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I Shot A Bison With My Bow! - Utah Archery Bison | (Amazon Episode)

May 08, 2020
well it took me 20 years to apply and finally in my 20th year I drew the Henry Mountains biceps tag, yes it's an


tag not a rifle tag but I honestly don't care. I've been dreaming of hunting free-ranging


in the Henry Mountains for years and years and years and here's why the Henry herd was reintroduced from Yellowstone National Park. I think it was brought in the 1940s and put in the lowlands. I thought the


were going to live in the lowlands that the bison had. other ideas said we're going to go up to the top of Henry's two nine ten and eleven thousand feet and that's where they settled in America.
i shot a bison with my bow   utah archery bison amazon episode
The bison in our conservation history are absolutely intertwined and when I think about the groups, the people who said I'm going to do something about it and for those of us alive today it seems so nebulous and intangible to think about the people who say we'll do something about it. wildlife, that we will have conservation laws, that we will defend wild places. something that became the defense of clean air, clean water, public lands and all the things that we take for granted today if you trace it back to where it all began, it all started with the depletion of the bison herds in the 1990s. 1870 and the Boone Woods and The Crockett Club and its influential members came forward and said that America will have a conservation ethic and we were fortunate that one of the founders of that organization became president of the United States in 1901.
i shot a bison with my bow   utah archery bison amazon episode

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i shot a bison with my bow utah archery bison amazon episode...

Many people, especially hunters, should understand how fortunate we are to be able to have a hunting conservation president like Theodore Roosevelt in the story of how he became president and how he came to use the pulpit to take on this sense of conservation loss. that is exemplified or expressed in the story of the American bison and taking it and using it as a mechanism of change in the country when he became president is an amazing story that Roosevelt lived during this period where he went from immense abundance to complete scarcity and that It affected him in such a way that when he became president he was the one who showed his face. and he said we won't skin this land for the unborn and that all goes back to the bison, that's what hunting bison is so remarkable about today.
i shot a bison with my bow   utah archery bison amazon episode
I suspect that those people in 1850 in the period when Roosevelt was born in that generation I could not imagine the depletion of a resource as immense as the bison herds of North America, but within a generation they disappeared and I think about that today we say oh , these are the good old days for Algar, they are the good old days for Turkey or us. we have more whitetail deer, we have so many waterfowl, well the lesson of the bison is that they can disappear, the good old days can turn into bad times if they don't have eyes, ears, defenders to defend, if there are no hunters to defend places wild and wild things wild things in wild places will disappear another fun part of all my hands, especially this is the fact that we try to invite other people to join us and in this case Junior Young, who has been on our podcast before and Ray White.
i shot a bison with my bow   utah archery bison amazon episode
I met Ray through our hunting chat for him, it's a great western hunting forum. I knew Ray there for a long time. I can't remember how many years and years and Ray has been on multiple overseas deployments and I invited him on this hunt. He said, hey, now that you're retired, you're back home, you don't want to come to camp with us and he lives in Colorado. I think it took him three seconds to text me back and tell me I'll be there, so Llama Collector Low Beatty and his wife Kirsten have a llama outfit here in Capitol Reef, Utah, so we came and collected our llamas. here in Utah, we'll use them and then we'll take them back to Beau's house and Now I know Marshall is the man, yes, you're the Marvel man.
You want to be the first to bring the flames in case we knock them down in one of these canyons or on top of one of these ridges. It will be nice to have those llamas to pack and I


