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I Survived 100 DAYS as a SHULKER in HARDCORE Minecraft!

Apr 30, 2023
I was out collecting firewood right here son oh man what a relief I thought I lost you again don't worry I'm not going anywhere. So I started asking him what our plan was. as things were getting worse every moment we have to act fast before it's too late i have a plan son we have to locate a fortress there will be many steps to get there but i know we can do it so he told me i needed to train before i go so i was time to show him my best skills training starts now show me what you've learned since i left of course i can't wait to show you then we start with arrow accuracy and daddy set up a bunch of targets for me to shoot ok son give me your best shot at the beginning, i started missing all the targets and feeling bummed out that i wasn't showing my dad my best work. fighter and I started concentrating on each move until I finally started beating them all.
i survived 100 days as a shulker in hardcore minecraft
Next we did some training playing red light, green light and I had to make sure I was hiding in my shell every time my dad turned around. Good job. You're pretty good. i finally beat this one and we headed to a swamp where i started fighting some slime and also some marshlanders. I'll help you with this one. Together we fight the creatures and even though my dad helped me I did most of the work he proud I'm impressed with you bronzo thank you dad this really helped I'm ready for any opponent that comes my way nice I think we're ready let's go home now after a good day of training i felt very prepared for our next battles then we went back home to rest a bit during


38 to 40 kevin got some visits other perper golems kevin whats going on? he told me that he has to go help his people, but in the end he will meet me again. to help your kind this is not goodbye kevin just see you later i saw kevin and his friends leave but now it was time to get going let's put this plan into action.
i survived 100 days as a shulker in hardcore minecraft

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i survived 100 days as a shulker in hardcore minecraft...

It's not an easy task, but with teamwork we got enough ender pearls and a few extra ones. We take some time to mine diamonds so we can get a full set of diamond armor. Eventually, I had enough to make a helmet out of chest plate mail and some boots. i made those empty arrows with the glowstone dust i got from the bottom now i am ready for the battle awesome now one more test dad wanted to test my building skills and he timed how fast i could build a third level to the base this is an easy job i I will also be adding some furniture to the third level.
i survived 100 days as a shulker in hardcore minecraft
It didn't take me long to do the extension to the base and my dad was very impressed. Good job, boy. I think you deserve a good night's rest. dad had told me we needed to get some fire rods from the bottom. I'm way ahead of you dad I already have some oh great. Let's move on to the next step on the list using ender pearls and fire dust. We begin to make the eyes. ender that we would use to find the final portal ok i think we got what we needed after our crafting we searched for the fortress for a while until we finally found it then i started digging in the fortress and once we got far enough we to notice it was swarmed with jungler some ninja-like enderman let's fight them dad we drew our weapons and wasted no time immediately charging into the jungler to get them out of the way but luckily our team effort was enough to take them down . and we continue our mission we did well let's keep moving after killing the jungle we continue looking for the portal room we entered the library which had a large collection of books so we collected some of them and also some cobwebs that were around the area that we could use for the chain ok dad i think we got everything we needed let's keep going from


44 to 49 dad and i found the final portal there it is finally got the ender eyes in their designated spots and the portal it lit up this is son we jumped we both jumped and we were teleported back home ok almost daddy hit me with a trap one last thing before we can go home we have to defeat the ender dragon why can't you help us? ender dragon is to protect the end not fight measly wars once we kill this dragon the portal to our home will open and another dragon will come to take its place it's ok if it means we can go home i'm great come on to rock. suddenly dad was flying he had been saving an elytra for this very moment and it started exploding the final crystals go dad go while he was doing that i was trying to distract the dragon by shooting my arrows at it sorry but we have to kill you the battle was going on and we waited every time the dragon would come down and let us hit it, but while it was in the air it was very difficult to shoot my void arrows at it, it kept shooting its purple gas balls. towards us and it would make terrible roars shot out like poison gas but finally me and daddy destroyed the ender dragon we did good boy im proud of you daddy was right the doorway to our house opened but before we got in it dad said there was something to do first on days 50 to 53 dad needed me to make four final crystals do you have a gesture with you then i realized i left them at the base oh man i should have brought them with me no time for lost son , we have to get them quickly to be able to summon the new ender dragon, ok, let's go find it just at that moment the enderman mutant appeared and he knew we were trying to stop him.
i survived 100 days as a shulker in hardcore minecraft
I know what you two are planning. I will let that happen. Then he killed my father, leaving me completely shaken. Dad, how could you do this? I'm going to kill you, fool. I want to see you try. it was born but once i got there i realized the whole place had been destroyed this is terrible the mutant enderman is ruining everything i felt so scared and alone but i needed to get some rest before i could continue working for days 54 to 58 i started to gather some purpur and end stone this will be for you dad i gathered enough materials and then i started to make a


