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I surprised him with his 1st gaming PC!

Jun 01, 2021
Meet My Cousin Michael Michael has been


on a console since the beginning of time, but recently decided he wants to move up to the PC master career. He plans to build his first PC this December, but the problem is that he doesn't know anything about PCs. Well, his cousin just so happens to have a YouTube channel with almost 3 million subscribers that does computer content, so naturally I offered to show her the ropes. I told him that Intel is sponsoring a video on the channel where I can show a newbie how. to build that first computer and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show him how it's done but he doesn't know that he actually gets to keep the computer after we finish building it.
i surprised him with his 1st gaming pc
Michael is also a really nice guy and he's in a He's a difficult time financially so I thought it would be a big surprise for him just in time for Christmas and of course I want to say a huge thank you to Intel and Best Buy for making this video possible with live events on hold not it's possible. It's possible to go out and meet new people or experience new


events, but with Intel's Game Master, all that's about to change Intel is building this amazing digital fan engagement platform where everyone can interact with the community directly. with the game master app.
i surprised him with his 1st gaming pc

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i surprised him with his 1st gaming pc...

You can watch the Intel Xtreme Masters Global Challenges and learn how to master your game at home. To get to the top of the leaderboard and finally share with your social network, the giveaway only lasts between December 14-28, so be sure to check out the game master now by clicking the link below as well which we will be shopping at to make this process as easy and painless as possible i also went undercover today and spoke to michael to find out what parts he plans to get. ng for his PC in December so we can build something similar to what he wants that way he's familiar with all the parts when the time comes hey michael what's going on man how much magic uh ok man um i thought i would call you, we can go over the parts of the build we'll be doing in a few weeks, um, it shouldn't take that long, maybe 20 minutes or so.
i surprised him with his 1st gaming pc
I guess if you have a preference for CPU. I definitely want to go with Intel ok for some reason I did some research and I think the games are going to work better on their own as chips and also the programs I want. they are used for editing and are best optimized on intel processors ok you are going to be editing videos yea i want to start a youtube channel i want to stream games and edit my videos too oh thats cool ok so um, okay, he told me. that he wants to go with an intel processor because of the optimization he st pointed out that the games and apps that will be using intel Cpus are better optimized for this and that he also plans to start a youtube channel so he will be streaming and editing videos, per which you definitely want more cores and threads to take advantage of multi-threaded applications, so let's go to the CPU category, which is in computer components and tablets, and then CPUs and processors, we're going to filter Intel.
i surprised him with his 1st gaming pc
The 10 700K is an octa-core, 16-thread processor with a turbo clock of 5.1 gigahertz. He said his budget is around a thousand dollars, but since this video was sponsored by Best Buy and Intel, I thought we could double that budget of his. It is the season after all, so let's go and add this to cart. One of the things I love about the Best Buy website is how easy it is to find all of their components separated into categories, for example, if To find a motherboard, I go to Products, Computers & Tablets, Computer Components, and then select the part I'm looking for so in this case the motherboards are next and boom all the motherboards are listed right in front of me and since we're using For Intel's new 10th generation processor, we have to choose the compatible motherboard that works with the cpu so in this case we are going to use a z490 chipset and the best way to find out if your cpu is compatible with the motherboard is by looking at the socket type that it's labeled on the front of your cpu box in this case the 10700k is compatible with an lga 1200 socket so we can go here and filter that out as well so we're left with some pretty good options to choose from on a budget. sto pretty high for this so i want to give you a good high end board that has all the features i'm looking for my eye is on the game asus rog z490e i think it has all the features i'm looking for for the build we've got four damn slots very good vr coverage and wireless ac which is a big factor since you sit a long way from your router i mean also the board looks amazing so before we select the cooler we have to figure out which case we are going to go with for clearance reasons but let's do it at the end of the video and select memory next so once again computer and tablet component products and then ram memory so i definitely want something that looks good but also offers the performance you really need and since we're going to be streaming and editing video we want to go with something with higher capacity so let's go ahead and score 32 gigs.
