so the whole point of this was to trade something for something until Let's find something we love after this hell. trip, do you love it?
I want to drive it daily. You want to drive it daily. I love it. After fixing the front suspension, but man this thing is amazing. I love it. I really thought you were ready to push him off the cliff. nice like that weird the more I drive it the more I like it that's cool man you look good in it you don't have brakes either the front brakes are gone like this the more I pressed the pedal it kept going further and further now now I'm scrubbing so there are no shock absorbers forwards. The coil springs fall out if you lift it up.
There are no front brakes anymore. It came without lighting that worked. What else? He got hot. The alternator was dead. The alternator was also dead. Yes, so I have. one I had to change the alternator I don't have a gas gauge so I had to stop every 100 miles and fill it up OMG everything you drive 12 volt tape 12 volt name that's some badass tattoo , welcome home, this looks like a normal old guy. flatbed truck they put a dovetail on, yeah so it's an rv chassis and I'm pretty sure it's the original length and they just built the flatbed around it because I don't get any vibration like the driveline, so I guess all of that is probably factory so I like if it's a p30 chassis that will be easy to get both on suspension because I hope that saves time so the question now is less than a month to go of resistance.
Do you drive this that needs a lot? of work or you take the og, it depends if the og is done or not, if I don't want to rush those guys, so if it's done, oh it's in the body shop, God, I forgot, yeah, if it's painted and done, yes, but I don't want to rush those guys, so I'll put some front springs on it and go. I don't care, I'll leave it as is until the wiring and everything I don't care about is here. stain, I love it, so that's what it takes to get home, let's drink some wiring over a dash, put some cages in these here, that's the taillight wiring, I couldn't, I couldn't fit it under the truck so I just slid them around the cab straight up the railing right in the back the max guys have already fixed the rust in the back that guy is great he's checking on me several times a day since that I left, he makes sure I get home.
I like it. I like it. I like it a lot, I don't care about any of the things that are wrong with this. I love the truck. Is incredible. This truck gets so much attention. It's almost like you're driving a Lamborghini. That's right, women look at it. you're like dude, everyone checks it, the front end is rough and here's the thing that worried me the whole time, nothing else on the truck worried me, but I didn't want to air this anymore because I was afraid that this tower would become nice and hot like I was driving, so that was the only thing I was worried about.
This just came off, so yeah, and here's the thing, like it's not very similar. This is not a show quality truck, the paint. The job is not quality paint shop like it was, they painted right over the dents, you know, it is what it is, so I don't feel guilty about driving it like a demon and you know what I'm thinking is, let's whiskey . -brite because they painted right over the dents, so it's not like this is a big paint job, let's just put it on whiskey and make it look like even if you're going to have dents, yeah, it shouldn't be glossy. it's hard, let's make it look like patina and let's chat and come in and put the Finnegan's Garage logo like a sweet Finnegan's Garage logo on the door.
I'm not taking that logo down until we change it substantially like they built this thing, we didn't build this. everything is fine, but if we bag this thing and you know, change the engine and transmission and you know, make it cool, okay, but let me show you what I did here, so I added these electric fans here, the reason is that it seems hell yeah it does it has a clutch fan but there's no shroud so it's the wrong radiator look how low it's mounted correctly so this thing needs the right radiator and we need a shroud and then we can take it off the fans. front because it looks horrible, it does, but it took you home, you took me home, so I like the wiring, like I said, this thing wasn't finished, so it wasn't connected at all, so like I had this thing my tack, my water temp, I just fixed it all up and like all these wires under the truck melted, all of these here are gone, so I ran it right from the alternator right to the battery, here are all the relays from my fan, yeah, whatever it takes, I mean.
It worked, you made it home, congratulations, it's hot, let's go inside, okay, there she is, Big Red's replacement, yes, you got it.

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