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I Stopped Using My Phone. The results were shocking

Apr 04, 2024
We spend a lot of time on our


s, in fact, the average American now spends about six hours a day of screen time on our devices and if you spend six hours a day, that's three months per year of your life. If you spend on your


, extrapolate that for 60 years of your life that's 15 years of Our Lives that we spend on our phones, which is why we use them a lot every day and even those devices can be incredibly useful, I think. I still get this feeling I get sometimes when I use my phone excessively and the only way I can describe this feeling is the feeling of guilt I feel if I'm


my phone for three, four or five hours straight. a day and wonder why I'm


my phone so much.
i stopped using my phone the results were shocking
I don't even want to use it that much, but I still use it so often, so I recently had this crazy idea of ​​what if I could do an experiment where I


using my phone completely and replaced it with a laptop, but I wanted see what would happen, you know, look, I was born in the '90s and so for most of my life, phones have really been there, I mean, I don't really remember, other than using MapQuest when we were going to places looking for directions. I really don't remember not having a phone. It's a little crazy to even think about it, but you know there have been 117 billion people on Earth over the last 2000 years and of those 117 billion, only five or six billion of them have used smartphones, so when I realized that, I realized that you know 96 of the human population didn't use phones in their lives, maybe this isn't so crazy.
i stopped using my phone the results were shocking

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i stopped using my phone the results were shocking...

I had an idea: try not using a phone for 30 days as an experiment to see what would happen. I learned things from this. I really did not expect it. You know, I had some ideas of what would happen and what the experience would be like. of locking my phone and not using it at all, um, but the


were really amazing and fascinating, so let me share with you today that the rules for this experiment were pretty simple. I was going to lock my phone and then I'm going to allow myself to carry a laptop, effectively replace my phone with one of these little laptops that I bought on Amazon because look, your brain is this network of information and we need a place to categorize this and store our thoughts and ideas, etc.
i stopped using my phone the results were shocking
I realized very quickly after a couple of hours that I don't think my phone is okay. I need to have notebooks and carry them in my pocket all the time for when you have some ideas or maybe you know they're like oh I forgot. I have to go, you know, turn in this assignment or I have to do this work or I have to take care of this project, so having these basic notebooks in my pocket at all times was really useful and useful when running this experiment, so here this. What I learned from this is that there are three big takeaways, okay, and there are also a couple big cons, but the biggest one that I noticed right away was not having my phone on me and leaving it at home in a drawer. and going out and doing things, meeting friends was one of the most liberating experiences of my life because I think you usually know when we pick up phones in stores, we're always looking for them and as you probably remember, there are times where maybe you leave the house and You go shopping and you're like, wait, where's my phone and you start reaching for it and we get like that a little bit, almost a little bit, like a panic attack or like the wave of anxiety that we suddenly find ourselves in? like asking me do you know where my phone is and we start wondering if someone is texting me.
i stopped using my phone the results were shocking
I need it, how do I get home? What if something is wrong? I know this happened to me personally. I don't want to speak for others, so that's just how I felt, but when I immediately made the decision to not actively have it with me I didn't feel that anymore, it's the same as when your phone has two percent battery and you start to freak out. , you say oh my God, I need you to carry this. I need to find a charger and you go into panic mode too, but when you don't have it on you it's like this weight is lifted off your shoulders, that was the first one.
Something I noticed immediately when I