a bison before I had a free range bison attack in Montana and they are huge when they are lying on the ground you have to ask yourself holy smokes. How am I going to get this out of here? Well, here we are in southern Utah. You may have heard on the news about the major flooding that occurred in Arizona in the last few days.
Well, the same thing came to the hearings. Other new ones. The roads we were on. I'm supposed to take to enter our camp, you can't enter from the left, it's discolored. I got a text from the BLM guy. The place coming from the east, our young, young friend just turned around and tried to be like this. in the outreach message and it said you can't enter that way so I'm not sure how we're going to enter it so they get this jr tax. which route was the remaining route. I'm like, oh no, because the locals had told me that the last rat you'd want to take is this one up north, it's so steep and so switchbacky as all cool.
I have to do this in the very dark, I have to do it with all these flames, all this weight, this is not going to be fun or enjoyable. You sent me this new Titan and told me to try it and see how well it works in my mind. I'm thinking we're going to have a serious test here. How about? I won't do that again, so once we got there and set up camp, Junior was there. Let's get the llamas out, set up camp and eat and we'll discuss everything in the morning. Alright. I'm tired. I need to get some sleep, so I don't know if I can put my head together. my pillow for a minute or a second, but I don't remember anything about going to bed that night.
I was so tired. Well, 20 years waiting at the opening, learning about mountain bison etiquette from Henry. I can not believe it. I actually never thought he would draw. but I did it and now we're going to get on our platforms and drive there. Junior Rae will show me where they almost got run over and there was a stampede last night before it gets dark and we'll get revenge on one of those bison that I woke up that first morning and asked Junior, how far is it to where you said you saw those just before? from the dark group?
Oh, we have a backtrack and we go up, so we all jump on our platforms and get to this first place. place Junior says well, they were up there, oh, there they are, well, I came driving down the road here and you parked right there, that glass and then we thought, oh North, a glass in, we looked and there a little herd of ten I might have a bull of mostly cows and calves, another herd of cows in towns over there and two bulls just below the crest of the ridge, so I don't know if everyone thinks it just crystallizes them and that's how you kill it, but I'm inclined to load up my truck and drive to where the trail goes, gain some elevation inside the hill at the junction and follow which arrow and one of those two big balls, you have a different plan, yeah, that's pretty much how you goes.
I'm not going to kill Buffalo by sitting here and watching CR go down, it's day one and I think people don't think they're that inclined to do it. I must definitely have time to pursue it. I'm very motivated. They have flames that I drew and that's what everyone else has no right to, so they want them to come down here in the grass or something and then they back up to him mm-hm, I'll go shoot one up there, it's so steep there, I think if he expired, he could roll a few hundred feet down the hill, he could get that benefit too or we could start him on a roll down the hill.
I don't know what the world's billionaires are doing today, but they have to be having a shitty day compared to me. I'm on Henry Mountain. I'm going up this hill to the next one. I'm dreaming about putting an arrow in the bison, so we've been gunning down these bison. I'm going to park your trucks, I'm going to start and get our backpacks ready, I put my bow in my backpack and two guys in an ATV came flying, it was parked around the corner and they started going up the hill because they saw we were getting ready to leave.
Out there, well, they're here in front of us, they were hanging out with them, they have a bison decoy and I was going to ask them, do you know where they're going? I'll go in a different direction, well there's another hunter even above them so there. We're three guys stuck on the same bison, it's going to be a lot harder than I expected, so I told the guys, you know, let's get together, go down the hill to the trucks, go back around where we were. In the morning, go back to that glassed-in place that you can see so far, I mean, you can see all the places where we are.
I don't know, maybe they were there half an hour and Junior comes and says, "Hey, there's a group of bison right here just north of us, Marcus, you're under the camera, let's go over here, grab the pillar and try." get up and see where they're laying down and see if we can make a play oh I forgot to come down all the way here I don't know what the winds are doing there but we blew them on this bank from about a mile and a half over there and now we're just in the path so I think I'm going to do that and they're I'm just going to catch that ridge use that profile to hide um and when I get to the trees I'll see where they are and maybe there's no bulbs I don't know but they're all bulls and Maybe they're all screws.