I definitely want to stick to 3200 megahertz, which is a sweet spot for Intel platforms, but I don't want to go. anything slower than cl16 time so let's mark that down too the build color scheme will be mostly black with rgb lighting and of course you can change the lighting to whatever color you like so let's avoid uh white ram sticks let's go ahead and select black those core service engines rgb pros look great if I do say so myself but these are two 16 gigabyte kits I definitely want to populate all four dark slots because it looks so much better that way . and also, I've seen some benchmarks where using four bars of ram actually improves performance, so we're going to buy two 16 gigabyte kits with eight gigabytes per module, so I'm going to add this to cart, let's take a quick look at the balance we're at 824.96 so far with a savings of 57. so we're doing pretty good so far on budget so how much storage are you looking to put in your system?
I only have enough money for maybe 240 gigs or something, but I also have a used four terabyte hard drive that my friend gave me a hard drive, is it like external or internal? via a usb cable or something it's got like a usb cable ble um ok so it's external drive storage next let's see what we got it's got a four terabyte external hard drive so technically you don't need lots of storage, but it's a hard drive so it's not as fast as me. i would like to and then those two ssds will definitely give you a nice boost in terms of speeds.
I want your PC to boot up faster, but I'm also going to tell you to install your apps and games that you mostly use on the m. 2 that way it just boots faster so let's go and add this too ok man the big question what resolution do you want to play on and what fps I guess you prefer huh since I'm going to be streaming I think 1080p is Well. enough but i want games to look really good so i probably like them on high settings ok i guess what fps would you like to achieve and what games do you plan on playing like 144 frames because i mainly play like csgo and pubg i want, i want to get like a 144hz monitor for christmas too ok ok so for the gpu he said he wants to play 1080p with settings maxed out and he will be using a 144hz monitor in dec so i think the rtx 3070 will be the perfect choice for this budget and what you use it for and I happen to have an nvidia rtx 3070 here at the office right now let's find a power supply to drive the system I definitely want to go with a fully modular power supply to minimize the cable clutter and you're good to go with at least one Gold certified power supply uh 850 watts is definitely a bit overkill for this build but you know you'll We have a slightly higher budget and I want to test this bill in the future so if you plan to upgrade something later. he's going to be covered.
I've used the rm850x so many times in previous builds that it hasn't let me down so I'm going to go with something I'm very familiar with which is corsair's rmx 850 watt here's the last question what kind of case do you want to go with , TRUE? do you have any idea or guess what you want your piece to look like i don't really know how i have no idea what cases are out there i just want something that isn't too big to fit on my desk and i want it to look really cool like this that lots and lots of rgb so yeah kind of ok ok i got you uh oh and something which is also pretty since i'm going to be streaming i don't want the pc to be too loud you know Okay look now you're thinking like a PC builder I actually didn't even think about it okay I guess that's a lot of information to take in so I'll go ahead and look at Best Buy for parts to see. what i can find to match the style or the same computer you will build in december to give you the best representation or practice i must say when we build a computer like in a few weeks yeah yeah Sounds good.
I can't wait to start. Okay, I'll text you maybe in a few weeks and then we'll get started. Well, take good care of yourself and before we take a look at the cooler, let's go ahead and select the case for this build of computer components. He's just saying he wants something that looks good has a lot of rgb and is small to fit on his desk so we're using an atx motherboard so he's going to help me scale it down a bit so the size of the atx motherboard at the top of the list is the iq220 huh i wonder if this comes with rgb fans that would be awesome if it did. it looks like it packs three front mounted 120mm rgb fans which is actually a good deal for a hundred bucks ok i see your corsair the case itself looks great and it's pretty small so i think it will give you gonna like this one let's add that to cart ok and that leaves the cpu cooler we're using a um a corsair case with rgb fans built in corsair memory so i think it makes sense to go with a corsair cooler just so we can control the lighting using the iq software is going to make michael's life so much easier so lets stick with the privateer let's just filter down to the coolers all those new thicker coolers look great actually i don't think i've used any of the new coolers in my builds, but let's take a closer look. on these i think we might have a winner yeah i think this is the boss we are going with the 240mm option just because we have a smaller case to work with I don't want to run into any free space issues. it's fun and all, but I want you to know that Best Buy also sells pre-built PCs for those who don't really have the time or interest to build their own, in fact, they have exclusively certified Intel Extreme Master PCs. available at Best Buy and these systems are powered by 10th Gen Intel Core processors so if you want to check them out I'll drop a link below ok let's take a look at our total we're looking at a total of 13.69 and 92 cents with a savings of $137 so it did pretty good so this plus the cost of the graphics card we're looking at just under two thousand dollars so we actually did pretty good staying under budget so let's go ahead and go through all these parts and start building what's going on guys evan techsource we finally got all the parts from best buy here in the studio and we're about to build michael's first computer it should be here anytime, what's up?
