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I Practiced Cornering 50 Times A Day For A Week

Jun 01, 2021
Arguably the most important skill you can have as a mountain biker is how to corner. I often try to improve my curves but have never really


properly, so when Miranda Miller suggested I try some cone exercises, maybe something simple like cone exercises could help. I thought that's a great idea, so of course I went completely overboard and challenged myself to do 50 ten-cone turns every day for a


, which would probably be the equivalent of practicing 3,500 turns in just seven days. More than I've been able to do in a long time mountain biking on real trails, and this video is about those seven days I spent doing nothing but riding around cones.
i practiced cornering 50 times a day for a week
The first day I was trying to figure out the best location to do this in a forest. Service Road is the ideal choice because the terrain can be cut a little, creating small ruts similar to real turns. He also needed to find a gentle slope that would allow him to maintain speed instead of having to pedal and this road worked. to be perfect since it was actually also closed to vehicle traffic, but the ground was quite dry and hard. A rainy night would have made it perfect, but I can't control the weather, so I had to dress up.
i practiced cornering 50 times a day for a week

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i practiced cornering 50 times a day for a week...

I placed the cones around eight. I separated myself from each other and started practicing some of my thoughts may be obvious to many of you, maybe not, but be patient at first. I felt incredibly stiff and struggled to get into a good position. I was trying to keep my back. flat and use Casper's advice from a previous video which was to point my inside knee where it needed to go, this would start to lean the bike and then the rest of my body should follow. I noticed I had little confidence leaning the bike and I didn't feel any grip on the front rail after a few laps.
i practiced cornering 50 times a day for a week
I realized that if I positioned myself a little lower I could put more weight on the front and get a better grip, but that also caused me to start squatting with my legs to lose my phone. If I started my pivot too late, it would ruin the next quarter. Focusing on widening around the cone made connecting them much easier with this road surface. You can also see the path of how you're doing your turns, which was really helpful. I'm still struggling to get that arc at the moment and I was ripping through corners, clearly this was caused by a bit of fear of sliding on the surface and I know that braking will make the bike pop and lean.
i practiced cornering 50 times a day for a week
I did it and messed up the turn, but what about the positives from the first day of getting lower on the bike and activating the glutes? There are a couple of moments where I felt like I had grip on both wheels towards the end of the session. I started to feel more relaxed on the bike but still found it difficult, but every ride starts with a single step and on the first 50 lap day I was behind for the second day. I went to a new location. I'll start by saying that this is how it would be.
Turns out you don't have permission to ride here so if you're in Squamish don't copy me, it was a bit heartbreaking to find out as it was amazing to learn on this grass slope and I would feel a lot of gains in this session today. I was concentrating on allowing the inside hand to drop and lean the bike as much as I could when I achieved this, the feeling was amazing rather than braking in panic. I could lean the bike more or less to control the spin that this meant. He could carry better speed and turn more effectively along with this.
I was trying to learn to put my weight on the outside hand but it was difficult and I didn't get it, however, the confidence I was getting by putting that hand down and then engaging. the tire side knobs were day and night up to how I was doing it before, you can see in a couple of clips here how I'm flowing much more smoothly into the corners and because of this I'm linking them much better. but all I managed was about 20 laps on the course today and not long after I got kicked out and told I shouldn't ride a mountain bike there so I packed up and went to an alternative and it turned out to be horribly full of loose rocks . and being too limited, this is an example of what not to practice, but I had to meet the rest of my daily quota, so I did my inner Michael Jordan and continued completing the task, maybe practicing in this unstable service would help me. teach. something, but I couldn't understand what that was and it was quite difficult to practice the right thing.
I hate 50 laps and day two was done for day three. I had company with my friends Joe and Veronica. The best advice is to talk to people while you do it. This makes it much less boring. We used this stretch of forest road hoping it would be a little gentler than the other spots available. After Joe tweaked the curves a bit, we started practicing, while the cones being a little narrower actually made it a little less challenging, the flatter slope encouraging me to pedal. I started to feel better after about 30 laps on this course, but I didn't understand the ark around the cones as well as I could.
The contrast from today to yesterday was pretty clear and having the flatter cause, I think that was the difference if you're going to try this whole challenge for yourself, making the gap between the cones a little bit wider, but I still had I had to complete another 50 laps, but I started to feel comfortable enough to I increased my speed along the course as the day went on, I still couldn't wait for my outside hand and I wasn't leaning the bike enough again. On day four it was time to step up and call on curve master Kasper Wooley himself to help me out.
Get back on the road, this is the same forest road from the first day, but this is the area where Kasper actually does his exercises at home, so as you can already see, there were some ruts around the cones and the ground was a little more saturated , which gave us a little more grip and made it pretty perfect. In a video you can see the difference between a professional cyclist and me quite clearly. Here Kasper leans the bike much more and builds each corner. I can't link it even once. the next one and not being able to carry as much speed, that's it and not what Kasper was pointing out, even though he was leaning the bars it wasn't allowing the frame to lean so with that magic knee technique this is going to be a little difficult. to describe I needed to move towards where I was aiming instead of just sticking out I had to be active with the rest of my body the other clear thing is that somehow turning left is fine for me but I can't turn right what is that? about what has happened in my life that has made me completely petrified when turning right, look how stiff I am going in comparison and my Derek Zoolander or something.
I started to improve my front wheel placement that day, getting straight into the routine was important and also got me expecting the front in a way that gave me more confidence with more traction on the front wheel, the rear will just follow behind, Looking back, my technique here really helped show me what I'm missing and it's something I would recommend everyone try, it's hard to see on the camera screen but take it to your computer and make notes on what to try the Next time. There were some bright moments that day, but I was still inconsistent.
Is this really so? It's a big surprise. I've never consciously