Man, as fast as we get to the first nut we start falling out. It's like, oh, there's a bison coming out of there and I'm looking at the cow, okay, here comes another one looking, oh yeah, It's a cap and we stand there and pretty soon there are five bison, one of them is a very nice ball, so Marcus and I stand there waiting and while we wait, they're hanging around, they're rolling, they're feeding, I think We cover another. 75 or 80 yards and we're getting there where it was to where the chair is almost at its bottom on the Bison and up here and someone I'm watching them, I'm waiting for the Bison to come off of you and we were moving a few feet and usually you could only move a couple of feet to get to another tree and then you'd see where okay, if I cross this gap so the vices see me, then we'll just move forward a few feet at a time, a few feet at a time and start doing it , we get to the next tree and as quickly as we get out again another cow has come out that I haven't seen and is locked in on us, well, take out all the other Bison, except the lightning bolt, they take off and I'm looking at them cow cow cow cow cow and I say, where is the pole?
He walks over there and the ball comes probably 30 45 seconds later, it comes out but it takes off to the left. side or what would be the east side of the mountain. I told Marcus, let's go this way. I have no idea what's on the other side, let's go this way. I see if we can cut them. Well, we left. This is steep. Absolutely terrible rock slides. and it's just not pretty and I'm in a hurry, I'm thinking, oh, I'll get over it real quick, it's fast, it's this big flat rock, how much for a short guy?, oh man, special, it was killing me at that moment. as you know, let's just leave it and we go back and go where they went and we get up and we can see a moving road that goes away for probably a mile and a half here towards this Canyonlands type of country, it's at most for that opportunity it would be really useful if we could catch a lone bull, I don't know if we will, maybe it's just a wish against common sense, but it would be nice if we could, but back to the guys, they're not Ray and and they're there waiting since I drew this tag from Cuenca Archery, a lot of people have asked me what their setup is for bison, well pretty much what it is for elk.
What you have here is a five millimeter full metal jacket, 11.3 greens to the inch, we're looking at an almost 29 inch arrow, it's got a little bit of weight to the nock and the fletching, then I've got these 125 grain bowling tips. , you see, they're just a two-leaf man you talked about, he goes through things. Oh the total arrow setup is pushing 500 greens better clarify someone will say Newberg you're saying you're shooting 500 feet per second no I'm not I'm pulling 60 pounds or a little more I guess on this one new I throw a crown and with this arrow I'm getting between 250 and 254 feet per second which depends on how I hunt what I do it works exactly how my setup is supposed to work so Marcus and I walk back and meet up . again with ray and dan and jr. and he said well let's go back to that glass place and keep glassing, it's strange that you can drive your truck up to this knob and when you walk in all directions you can see just incredible, so we get there and look there are two really big ones.
You can see that the bulls are very high but they are starting to go down just like those other two bulls this morning, they are following almost the same path upwards, we have been observing these three or two. I start and We go down so we park the truck down here, we intercept and I think we're too far away, but I left him, there's a very flat bench and he walks to the edge of that plate, he almost looks around, you think I'll lie down here and Tom will disappear. on him I knew he would go to bed just by his body language of how he went to bed.
AmLike you're joking, they're looking over there too, aren't they? So I'm getting ready because he's watching. We, the Sun had now gone behind the horizon, we had lost the benefit of the Sun being analyzed, looking from here as if they could literally come to this side of the lock and go straight at them, yes, it must be a problem of wind, yes. It's blowing good that way they're trying to say and he gets up and when he gets up his friend comes walking and I catch up to him 51 no, I can't and we were enough I guess a threat or a worry for them to start walking away across our lap and They go behind this little pile of screen rocks that I didn't want to be on and I told them, I told them, follow me, we went around here on the Bison, we come this way and they show up, they come. down and I go 43 yards oh yeah they come to a total draw point it looks like he did it.
I just wasn't going to take a chance on that