statue in honor of my father i know he would like this i worked on the bottom half of the statue and while building the endergrade appeared hi, I remember you, I'm happy to see you back here, the endergrade then told me that with the help of the purpur golems he was able to find his way back, uh, I hate to tell you this, but I saw all the purple goblins die. in the battle while fighting the farlander enderman army i'm sorry for your loss i couldn't believe what he just told me now kevin was dead too and i felt sadder than ever everyone is dying for me it's a sad world boy but i believe in you keep going struggling thanks wait i want to give you some before you go then i picked up some choir fruit and gave it to the endergrade before he left why thanks this is just what i needed.
Good luck after he's gone. i started to dig a hole under the statue for shelter and then i hid during the night from day 59 to 62 i went to explore the end maybe i could find something or someone to help me i was right i ended up finding a whole council of endermans that were at charge of peace and justice among the endermen excuse me, I need help as you may already know that the mutant enderman is out of control. Okay, not much let's at least say where he lives and I'll handle it myself. You are a fool if you think you can beat him.
Yes what the you said? your weapon so i can use it to fight the mutant endermen hmm you're brave you can use it to shoot big fireballs but you'd better return it when you're done thanks i guess with this new wand maybe i got a chance to defeat the mutant endermen from once and for all in days 63-66 i finally found the mutant enderman base and realized it was being guarded by tons of different weird looking endermans ok i need to be stealthy so i dont get detected i knew i needed to get in and get a closer look at what was going on so i rolled as quietly as possible as i got in a guard was making his way towards me so i went into my shell and blended in with the surrounding blocks until he finally walked away cool, i wonder what is there then i kept moving and i got to the throne room where i saw the mutant enderman and his son having a conversation, son you should know that when he dies you will be next in line to take care of his son. quiet and didn't answer, making his father lose patience, are you listening to me?
You are a big disappointment. I can't even talk to you like a normal parent. So he left his son and when there was no one around, I decided to kidnap. him you come with me at that point his son started making tons of weird enderman noises to alert the base oh now you decide to talk shut up you crazy you're going to get me killed then I looked behind me and saw to the titan The enderman was chasing me they were very tall and had two heads oh no I have to get out of here I tried to fight him but it was no use so I quickly ran and put water in the path of the ender titan and once I was there he Far enough away they stopped and watched as I escaped haha ​​stay hydrated you two headed monster now we are going to get you out of here on day 67-70.
I decided to turn the hole under the statue into a cage. This is your new home. son of mutant enderman in the cage and i felt like having a chat with him sorry your father is an evil monster this is the only way to stop him ok i dont even want to rule anyway then i noticed that actually he was kind of nice and he felt pressured to take on the role of his father when he didn't want to well i'll make sure that doesn't happen even though he wasn't a threat he still needed to be captured as a power move but at the time kevin showed up i woke up and was so happy to see he was still alive kevin i thought you were gone forever kevin then he told me his backstory of his time in the war where he fought the farlander enderman army and lost his purpur golem friends sorry you lost your team kevin but i'm glad you made it ok i'm working on this statue right now help me finish it maybe it will help you forget about things kevin and i started working together in the statue. and we were able to finish the top half looking good its almost done i just need a few more shades of purple to make it perfect from day 71 to day 74 i did the unthinkable and went back to the mutant enderman base and when i got him there the guards they started attacking me so I need to talk to the mutant endermans you why should I spare your life right now if you kill me you won't be able to see your son again you are cruel what do you want in exchange, stop your war against the