What did you get here? Slept here last night Alright yeah quite an exciting day mate we're building your first computer. How do you feel? Are you a little nervous? But I feel that since you're here it's much more comfortable. How convenient is it that you are? So your cousin has a channel. Three million subscribers. Building PC. Have you ever seen any tutorial? out there on how to build a pc or this is your first time like it's my first time but i've seen some clips of people and i've seen your videos so that helps me understand a little but not too much. you know ok sweet yeah that being said i'm not going to show you how to build a pc i'll let you do what you want but if you need help you can use a lifeline limited amount of lifelines and i'll go in and show you we've got to get it right let's get started michael so first step in pc building do you know exactly what components you want to connect first?
Guess what's on the table, right? Why is there an observation? Do you know which two components you want to connectremove the brackets on the back of the case, huh? Remove that as well again, okay, Michael will do the honors and plug in the graphics card. It doesn't look like he's going in. What do you mean there is no space? like it's blocking the radiator yeah wait lemme try oh no the gpu is so wide it comes in contact with the radiator this was not originally planned because we wanted to mount the aio on top but because of the high profile ram rgb we were forced to mount it on the front so i think what we need to do here is improvise we're going to try and see if we can move these fans closer to the front to allow more room inside the case so we can plug in th graphics card.
The only problem with that is that we won't be able to use the dust filter, but as long as it works, it'll work fine, so we improvised and installed the fans on this side of the case, freeing up about an inch of free space inside so michael will you do the honors yes im installing the graphics card now it looks like it will fit you beautiful yes oh my gosh look at that beautiful beautiful all good after how long time you've been here a few hours four hours i think so the pc finally looks super beautiful i'm going to try not to drop it i want to let you do the honors i'm taking it forward let's switch places you forgot to switch i knew that i wasn't expecting you i was expecting it ok three two oh wow that's a lot of lights i wasn't expecting so many rgb galore they look good actually they look amazing so we're running pubg ultra settings resolution it's 1080p yeah 1080p you want to change it to 1440 sure ok 1440 on ultra settings come on we're getting a little over 144fps on the ai we'll see the actual frame from the ground GPU sitting on a 70 degree C CPU that It's around 40 degrees C.
Those are some really great temperatures. How does the game feel coming from a console? the console, right? Do you think gaming on PC is much smoother? Yeah, yeah, sure it's just night and day. The night can be nice, so Michael PC is finally ready. What is your final verdict out of 10 if you had to rate it on aesthetics? and performance would give it like a nine nine pretty pretty good very very good for your first build I think that's a pretty solid number so yeah I mean it wasn't too hard I actually learned a lot you know I think I'm pretty I'm sure I'd like to build my own PC right now, would you say you're confident enough to build your own PC next time without any help? a pc before but i really want to and a little scared to take that first step, just don't be intimidated because it really isn't as hard as it seems.
I didn't know much about building parts but now I have more practice with parts Everything is much easier and if you need help you can watch tutorials and edgar. I'm sure you have a few of those on your channel. I have some tutorials yeah yeah what would you say was the hardest part of building a pc huh the cables sure like plugging in the cables yeah just finding certain connections and ports but you know once you understand the oh this has eight pins and you know the high pin or whatever yeah you just fit the motherboards and power. supply it's pretty straight forward so yeah that's it for the video um now you're pretty much ready to build your own pc in the summer yeah yeah next month ok do you have the parts yet i still know still now you are planning ok cool actually there is one thing um i forgot to mention this is actually your computer yeah we actually built your first piece and you can keep it no way yeah that that's all ok thanks i said i have to build. a pc you have to build a pc i already built it myself that changes your rating it's not about the night it's now because it's yours wait are you serious is it mine yes why did you think i was kidding yes no this is your pc we actually built your computer here why did you plug it in why would you build it why not technically i could have kept it but i want to give it to you?
I would have to return it to you no I was kidding I was kidding about nothing man yeah you just saved a ton of time shopping and you want one of the pieces. These are the parts that you really wanted to put in your PC, like the processor, the GPU, the amount of RAM, so I saved. all of you uh the hard work the hassle too yeah yeah so Michael congratulations. on your pc i'm sure you're pretty excited just in time for xmas too yeah thanks man you're welcome dude just make sure you send me a squad invite sometimes in pub g yeah no problem , no problem, we'll slap you. some newbies but i'll leave a link to all the parts below that i used on michael's computer if you want to check it out, big thanks to intel and best buy for sponsoring this video you guys are amazing. be sure to check out the game master by clicking my link below if you enjoyed the video please consider leaving a like and i'll see you very soon in the next one peace see you

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