for a lot of reasons when I have done a ton of research on bison and how they respond to being hit with either a rifle or a bow and if you can hit them in the heart, everything is perfect, they won't get very far, but if you hit it in the lungs, they will go very far, it's almost dark if that bison If I hit it in the lungs and it runs through all these trees and canyons and says it runs for 4 or 5 minutes before it expires, that's a great distance it can travel.
I don't want that headache I want to have. the perfect shot, so I passed and I'm sure some people looked at it like, what are you waiting for, new birds, but you know, sometimes you just have that, yeah, this is perfect, whether it's with a rifle or a bow. I'm thinking I got this, I didn't, I had this feeling so let's not go, it was a close encounter and the footage was great, my heart rate went up, but the Bison ran away, but it's okay, it was for the first day I saw so many bison and I have a couple of really interesting populations and I got very close and had an opportunity that if things had been better I would have taken.
I don't know if I could ask for much more on the first day. a place I've never been. I'm hunting free-range bison with a bow that are being pressured like crazy by other hunters. It exceeded my expectations for the first day by a mile. Well, today I can barely lift my arm after being wiped out. Yesterday is hurting my shoulder, but I have every intention of Adreno allowing me to hunt a bison because today is the second day of hunting and yesterday we learned a lot. JR, Ray, Marcus and Dan said we're going to go to school with what we learned yesterday that's why we're not going to start too early what we learned yesterday is that you just relax and let everyone else get it out of their system and learn that the Bison is going to go bad So you go somewhere and you say well when we woke up the next morning and you could tell that the weather was changing, it felt like it was going to rain or snow or something, the wind was rising, the temperature had dropped quite a bit. there was a lot of cloud cover so we went back to our glassed in spot and we got there and I don't know how long we were there maybe 20 minutes and younger and he says oh there's a group of bison up there to the northeast that's yeah , I think so, a road is approaching them at that road speed, they are right above the road, but we could go around the corner and then find out what the winds are doing up there, unfortunately it's coming out of the south from here, so the angle is bad but up here they look for the great so we drive up there and yeah unfortunately we get there and there's not much private land that high up but it turns out these bison are on private land so we turn around , we go back to our glassed-in spot and we're looking at where the guy from the night before had shot that ball and now he has a group of helpers who are going up the mountain and we're looking at the horizon. and there's this group, I think it was three guys walking along the horizon and there's four bison standing there looking at him, damn, I guess I should have walked up there and offered to help that guy, maybe I could have shot another bison.
I have two. of them up, bring the flames, well I'm seeing those rays, he comes over and says, hey, what do you think we should do with those four? Bison, they're coming down the hill. I'm looking, those four are going to do the same. What those two did last night let's get back to the same position and when we do, when they get to that bench this time, I know exactly how to get in there, maybe I'll have a chance. I have someone who is coming down the same path as them. We stopped at the same small rock outcropping they posted last night.
We know the path they take, so let's see if we can intercept them. Funky wind vehicles. I think other people will see them. Let's see if we can be the first. There, damn it, and I start walking over there and we're trying to make good time because if they're getting restless they're going to cross this ravine with these Aspens in a hurry, so we go and we go and Anne says, "I think I see a bison like where that's like 60 yards right up there they left the Aspens are up on these sprockets and we're on this sprocket wise down up just stop and line up every time I would stop and line up okay start thinking.
I'm going to have a chance, they would start moving in a perfect, perfect shot, he's down, he's going to die right there, after all this running, we go up to these clay cays and Dan says there he is, so we have I have to take a slope here and they run and he will lie down from the shot there, about 15 meters from the road. I admit it was exciting, it was exhilarating, it was satisfying, it was years of dreaming about doing this, it was the fulfillment of one of My most cherished hunting dreams were hunting wild bison in the Henry Mountains and doing it with a bow.
I can't even express how rewarding, how special and how lucky I feel to have the opportunity, but that worked out. the way he did it and the ball ended up dying about 15 yards from a path of all things, he ran down the hill through this little draw and he tried to go up and he couldn't get there and the ironic part is that we. d towed flames because I don't know. Oh, as far as the roads are and how we wouldn't even need them right there. My God, it's going to take a couple of guys to lift that head.
Thanks friend, thanks, thanks. an arrow and my dream of catching a free-range bison with a bowl here on Henry Mountain has now been fulfilled. I have a group of wonderful friends to thank for helping me, jr. and Ray, Marcus and Dan, all the people who when they found out I had the tag, a lot of people gave me information. Scott and Ben, all of you can't thank you enough. Unbelievable, I better get my tag and hit it. start taking care of the rest I wish I knew what to say I'm so grateful for the public lands they are an amazing animal they are amazing thank you thank you thank you there was a lot of work to get that hide off keeping the meat clean front shoulder back strap back quarter which is a strap rear my friend that baby get the rear strap I mean every feasible part you can keep ribs fin stomach fat liver kidneys heart tongue trying to remember what else I mean obviously all the rhythms from the brisket to all the hocks to me a bison, every part of a bison is big enough to serve as food, so when we left the only thing left of that bison was the spine, well folks this went to I don't know what animal 1200 or probably bigger 1200 pounds or more the only thing left is this column has the cape let's roll it all over our skin to tan the Crows are going to be mad at us, I keep thinking about how lucky I am to have that opportunity, I always say I'm the luckiest guy in the world and I think I am, and the bison hunt was proof of that, being able to share it with wonderful people at the markets for my camera equipment and Dan and then JR and Ray, oh my.
What a special moment. I hope everyone can do it someday, and obviously for everyone to do it someday, we're going to need more bison, we're going to go to more free-ranging herds, but maybe something will happen. maybe there are places, maybe there is a solution, maybe we will figure out how not to put all the burden and all the costs on the egg producer, on the landowner. I hope we can always do it for the sake of the bison. I think about this hunt and my mind will go back to the bison, it will go back to that bison and the fact that they are descendants of the bison that paid the ultimate price, those bison are the reason we have conservation history in America, those bison are why we have this ethic of wild things and wild places and we care about wildlife in this country and somehow we have found a way in this time of progress that we decided that we are going to make more space and more room for the wild things in this case wild north american bison

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