using my phone, so the most important thing I learned from this experiment was that it's good to be bored and it's good to have some free time in your life at some point, so for example, what do I do? I mean with this. Do you know that nowadays, whenever we are sitting waiting for something, we might be on the subway or at the doctor's office waiting instead of just sitting there and allowing yourself to daydream and let your mind wander instead of doing that now constantly? We try to fill every minute of our lives, we just pick up our phone and we just browse and look at our LinkedIn messages, we scroll through YouTube, we're doing all these things just to fill our time, so we don't have any downtime at all. and I think this is a big problem nowadays that a lot of people don't address or don't even think about, but I myself have realized this and I like it when if I don't I don't have any downtime if I don't get bored and there are no moments to have this kind of creativity, like thinking rambling about things.
I really don't feel good when I don't allow myself to do that. And this is the most important thing I've learned from not having my phone on me: it allowed me to be bored, it allowed me to have that free time and then also recognize things that maybe I wasn't aware of. before, like sitting on the subway, you start noticing things about other people and you're like, wow, I never saw that before, how did I never see that before? Well, I was so focused on my phone all the time that I never looked up and looked around and observed everything in the world.
I think it allows you to balance yourself so that you're not always looking for these little doses of dopamine, but you have that moment where you're relaxed and there's not a lot going on and I think that's good for us because nowadays we're always looking for that gratification, every minute we are looking for some new form of gratification, we are just constantly looking for dopamine anywhere we can find it now, I admit it. There were also quite a few obstacles with not having my phone on me, one of the biggest being that I got lost a lot, like I had to memorize directions before going out to meet friends or even go to like.
A certain store asks me: how do I get to Home Depot? I'll try to remember all the things or write down directions to get there and then I'll end up getting lost and then I'll have to go and talk to someone and I went to a gas station and asked them for directions and people looked at me really weird when I asked people, but It was kind of like that, it was fun, and you know, people like it, why don't you look this up? on your phone and just telling people oh, my phone is dead, you know, I can't use my phone right now, but yeah, there were a lot of problems with it.
I think the other problem I had is that I almost missed the train. I was trying to catch an Amtrak train and arrived at the train station. I thought: wait, I don't have my phone, how am I going to print? Like I don't have a printer either so I need to find a way to get my ticket uh because I bought it on my computer so I had to go to the Amtrak counter and talk to them and print it out um and yeah I almost missed my train there, but I also realized that, I think probably within the next 10 years you won't even be able to do an experiment like this because I think we're going to get to a point where you're going to need to have your phone on you at all times to be able to function on basic computer things. society, like when you go to pay for things because obviously cash comes out and I think even if physical credit cards come out soon, it's going to be like tapping your phone to pay for everything, so I would say probably within 10 years like that.
It's going to be difficult to even do this experiment because you won't be able to hail a cab, you'll have to do it through Uber or some of these different apps, so I think there's another thing that was cool. Okay, you can do this in 2023, but can you do it in 2033? Can you do it in 2043? Probably not, so why not try it as an experiment to see how you feel about this? And through this process. It also helped my social skills a lot when I was walking around town, um, when I had to ask for those directions or just being more willing to go out of my way to talk to people, I mean, not, you know, randomly approaching people like all the time in a weird way, but just more social as a person, because I didn't have that phone to fall back on now.
I admit that I didn't actually go a full 30 days, so it was very hard to go a full 30 days without using a phone. I had to go to Texas and rent a car and do all these other things and I realized, look, it's really almost impossible not to use a phone exclusively for a long period of time, I lasted two weeks. I'm proud of myself for lasting this long in the experiment, but I didn't make it the full 30 days, so I urge you to try this too and see what happens and let me know your thoughts on it.
I don't think it's the solution to completely abstain from phone use, as we need these devices only to interact in society for the most part. I think I need to get back to my traditions of using things like Lock Cookie Jar, putting my phone in grayscale mode, and turning off notifications, and I also recently found a company called clearspace. What this does is significantly reduce the screen time on my phone from what I was doing for probably a few hours a day. up to 90 minutes a day and does some basic things like when you try to access certain apps it will make you wait.
I think it's about 15 seconds, it will make you wait and make you think about ulterior motives. like wait, I really need to open Instagram right now and just those little things it will do to nudge you in the right direction, like remind you, hey, but do you really want to access this app right now? my screen time has been significantly reduced so if you support this channel and also want to reduce your phone usage because maybe you also feel guilty about using your phone so much then it would really mean a lot to me if you went and checked them out .
For transparency, I'm not getting paid to say this, but we invested a small amount in the company through our venture fund. Download the app, try it for a week and let me know how you feel about it. I know it like the first. A few days when I tried it I was like man I really just want to access these apps and it's like the free space won't let me like um and then after a certain period of time it's like wow this. it's actually very useful so try it for at least a week to see how it works for you that's something I just want to throw in there because it's something you know I personally like as an individual I don't like helping everyone cut time in front of the screen.
I can make videos about it but that's why I really like this company because you'll like that they're working on this issue exclusively and I think I'll be releasing a video in the next two weeks on how to how I reduce my screen time from about four hours a day to 90 minutes a day, and I feel great now that I don't use my phone too much, I use it as a tool and I use it to Still, you know, check a couple of things and you know, check Instagram, check some other things, but it's really in a place where I have quite a bit of freedom in my life and I don't feel like I'm completely tied down. my phone and I don't need to have it with me all the time and I don't need to check it all the time and I think there are a lot of people who are totally addicted to their phones.
I know it certainly was and I really think you could call it an addiction. If you have any questions, if you have any ideas, leave them below in the comments section. I would love to hear it, so thanks for watching the video. I really appreciate all the support here and I'll see. all in a future video

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