s and all the others creatures other than enderman and be gone forever then i will give you back your son the enderman mutant pondered for a while before making up his mind ok you have four days to give it back to me after that the deal is out of deal on day 75- 78 i got back to my base only to find out kevin had figured out i was holding enderman's mutant son hostage then i told him why i was holding him hostage and kevin decided the best thing to do was kill him not, the sun is different and he doesn't even want to rule like his father kevin so in there he decided to kill the sun destroying our last hope for peace kevin you realize what you just did was our last chance to save the world then i started telling him about it deal he had made with the mutant enderman now it's all screwed up kevin then he started to get sad about how badly he screwed up and he ran away wait kevin from day 79 to 84 i went looking for different shades of purple this should do ok then i went back to dad and i killed the ender dragon and i realized i have to spawn a new one, now it's time to go back to my home, then i jumped into the portal to go back to the overworld and woke up in my bed, i feel like there's something out there, then I grabbed the gas tears, I went outside and saw that the whole place was full of wastelanders, stay away from my house you monsters, these wastelanders were like endermen who were consumed by the abyss.
I quickly drew my gun and charged at them to keep them away from my base but there were too many of them that they fell back at one point, I even hid in the water to be stealthy since they couldn't follow me, luckily the crimson appeared and me. helped. fight using his teleportation ability to body slam the other endermen and kill them together we defeated all the wastelanders and after the fight i noticed the crimson seemed annoyed with me farlanders dont worry im already working on that but first i need to respawn the ender dragon i need to go do that now then he gave me a boomerang i could use to pick up items and defeat my enemies this will help you good luck i believe in you bronzo i took the weaponspecial message he gave me, I thanked him and then went to the fortress on days 85-89.
I returned to the fortress and saw that it was overrun by many tundra men. you are going to die you monsters this was the perfect opportunity to try out my new boomerang and i also used my diamond sword to fight wow this is really strong the fight against the tundra men was a lot they were ice cold fighters but at the final. I emerged victorious and headed for the final portal. It's time to jump when I got to the other side. I immediately went to work making these final crystals with Ender's glass eyes and of course those gasping tears.
I placed the crystals around the portal and watched the ritual begin, but I didn't want to be there by the time the royal dragon returned, it was time to deploy. I made my way to the portal to the final cities and jumped in just as the dragon answered, welcome back queen, now me. I have to go on days 90 to 93 I returned to the base but the mutant elenderman was waiting for me Time ran out where is my son I didn't know how to tell him but I knew I had to tell him the truth I'm sorry but your son is dead I didn't want to kill him but I also now we are even your son because of my dad.
You will pay for this as revenge. The enderman blew up my whole statue. No, I worked so hard on it. it was pretty pathetic let's settle this honorably in battle if that's what you want you know where to find me come to me when you're ready to die then he left me standing there in the rubble of my beautiful statue from Days 94 to 96 I decided to rebuild the statue Time to find more resources Then I went to this purple forest and got a bunch of purple wood. These will be great for the little details on my statue.
Then while I was cutting down some trees I got a visit from my old friend kevin where have you been everything is ok kevin sorry for your friends and glad you're ok could you give me a hand kevin then he helped me with the statue and we finally completed it together good job this makes me wonder if there are shulkers left kevin and i decided to go out and find more of my kind from days 97 to 98 i found a shulker but i was talking to the endermen mutants whoa there are other shulkers alive at first i was happy but then i saw how the mutant enderman turned the regular shulker into a mutant shulker no that's evil hey take that shulker i'm out of here then i charged the mutant shulker to put him out of his misery i started fighting the shulker monster but it was hard fighting a bigger version and stronger than yourself that was shooting shoulder bullets everywhere so i had to use my speed to my advantage i don't want to do this joker everyone should live in harmony i can't do this kevin you do it kevin finally defeated the mutant shulker why is he ok ok i know it had to be done kevin after the fight i decided it was time to head home and get some last minute stuff ready before my final battle against the mutant enderman on day 99 i finally got back to base and wanted to leave a message for anyone who has seen the statue i want to make sure this masterpiece is seen and heard then i started making some signs out of scrap wood i had stored and started writing some important messages on them of course these signs are for you everyone can see i need you to like the video subscribe to bronzo hit the bell so you never miss a video and comment what kind of mob you want to see me be then cool i appreciate that then we head off and make our way to the mutant endermans for the final battle, it was day 100, kevin, and i finally made it to the mutant enderman's base and we were ready to face him, it all ends here, monster. ok and after i kill you the end will be all mine then the overworld and finally i wont let that happen you fool then we draw our weapons and the fight started.
The Enderman mutant had teleportation powers which they used to teleport us. up to the top of the building you don't stand a chance against me bronzo we'll see that i used all my powerful weapons and shulker bullets to shoot him and weaken him kevin helped me fight using his void powers and suddenly the mutant enderman spawned several ghost minions surrounding him to kevin by killing him instantly kevin no how dare you kill my friend? you're next once kevin died he dropped an empty core so i picked it up and used it on the mutant enderman i was so angry and i fought even harder now give it up now will you?
It's no use I don't think so I fought the enderman with all my might until I finally killed him and won the battle yeah come on bronzow.

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