like this before, so we're really at day zero in the grand scheme of things. Day four was in the bag and already over the halfway point after a solid night of rain. Day five gave me the best conditions, the ground was soft and I could feel my tires digging in and doing what they were designed to do, trying to learn to develop through the corner. I focused more on putting weight on the front wheel into the corner and transferring that weight to the rear as I went.
I went out and if you let the front wheel drift too much like I did here then you will discover the consequences which you can see in the pictures: I can lean the bike when I turn left but when I turn true it just doesn't happen, this will just resolve itself over time, but now I can take into account some of what I'm riding, it's not just about singing downhill, this was my favorite session of the


, due in large part to the better conditions, but on lap 39 of this day I started to get tired, I wasn't learning anymore, I was just turning and going through the motions until I got to the crater, but after that day five I was at camp, day six I stuck with the GoPros mainly, so the filming had less impact on my practice for the first time.
I can really feel myself weighing the outside hand. This was a great revelation. I have no idea how I achieved this, maybe I had my body position more forward. I still didn't lean the bike enough, but I knew I was doing it. This also made shifting weight from front to back as I went through the turn much easier as I felt like I had more grip underneath me, but by that day I was recovering. More fatigued both physically and mentally for some reason, I chose this week to start training at the gym again as Rebel Fitness in Squamish found out that Kovetz, a plan to allow people to return, this will be great two months into my race like me.
I'm so weak, but at this point I was feeling a little worn out and running cones every day was starting to get monotonous and I was starting to completely outgrow it. I went back to work on trying to keep my back flat and my hips unlocked. In an effort to make the bike lean easier, halfway through this session all the Squamish pros decided to show up and had a big discussion about


technique. Hilariously, none of them agreed on anything, but YouTuber Jesse Melamed decided to stay and do something. laps and here you can see it probably about 40% full moving away from me.
He told me he was getting into a position and then holding that position throughout the turn instead of moving in and out of the turn, so I practiced that for the rest of the day. When day 7 arrived, I couldn't be less excited to practice cornering. The only thing that got me through this day was the knowledge that it was the last day and that if I were Michael Jordan, this wouldn't be a big deal with just one more chance to have a Tracy Hannah moment. I met up with YouTuber Remy Govan for a final tip and he showed me how to get through these twists to give me some inspiration like you weren't even one.
After a few warm up laps he could see that my upper body wasn't going with my lower half and that I needed to point my shoulders where they needed to go and honestly it was a huge help, I couldn't have that. The stiffness I had before in the right-handers gave me a little more fluidity through the cones, but even this couldn't get around the fact that I still wasn't leaning the bike enough or that I wasn't getting deep enough into it. the race or that he couldn't turn right. I wasn't building my body position during the turn, although I was only leaning my body and not the bike, which had really drained all my brainpower on this challenge, but come on.
Look what I've accomplished this week. I practiced 3,500 spins, which is an incredible amount. I couldn't have done this riding and I've never been so focused on improving my own technique. I have been able to. To identify specific aspects of my cornering that I need to work on and how I can overcome these obstacles, I was actually able to weight the outside hand in the corners and I am more familiar with that feeling of entering a corner with the edge of my tire. There have been


of brilliance, so I know I can do it, it will just come with more practice, the cones will surely come out again in the future, but maybe once every two weeks and when the track conditions are ideal now, I need to see if that will help me. helped walk the trail and you can see what happens next week as I try another challenge so make sure you subscribe to my channel to find out what that challenge is and if you enjoyed this video hit the like button. and most importantly, watch it twice if you feel inclined to leave a comment below with one more tip for me, start with I'm having a great day so I know you watch the video until the end.
Greetings, bettors. see you next

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